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Wedding Shoot: The Bouquet

Lesson 11 from: Lighting and Posing for Wedding Photographers

Caroline Tran

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Lesson Info

11. Wedding Shoot: The Bouquet

Lesson Info

Wedding Shoot: The Bouquet

I feel like for bouquets, it's best to shoot them in something that looks most natural. So for me, like, I think them standing on their own doesn't look natural, and I think it looks, it looks odd. So I either like shooting them in a vessel, because then it looks, you know, more like an arrangement, or someone holding them, or if I shoot straight down, straight down on it. Okay. I think one thing about, so when I was talking about lighting, like, yeah, thanks. I was talking about front lighting and back lighting a lot. I didn't talk about side lighting much because it was, because we were talking about portraits specifically, but when I'm, so for when I'm shooting people, I like either all shaded or all bright. I don't want, like, the shadows here. But if you're shooting details, you actually want those de-, you want the texture. So, especially stationery, like, if it's letter pressed, you're not gonna be able to see the details in that paper unless it's sidelit. So that is a time when...

you want the side light, when you want the shadows and highlights to show. So I think shooting this bouquet, it is nice to have that. So I'm gonna shoot this... That looks pretty. All right. So let's see how far back I have to get to get the entire... (laughs) That's what happens when you're on 110 millimeter. All right. I love the details in this. So I'm just picking out specific blooms that I think... Like, for example, if I know the bride specifically had asked for a specific flower and they flew it in from New Zealand or something, I will make sure I get a detail of that one bloom that they worked really hard to get.

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I had such a great experience at Creative Live. Everyone was super nice. I flew from Los Angeles to Seattle for the first time and Mariangela was kind enough to help me with transportation, hotel, restaurants, things to do in Seattle. It was a fun continue education trip. Caroline Tran's class was amazing! I can't wait to go back for another class at Creative Live.


Enjoyed the class! Especially liked seeing how Caroline transitioned and shot the engagement shoot with the cute couple. The pick up points were great, love the analogy to piano since I'm pianist as well. I use her refined presets too and really like the outcome :) Would recommend that as well!

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