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Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips

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Apps and Printing on iPhones

Julia Kelleher

Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips

Julia Kelleher

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5. Apps and Printing on iPhones

Lesson Info

Apps and Printing on iPhones

Ok, quickly, before we start shooting, enhancing your images on your iphone, I use the app photo genie is fairly advanced, okay, but we're gonna work in it a little bit today. Reading your images and it's really, really, really cool and honestly, I don't know people, many people who use it, there are lots of free ups, they're out there, and I'm going to give you some to check out hips dramatic is a really neat one. Rhona designs is like a graphic design for your photos. You can add a little sayings and fun little pictures on top, your images and drawings it's really charming? I love rana designs for kind of doing social media stuff snap scene is a free one, which is a great editing at picked up go is great, they're made by totally rad actions would camera is a neat kind of vintage camera app. Camera plus is a nice one. There's a free version of camera plus and mixtures is applying textures on top of your iphone images. You can do all kinds of neat textures there's blending modes like p...

hoto shop masking options, it's, really neat after focus is a camera app that allows you to add boca to your images, you can make your background go out of focus, which is really till shift generator is similar it till shift focus so you could do really need focussing techniques to create that blurred background look which I think is so cool and then of course, pro camera programa I have just discovered and it is awesome pro camera actually takes over the functions of your camera in in your phone, but it has such advanced it locks focus and we'll track your subject and it will track exposure and you can turn it into manual mode and adjust your eyes so adjust your shutter speed you can really planet it's if you want to take shooting with the iphone to the next level pro camera is like the dslr for your iphone it's I mean that's obviously extreme, but the iphone camera has some limitations when those limitations air starting to bog you down, you want to go pro camera because that's where you can really start playing with stuff and I haven't used it enough to be fast with it so I probably won't be using it today but I've been looking through and it's really, really need you could even manually focus with it so that's kind of neat ok and then keep it on the phone but back it up to the cloud and gosh, all I can say is print here's what you don't know is what I tell my clients digital files are not archival they're actually doing major research studies at universities because every single document in the world right now is created electronically and there is no way to archive it no way to archive is my fact researchers and scientists think that this age this thousand year term of humanity is going to be the next dark ages because there is information will be lost like crazy because at nothing is archived digital files are elektronik and they will corrupt eventually there's no way to not make them corrupt the safest place for your images is to print them ah print professionally done will last one hundred years or more and we can always scan and make a new negative from a print we cannot print from a corrupted file and that's how I get my clients to actually print their work with me because if they were going to lose those files eventually everybody wants the digital files it's kind of a thing and when you're working with your iphone that's what you're doing special files back them up knowing they won't last and print the ones you love that's the ones those are the ones that will last printing from your phone here's some great companies and they have aps go to the app store, download it and picks postal picks artifact uprising print studio these air all high quality professional labs that will produce beautiful prints for you that it will be archival books, mosaic books and books to me I love books to me, okay, books to me is made by pro dp I, which is a professional level lab, and what they do is they have my instagram feed. So every quarter for twenty four dollars, they send me a book of all my instagram images, an album and it's automatic. I don't think about it just comes in the mail like I don't get it and it's printed and ready, and now I have a volume of four books a year for every year of my child's life. Isn't it awesome? All my snapshots are automatically and electronically converted into print. I don't have to think about it here's some fun accounts to follow I'm gonna leave this up for a few minutes so people can kind of screen shot this or write it down so many's people use iphone on lee and they take amazing pictures, whether it be just lance, get most of them are people. Benjamin hole is a farmer in ireland, and he takes pictures of farm life using his iphone incredible work. Amber filler up is based she's, a travel travel blogger, and she is pregnant right now and has her other little son, and she just travels the world and takes beautiful pictures of her son and herself in different locations. Mama's gone city I don't know if you guys know mom's gone city she has a dog theo and bo she's a book called theo and bow and her rise to fame was because she took beautiful pictures of their adopted puppy theo sleeping with her son beau naptime some nap time with you and bo it's just incredibly like it's talk about target the heartstrings kuperberg anna kuperberg she takes amazing pictures of dogs with her phone nuanced seven this is the guy who's like hanging off the cliff just all the composite work he's really need this wild idea took a picture lady dolly in five and germs lease these air all neat accounts fellow for some inspiration, okay? And then go ahead a screen shot of that if you guys want to save it and then if you want to find me, this is where to find me so we are going to start doing some shooting because we don't have much time left. We're running up time here, but we're gonna start shooting with ezra and riot really quickly and then I do want to take some of those images in the photo jeannie so we're gonna rock and roll here pretty quickly on belinda is going to be here for safety she's my studio manager and assistant, I'm always very conscientious of being safe with babies s o and because we have this city, especially with ezra, he could sit on it's kind of got around surface on I want to make sure that he's safe at all times just she'll be standing by when I shoot just to make sure because I'm kind apparently that way, okay, so if we can get this light fired on and we're gonna bring, can I take some questions while we're kind of getting set up for that? Well, first of all, we have a question from joan who wants to know whether you've got a release from dean because he is going to be famous? Obviously, no, I did not. But he's cute carolyn m is wondering whether you can shoot in raw on the phone or with the normal setting. How do you set up the kind of image quality on the phone? Well, image, quality, it's kind of what it is, what it is and it's always going to give you a nice big files, but they are j picks. You know, the iphone does not have the ability to to shoot in raw, but because the files are so big, there's a lot of pixel data on them. Which nowadays does make it nice? And that is the advantage of having high megapixels is that you're going to have more pixels toe work with when you go into edit. Which does, I guess, improve quality. And I should've said that before it's. A great question.

Class Description

Learn how to capture charming, gorgeous, and emotional images of babies with the phone you have nearby in Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips with Julia Kelleher.

In this beginner-friendly class, Julia will help you understand how light behaves and how take advantage of it when composing a shot. You’ll learn about the hidden options in your Apple® iPhone® camera and how make adjustments to get great images.

Julia will also share her foolproof communication techniques for getting sweet expressions and natural poses. She’ll also open up some of her favorite apps and teach you the ins and outs of enhancing your images and sharing with loved ones.

Your baby’s first year is full of moments you’ll want to capture and keep forever. Join Julia Kelleher for Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips and learn get the most out of the camera you always have at hand.

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I've just managed to watch this short class while my 18 month old had a nap. I have picked up so many useful tips, particularly on composition but also with how the iPhone camera functions. The suggested apps look fantastic - I would love to find a UK company a bit like which will make Instagram pics into books - such an amazing idea. If you can spare an hour and want to pick up some great tips, this course is worth the money. I now feel I have more tools to hand to get the most out of photography on my phone.

Peggy Nugent

I am in love with my DSLR and seldom use my phone camera for artistic shots. I watched this workshop only because it was part of Photoshop week. What a wonderful surprise when I not only picked up some great iPhone tips, but also a better understanding of what I had known vaguely and intuitively about composition power points. Way to go, Julia! Your class is totally worth the price of admission.

a Creativelive Student

Cool, part of PhotoWeek, 2015, just now watching. Cool info, Great introduction to learn more from there.