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Introduction to Art Journaling

Lesson 4 of 6

Composition: As You Develop Your Page

Andrea Chebeleu

Introduction to Art Journaling

Andrea Chebeleu

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Lesson Info

4. Composition: As You Develop Your Page

Lesson Info

Composition: As You Develop Your Page

Hey, everybody, welcome back. We just finished this layer on our journal page with some acrylic inc s and we got it all wet and we're letting it dry. We let it dry, it's completely dry now, so we've got this great background on our page. I always say, if you love something, take a picture of it. I don't know if I've done that in here yet, but I just want to make sure that I take a picture of my page before I go on because we're about ready to mask. And so if I take a picture of this, I'm always going to have that as collage paper that I can print out again and again and again and use that as a layer. Ok, so then it just completely removes any worry about ruining it or wrecking it with the next step. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to pick out words, someone, a mask, a word or a short phrase out on these pages, so I have this stash the very enviable stash of chipboard letters. Now many people buy these things in the craft store and use them that glue them on two things. I use them ...

as tools, so I don't use them as a consumable supply, but I use them as a tool, so I'll lay them out on my page and they're going to mask the area with the words, so I'm going to sort of look at what's going on behind anally these letters out in a way that I'm kind of capturing not kind of I really am capturing the parts that I really like, so I'm going to say on here be the light, so I let my phrase spill across two pages on it may want to adjust it a little bit, but I picked out a mixture of fonts, different shapes and sizes. I really like the way that looks together, these air great to pick these up on clearance, it really doesn't matter what they look like. Purple, sparkly, no problem, it really doesn't matter what they look like the font itself, the typeface itself is important, and I like to have a variety of large and small so that I can mix them up because I really like that eclectic look, um, I'm going to move this around just a little bit so that it flows the light, okay, so what I have on the back side of these pages, I have a little bit of this freezer paper slipped in this is to protect everything else around this is to protect the other pages most of the time over spray I'm not worried about but this time I'm just going to pay a little bit closer attention to it make sure everything lays down flat um and then what I'm going to do is get my spray inks sprayings come in all different shapes and sizes what we're using today is this deco art mr and you have your choice is a primary magenta primary science black or primary yellow now let me say these are great colors their primary colors right? They'd mix together to make beautiful secondary colors if we want to green it spreads a little blue in a little yellow and you're fine you can also make your own sprays with the lovely acrylic thinks that we worked with earlier put it in a little mr a little many mr bottle with some water and that works too, but we are loving the fact that we have these already mixed up I think I'm going to take primary sayin there's always a scary part I'm like I'm gonna like it, am I not? So what I'm thinking about this um what I don't want to do is have this color completely blend in with what's already on there, so what I'm trying to do is pick a color that's not on here a whole lot now this color is going to be transparent, so I also have to think of that what's it going to look like for this pink to go over top of the screen is going to turn into purple, right? But I'm not over the blue. The pink over top of the blue is going to turn into some purple is it going to show up? Do I have a whole lot of pink going on now? I don't, so for me, my choice, the best choice of the colors that I have to pick from here is this, uh, primary magenta? So here's, another trick? If you're worried that these letters they're going to fly around if what you picked them out of our really lightweight, you're going to take your bamboo skewer and you're going to hold him down ok, I'm going to start again like the water from a distance and I'm just misting overtop and we go now let it dry for for minutes and here's my fast and easy way to get that off of there rather than picking them up one at a time. I go done, ok, so where I cannot see my my words first of all, I'm gonna get it dry and where I can't necessarily see al, I can't really see this tea over here. We're going to address that in just a minute so just get your letters and masked well maybe not on the floor but he just took tilt it up okay it comes off it wants where you wanna try my booth black looks really cool it's a nice bowl choice I like that and the blue is nice yeah you guys there's some really cool stuff going on here so some spray some brands of sprays no matter what you do they will lift up uh if you were to paint over this those sprays would lift up through the layers I'm not having tested these out yet so I'm not sure what they're going to do but we will see once I get it dry the next thing I'm picking is water soluble to billow marks all pencil this is a black water soluble pencil I have a different brand here this is general scribe all same concept it's a pencil that marks on any surface and because it marks on any service has no problem going over top of the acrylic inc the sprays and all of that it's water soluble which means I can blend it aiken smudge it I can make it look really cool with a little bit of water now if this is not my last step in other words I want to maybe come over this with some other wet mediums I wantto take care on how I smudge it it's going to make sense in just a second remember I said it couldn't really see that the tea here I can take the t lay it back on top and trace around it to really have it stand out and you drive them they also kind of are easier to see a little bit yes for sure so now I can see that t a lot more what I'm going to do is I'm gonna come back with a little bit of gel medium rather than water since water soluble but just anything wet will set will smudge and set that pencil so what I'm doing is I'm taking a little bit of this gel medium on my brush and I am smudging as I go and what that's doing is it's setting that black because the gel medium is permanent when it's dry it's setting that black into place so essentially have outlined this, but I still get that sort of painterly effect to it the reason I wouldn't necessarily use I could use a sharpie, but this is gives you much more of your hand in the work you get that much more I don't know smudgy we're like what's the technical word for that texture it's just not as sharp of a line if it's a looser line okay, I'm noticing that this spray eyes very permanent when it's dry that's lovely it's one of my favorite attributes of a spray is that when it's dry it's permanent that's why I like to use acrylics because there's no surprises when I put something else over top of it um it doesn't lift up so I think he's going to be one of my new favorites I'm going to go ahead and outline all of my letters unfortunately I picked like a really not super long phrase but there's a lot of work to do to get these outlines so I'm just for the sake of right here right now I'm just going to do a couple letters and then we can get moving on too another page so what if the background looks a little too dark around this and I want to kind of lighten it up I can come in with jesse and again a good choice for brush on this is like a flat wedge sort of brush is a quarter inch blatz brush with the little angle tip to it and I can kind of come in with the jess oh around the letters to kind of lighten that up sam just smudging that a little bit it's really dark in and around here I'm kind of waiting to get this page to a spot but I'm like oh man, I should have done that that always happens you know you always get it too I don't know about you but if you if you've done our journaling for any length of time you're like oh, I liked it so much better before I did that, but there's always ways to fix that I would say there's no mistakes and are just opportunities tio I'm go a different direction so and just taking a tiny little bit of this jess oh around the edges and smudging it out and it is blending with the color that I sprayed which is nice but it's making these these words pop out a little bit more it's kind of like a reverse shadowing I'm not actually adding shadow in there I'm adding light around the word you see just a little bit of jess oh and well it's still wet I'm kind of smudging it with my finger marks on a pencil, right? Yeah, yeah that helped and if with a just so I lose that I can come back over the marks all will go right over top of anything. I'm glad I made you guys pick just one word it's this outlining thing that you know, this is really a zen sort of you could sit and outline and paint all these little finishing touches our what takes the time way went pretty quickly to get the background done, but it's all these little finishing touches that I'm going to let you guys because you get to take all these lovely supplies home I'm going to let you finish up I keep wanting to dip into this jail medium something get that out of the way I'm asking is one of my favorite ways there's all kinds of ways to get lettering on a page masking is one of my favorite ways because it goes so quickly you saw how fast it was to get those letters now, of course, the tracing around it part that takes a little bit longer, but it goes really quickly to make a pretty big impact, and like I said, there's a variety of ways that you can spray over this you could take it outside and use actual spray paint that's goes really fast it's a really good coverage you don't get the speckle that the liquid sprays give you you get a much more smooth effect with this actual spray paint. One of my favorites is liquid text loader spray paint I actually can spray that inside because it is a low odor doesn't make it too toxic. Of course, you always want to have good ventilation wherever you're doing any sort of spray painting like that okay, so I would continue to come around this word this whole phrase and and add a little bit of the light around it to kind of make that stand out a little bit more by and large like this page can be done once I get it outlined, how's, it look looks pretty cool, if there, yeah, but you get right. But you get the idea right here where it's outlined, I've added a little bit of light around it so that it just makes the words stand out. It pops up a little bit more. You can tell the difference here versus over here. Yeah, yeah.

Class Description

Art journaling is a fun, no-pressure way to incorporate creative expression into your daily life. Learn more about this enriching, expressive craft in Introduction to Art Journaling with Andrea Chebeleu.

In this class, Andrea will help you get started with:

  • Building a background and layering design elements
  • The basic theories of composition
  • Adding focal points with images and letters

Art journals are a great place to experiment and play without the pressure of completing a final “masterpiece” – when you art journal you don’t have to worry about the end result or wasting a lot of materials. Don’t like what you see? Just turn the page and start again! Start your own art journaling journey with Andrea Chebeleu in Introduction to Art Journaling.

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Elizabeth Evans

Thank you Andrea Chebeleu for helping us find our own clouds in the creative process. I appreciate how you encourage us to use what we already have to listen to our imagination. Your signature in the art you created today "Be" reminded me to be in the moment and make the creative process a process not an end result. The bonus was meeting you! Have a good week.

a Creativelive Student

I didn't find this class worth the price. There are a lot better art journaling videos for free on YouTube. The instructor seems nice, but some of her comments make me feel that she's not as knowledgeable as other artists when it comes to art journaling. I would list others artists, but not sure if CreativeLive would approve. Really! If this is the first time you've heard of art journaling and you can afford to waste $25, take this course. If you know about art journaling and is a starving artist/student, look up art journaling on YouTube.