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I want to just say thank you to all my students who have come here from wherever you're coming from thanks to the audience for being a part of this and let us all share about our personal projects. I also like to say if you if you don't have a personal project if you're trying to get to the next level in your career, this is how you do it by having a personal project if you want to get more work, do a personal project if you want to start your careers photographer first to a personal project this stuff shows the world that you care anybody take a picture of a pretty girl or a guy or ah landscape what you have to say to the world you say it through your personal work and your personal work lives longer than you may be as the ability to have impact lives in countries and presidents and who knows what else go out there and show the world your personal projects so this is all a team effort it's all of us being the team together each achieves mohr no with kara if I had never like you know s...

aid I love this project and supported it I never would have gotten her to be a part of this and share and give back it's giving back it's me finding parts that I love I love photography period so I love the fact of aiken go on kickstarter and find other photographer is doing great projects and then be a part of their party by submitting my pledge. I love that part, so I'm inviting all of you to be apart my project and help him pledging whether it's a dollar today or whatever but please pledge and make this book to life because as you pledge, you become part of this project and you become part of inspiring children to make their dreams come true. And who knows? Maybe you are in your pledge inspiring my future american president you never know, but if you do, you're part of history forever imagine your child or your grandchild looking back at this book years from now and saying that's, my grandmother that's my grandfather they were part of this project that's powerful we'll use to me anyway so thank you all for your time for listening in for the audience, for giving a time we have you are in the world and being apart of this project, I would take a few more courses before we close out, but I really love that you give me the chance to share my project share my knowledge and he from others who have done the same thing it's very, very powerful is a picture that can change the world I have a great camera I want thank sony. Forgive me all the tools to make this all come together and come to life. Thank you all for sharing. We've shared and who have pledged, thank all the pledgers, all creative live everybody who is now a part of future presidents. I don't have a question. I just want to say thank you way were talking earlier about not necessarily having a question, but just being just completely in awe and inspired so many notes were all you know, I padding in writing and given us so much to take home and work with. So I just wanna make sure you realize that. Thank you, thank you, thank you, there's one thing I'd like to say also to the entire audience, even if you don't pledge today, if you can just share the project with your friends family, if you can do that, then maybe even stronger than pledging, just share the project with people who you think may feel inspired by our message with future presidents and even questions. Well, I actually didn't, but I wanted to get it tio to you as quickly as possible, but I I want to mirror some of the same sentiments, this has been a amazing course, thank you for candidly sharing just you both your generous spirit and also just your expert advice I think that everyone that's tuned in today everyone who I'm sure will be buying the class and everyone us all of us here in the studio audience ah ah really appreciate the experience thank you thank you thank you I've loved being here and being a part of this this group this family I love crave live and I'm so happy that we now have crave live to share our message and hopefully empower you guys we've had this twenty years ago ten years ago uh I wish I had it when I started my career I had learned so much every time I come on this show and share what I've learned I learned just as much from you guys and I love that I learned so much today and you never stop learning you're always growing always learning and it feels great thank you created life so so speaking of always learning the long, long time of things we have, I do have one final question for you and that is from alan birch online who says do you have a plan to track the young people that you were photographing as they build their future after your experience? That's a very good question yes I do so early I send out packages at beginning of my project different corporations with ideas that they could do tow be involved and I'm still on keep doing that even mawr after hearing car talk about different ways to get corporations involved I had an idea for corporation to do a time capsule for each person in the book to do a time capsule with where they are now and put the book in this time capsule and locked away for twenty years then go back and see what those children are in twenty years so I think that all those ideas I have a bunch of them uh I write down ideas all the time so I have a lot of ideas and that's just one of the ideas I have and if this corporation out there listening today I love to bring that to life like a bank for example imagine chase of having a book for each person and having an event and at that event they make a time capsule with a book uh material about their bank or their product whatever and sealed away for ten years twenty years to open it up and find that child twenty years from now again I just want to say thank you to everybody has been a part of this class whether you're online or he and the audience thank you all for taking the time to listen be apart this project be a part of this class and for sharing thank you for your your answers your questions your ideas for posters I can't say thank you enough and if we use your poster your name will be in our book thank you very very much well matthew thank you and again where you are calling for those posters for those ideas for people toe get their children involved is on your facebook group which is on facebook you can just search for future presidents book and matthew there's a lot of thanks here no to go around we have just had this is the conclusion of a very inspiring three days all about shoot what you love which has been sponsored by sony and so as we've talked about sony's slogan is make dot believe and that you know in talking with kayla who is here from sony all of their products everything that goes into what they do is all about unleashing that crate of potential in artists and they have just done that again in a new way by providing free education for helping provide free education here quite alive helping people to unleash that in and of themselves and so thank you to sony for bringing three of your artisans of imagery here together for this amazing three day event everybody hold on tight because we have to who of the sony any x six is that we are going to be giving away at the end of this segment I wanted tio invite americo who is also here still with us in the studio to come on out as we are say thank you, teo. Our artisans. Christina mittermeier is no longer here with us, but hail a if you want to come out. Tio drew and drill forget drew drew, come on out! You guys have been absolutely incredible in terms of the support over these for days. Drew has been here giving us all of his expert t's in all of the sony product line. So thank you all this has just been the first of its kind event here at creative live, and so please help us as they come on out giving, giving matthew yeah, giving through giving kayla a big creative live round of applause. Thank you. Thank you, soni for giving us this chance. This opportunity to the share our vision with the world and and empowering others to do the same. Everybody I invite you to also fill out a global thank you card for our educators are artisans and sony on the quite of live facebook page, and there are already a bunch of thank you's that are coming in. Absolutely. What an awesome day with matthew. We really can't say thank you enough to all the artists in america again, thank you for being back in the studio and it's just an awesome three days, matthew the importance of personal projects to the steps of, uh bringing us and the creative live audience the community into your process and being part of history making on dh then, you know, finishing out with how to fund these these creative process and of course, the other artisans mira talking about overcoming your challenges you shared so much emotional content with us on the education was great as well, and christina talking about her creative process, bring it all home, bringing it all together today with matthew how to put that great idea into practice getting it funded. I do want to share a couple quotes that we've gotten from the internet sc photo girl says I just made my pledge and sent a challenge to pledge on my facebook page. I hope it helps matthew great project and wonderful inspiring information love matthew maxi ted innam from facebook says sharing your heart speaks to my heart thank you, matthew, for speaking to us with so much passion love an inspiration and beth olson creative I could listen to matthew jordan smith talk forever it's like obama and the george takai had a voice baby e e thank you, ari. Well, you do have the opportunity, tio, listen to matthew jordan smith's voice forever I'm hearing that again everyone this opportunity there's an opportunity for you right now less than five hours for you to purchase any time access to the entire set the entire three days of shoot what you love matthew you said just a minute ago if you want to dio more work through a personal project absolutely period and we all put up all these blocks I knew personally about why we can't do these personal project that's not going to be good enough it's not going to be perfect um and mira has taught us how to break through those and christina mittermeier has given us ways to create what that shoot might be also how to reach out and work with nonprofits matthew today has taken us all of that through in terms of also howto back it so many wonderful actionable ideas from you and your guests about kickstarter and how to actually get make these things happen put the rubber rubber to the paper right that's right? Eso everyone you can purchase the entire collection again it's a one hundred and seventy six dollars that's also including the john gringo a ninety nine sony in any nine fast start to get you up and running those of you who have that for one hundred seventy six dollars for the next less than five hours you can purchase that whole thing for ninety nine dollars and when we talk about again in investing in yourself to be able to do these projects to be able to then do more work to build your career I can't think of a better way to do that there is a buy button right beneath the screen that you are watching and there is an icon for for matthews class and then beneath that is a link there to the collection that she what you love collection and again you can see at the time running out so go ahead and buy that right now if you are ready to do more work listening over the last few days makes me believe in myself and it makes me want to invest in myself to be ableto put my own personal projects into use and I think these courses are just a great addition to my personal library so that I can keep getting that inspiration. So thank you again for all of you online and our audience we're going to remind you that over the next couple days dave cross is going to be coming back be sure to join us tomorrow and over the next few days or four days right to two day senate sessions to two day session so starting tomorrow photoshopped automation and productivity and then the second two day workshop on photoshopped creativity so be sure to join us for all of that with dave crossed over the next few days creative life and it's time it is time way got to these two get away way deal have two of these to give away this is the sony and e c a n e x six and we have heard drew tell us the wonders of this camera we've seen in action ari let's start with a quote contest I think that's a good idea so and then we're going to go to the photo contest that we've been running on facebook that we have a winner for the big reveal ok let start with a quote contest on again this winter is going to get a sony and e x six camera with a lens it's a nine hundred and it's a thousand dollars prize and congrats to kelly davenport on facebook kelly yeah it's such an awesome quote I love it shoot what you love put your heart into it you should be shooting things that make you feel alive if the idea is to inspire and plant the seed for future generations I love that vote thank you that summarizes that projects and the whole three days beautifully so once again congratulations ok everybody we've been running a photo contest on facebook shoot what you love and we have selected our favorite image drum roll please thiss winner is getting a sony and e x six camera and the lens and a two pack of sony thirty two gig sd card we'll just put this all together it's over eleven hundred dollars in value and congratulations rebecca gannon you have won our photo contest shoot what you love what awesome photo so once again, thank you so much to sony. Like we said, this is a one of a kind event bringing all these folks together and thank you again, to both of you, drew and kayla, for being here, thank you for being here, creative ivers all over the world. You are actually the reason that we are. We're here. The result, you, that we exist, and so thank you for your continued support is because of your support that we get to bring you a world class educators, helping you unleash that creativity that's inside of you. So, everyone, we look forward to seeing you back tomorrow morning at nine am, they've crossed that it just doesn't stop here, a creative I've thank you again, so everyone will see you tomorrow.

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"You build your business shooting for other people. You build your career shooting for yourself." From creating and choosing projects to organizing details and financing, this course will teach you how to effectively manage personal projects to grow your photography business. This inspirational workshop is designed to help you practice your craft and elevate your photography business. During this comprehensive course, Matthew will offer step-by-step instruction on how to launch and execute personal photography projects. Matthew’s workshop is part of a 3-day event sponsored by Sony called “Shoot What You Love", a 3-day inspirational event sponsored on April 22-24 with fashion photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, family photographer Me Ra Koh, and conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier.