How to Turn Junk Drawer Jewelry into Top Drawer Accessories


How to Turn Junk Drawer Jewelry into Top Drawer Accessories


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Make a Statement Necklace out of Thrift Shop Pearls

I have one super quick project that I wanted to show you guys for another one and this is you know how everybody it's kind of really fashionable right now where statement necklaces I love statement necklaces and this is one you can find these at a thrift store all the time and so I thought it would be fun to combine these into a statement necklace so when you guys were going out this weekend and he needs something pretty to wear around your neck, you can get away with jeans and a t shirt and one of these necklaces and they're so fun so I'm gonna show you how to do this they even sell these like bags of these together so you could just buy a whole bag of thes but what you're going to do these air all different lengths and I'm going to show you how to combine different lengths, but you're going to need assortment of pearl bracelet are pearl necklaces and you're going to need some shiny ribbon from the craft store that's all you need to do this where's that the color that you normally use...

for the ribbon you know I used red for christmas I've used my favorite color is sort of this color blue, so I have a lot of that that you mean like pretty one letter yeah, exactly, but this is a pretty color anywhere with black if you're going out somewhere, that's a pretty colored where literally in the summer time if we're I just we're so casual at our house, but if we go out to dinner, you could just put on just a bright necklace and it's just so funny just sort of dresses up everything, even though you're still in your jeans, so when you have course, she appears scissors to cut the ribbon so what I do and I mean, just take a little bit of room here with these out of the way, so you don't have to take these necklaces apart, so what I'm going to do is separate them into sort of shorter ones and longer ones and mohr, the better uses many as you want separate that my grandmother had a lot of these in her jewelry box. All right, so I'm just going to take a group of the's the shorter ones closed them or close half of them, I guess that's what you should d'oh so I've got like three shorter ones here, and then I'll take thes three other shorter ones closing them, but when I close them, I'm gonna loop than through one of the other shorter once, so what you have is this the two shorter ones really together, so I'll do that again, this just creates the whole idea behind a statement necklaces that you just want like bling like something like great at your next so that's what we're going to d'oh so a good selection the's was really good to have all right so we bleeped the's all together and it doesn't matter if they tangle you can twist them you can do whatever you want and then with these I'm going to combine these longer winds and if these are super long at the bottom you just sort of twist them all together it's like a scarf you just kind of shows it like when you get it the way you want it you want to hold on to the two edges then we'll you'll do is you cut a length of ribbon and there's really never old it's just you're kind of looking in the mirror and deciding how long you want this is there somebody that I could put this on? Could I put this on you? Alison that way won't mess up my mic so I'm going to take the ribbon and this is probably so this is how long this is just for reference and I'm going to leave it under the lips on one side of all the necklaces where I've gathered them I'm gonna do the same thing over here and I'm gonna kind of hold this like this thank you and then I'll just and so what you have is the you have the necklace or I'm sorry you have the ribbon and then you have the two ribbon ends, and then what you're going to do is look in the mirror and decide where you want it if you want it up and then you're going to tie a bow or not, if you wanted to stay and then when you're done, you can take thes and just start wrapping them and make a necklace for this weekend today. So that's that's, kind of where we're at with the costumes or you guys have any questions? Is that is there anything else other than the pearls that you could use that same concept? So I think it would be fun to mix like those enamel necklaces to maybe even mix them in with the girls so you could use them instead of or on dh then the other thing is I have I found some pearls that have, like little things in them, so just to add a little bit more color other thing you khun dio is again with the nail polish you can change randomly changed some of the colors like a neon peak or something like that if you wanted tio so yeah, tons of variations great, thank you guys, yes.

Class Description

Just because your jewelry has fallen out of fashion (or fallen apart) doesn’t mean it can’t be revitalized! In How to Turn Junk Drawer Jewelry into Top Drawer Accessories, you’ll learn simple techniques for transforming old jewelry into new treasures.

Blair Stocker is an avid upcycler and creative mastermind behind the blog Wise Craft. In this class, she’ll inspire you to breathe new life into old items from the jewelry box. You’ll learn how to:

  • Deconstruct jewelry to preserve the best pieces
  • String salvaged pieces together to make a charm bracelet
  • Add a basic fastener
  • Incorporate jewelry into home decor

You’ll get tips on cleaning and caring for disassembled pieces and tips on how to pair it with other upcycled bits. Blair will offer a whole range of inspiring ideas for incorporating jewelry into your creative projects using the tools you already have around the house.

Don’t let lovely little things sit idle. Let Blair Stocker inspire you to get crafty with How to Turn Junk Drawer Jewelry into Top Drawer Accessories.