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Fundamentals of Canva


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Canva For Work

The next topic that I wanted to talk about is Canva for Work. As I mentioned, this is the premium version of Canva, and it comes with a lot of great stuff that adds value to your Canva account. Canva for Work costs about $13 a month, but you can buy a year's subscription and save about 22%. So, it'll be about $10 a month if you buy for a complete year. And what you get for Canva for Work are some great items. You can have the ability to change your designs into templates, which your team can then use. Another item that comes with Canva for Work is the ability to add numbers of your team to your account. And then, you can all access the same files. You can organize all of your files, your designs, into folders, like I mentioned earlier. You get two folders to start with. But if you wanna add more than that, you'll need the premium account. And here is all the other great things that you get. You can do some great things like the team streams to share your designs with each other. So not...

only can you create them for yourself, but you can share them. And then, you can also have access controls for your teams, meaning that only some of your team members can make templates, can adjust templates. And then, other ones can just copy them and start from scratch. You can also do what's called a magic resize with your Canva for Work account. And that's where you can take one single design, choose the items that you wanted to turn it into, and then, it automatically creates them for you, and then, resizes it. And we'll talk about how that works in a second. So, Canva for Work is a great way to turn your Canva projects into something a little bit better. It makes your workflow a little bit easier, and it's definitely worth it. The last thing you can do with Canva is upload parts of your brand that you may not otherwise be able to with the regular Canva account. That includes things like fonts and your logos and images. And I'll show you how that works in just a second.

Class Description

Beautiful graphics are essential in today's visual world. Canva offers users a free and easy way to create them. In Fundamentals of Canva, you’ll get to know all aspects of Canva and how to take full advantage of its powerful design features.

You’ll learn how to...

  • Decide what project Canva is perfect for
  • Customize templates and making them your own
  • Collaborate with others
  • Combine images and text
  • Build graphics for social media
  • Share and download projects

You’ll also learn basic design principles and how to create graphics that are as effective as they are beautiful.

The Canva makes it easy for anyone to drag and drop design elements into elegant, professionally-designed templates and this class will help you ensure that every project you create is top-notch.

Canva takes care of tedious work of and empowers designers to get creative. Join Matt Stevenson for Fundamentals of Canva and find out how you can streamline your workflow and get more done with Canva.