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I want to this is our first folder and what I'm going to sew it so I'm going to show you what I did there are and this is something that I want to show you just a tip in trick that we do so we're doing like a dance studio for one girls let's say they have between one and four poses and it's going to be random some girls have one so we'll have to somehow forcing my three you don't know but in this case we only have one pose in that folder because only one showed up but we created this proof sheet it has four possible poses on it that's where the different poses are so I want to show you a simple way what I do so when this creates the first one I find out who it is you can look down here it's one two one zero two six four five and I go to his folder her folder and it's right here and what I'm going to do is actually just copy this image and I just actually make for three temporary version's in his folder to fill up my order form so now when I had preview well first of all I need to actua...

lly add the photos so now I can actually go through and I can actually lay out in the template for all four photos will be so maybe this person doesn't have those four photos but there will be someone in there that has um and this is an easy way for me to show where all my images were goingto layout for the final product for those children that do have the to three of the four you're not seen in the first pose and then once I lay out all this together then I'll just go back in that folder and delete those cop those three temporary files and then you would hit run and render and it will show everybody will lay out perfect and you know what I also want to say is like on that first image if you look at it I can actually fine tune it by manually typing in the name I mean the numbers so you now I like that little space right there between the image and the blue but I want to move it over to the to the right so I don't know how much you can always just come down here and make that number the first one bigger and that's going to move it over to the right and then when you're happy you're like okay now want this file tow line up the exact same height is the first one to say so I know that's it for forty so I can literally just go in and say for forty on this and that second pose will now be the exact same height is that first pose so you really can be if you're really meticulous about this you can literally have every image every pose in the exact same pixel above the graphics and that really makes things look a lot more professional you don't have to do it some people don't care I'm kind of particular about that I want everything laid out perfect I know you're going yeah yeah and so that's the way that we do it and once I get everything laid out then I wouldn't move those other three images and hit preview again on that one would show up and then I'll hit render but the neat thing is all four photos now have a spot they can call home when you do come up to those extra kids that have extra images so would you believe that white space on that person's order form if they didn't have those I usually just leave it on there and lots of times I'll put if you don't want to do this way I'll put it like a bar across it and you can put like pose one is on the far left and the numbers go up higher to the right or whatever but then people still go I wanted three and not for it you got to really say this is pose one this is posed to this is pose three other people are in it are going to get it in there going toe or the wrong file and most jobs the most volume jobs like a dance school they realized their kids on ly one class you don't get one photo whatever the kids and six classes air getting six photos or what the parents understand that and if if there is a question I explain them that's what happens? We give one image to images of water per class your kid's in one class to get one image your kids and four they get forward that and that we had four classes so we have a maximum of children can have four images and so we left room on the proof and then we just kind of go on from there as long as you give him a logical reason for it they might still might not like it but at least there's a reason it's instead of just saying because I did it that way because I can you know that kind of starts upsetting people so I like doing this a lot when we have multiple poses it gives you the freedom we also design stuff too where you can literally have one whole side of the page just being nothing but poses if you have seven, eight, nine, ten, twelve poses whatever it's really nice and again you don't have to put him out, you can upload directly to your online hosting companies or anything else like that which is where we're going down so now let's say I want to kind of do a little cropping first a little renaming before we and then we're gonna go into the other thing so to rename and it just really simple I just want to show you some options again member I said we don't liketo copy over anything we'll make a cop way don't like to destroy anything we copy everything so I'm going to export if I'm gonna rename to make my yearbook my p s p a r my or my admin cd I want to make another folder just like I made that proof sheet folder I'm gonna make another folder same year book city your admin cd so I would browse and find it and then I literally can actually make sub folders I wanted to do by grade I want to do my teacher I wanted to sort of buy any of that data you collect you could actually sub make sub folders and then you can rename by either last name first name or id number so I can rename all these and sub sub sort them out by sub categorized and then last but not least if I want to make them smaller I only want to make the pixels the wider hopes wrong one wrong down here the only one to make the pixels six hundred pixels wide because they only need small images it will re size everything as well when it's renaming so now it's going to make a really easy cd for admin small images put him on to see there are going to be ordered by ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade or daycares by the newborns by the one two twos twos threes three before and everybody's going to know about a court order by last name first name or by their I d number or whatever else whatever you choose to do whatever your client needs to do in a rename everything for you fast and easy then you would just get run the cropping you would click on it and it's gonna open up a whole another window it's a whole nother thing and there's our four copy files so they wouldn't be there originally but so we can actually if you look over here you can go about force eight sixteen or thirty six we're just going probably pull up while we'll leave it today because it shows a little bit larger on the screen and it comes with certain crop lines you can actually make your own is I talked about earlier and to make these is much like in starting a brush in tow photoshopped into caray tum it's basically just a transparent file that what you see the lines the blue lines and the red lines in the black line that's the only thing that you would see on the image and you would say that is a paying a png file and then you would insert it into this certain folder, just like you would do a brush and photo shop, and it will show up the next time you have a job. So as I said earlier, I would actually create four five chin line crops four job print out the same image on a piece of paper, zoomed out, zoomed out, zoomed in and let my my client choose which crop they want because it's no different for me. I got to do the work no matter what, but I want them to choose sides because that's, that customer service and so this and into crop you literally, and this is not the grades we'll use this one, so you literally can click and drag the person around or you left click, or if our right click, I can zoom in and out why would zoom in and out to put her head between those? And then I would left click and I could move it up and down. Let me kind of zoom in and more about what you could move it, and then I could move it around until you live every single head where the crop line needs to be, and then you just go to the next page next page next page, so when you're done, you'll find all the headlines. All the heads at the top of the bottom they all show up like that yearbook I showed you but even the little bitty tiny head to the big fat meat head they're all gonna look the same size that's the uniform part and you could do a by ten you could do for by seven whatever the ratio of that p and g crop line that you make it. So if you start with a blank transparent in a four by six ratio for five by seven ratio one eight by ten ratio that's what this is going to actually crop to these air four by six because we didn't have time to crop and that's what your camera captures in technically, but generally we go with the eight by ten ratio. The four by five ratio is what we use because that's a little fatter images little traditional and they liked that down the south. But again you have the freedom to do what you want to make the blended into your workflow and to me that's that's the key so you literally would just go if I had all those that I click next and I would just literally go through every single image that one's also and go through every single image and this is about the right head size for this then image, but let's say we want to use five and so I was a little click on six or whatever see how big that head size is now so what that was correct on this one so now I gotta zoom him in and now it's more this size so again that's what I'm talking about I would actually use for five of these chin lines and create different images and let my client chews on what our main high schools do again. The underclassmen get a little wider crop and the seniors get a little tight across or they see their face where's just below their chest and it just shows him off a little bit better so it shows the yearbook up a little better but that might not work or needed in your area if you don't need these all look the same, you could still use it as a crop feature, but I suggest cropping it before you even important in the photo velocity I suggest cropping in light rumor broots are photoshopped or bridge or whatever doing it then because if you don't need everything all at the same cross the image to where it looks the best just like you normally would with any other image but they need to be all the same that's what this is really, really for and then when you create this it basically puts coordinates on the image so when you upload these cropped images to miller's or anybody else that crop damage goes with it in a non destructive format so you don't have to crop anything in their software. Anything else it's already cropped makes sense. All right, get out of this. All right, my fingers are sticky from the big big bike contest, and so I'm having a hard time working with my laptop now, all right? And so the great edit package we talked about were not really going to go into it, but just to let you know if there's any self priming people. And I know we have some people overseas, so the lab we work with don't or maybe not worked with you were coming out with some really amazing self print where you literally can put in the definition of how big your printer actually prints. If you have a large format, you have an eight by ten whatever you put that in there and then buy you creating the package definitions it's going to take that image and say, I'm on ly gonna work with eleven by fourteen because that's, the biggest I have and it's going to re arrange an eight by ten and put your heart and it's gonna build your packages for you on individual sheets, put their I d number on each, eat in their name so you won't get lose and then send it directly to your printer in your house so if you print in house that's really nice and even if you don't print in house, but you have, like, a snap lab, which one of our viewers asked about? Maybe I sent everything off the millers and I I forgot about this one guy. Why did we miss him? Why don't I just didn't put package b, so I'll create a package being considered to my my in house printer print it and you can tell him to come by and pick it up that's kind of how we do our in house printing with miller's being our support team, we only try to use our snap labs and our die subs when we mess up when we forget something or announced because we have it pretty much sets where it's gonna look about the same, but again, it's time I don't have enough time to sit there and print everything out if you really want to get busy food, you just came out with an amazing print lab. I mean, amazing print lab that that's no bigger than three you guys put together when it's tiny, but I don't have the money to buy it. If I did, I don't have it, we could get it, but I don't have the manpower we just we don't have that functionality yet. And so but some people are passionate about self printing. I mean, like, really passionate about it and a lot of people overseas don't have the laps reports that we have here the comfort of in the united states. And so self printing is really the only option. And so it's there if you need it, andi I know went over one time, but I want to make sure we understand this again in the personal printing. I forgot to kind of mention this. I wanted to go over it, members. All right. So first of all, I mean picked up notice how two, three and four picked up. Why did that happen? Because I copy. Remember when I made those temporary files, I never removed him. So now when I reopen this, it goes late waiting. You've got four images in one folder. So it's going to make those columns per harriman images you have in a folder. And secondly, like for miller's we uses for miller's, as I mentioned earlier, if you look at a lot of our order forms, you'll get some samples. When you purchase this, you guys here we'll get some samples. If you look at our retouching order forms on the retouching, it says, like, ten dollars for advance retouching. And a hit on the earlier so if I want to recheck and they order retouch I'll just click on the recherche and click the button and yes, I just paid two dollars to miller's and I just made eight dollars by doing that that's pretty good business it's very simplistic to do that and you can charge whatever you want but that's how we would do retouching is well doesn't work with all last but it works with miller's and a few others for that so that's how it is and so we're fixing to get into uploaded but I want to show you that and then the last thing I talked about that didn't talk didn't show you remember I said you could hook up ten computers when you're doing this system this is where you would actually assign what computer for this this is a computer three you'd have another computer that's four you'd have another computer that's five and we go from there sorry thank you perfect perfect perfect perfect so that's something very simple this is how you would do all that and again this is not an exact you don't have to know the exact name, so if you just know a little bit you would type it in and it'll bring up anybody that has a lt's or anything else so it doesn't have to be the exact which helps originally it was but it does all right, so I want to go with that before we forgot I'm meant to in before break, and I forgot about it. And then, finally again, I just want to go over this way. Photograph. We have one hundred sixteen people in the data we photographed in sordid correctly eighty seven people. We have zero images without data. So those were those checking balance systems. You want to give any data who didn't get photographed again? You khun self check any of these columns, and it will align everything up by that. And so these are the people that we didn't photograph and there's a package is you can do all that. So I just want to make sure everybody's onboard and understands that before we move on. Okay. So now the export. Now, the big point we worked. These companies here there's, another one's coming onboard every day. But I want to just kind of show you even says export to self front that we talked about when we export to accompany when photo velocity exports were limited to whatever that company allows us to connect. So, depending on that company, we we can do anything that they could do, but each company software has limitations a perfect example is smug, millions in folio. On the surface both very very similar companies both very very good cos I use them both I enjoyed both but smugmug when it comes the volume will only allow me to do like brasses would high school and then another sub folder within their nineteenth, eleventh and twelve and then in my ninth I would have all eight hundred kids and I have to applaud too where's the folio allows me few mohr step so I could do graduate high school nine tenth and eleventh twelfth grade and then a ninth I could have a thor f folders and you know and so on and so on and break him down even more and more and more no it's not that important sometimes, but sometimes it is important and so when you're looking at some of these companies to work with, you really need to think about your workflow and what you need in your business and everybody is different and then study them and pick the right one even if it's on this list or whatever I highly suggest that another thing is again with miller's we talked about is free overnight shipping. A lot of companies have overnight shipping for the portrait side but they don't have overnight or free shipping but they don't have they charge you on your volume side so if you're getting involved in volume for the first time you're coming from a portrait world ask your lab. How much does the shipping cost on a volume side of things? Because I promise you the first time we did this. And we worked with miller's when we test another laugh. And I got a two hundred fifty dollars shipping bill that really messes up your profit margin on a business on a job. But you weren't expecting to have that much money. So those are some questions that you really need to ask.

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Remember the childhood excitement of yearbook photo day? You can bring that same joy to your clients — by taking your photography talents to schools, events, and sport leagues. From yearbook portraits to little league photos, high volume photography is a great way to multiply your revenue while providing a highly sought-after service.

Join veteran photographers Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton for a two-day workshop that will show you how to break into the high volume photography market and streamline your workflow — from setup and processing to hosting and printing.

Mike and Cody will teach you how to pitch clients, build your business model, and walk you through setting up a high volume photo shoot. After this course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become the preferred photographer in your community.



This course is very comprehensive and full of valuable information for anyone wanting to get into High Volume Photography. We have been doing this type of photography for 5 decades and still found many great ideas to improve on what we do. However, this class was produced in 2013 and although I am not certain as to the current circumstances of TriCoast, it appears that Cody and Mike are no longer in business together and because of this, the FotoVelocity program (which in my opinion is the greatest program for what we do) is no longer being offered. Regardless, this program is worth every cent of the purchase price. My hope is that new versions of FotoVelocity will soon be available. In the meantime we are still using the current version and it still works great. It literally saved our three man high velocity studio thousands of hours of pre-/post- production work. We are a small town operation which provides photos for schools and sports in our local area to over 27,000 clients a year.