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Lesson 2 from: From Capture Through Edit Using Lightroom

Jared Platt

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2. Outline

This is a brief overview of what you will learn and why.

Lesson Info


Welcome to my editing studio. This is where all of the editing takes place. In my photographic life. Well, that's not really true, because I edit anywhere I happen to be anywhere. I happen to feel like editing because I use a tool called Light Room, Light Room and adobes Creative Cloud. Those tools allow me to use laptop desktop IPad, IPhone. It doesn't matter what device I happen to be on. I can even go to my friend's house and open up any browser on any computer, and I can start working on my photos. So any time the creative bug strikes you, you can edit, and that's a beautiful thing. So to say that I do all my editing here in the studio is not exactly accurate. This is where the bulk of editing happens because it's a comfortable place, and that's where I do my work. But I can edit anywhere any time that the creative bug strikes. Now that's what we're going to teach you today. This class is all about light room and the creative cloud. Now there are two versions of light room, so it's...

important you know which version of light room we're talking about. We're talking about light room, the new version of light room that come out just recently. Within the last couple years. It is called Adobe Light Room. That's it. The older version of light room, which is still being updated and still very much active in the professional world, is called Light Room Classic. We won't be talking about light room classic at all today. But if you happen to use light room classic and you're wondering if this class can help you, the answer is yes, because when you see what light room itself conduce you, the new version of light room can also be useful to you even though you use light room Classic in your professional work because I use light room all the time. Even though most of my professional job is done inside of light room classic, I use light room on my IPad. I use light room on my phone. I use light room also on my laptop. I I use it all the time and it is supremely supremely helpful to me. So if you're a light room classic user, can this be useful to you? Absolutely. You're gonna love this course, but for the rest of you who are just interested in editing your photos, you're not necessarily doing professional work or you're doing professional work. But it's a minimal amount of professional work or you're just traveling and taking pictures or you're taking pictures of your kids or you're in artist and you want to take photos. But you don't want something complicated to try and organize and adjust your photos. This is the tool for you. So throughout this course, you are going to learn how to not only take better photos at your camera, you're gonna learn how to edit them better inside of light room. You're gonna learn how toe organize them and never lose another photo. And you'll also learn how to share them with ease. No matter where you happen to be or what device you happen toe have around you. You are going to love what you know when you're done with this course. Are you ready? Let's go

Class Materials

1. Lightroom Presets and Profiles

JP Color Pro

2. RAW Images To Follow Along With


3. Lightroom Creative Cloud Schematic

Lightroom Creative Cloud

Ratings and Reviews

Teresa Piccioni

Great great great class: Jarett explains the Lightroom workflow clearly and thoroughly. I am not a native English person and my English is quite poor but Jarett explains in a very simply and clearly way everything and I understand all chapters perfectly. Thanks guys, great job. I highly recommend this lesson to everybody,


I have watched each and everyone of Jared's classes on Creative Live and they are first class. I've waited a long time for a new one and now we have it and it's another gem. This is a wonderful overview of Lightroom and will repay watching sections (or all of it) several times to absorb the wealth of information presented. For anyone new to Lightroom, this is just what the doctor ordered.


Really in depth, so helpful! Thanks

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