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Lightroom 4 Mastery

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Keywords Q&A and Publishing Services

Ben Willmore

Lightroom 4 Mastery

Ben Willmore

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16. Keywords Q&A and Publishing Services


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Lesson Info

Keywords Q&A and Publishing Services

Okay um stephanie court photography's question wass do the key words stay in the mid the metadata to potentially help ceo or online images as to the best of my knowledge it does although I'm not like a keyboarding expert to know what every little details happening but when you create a keyword uh you will see that in here is a choice when you create a keyword that says do you wantto export this containing keywords uh do you want to export synonyms that you might have typed in that aren't actually keyword into the image but the key word itself has tthe um in there is a relation and you know in general include on export so as far as I know this is going include him in the file it's just a matter of is that the same format that other search engines will use automatically not sure there but as far as I know this could be used by leased some of those soon yeah okay aaron er plus several other people ben have asked I like the just give me the parent child key wording but I'm confused as to h...

ow you set that up okay can you please do the parent child thing let's say already have some keywords set up and in fact we see if I can find some things here okay so let's say that you have here here's lisa that's a friend of mine who teaches here in photos that she took or photo such you're in I'm not sure because I didn't take these. We have two hundred forty of them then here's laura which is my wife's sister. If I drag one word on top of the other one, then it's going to become a child of it if I can find where to go there this now, do you see it's indented from the other one? And so now lisa's is considered to be a child of laura that sounds kind of weird because they're not related real life. But now if I go over here into a search text search and I search for what the parent is, which is laura, I'm going to see both the laura entries and the lisa once, whereas this is lisa right here, uh, if I undo this by just dragging her up here so she's not on top of another one of the key words and said she's in between them, some kind of making her so she's no longer a a child of that when I let go watch what happens to the images, son, suddenly a bunch of them just disappear because ice had searched for laura and it's no longer showing me the results that were underneath that that the child's of it so any way you could do it by dragging and dropping one on top of the other, or if you right, click on anyone you can come in here and say, create a keyword tag inside of the thing called lisa, which means make one that is a child of it. Uh, so either dragon drop or right click and say you want to make it inside, so yeah, I did some of these, and I think we see what it was I do building. I have all these buildings, but then with this key word list, I should be able to glance over here, and I can see a hive to farm buildings close to the number two over there, and I have four turf buildings. If I click on the arrow, I can see just those that are turf buildings, there's, all sorts of things you can do with this, and it could make it so much faster to find your images. Other questions question from sandra if by mistake you have a duplicate, you have a duplicate key words for the same or similar images. Is there a way to merge or eliminate them? Uh, you duplicate key words there the same or similar? Do you mean like cat in lyon kind of thing? I don't know if it's like cat line or iceberg and icebergs, I'm not exactly you could go in there in search for like here I have iceberg. You can click on the arrow next to it to find all the images that have that particular key word. You could then select all and apply the other keyboard you were thinking of on then un apply this one that's the manual way. There might be a another way. Like possibly. I'm not sure about this, but if I were to delete one of these, I'm not sure if it's going to ask me, uh, let's. See what happens if I know. I thought it might ask me if I want to replace it, but no. So it looks like I would search for the ones that have that air. Take two different things. Apply a consistent tagged to it. And then you can un apply the other just by turning off the check boxes and the key word list. So you wanna take one more before we move on about the words. Ok? Safar mountain studio asked, how do you transfer a keyword list to another computer to run on light room there or to save if your computer dies to put on a new cook here? Sure, uh, you go to the metadata menu and that's where you gonna find a choice of export keywords? Export keepers and then when you get to the other computer you've e mailed the file over just use import keywords and that's how you get them in that's how I loaded this key word list that I got from t sixty five all right, cool. Now I'd like to talk about getting your images out of light room and onto some online services and let's see our various options for doing that there are some things built in that can help us accomplish that if you are in the library module and you scroll down below the collection's, you're going to find an area called publish services published services and if you expand that you will find him usually four choices your hard drive which represents any folder on your hard drive like for instance, I have a I used the website called dropbox to transfer things between computers like if I want something on my ipad that I currently have on my desktop I can have a free dropbox account misogynist dropbox, dot com and whatever I put in that folder is automatically uploaded to drop boxes servers and then I have an app on my ipad that I can also type in my dropbox log in on in whatever is there I can tell it to go sink with it to make sure it has a consistent content on my ipad and it's a nice way teo get things uploaded so here for hard drive there's a little set up choice on the right side and if I click that this looks in general like the export presets remember how we created export presets? We can tell it how large images should be what the name should be in all that well here it's going to tell me where I can do this what so let's see up here, public service I could give it a name and I could call this something like dropbox uh, down here I tell us the location this particular computer is not set up for dropbox, so I'm just going to choose a random folder, but the way drop box works is there simply a folder on your hard drive that sinks with their website? And I would, um, specified that right here so that you could have your images output there I can say put in sub folders sometimes I'll end up putting a sub folder in like I use an app on my ipad I think it's called minimal folio see they're minimal folio are minute minimal portfolio one of the two it's got a black icon with an arrow on it. Um it can sink with drop box so I can do that and I might create a folder with in dropbox called minimal folio and that's what it will end up sinking with I can't tell if I wanted to rename the files or not for my ipad, I don't care. I can't see the file names anyway, so it doesn't matter what their name to the only reason I might want to rename them is just in case I ever export again in happens to have the same file name if you have the generic ones out of your camera, it'll think it's the same file, then file studies just like when you're creating export preset, we can tell what file format to use I'll say j peg and my image sizing, I'm going to use this on my ipad mini, so I'm going to re size to fit and I'm in a type in the resolution of my ipad mini, which is ten twenty four on I'm just going to type in ten twenty four by ten twenty four, because then if I have a vertical picture, it will make the tallest dimension ten twenty four if I have a horizontal, it would make the that widest dimension that, um otherwise, if I just type in ten twenty four by seven sixty eight than any of my, what would it be? My vertical images will be cut down more so than they need to be the resolution setting doesn't matter at all if the image is being viewed on screen. Resolution on lee has to do with printing so I don't care what's in there, I'm gonna have it sharpen it for on screen, using standard sharpening metadata. My ipad doesn't read it in the program I used so I don't care what's in here, I can say to remove and bring this down to copyright only that'll strip a little bit out making the file transfer time of millisecond faster, but not much it's just text and then I can watermark the images of I want to, but since this is for my own ipad and when people are viewing and I might not want that, although it is nice when I show my image is to people if they know what my website is, so that I might watermark itjust so if they like my images when they're done, flipping through it, that, um, they'll remember what my website is, so anyways, just set up similarly to a normal export here, I'm gonna click save, and I also can choose ad over here if I'm gonna have more than one of these and I'm gonna hit save and now down here, I have this, um, set up, says minimal folio here, and I can't come in here and create. Other things I'll be ableto add other galleries in a moment, but first let's look at some of the others I can go to facebook and flicker if I hit set up it's going to bring me to a similar screen? Well, I can give a description of the service down here is where I could go to my facebook account if I choose authorized on facebook if I was already signed into facebook on a web page, if I had authorized on facebook, it would send me over there and it would ask if I want to authorize it and it would allow me to hear s so that it would suddenly be able to do it. I don't want to show everybody my facebook log in information or anything like that, so I'm not gonna show that right now here you can show your facebook albums such that you can, um, tell it to not just put it on your wall instead you could put it in your vacation photos or whatever facebook album it happens to be, and then you can have it if there's a title for that picture, where should I get it from? And this is one place where in your metadata you can add captions and you can add titles and so I could come in here and say, get that from the title that is in my maid metadata that's something you would add when you're in the library module on the right side where it says metadata s o I might set this tio title so that if I have typed in a title it would use it otherwise over here it says if empty lead you know, use, I'll just say leave it blank because my file names aren't always overly usable, so if it has a title it'll use it if it doesn't, it would leave it blank uh, then we can rename our files of want to using this justice we can with most other exporting um if you wanted upload video, you can limit the file size but the's air in general the same options as you'll have when you're exporting an image sharpening if you want meta data included or not in again your watermark I liketo watermark everything I put online. I find all too often that I find my images on other websites with no attribution and when you click on them, it doesn't bring you to my website either brings you nowhere brings you somewhere else, and so I'd like to at least let people know where they came from in case they actually want teo uh reproduced them and pay me to do so uh that kind of thing s o in there I can add on the left of this name and in here the only reason it won't let me save right now is I don't have my facebook account information in here and if I was to get my facebook account info I'd be able teo do that here so any way you can set these up well let's let's work with a hard drive one and with this you can drag your images onto this and it works just like a collection uh where it's not moving your image is on your hard drive it is just putting number in there and remembering which images you dragged there regardless of where they were stored in your drive and you can come in if you want to add more services let's say have more than one folder on your hard drive where you'd like to be able to save things out just to the right of where it says published services is a plus sign and this is where you will find a list of some of the things you could do setting up again flicker facebook there's something called adobe rebel that you can also share images with and you can edit the settings once you set him up if you want to use different settings for your image sizes, that kind of thing uh and then these things in here are also good if you want to create a published folder or smart folder uh these air similar to normal collections and if I end up choosing one of those, I can name it like a spell and then you will see a sub choice under here and that can create a sub folder. And so I usually have a bunch of these in here for all different kinds of topics, so that when it ends up being uploaded to my dropbox account, I can have all my iceland images and one oh, my africa pictures in another and so on. The problem, though in doing that is you have to manually drag over all your pictures so there is a better way of doing it if you're smart about how you organize your pictures if I go to that plus sign I khun sake created a new smart folder that's going to be published and let's see how we go about doing this? I could say that I would like to take everything that has a keyword on rocky wording that contains iceland that was going to be out of many different visits. Iceland will still be able to find them all that has a rating of four stars um or above that way, only the good ones get plus again and I could say things like either they have a label color um, or label text is where if you've typed in your own text in my system, it would be done that's for images that I know I'm done they're ready to be printed or I could tag it with something else depending on what I have my label set up for. So by doing this right now, I don't know if I have any of him tag for this I'm not actually gonna use that, but these are your other choices we could do only the ones that are picks only the ones that are in certain collections uh, I might go in here and say only in the collection called portfolio so collection contains all right, so now it's going to be only things tagged with the key word of iceland that have four stars were greater and or in a collection called portfolio so that's going to be pretty specific so that it's not going to randomly grab images that I don't want it to upload so hit create and now let's make sure we have some images that conform to that because right now I don't see any numbers showing up after those, so that tells me I don't have any set up like that so let's take a look, why don't we create a collection? We'll call it okay so we should have a collection called portfolio hopes did I make a collection set and said mark collection take me to this moment I think I made it smart collection already in use since we've done so many things on the other two days, I've already had some other settings. All right, there is the one called portfolio. I mean, earlier. For some reason, I couldn't see it earlier. But there it is. What I'm gonna do is just drag over images that I think I might be able to use my portfolio regardless of what their subject matter is not just iceland but a bunch of other things. Dragon into portfolio ninety two pictures are in there. Total. I see that some of the iceland one's air four five stars. So hopefully, if I come down here now I see that that smart folded I created here under my hard drive called iceland portfolio now is thirty five images. If I click there, it will show me the thirty five images and these air automatically generated if I were to go and anywhere within light room, if I find this picture and I change its rating three stars it will no longer conform to what that folder is searching for. And so it should just go away. Although I think I'm gonna head all those who have just selected. Well, not that second one. Only one image selected turn it down, okay, that just disappears because if I go and edit this we can see what it's made out of if I just write click on it I can see edit published smart folder and these are the criteria must have a key word of iceland must have a rating for stars or greater and must be in the collection called portfolio all three things must be true so any time I lower the star writing below four stars they just disappear out of here any time I move it out of my portfolio to decide it's not good enough for my portfolio it disappears from here so that sounds a lot like a normal smart folder but the difference here is there's a button in the upper right called publish if I hit the published button it's now going to take all those images and there's progress bar appear in the upper left in its scaling them down to the size that I specified remember I typed in the resolution of my ipad mini it is changing their file names if I told it to do that or any of the other settings I applied and keep going these will slowly disappear as they get published too that folder and you'll see it several separated into folders to publish and ones that are already published just wait for it to finish in what's nice about this is right now it's saving all those images on my hard drive into the folder that I mentioned but in the future, if I make changes, this will remind me that I've made changes and will allow me to update it let's say decide to crop and image differently or I decide I need to do noise reduction on one of the images or any kind of change I want to make to it when I make that change if I come back here and look at this published folder, it will remind me that those particular images have changed and I might want to re upload them so let's see what happens if that finishes I just got two more what I'm going to do is go back to my portfolio and within the portfolio I'm going teo um go back to I'm going to change one of these images I can do it either here just viewing them or anywhere that I find them like here in that in that thing anywhere at all could be that I'm just in my folder structure or anything I'll click on one of the images I'll hit the develop module and I'll say I want more shadow detail in here, so I'll come up and say, well, it looks like this was created with the older version of light room mice will update it to the newer process, I'll come over here and grab my shadows, bring it up get that shadow detail maybe I want a little clarity maybe I want to grab the adjustment brush and paint in my highlights, getting a little brighter. Put that right where the waterfall is. Since the waterfall was in the shade, getting the highlights to be a bit brighter might make it stand out a little bit. That was just the adjustment brush, and I was telling it to bring up the highlights, so I've made change to this image that was one of the images. I believe that was in that set of images. If I just double check that the rating is high enough that it would be included, it is let's. Now go down here to the iceland portfolio under the choice called hard drive, and now it tells me, hey, this image has been modified. It doesn't reflect what is stored in that dropbox folder that I told it to go save my images, too, and so you need to do something updated. The old one would be down in here, and if I had published it's now going to re save that out and replace the older version of it on my hard drive, you could do the same thing on facebook the same thing on flicker if you update the picture when you come back to that service in here, you'll find that up above it will say. Modified if you hit, publish its going to update that picture for you and it's really nice. In fact, if you do this with facebook, you can even go and see if somebody's commented on your photo. If you ever view your photo in the library on the right side for any photo under, um collapsed down the keywords there's a choice for comments if you had a picture that you'd uploaded to facebook and somebody had commented on it, if you were to click on that picture, the comments can appear here, you and if there were comments, you'd even be able to type in a response right there in light room, so I might do that a little bit later on unfortunately, it wasn't logged into facebook when I except this up and I'll come back to that just to show you the comments part so published services I find to be really nice because I can, especially when I use the automated ones. If I end up with my labelling system, where I have things of in progress, print testing and then done the second it gets tagged done in it is also in my collection called portfolio it's automatically ready to be uploaded on my ipad because that's what I have within my search and I just wish that this thing would like, turn red or flash or do something that's tell me that it's used within iceland portfolio and it's changed but it's not going to tell me that if I go back here and make a change to a different picture maybe give this one five stars so that it would appear within that go to the develop settings and change it even more then if I looked down here at the bottom of this of this list back in the developed module, it doesn't really tell me that something's changed that I really need to be aware that something has changed in here, so every once in a while pretty much any time I'm going to leave and go to a photo related conference and I want my ipad with my current portfolio on it I need to come in here and I click on each one of these and say is there anything it needs to be published and if there is I publish I go to the next one down what I say is there anything that needs to be published there's that one I just modified hit publish and I have to do that for each one of these smart folders that I set up I wish they would turn red or flash or do something and have an update all because that I think would be more convenient if it's in there I'm not sure how it's done all right so you could do either hard drives you could do facebook you knew flicker you khun do adobe rebel or there's a button here this is fine more services online and there are other things that you can add to this list sometimes you might be able to find let's say there's a uh maybe your service bureau the use your lab for doing prints they might have a plug in for in there where you could have it send the images to them automatically that kind of thing so you might want to click that go investigate online to see if you can find other published services um any general questions um is there an ftp pluck in middle so that again is there enough tp plug in for if you have a web server you run um is there ftp plug and let me see in here? I don't believe so for that there is an ftp area within this on the web tab but you're going to be uploading a web gallery not just images if there is an ftp plugging for this I haven't worked with it but I would click on this or do a google search for light room public's published services ftp and see if you come up with something other questions yes indeed couple are good amount of people are asking is there a way to export to a facebook fan page in the profile you should be ableto teo I'm assuming log in with um with that before you um on a second before you authorize it and see if that will allow you to what I'm trying to sign in a facebook as we as we do this so that if you guys are looking at me or those guys that you can't see the info wait can't I'm sorry I can't go on facebook on there so uh that's all right so I can't show you those right now, but I'm not sure it's forest the facebook fan page goes karen manages my fan page and so I haven't needed to upload to it I upload to my normal page and then she grabs anything that happens to be there and she uses something called hood sweet teo publish to many of the other services so yeah, so then I get just to let them know that I've been able to do that and it shows up a little bit oddly worded, but it shows up where you set the album okay? And then if you look closely at the album descriptions it's not only the ones that are part of your personal account that there are some that are actually fan pages it doesn't call it fan pages, but it has the name of the fan page okay, so you'll see the name of the page even though it doesn't use the wording of fan page right and other albums cool sounds good ok, another question then this is from stargazer photography did the photo state published if you remove them from the catalogue or move them to another catalog? Yes, they do stay published on you there I believe is an option where it would take them down if you delete them where'd make it so it would no longer conform to like, for instance, on this hard drive one if I were to go into the portfolio and I were to change the rating of one of these photos so that it would no longer conform to that search uh then if I come back here it says publish up here but it tells you what it's going to do it's going to say, delete photos or remove and uh, as far as I remember, it does the same thing uh if using other services, so if he suddenly doesn't fit in with that, you will need it it's not going to it automatically always got to click on it and then see what needs to be changed that the published button apparently with facebook there's some limitations so it'll pop up with a warning saying that we can't delete or modifying it depends on the service that you're in, and in some services it seems to depend on how old the images like you can edit them for a certain period of time

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Use Lightroom, but feel like you're not getting the most out of it? Ben Willmore's Lightroom Mastery is for you! Learn how the adjustment sliders affect your images, how best to use the histogram, and how to fix your problem images. Learn to organize your images so you can easily find them later, and see a complete workflow from ingestion to printing or output. Then push your retouching beyond the basics to accomplish complex retouching jobs, and explore your options for adjusting localized areas within your images. Once your images are organized and adjusted, extend Lightroom with third-party software, create books and slideshows, and learn to print and post images on the web. Join Ben and master Lightroom!

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Since most photographers give classes on PS, it's just great having such a great teacher teaching LR. I don't have the time or money for PS and teachers like Aaron Nates work only with PS like most others. They all are great teachers and I watch even though I can't use what they teach, I don't consider it all a waste of time. Bill Willmore is one of those great teachers and goes into great detail. I would love to have the money to purchase this class as it's impossible to retain all the detail that he goes into.

a Creativelive Student

This presentation was awesome. After going through two versions of Light Room, I still learned more in three days than I learned in 3 years doing self study with hundreds of dollars worth of books. Ben Willmore works magic in Light Room and shares his expertise with all. This is a great course and a real bargain. Not only is the course valuable, but so is the PDF as a bonus with this course. Thanks, so much. See you tomorrow for Photoshop masking.


Ben Willmore is a fantastic teacher. The PDF download is superb and worth the price of admission. If there was a way for me to do the techniques that Ben is teaching, with him, while he is teaching the technique, then that would be a perfect learning experience.