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Introduction to UX Design

Joy Liu

Introduction to UX Design

Joy Liu

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Class Description

User Experience Design is a burgeoning field – learn how to translate your graphic design training into a career in UX with Introduction to UX Design with Joy Liu.

When Joy graduated with a fine arts degree in 2010 she would have never expected she would land a job designing user experiences and teaching others how to do the same – but she did.

Introduction to UX Design, Joy will talk to designers about what they need to know to transition into this new line of work. Joy will help you:

  • Define the user experience
  • Evaluate web products through a UX framework
  • Apply your existing skills to UX
  • Map how users move through and interact with a product

You’ll develop a working knowledge of how the UX industry operates and learn more about the job opportunities that are available.

If you are a graphic designer, art director, or a product marketer who wants to learn more about the exciting field of UX design – this is the class for you.

Class Materials

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Joy Liu - Events and Networks List.pdf
Joy Liu - Prototype Softwares and App List.pdf
Joy Liu - Reading List.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

Sasha Pax Malich

It's a solid introduction to someone who has never come across the field, as it introduces some basic terminology used in the industry.

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