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Grow Your Business with YouTube

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Frequency Best Practices

Tara Swiger

Grow Your Business with YouTube

Tara Swiger

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11. Frequency Best Practices

Lesson Info

Frequency Best Practices

Now if we talk about format, we always get the question, I always get the question, how often do I have to do this? Oh my gosh, okay, I need to make a video. But how often will I have to do it? The main answer is as often as you can stay consistent. It's much, far, far, far better for you to be consistent week after week or day after day, if you're going to do a daily show, than for you to post a bunch at once and then not at all. Like I said, people want to get addicted to your show, and they really do think of it as a show even if you don't think of it as a TV show. People really want to watch it and the more you're consistent, the more they can become addicted. And that's really what we want is for them to want to keep coming back and watching it. If my podcast and video doesn't go up on Wednesday mornings, I get emails. Where's your podcast, what happened, where's it at? They're used to it being at a certain time. I even had to change the time to earlier in the day because a big pa...

rt of my audience is in the UK, which is much later. They'd be like, "I don't want to wait until the afternoon.` "I want it with my morning coffee." so we'll talk about how to batch, so that you can post it before you even wake up. But really you just want to stay consistent. What I would like for you guys to do is pick a time frequency that you can be consistent right now and you can always scale up. I'd say start with every other week or every week and if you love it and your audience loves it and it's just something that really works great with your life, you can go to daily, twice daily, as much as you want. But really, YouTube is going to reward you the more often you post, and also reward your consistency. When I say reward, I mean like if they show you when you come up in search, it's going to be how consistent your show posts and how consistently people watch it. You're going to get more subscribers if you're consistent. So consistency is like the number one key to being found, to YouTube to recommending your show to other people, and all of that. And also to your own audience sharing it with their people and their friends. Because if they can say the show comes out every Wednesday, then people will be like, oh, okay. Remember when we uploaded the header earlier? In that header, you can put how often your show comes out once you have a set date or time. So it could be like the first and third Wednesday of every month or mine, I think, it comes out every Thursday. You want to tell people the consistency. That really builds that audience and gets them interacting with you and gets them addicted to your show. Do you find the audiences are quite forgiving though, because you need the consistency in putting content out. But obviously, it's going to change over time, you're going to learn as you create. So audiences are quite forgiving in terms of content consistency, or how does that work? Your audience will be forgiving of whatever once they love your show or love you or get to know you and I'm sure you guys have found this with your customers and your clients. If you said you were going to have something done by a certain deadline and then something came up and you had to go out of town, or you had to evacuate because of the fires, your audience was like, yeah, okay, no problem. Your customers totally understood. So you don't have to be so worried if something comes up. What I found with anything you do in your small business is if you really commit to consistency, it's going to be much easier than if you leave it open. So if you say, well, I'll just do this when I can do it, you'll never do it. But if you really commit to I'm going to do this every week, it's going to come out every Wednesday, it will push you that little extra bit to actually get it done. Or even if you say, I'm going to do it every two weeks, the first and third Wednesday or Friday or whatever. That commitment and having it on your schedule and telling people when you'll do it is going to be the extra push you need to actually get it done. So I would say commit in your own heart, commit publicly to your audience and then, of course if it doesn't work out, that's totally fine. Along with it not working out, don't apologize. Have you guys ever gone to a blog, and it's like, "Sorry guys, I haven't posted in so long." Don't do that. If you've done that, I forgive, it's okay, we'll move past it but don't do it. Assume that a huge percentage of people seeing your video don't know how long it's been since your last video. So the other thing with your audience being accepting if you're not consistent is they don't necessarily know. In the beginning, they don't know how often you're posting. Not until some people get addicted will they start to notice. But in the beginning no one knows so if you said you were going to do it every week but you actually end up doing it every two weeks, every time you start the video, you don't want to apologize 'cause all you've done is be like, hey guys, I've failed. You want to instead, just act like, I'm starting this video. Because remember, it's about them and not about you. So it'll be okay, they might not notice and the best thing is just to make the next video and don't get stuck in this bog of oh no, I didn't stay consistent, everything's ruined, I might as well just stop. How do you know if you're perhaps posting a bit too much or too little? How do you gauge that, is there good markers to look for? That's a great question. So YouTube, there's really not too much. All the stats show that the more often you post, the better. Your audience may tell you. I used to do a bunch more than I do now, like sending videos and live on Instagram and live on Periscope and people would say, "I don't watch all of it." but that's okay, because I got more viewers and more views by doing more often, but one person didn't watch everything. But that's fine, that would be weird if one person watched everything. That's totally fine. Instead, what I want is to reach the biggest amount of people where I can reach them. So when you go live, you'll have people saying, "I wasn't able to catch the live." but that's what's awesome about YouTube live, because it goes up and it lives on YouTube. They can revisit it anytime they want. So too little is, basically if you were not getting any new traffic sent to you by search or no one is sticking around and watching more videos, all of which you can see in your stats. Remember when I accidentally showed you all my stats when we went to my channel settings? You'll see that, it tell you how long the average person watches for, how many videos they click through on and if people aren't watching a couple of videos or they're not sticking around for very long, you probably don't have enough videos. So if you haven't been consistent enough to build up some people who are kind of binging on you, just make more videos. Almost the answer to all of you issues on YouTube is make more videos. Keep experimenting and make them slightly more effective over time, a little better shot, a little better lighting, a little better sound and it will build slowly and you'll figure out what works for you and your audience. One last thing I want to say about consistency is the more often you do it, the better it's going to be. So daily videos, those channels grow much faster. Weekly videos is really good, you can totally create a solid show with a weekly video. And twice a month is really, if you want to create an ongoing show that builds regular, loyal watchers, twice a month is kind of the minimum. I don't want you to get freaked out because we're going to help you develop content so that you can do it and toward the end of the day, we're going to give you a bunch of methods, ways to plan so you are not scrambling every week to get the video up. We're going to make it easy for you to do with lots and lots of ideas when you leave here.

Class Description

In Grow Your Business with YouTube you'll learn how video can take your business to a new level! You’ll learn how to find time to make videos that are fun, easy, and effective at selling your products. We will focus on generating content ideas, and you'll learn how to use those videos to find brand-new customers (and keep your current customers coming back). You'll walk away from this class with a customized plan for making videos that will grow your business and increase sales.

Use YouTube to:

  • Build trust with your audience
  • Regularly talk about your business and products in a friendly "behind the scenes way"
  • Demonstrate your subject matter knowledge

We Will cover:

  • How to replicate your customer experience online (mood, brand, attitude)
  • Building community by being yourself
  • How video fits in your brand and business
  • Planning content (lots of idea generation) Including short samples!
  • How to be yourself and comfortable on camera

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Linda E

Tara Swiger was amazing! Clear, concise and so informative. I loved this course! I am so inspired to get going with my You Tube videos and feel confident with her plan of actions. Thank you Creative Live.

Jennie Powell

Tara made so many excellent points and has made me have a long list of actionable points to help to grow my YouTube presence! She has such a clarity of expression and a friendly manner that I find very easy to learn from.

Lori Rochino

Great video, lots of notes were taken as I got a lot of takeaways to use for my new Youtube channel. Thanks, Tara for a great class!