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Landscape Photography: Capturing Adventure

Lesson 2 of 13

Planning Trip Research

Ryan Resatka

Landscape Photography: Capturing Adventure

Ryan Resatka

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2. Planning Trip Research


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Lesson Info

Planning Trip Research

So with this type of photography while it is very on the go, you still wanna make sure that you're planning out every component of your trip properly from beginning to end. Now when I start planning a trip, I generally wanna think of the time of year, the type of terrain that I wanna visit and maybe the types of photos that I wanna get in general. So when I go to do that, I really wanna check out other images or inspiration in order to kinda insight the ideas that I wanna go shoot. I use Google Images a lot, Getty Images, Instagram itself and that'll be a really good basis to inspire me to go visit a place, just like any other person. What I'll usually do is I will first of all look up things about the location itself. Where it's located, how you get there, what time of year is best to visit. Unless there's a specific time of year that I wanna visit such as fall. Fall there'll be you know fall colors, foliage, things of that nature. Besides that though, I wanna try narrow down a time t...

hat I wanna visit. Great. Let's pretend that it's here, Glacier National Park and I really wanna come to Glacier. First, I'll pick the location, time of year but then I gotta look up some things. I gotta make sure things are open, the roads are accessible. There might be a really cool lake that I'll see a photo of but I won't be able to get to that lake if a road is still closed. Even in the middle of the summer, certain things might not be accessible and you definitely wanna make sure that that's gonna be able to happen. When you're also trying to pick out your locations, you definitely wanna make sure that there's other things that you're going to need before arriving there such as permits, proper camping gear, things of that nature. You don't just wanna necessarily show up and hope for the best. Planning ahead and preparing is the best way to go to stay safe and to make sure that you're gonna get the best photos possible. Once you've narrowed down your list of places within a certain location that you wanna visit, it's then time to start planning out how you're gonna approach it from the photographic perspective. I use apps like The Photographer's Ephemeris and Photo Pills in order to narrow down the exact time of days and angle of the sun, as to where it'll be and then try and plan out exactly where I'm gonna shoot based off of that to. So, definitely trying to keep in mind the time of day on top of the time of year is really crucial. These apps are gonna be able to help you manage exactly when you wanna get to the location so you're not gonna miss the opportunity. When visiting these places, you wanna make sure again that you're following all of the rules and guidelines especially in national parks and wilderness areas. A lotta them do require you to have extra equipment and gear and on top of that you wanna make sure you're following proper outdoor etiquette. You wanna have a permit, you wanna make sure that you're not camped within a reasonable distance of water, usually it's 200 or more feet. You wanna make sure that you're not interacting with any wildlife or near wildlife and you wanna make sure that whatever you're doing in general is safe and that you're not gonna be in the way of anybody else that's hiking. From a safety perspective, it's great to always have things like GPS trackers with built in SMS signals so that way you can send via satellite or SMS, within range, rangers, people that you know, always make sure that you're always telling people where you're going to be when you go on these hikes or if you're gonna be anywhere that's outta cell service. And make sure you also have plenty of food, water, possibly first aid as well, depending on the extent of the activity that you're going to be doing. In general, you always wanna be prepared for any situation. If you're ever not sure, definitely speak with a ranger in the park so they can go over all of the guidelines with you and that you're not missing anything crucial before you go out on a shoot.

Class Description


  • Plan and research for your most photographable experience
  • Scout your locations and determine the best time for shooting
  • How to incorporate people into your composition
  • Considerations for sunrise and sunset
  • Gear solutions to keep you trekking without the weight


Get out and explore and capture amazing images as a part of your memories. Adventure Photographer, Ryan Resatka, will take you in the field as he explores and captures one of the most incredible National Parks. He’ll teach how to research and plan your trip in advance so you understand the park guidelines, how to prep your lodging and maximize your success. He’ll walk through his process on a variety of different locations from lakeside to vistas to show how to work through any situation. He’ll teach how to direct, style and work with people to add different compositions to your landscapes. Ryan likes to stay on the road and shooting, so he’ll talk through packing and gear essentials to keep you ready for any photo opportunity that greets you on your journey.


  • Adventure photographers
  • Travel photographers
  • Landscape Photographers


Ryan Resatka is an adventure photographer based out of Los Angeles, California who has a passion for the outdoors and traveling. His passion for adventure has allowed him to work with a variety of world-class brands, companies, and tourism boards. Whether it be the arctic tundra or a tropical beach, Ryan captures the absolute best content for companies that allows them to engage with their audience and consumers. 



This is actually a question....regarding "park guidelines". Will you cover what permits are needed, costs; and most of all "insurance". I'd like to take my photography "pro", but these "hoops" appear to be confusing and expensive. Is there any way around them? Or to get the cost down to reasonable? I live in Nevada near Death Valley and travel to California often.