Introduction to Art Journaling


Introduction to Art Journaling


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Types of Art Journals

What we're going to dio to begin with you guys have our journals in front of you want to talk a little bit more they want this to be all about talking about our journals but we do want to start talking about what the purpose of our journals are. I said a little bit a second ago about how our journals might be used just to play and experiment and most of the time that's what I do in my r journals sometimes though my art journals have a purpose. So this little journal I did in another class I created from scratch but each one of these pages in here has a verse on it or you can have the lyrics or can have a poem on it so this one is more focused on words. Okay, so these have a lot of words on the page is now that's that's great there's a theme there's lots of pages left to add to this this journal was created from scratch so I I built this myself from from watercolor paper this is a journal that was that came this way, right? It was a story about journal and then I've added to the pages h...

ere sometimes this is what I'm talking about this is cleaning off my palate thing he does were in my earlier class you heard I don't liketo wash any of my art supplies away and so sometimes my pages start by just cleaning off my palate who knows where this page is going to go but at least this our supply didn't get washed down the drain it's on a page it's some layer somewhere sometimes I create art journals that end up being a documentation of my life and so this one is is created in the format of sort of a planner let me find there some pages sort of a planner where I've got the days of the week on here but I got art all in and around it as well. So it's a way to capture pictures kind of jot down notes of where I wass all different kinds of things that you can do with our journals here's another one that was created from scratch and it was a travel journal and so it was mix and match papers but I took this I take this on vacations with me in a vacation very often but when I dio I take this with me and I can kind of keep notes of where we went I'll stick in postcards or business cards from from where I was that day just to keep the memories tuck things in so this is again a handmade there's maps in here is a handmade journal just from bits and pieces of different types of paper and then taking it along with me and filling in memories from a trip

Class Description

Art journaling is a fun, no-pressure way to incorporate creative expression into your daily life. Learn more about this enriching, expressive craft in Introduction to Art Journaling with Andrea Chebeleu.

In this class, Andrea will help you get started with:

  • Building a background and layering design elements
  • The basic theories of composition
  • Adding focal points with images and letters
Art journals are a great place to experiment and play without the pressure of completing a final “masterpiece” – when you art journal you don’t have to worry about the end result or wasting a lot of materials. Don’t like what you see? Just turn the page and start again! Start your own art journaling journey with Andrea Chebeleu in Introduction to Art Journaling.