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Fundamentals of Canva


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More About Your Account

Now that we understand some of the basics of Canva, let's dive a little bit deeper and learn more about your account, some basic design principles and how to bring your designs to life and get them out there to your social media feeds and everywhere else they need to be. First let's talk a little bit more about your Canva account. Here I'm logged in into my Canva For Work Account, which we'll talk about in a second, and up here in this little wing menu where your name is, you get a couple options and the first one here is Account settings. I'm gonna go ahead and click on that because I want to show you where you can change any of this information. You can sign out from any devices that you already have or you can actually get rid of your account altogether. You can also edit some of your profile here, talk about where you're from and upload an image for your team to see when they're interacting with some of your designs. In the billing tab is where you're going to add credit card infor...

mation in order to purchase Canva credits. Canva credits are used to buy premium items in Canva such as graphics or images, even some layouts that cost a little bit extra. They're not the free ones, they're the premium version of that. And then over here you'll be able to see any print orders that you have made from your designs. Now the Canva credits are, each Canva premium item is about a dollar a piece and each Canva credit is worth about a dollar. So if you 10 Canva credits, you can purchase 10 premium items. And then once you purchase them, you can use them for any of you, your team's designs that you have. This is also where you can add team members and see the cost for having each team member associated with your account. Now, we'll talk about Canva For Work costs in just a little bit but first I wanted to show you something interesting. If we go to,, this is Canva's design school and this is something to highlight because it's a great place for people just starting out with Canva, to learn more about some of Canva's ins and outs and then also make some files of your own. If I click on any of these items here, these tutorials, I can learn some really great information about Canva. And one other thing to note is Canva has a design school which is really helpful for starting out, in particular let's talk about the beginner's challenge. It's down here on the same page below the Getting Started with Canva banner. If I click on the beginner's challenge, what opens up is a series of tutorials which are really great because once you click on them, they are added into your account. They actually count as design files under your, in your dashboard. So if I go ahead and click on any of these here, if I say start tutorial, what it does is it opens a Canva design which is great because this design will walk me through whatever it is the topic that I clicked on. So here it's, become a design pro in minutes. So it walks you through right here in a Canva item, in a Canva design piece to change the colors, basically a lot of the stuff that we're talking about here but it goes a little bit level deeper. What's really cool about these tutorials is that not only do they give you really in depth lessons into Canva about specific topics but you can make copies of these tutorials to save for later in your account. So if I just go to File and then make a copy, then it's added to my dashboard and I can revisit it whenever I want.

Class Description

Beautiful graphics are essential in today's visual world. Canva offers users a free and easy way to create them. In Fundamentals of Canva, you’ll get to know all aspects of Canva and how to take full advantage of its powerful design features.

You’ll learn how to...

  • Decide what project Canva is perfect for
  • Customize templates and making them your own
  • Collaborate with others
  • Combine images and text
  • Build graphics for social media
  • Share and download projects

You’ll also learn basic design principles and how to create graphics that are as effective as they are beautiful.

The Canva makes it easy for anyone to drag and drop design elements into elegant, professionally-designed templates and this class will help you ensure that every project you create is top-notch.

Canva takes care of tedious work of and empowers designers to get creative. Join Matt Stevenson for Fundamentals of Canva and find out how you can streamline your workflow and get more done with Canva.