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Grow Your Business with YouTube

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What kind of Videos will Sell your Work?

Tara Swiger

Grow Your Business with YouTube

Tara Swiger

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7. What kind of Videos will Sell your Work?

Lesson Info

What kind of Videos will Sell your Work?

Now that you know you definitely need to do videos, right? And we've crushed all those myths, and you've figured out how you're gonna shoot with your phone, or the camera on your laptop. The question is, how are you gonna do videos that sell your work? You don't just wanna make videos to make videos. You all have a product or service that you create that you wanna sell to other people. So what kind of videos are gonna sell your work effectively? First we're gonna talk about format, and what kind of formats you can use. And once you pick a format, it will be a lot easier for you to come up with content. So then we're gonna generate tons and tons of content ideas. Because at the end of the segment you're gonna be able to shoot your first video. And that's what we're gonna challenge you to do. So first let's talk about the formats. There are three formats that I think work really well for product based businesses. And what's interesting is there aren't a lot of people with product or serv...

ice based businesses that are doing these. So if you do these, you're gonna stand out. That's part of how I chose the formats to talk about today, is the ones that will help you stand out and get found for an ideal client. So the first is interviews. We're gonna go into detail about who that works best for, and I'm gonna show you samples of what an interview show might look like. We'll also talk about the technology of interviewing somebody whose not right there, next to you. And then we're also gonna talk about vlogs. What that is, how it works, how you can do it, how you can fit it into your life, and also what I call "the talking head videos", which are just what we're used to seeing: straight to camera, your face on camera. I'm gonna give you some examples of those. And talk about who those best work for. And what your goals might be that would work for these, and who your customer is. So one distinction is between format and content. Format is just how your show is set up. And content is what you're actually gonna talk about. So anybody could cover any content and any format. Obviously, something like an interview show is gonna require you to ask questions, and get an expert or another person, or just a friend answering those questions. So don't feel like you have to figure out what exactly you're gonna talk about yet. We'll get to that in the Content section. The important thing is to identify what format you wanna do, or what combination of formats you wanna do.

Class Description

In Grow Your Business with YouTube you'll learn how video can take your business to a new level! You’ll learn how to find time to make videos that are fun, easy, and effective at selling your products. We will focus on generating content ideas, and you'll learn how to use those videos to find brand-new customers (and keep your current customers coming back). You'll walk away from this class with a customized plan for making videos that will grow your business and increase sales.

Use YouTube to:

  • Build trust with your audience
  • Regularly talk about your business and products in a friendly "behind the scenes way"
  • Demonstrate your subject matter knowledge

We Will cover:

  • How to replicate your customer experience online (mood, brand, attitude)
  • Building community by being yourself
  • How video fits in your brand and business
  • Planning content (lots of idea generation) Including short samples!
  • How to be yourself and comfortable on camera

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Linda E

Tara Swiger was amazing! Clear, concise and so informative. I loved this course! I am so inspired to get going with my You Tube videos and feel confident with her plan of actions. Thank you Creative Live.

Jennie Powell

Tara made so many excellent points and has made me have a long list of actionable points to help to grow my YouTube presence! She has such a clarity of expression and a friendly manner that I find very easy to learn from.

Lori Rochino

Great video, lots of notes were taken as I got a lot of takeaways to use for my new Youtube channel. Thanks, Tara for a great class!