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Miller's has version one inversion too don't get really confusing that that's shortly going to be going away because miller's just came out with a new software so much like a lot of other things when a new software comes out, we have to catch up to that connect to him. Luckily for us, we have some really great working relationships with companies, so it doesn't have its not that difficult to work with, so you want let's do online host because I think online hosted is probably more important than the lab's a lot of people want to do the online stuff, and so we're gonna just let's just click on zim folio, so I click on to follow and you'll know it because it has their little logo here and because of the other ones if I click on another one it's going to look very similar love shoot proofs were gonna do that nice website went out there, shoot proof so you can see it's going to have the logo, so if you clicked the wrong thing, you're going to know what company you're about the upgrade to u...

pload to, but with that, said it's going to be kind of difficult because once you do all this and you get ready to upload, you're gonna have to literally ggo when you click okay it's going to actually ask you to enter your username and password as if you were on the same folio side. If you were on the shoot proof side, it's gonna have to add. So you're gonna have to have an account with his company. Basically what? This software does basically upload since we've merged the names with the data. And we have those it's basically like a speed line, and it uploads everything on the backside a lot faster than you have to mainly go in and upload everything for you. And the beautiful thing about this is that passcode that's. The whole key is passcodes. Every single one of your clients that you can use and post work you can use and other things. And so when you get a question forget going. Yes, I do. With gods to these different companies that you have do they all allow wrong? Do they allow tipping? Is j pick situation? Are they different in what they accept? That's morris, the found absolutely everyone's different. Everyone's different. You're gonna have to figure that out with the lab most labs would want j peg on. Lee is a final product. Someone will do different ones. But you that's questions you have to ask each individual company. And it really just depends some will charge you for storage some won't charge you for storage I mean there's whole different business models like I mentioned before smug muggins and folio are very similar business models and clauses we'll take a percentage off your print cells because I love klaus we've used collages from day one I mean that's been the foundation of our wedding business I love those guys and if they take a percentage like fifteen percent if I sell a package for one hundred dollars they're going to take fifteen percent of that hundred dollars and then so that's part of my profit taking away in a sense so when you do online says you've got to remember that if you're going tohave a package of fifteen dollars or one hundred dollars or whatever in person you needed least raised fifteen percent to make the same amount of profit. If you're going to use an online hosting company that that that's their business model the other one is like shoot proof which I think is awesome for volume because they only charge you for the amount of images you upload and then when your removal and you have like a accountant has a maxim out and so you can actually upload him make you a lot of money really push people out you gotta buy buy, buy, buy, buy they get excited they buy and then you can remove him and you get a full hundred percent of the profit that sale because they make their money from the files that you upload and you're done to me that's a pretty logical, easy way to figure it out because much like the percentage sales or the flat fee that I talked about, this is a flat fee, and I could figure that out. I know exactly what's going to cost me tau host this, and I know exactly what I need to make money off of it, so it just depends on how you want to do your business. That's why another reason why we tying to some of these companies is it allows you to have the freedom to use a company, get happy with it and stay with it. You don't have to worry about a different workflow does it work with, like uploading like a wordplay press kind of website at all to the online hosting? I mean to the if they will accept it, we usually khun do it, but it just depends on the company and each again, we're limited to what the company allowed, so if the company allows that, we can figure out a way we don't do it right now, but we can figure out how to do it. But the company does not allow there nothing we can do about it because that were actually integrating with their system at this point that there the balls there telling us what they can allow and so each one is a little bit different and so kind of example here for zim folio I can actually by default you pascoe protect the folder by that passcode but we get a lot of clients to come up and say, you know what I know I need to pass go for legal issues but I just want the password to be the kid's name because I don't want to have to pass out a car that has password on it or anything else I just want to tell him pass code is your name and so any of the day that you collect first name last name khun b what you actually pass code protect those folders on if it's the I d number whatever so you can actually do that if it's seattle you would do great in this case. So you enter what office you work at in this in this scenario that inner seattle or san francisco and that would be their past so that that is very simple and then you can actually fill to the data by any of the information you ordered is well so let's say I on ly wanted update, upload seattle so now would filter by grade and it's going to pick up my grades and I want to say I just want to enter the seattle people and it'll just upload seattle and so this comes in handy and I'm gonna go to like miller's this comes in handy it looks the same but you have the millers so let's say I want to do if we have a rosewood high school and I have nine tenth and eleventh twelfth grade I want to make four jobs and that's what I do I actually upload miller's four times I make just a ninth grade job and upload the millers I mean just a tenth grade job in a little bit because it's so big that I want those to come back separately and I could just handle him and plus our high school that high school is talking about has its own campus for ninth graders and so I want to keep all my ninth grade separate so I know I could take that over to him so I don't want to get everything in and I'm now I'm sort of ninth grade tenth, eleventh, twelfth grade I don't want to do any of that I want my labs do that for me and by separating these making unique numbers are unique job by uploading it helps and then on top of that if you don't do this at night that huge job I hit upload and it's a lot of images I might still be there in the morning uploaded to pin it on your internet speed and so I'm breaking this up it makes a lot easier to upload smaller jobs you can still get on to other things etcetera, etcetera and then finally I want to say like on ly export your first image that there's more than one person this is an option we use and if you go back to our proof sheet and I'll kind of show you what I'm talking about that on that appreciate that we used if eyes nice if I zoom in it has on the first first thing right here it says for yearbook on lee so for us that first image is for yearbook on lee so if I need millers to make me my yearbook cd and I don't want to do it or maybe the format somewhere they need something I I just want to upload just that first image I just click that and upload just the first image so I can make them admin stickers that miller makes or agent age makes I could make a cd or any of that stuff just that one image if I need to so that helped for yearbook functionality if you just need that one cd to go to the lab for any reason that's the yearbook so we found it that's been a huge thing with school photographers and so we offered that product that to allow them to do that and then now want to kind of move into we're going upto something something, but I want to show you smug mug, just how again we're talking about, we're limited to what the product with the company allows us to do. So smug when you log on a slug bug, you can actually have kind of quick settings that are kind of defaults are kind of like an action, or kind of like a pre set you would do in light room, but you would actually go into your account you can actually make if I have a pre set of schools, it's all going to be this price list it's gonna look like this if I have a one for sports it's going to be this priceless? Well, we literally could go through all this and actually pick our quick settings, so as your count has quick sentence will actually show up right here is well, and then you can upload directly to it. So again, whatever limitations the company has weakened due, it's just I mean, that's why we're stuck at, so if they don't know any of these little things we can actually add, so a lot of them while they look the same, a lot of them have a little bit different things, so just be aware of it. But my main thing, if you don't use any of these companies or you're thinking about using one of them researching and ask all the small details, every single company we use me personally, I think of stand up cos I think they're amazing we wouldn't have on the software we didn't, but to me, these I mean, they're just I'm a big miller's guy, and I love h and h miller's is my lab, but if I went anywhere of the h and h is awesome, I mean, they're just great people, david drum. There is just outstanding gentlemen. And to me that's more important than their products, the way that they same thing, the way they run their business and the ethics that they have behind them. That's, the companies that I want to use and these guys are just that way so that's not to try to get off on a tangent, but I just that's important to me. All right? So basically, if you want to upload the smug mugs in folio, you would click on it. You would basically enter any of this information you want you could actually do, and then you click, okay, it's going to ask me to actually upload well, I'd like to continue because he wants to make sure we're not on the internet guys so it's not going to show up probably gives me an heir because I'm not on the internet with then at this point it's actually going to pop open zim folio pop open smugmug you and enter your passcode you hit okay and then all your images upload directly to your account and where you tell it to so when I say that so I will literally have the ninth grade tenth grade the eleventh grade I have for day care mrs mrs johnson's daycare whatever it is the main folder and then in that I would have the preschool that newbie, the newborns, the ones and twos and then inside those folders all those kids images and the folder will be their last name underscore first name and that folder will be passcode protected and you can actually give them with the template builders we talked about you can actually create a template that literally has as I showed you, our realtor form your story that has the big pass code on that you can actually put on there you can hand it out of school you can put it in their photo order whatever else where you just make a simple four by six no card as we talked about this is this is your unique passcode and handed out at the day care, and then they go right on line, and they have all the information everything's legal, everything secure, and then let the let the money happen it's that simple help you confused lost love information and the same thing with miller's basically the way miller's and other ones work it's a little different now with miller. So basically, we're going to do all this and you click okay and it's going to ask you because, again, each lab, the way their software works, the way we have to communicate with it is how, when you click on each one of these, it actually opens up a different module in a sense, into the software. And so the way miller's works now is very similar wage in h works, but it's basically going toe also basically inner city files kind of what we originally do, so I would basically have to find on my computer where I want to put the cia's beef also, so basically, photo velocity is going to create the proper layout of all the data you don't like making a psd or renaming it's goingto format everything for you, so you don't need to worry about how it's going to format the only thing you need to worry about. Is where do you want to put it on your computer so you can find it so I'm going to put it into the creative live folder since that's where everything's working off I'm just gonna say miller's click okay and it's going to create a cz you see all the data so it's taken all the images it's reformatted um name wise to make miller's happy it's going to make a text document to make miller's happy and when it says done then it's gonna open up then you go back to the miller software did you wanna grad? And you would just attach those files that software click, upload and everything is done no more individual order individual uploading images gnome or individual up typing and names misspelling it you don't care about any of that. It does it all for you because that's why I say that data collection is the most important part of the entire process when you collect that data and then you sort used the day you put him out and then you sort using that data correctly and you make sure the photo goes with data. If you have any image heir resolutions like we showed you spend time making sure those air sorted out correctly you can't go wrong, you cannot mess up in volume and the software pretty much keeps everything in order we went over all those checking balances systems this software keeps everything else in order that makes sense we're kind of coming to enter this section I just wanted but that's really we have a lot more to talk about we don't have a lot of time but that's really the end of your since work flow so we talked about collecting data today we showed you how we collect data we showed you how you could do various ways from either like a school dance collecting data as they walk up typing out have a little brother or a diamond label printer there run between thirty and a hundred dollars don't spend a lot they go bad I'd say get a cheap one because the labels of cheaper and everything else brother makes a great when it's inexpensive so you enter the data as they come up they put out the label you put on the water form you go photograph done for this we get the data you have multiple ways of internet you can have multiple computers tied to the same job time all back together for a simple job you would actually print out the labels like we did make sure it's correct put him on the on the three by five note cards or all the order forms if you want and you do exactly what we do we photograph the card photographed person photographed card photographed person repeat the process all day long you get all that you come back, you drop it in your photo shop your light room whatever image processing software you have, I used the star system. I find it's easy. I don't care what you do just find something that you can organize. I'm not here to tell you every step. We're just showing what we do, but we I liketo mark that barcode first and look at how many images I have for that folder and then find my individual images and it also as we showed it helps me find that missing one. Maybe I missed that barcode. It helps me along the way to correct my errors. Each step of the way which I find is better instead of getting in and there's so many areas you get overwhelmed. We do that we marchal we process him anyway. You want that's where the huge art comes into it you can do anything you want. We've even copied like we take two images. We copy the second one into a third and turn it horizontal with a different crop in black and white. You know, and so down we have three proofs instead of two. We do that a lot, so we do that you color correct, do everything and then you backed out put all those winning images with the barcode into one individual folder, which we call j peg and sorted you could call it whatever you want to call it and then you run the sort feature run sort feature it'll sort um it'll create a folder for each one it'll put each image in there as it sees fit and hopefully don't have an image resolutions again as you saw our software, it didn't miss any barcodes that should have read the only issues we had were the ones that cody created and then the actual handwritten cards so it's pretty accurate one question that didn't come up I don't know if it's there's a lot of people asking me just take one photo with the barcode on the bottom you can, but I suggest a work full of taking one photo barcode one photo of the person just because it's easier if you take a to a bar code, you're gonna have to end up cropping because it's goingto read the barcode and then look for the image that's the way it works it doesn't work in one full image so better workflow is to take the picture of the barcode then take a picture of your subject but you only need that first barcode image then you take his men as you want, so once you out put you sort and once you sort and you do the image resolution a resolution that we talked about everything else has done. You have no more worries about volume. Everything is sorted, everybody's, happy. You're not going to get confused on who is who, where are they? Anything else? So everything is solved.

Class Description

Remember the childhood excitement of yearbook photo day? You can bring that same joy to your clients — by taking your photography talents to schools, events, and sport leagues. From yearbook portraits to little league photos, high volume photography is a great way to multiply your revenue while providing a highly sought-after service.

Join veteran photographers Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton for a two-day workshop that will show you how to break into the high volume photography market and streamline your workflow — from setup and processing to hosting and printing.

Mike and Cody will teach you how to pitch clients, build your business model, and walk you through setting up a high volume photo shoot. After this course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become the preferred photographer in your community.



This course is very comprehensive and full of valuable information for anyone wanting to get into High Volume Photography. We have been doing this type of photography for 5 decades and still found many great ideas to improve on what we do. However, this class was produced in 2013 and although I am not certain as to the current circumstances of TriCoast, it appears that Cody and Mike are no longer in business together and because of this, the FotoVelocity program (which in my opinion is the greatest program for what we do) is no longer being offered. Regardless, this program is worth every cent of the purchase price. My hope is that new versions of FotoVelocity will soon be available. In the meantime we are still using the current version and it still works great. It literally saved our three man high velocity studio thousands of hours of pre-/post- production work. We are a small town operation which provides photos for schools and sports in our local area to over 27,000 clients a year.