Preparing Jewelry to be Made into a Charm Bracelet


How to Turn Junk Drawer Jewelry into Top Drawer Accessories


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Preparing Jewelry to be Made into a Charm Bracelet

I'll show you some finished charm bracelets here and if you can get a picture of these so these air made with several different objects that were found that were made and so what we're going to do is put one of these together which these air one of my I love charm bracelets I love the way they sound and I love that they can collect stray pieces so that's what we're going to make toe wear the supplies you need are pretty simple you need some bobbles and some necklaces that air no longer wearable or maybe you want to change up and I've got in here a collection of I've got hearings that you can take apart I've got broaches that have buttons sewn on them I've got uh piece of c class this one happens to have a hole in it e don't think he ever I always get that that that lucky I've got these little charms that I don't know where he got these but you can take these apart and use the individual pieces and I've also got I think these air called cabs for short like cap shawn's but these you can ...

find a lot of times at the thrift store they are meant to be glued onto something so we will show you how to do that and hearings that maybe I can't find the other piece of we'll take those and then we'll also talk about these little coins and things that we collect I think I got this one in hong kong when we were there, so I brought it back can't use it so let's just turn into memory so those air what you need for that you need some all purpose scissors and you don't really need these super sharp these air just to have in case you need him what you do need are some assortments of pliers, jewelry, pliers you can buy these a big box craft store as a set and they're pretty inexpensive you don't have to go expensive, you can but you don't have to like any craft, you can go deep in gear, but you don't have to do these so the kind that I use our wire cutters that have a flat side so you can cut the wire, neil nose pliers are flat pliers. You need a pair of these these air really helpful there on this like having an extra hand to bend their very helpful and I actually have two pairs of these because then you can hold them like this and it is very helpful. I also have you don't have to have these because the other the wire cutters will work that these have the flat side on the front so you can get in really close when you're trimming wires I have, um these around pliers and these are helpful if you're bending wire into a loop these air very helpful to have and like I said, these come in sort of an all purpose set that you can get it's really helpful to have a pair of tweezers just for picking up things if you need it and this last thing will take some explaining that this is a split jump, a ring, a set of pliers and I'm going to explain what that means, but this doesn't usually come in the set, but you need tio if he used the type of jump rings that I use, I'll explain why that's important to have so you need some jewelry, glue, there's, tons of jewelry glue I think the most all purpose one is the east six thousand it works really well you can find it anywhere and it's nice and strong because I find that the hardest part of holding these things together is the jump rings and the glue so with the right pieces they work really well. I also use hypos cement because it has a tiny little opening in the top and allows you to get really detailed even if I could get that back in there, but it allows you to get really, really detailed like focus and yeah, that one's really very tiny thank you you're also going to need metal chain and I and what I'm using today is considered like a base metal chain so it's a costume jewelry type of chain and you need a type of chain that the loops are large enough for us to get these jump rings through so charm bracelet chain with like an open loop he could certainly go all silver with this if he wanted to just be more expensive but for costumes or we're just going to use base metal base metal chain and you just need uh I usually do the length of my wrist and I add an inch and a half or so and then I use something called head pins and I'll show you what these look like you can again get these in a big box craft store these are just straight pins that have one edge is just a blunt edge and one edge is actually kind of a larger edge so it stops the pieces from sliding off the other side. You can get these closed and flat like this and you can also get them in a loop on the end which there's a called I pence's air for like hearings and things like that and then if you're going to do why air wrapping which today what we're going to do is going to be accomplished with the head pens but it's the same it's just a length of wire that you could cut to size and wrap the same way. We're going to wrap the head pins today, but that's, what you need, it sounds like a lot you can see. I keep these in a box all together, and I just pull him out whenever I, uh, make jewelry, and it doesn't, you know, take a lot of a lot of room. I just keep them in my craft room.

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Just because your jewelry has fallen out of fashion (or fallen apart) doesn’t mean it can’t be revitalized! In How to Turn Junk Drawer Jewelry into Top Drawer Accessories, you’ll learn simple techniques for transforming old jewelry into new treasures.

Blair Stocker is an avid upcycler and creative mastermind behind the blog Wise Craft. In this class, she’ll inspire you to breathe new life into old items from the jewelry box. You’ll learn how to:

  • Deconstruct jewelry to preserve the best pieces
  • String salvaged pieces together to make a charm bracelet
  • Add a basic fastener
  • Incorporate jewelry into home decor

You’ll get tips on cleaning and caring for disassembled pieces and tips on how to pair it with other upcycled bits. Blair will offer a whole range of inspiring ideas for incorporating jewelry into your creative projects using the tools you already have around the house.

Don’t let lovely little things sit idle. Let Blair Stocker inspire you to get crafty with How to Turn Junk Drawer Jewelry into Top Drawer Accessories.