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Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips

Lesson 8 of 8

Photogene on the iPhone

Julia Kelleher

Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

8. Photogene on the iPhone

Lesson Info

Photogene on the iPhone

Let's get into mr as right you can see I'm gonna have I have law the pictures on here um I did do burst mode and here a couple times but one of these is just like fantastically ridiculously cute yes he's a doll I love this one little less exposure do you see how that one is not quite as bright as some of these over here in a space it's a little bright um oh my gosh he is so cute but love how the wide angle lens like the wide angle lens really creates that and the light in his eyes and it creates that dramatic almost distorted look that's charming with a child okay and this is when I would totally put black and white on my wall like I love this event and the fact that is overall they're kind of falling off my god he's so so cute what a little stinker I just love him so a little hot you can see it so bright the iphone camera I was overcompensating for the situation so the way to do that is to hold down your kid your finger on on the screen locket and then slide up and down to get that ex...

posure where you visually see it okay so which one should be play around with okay I want to show you we're going to play around with one of these because I want to show you what the app can dio this one here okay let's do this one mr ezra okay so you can favorite things on your phone rules so I was just one the ones I want to add it I clicked the little heart and that allows me to see which ones are my favorite now I can go straight I think I can go straight to the out from here it's a new have no I can't okay so I'm going to go ahead and close out here and open up my aps where I'm going to edit you can see I have all these fun aps if you want to screen shot my aps you can um rana designs picked up go snap seat I think snaps his free camera plus and then pro camera this is the camera that has really cool like you can see my history ramen with top there I can lock focus and then move exposure so focused on exposure or independent of one another which is really cool and then I can of course adjust fia shutter speed so I can adjust shutter speed to adjust control over the exposure should I want okay I'm gonna just I so and you can see that up at the top there that red area I am hitting the table on the on the whites in my history graham so it's telling me that I'm going to be over exposed but for this spot that I'm exposing does that make sense? So I'm pretty sure that's what it is yeah, it looks to be that's for the whole image. So when I put my exposure over here on the gray of the carpet I know the images slightly overexposed but I want that area to be exposed correctly because if I do it over here it's gonna make the carpet gray you see how it kind of darkens it because it wants everything make middle gray actually does a pretty good job at exposure, but like I said, I literally just bought this at, like a week ago so I'm not fully versed in it but it has all kinds of cool stuff and anything too as you can do white palace aspect ratios, grids focus and exposure lock rapid fire there's an anti shake thing here. So it's got a lot more features, especially for you pros out there who love to shoot with your iphone but are frustrated by the limitations of it. It's pretty cool ok, let's, get back into virginia here photo jeannie for those of you who don't know it I love vergini okay, so let's go ahead and again at an image here's mr ezra gonna do that one okay, so the main point where you kind of do things from in photo genie is right here on the tool preset you can crop you can rotate adjust is like global adjustments to your image so there's clarity there's brightness there's color so saturation vibrance so I could at my vibrance or my saturation okay make it washed out or not there's white balance I can warm it up or cool it down I can also tent it in that cool so it's almost like your camera or all white balance adjustments, which is really neat um there's shadows highlights so I could darken my highlights so kind of those hot spots I can reduce or I can light my shadows a little bit, which I tend to do a lot because I love the shadows to have the detail in them then they're sharpening I can sharpen radius and sharpen them out so I could start sharpening things to make them chris I could d noise I can use my history graham for anna levels adjustment there's, rgb color tones and there's also curves overall curves and red green and blue channel curves just pretty damn cool so I can like tit red and now I'm doing curse adjustment my red channel not need I mean like this is voters up and not a phone for those of you, we're beginning, you know you're not going to want to you're not going to be dealing with this kind of stuff you're going to doing with an overall curves adjustment you're going to deepening your shadows that kind of thing adjusting your highlights doing a contrast curve and that's about it okay here's where we get started to get really cool okay, so now we have presets and re touches presets are just you know your basic kind of overall let's apply a cool effect to the image ok, most aps do that which is fun right? There's black and white vintage frames fun is this where you get kind of cookie with how you wanted you do your images but what's really cool is that re touches you can apply a effect in one area of your image just by brushing on it. Okay so that's like post pasteurization effect I could put that over the whole image or none ok and undo it I can paint over the image I can change the effects if I wanted to a comic book I get apply the comic book effect on just an area of my image clearly I'm not going to do that but then I could affect the brush the radius the feathering yeah it's kimmel into john's like the collapse best part of a class for all you pro photographers out there this is like the best possible class um so and then under let's see her my that's going cancel I can dodge and burn I can heal I can clone aiken blur these are all effects that you could normally doing push up now are they is powerful photo shop no, but for example if I want to get rid of this little television screen over here clone touched the point of the photo to set the origin right there please touch the photo to start painting in and make my brush a bit smaller here options brush size radius down please. Father moore k touched the photo to start painting the mask look att that touch that there clearly it's not an exact science but you get my point if you work at it hard enough you can actually clone cancel under done let's try that again. Cone that's the point we'll let you do it again here we go and there we go. Okay, you could see it's not perfect, but and I'm not I haven't done in a long time but I'm feeling willing unconfident the moment but you can do these kinds of things what might have been better is for me to use the three healing tool double tap the photo to add a new retouch area okay, so there I just you could expend extend the area if you want welcome to retouch there we go erica hill again sorry guys anyway okay, you get my point, you can see how just healed all that off right there so it allows you to do really cool things and as well as custom brushes so you can add hughes saturation rg being sharpening to certain areas by using a brush so it's almost like being inside light room a little bit which is really neat and granted you get the question I want to ask you do you wanna spend this much time working on an image in your phone if you're on the case you know I mean computer with you you might want tio you're bored at night waiting for an airplane why not you know but I guess what I I love so much about this is that it gives you the tools that you use most often in those high end professional a software and allows you to do it on your phone okay then it comes to sharing any of course you can share from here and it's it's a great little here I am singing the floor is probably like it's at least sit on the cash sales okay it li er right I'm so casual sometimes I little casual but I think you can see that this app has an enormous amount of benefits to it and fun things to do. You can also add text of course and do enhancements with vignettes and frames and stuff like that so really what I love about this app is that it's everything you want in one app I always hated saving, adding something my camera and then having to open a new app yada yada yada. It was a pain. So what I love about funny genie is the ability to do everything from from from one app and a lot of things pretty well and indecently so. Mr ezra is a rock star. So cute. I think the biggest thing overall to remember is, um, honestly, as much as this close from this class is about I photography tips and using your iphone. Well, here's the one thing I really want you to take home from this class print your images it's fun to play digitally, but nothing lasts longer than a print and all this work is for not if you don't put it somewhere where the world can see it s o I encourage you whether you're a beginner or worse a professional who shoemakers issue maker and whose kids have no shoes. You know the photographer has no images on their walls were all guilty of it. I haven't had a family session with my kids since he was eighteen months old and he's four years old now I'm so guilty of it. I'm excited to say that I have just traded with the photographer who had just had a grand. Maybe here in seattle, we're shooting her baby tomorrow, and I got a family isn't out of it. So do it. Just just don't make. Don't be the shoemaker whose kids have.

Class Description

Learn how to capture charming, gorgeous, and emotional images of babies with the phone you have nearby in Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips with Julia Kelleher.

In this beginner-friendly class, Julia will help you understand how light behaves and how take advantage of it when composing a shot. You’ll learn about the hidden options in your Apple® iPhone® camera and how make adjustments to get great images.

Julia will also share her foolproof communication techniques for getting sweet expressions and natural poses. She’ll also open up some of her favorite apps and teach you the ins and outs of enhancing your images and sharing with loved ones.

Your baby’s first year is full of moments you’ll want to capture and keep forever. Join Julia Kelleher for Apple iPhone Newborn Photography Tips and learn get the most out of the camera you always have at hand.

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I've just managed to watch this short class while my 18 month old had a nap. I have picked up so many useful tips, particularly on composition but also with how the iPhone camera functions. The suggested apps look fantastic - I would love to find a UK company a bit like which will make Instagram pics into books - such an amazing idea. If you can spare an hour and want to pick up some great tips, this course is worth the money. I now feel I have more tools to hand to get the most out of photography on my phone.

Peggy Nugent

I am in love with my DSLR and seldom use my phone camera for artistic shots. I watched this workshop only because it was part of Photoshop week. What a wonderful surprise when I not only picked up some great iPhone tips, but also a better understanding of what I had known vaguely and intuitively about composition power points. Way to go, Julia! Your class is totally worth the price of admission.

a Creativelive Student

Cool, part of PhotoWeek, 2015, just now watching. Cool info, Great introduction to learn more from there.