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Making Money with Music

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Videos and Being Creative Q & A

Randy Chertkow, Jason Feehan

Making Money with Music

Randy Chertkow, Jason Feehan

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24. Videos and Being Creative Q & A

Lesson Info

Videos and Being Creative Q & A

So we're at the end and I wanted to leave just a little bit of time for questions so very quickly you don't need to generate all your video clips, you confined pre cleared and royalty free ones when we talk about that in the indian man survival guys that wish we had time for that here, if you have questions about it, we can say what we can off the top of our heads that I can never remember that stuff. There's a whole lot whole lot of places you can find that kind of stuff, you know, how to get featured on youtube is also a very interesting little snippet we couldn't cover right here, and we also have an electronic musician article that's part of what you get if you enroll in the course called five ways to make money from youtube. It was a very popular one that we released fairly recently, but right now, with the amount of time we have left, we would be happy to take any of your questions just wondering what you think. Um, like how much as youtube taken over the music industry's market ...

share seventy six percent seventy six point five I thought was seventy four. No I don't know since since you check that or what we've been in here I'm not looking for a specific percentage but like is it is it a significant portion I guess what a mess it is and that's what we said in the beginning like those statistics about two is incredible and it is the number one search engine for music people just go to youtube even right relative della other options yeah even relative the google ok which is interesting yeah we're going to spotify or going on itunes stuff like that it's uh look if randy's parents air using your way all know randy's parents megan, do you tell a broad of a question in the chat room and I know we've touched on it but now especially since we're talking video she asked, can you talk about the tension between that best perfection place and just cranking out content to build the audience? Sure, yeah don't compromise on audio quality I'm just going to repeat the point we made before that's where to get it perfect but if you have a fully master perfect version you start with away file you can play around with the video and do all kinds of stuff there is a tension I totally understand what she said yeah it's like what's good enough and what's perfect right and is coming from a just starting out standpoint so that's where she is in her you want to be look, I mean we have one rule with a song of the day yeah and the like there's big songs they're this high production songs there there's very tiny songs and strange sons and all that kind stuff could you can't sustain that for three hundred sixty five days but it was also a creative exercise as well but one thing we never come from my son was in tune and in time that was like a rule in tune in time so but I do understand what she's saying okay, we have a question here from his eye asking what do you guys think about videos on instagram and vine and other aps in addition to youtube can't go for it yeah it's become its own um medium where there's like a lot of ah little seven second uh that's fine I think it's seven seconds yeah we're tell a whole story in seven seconds and then instagram I think it's fifteen seconds and stuff so you could be very creative on those type of platforms and uh you know if you write really short songs that was perfect for you still need high quality audio right? You have seven seconds of video the audio otherwise randy will come thie the other thing I would mention about it those that it's every new platform the sooner you can get to and start using it the mohr you're going to get out of it because you'll be noticed so I should get to know it be known as the one that used that platform to do acts it's great yeah this is this is something really and I have talked about I've said you noticed this trend that if if there's something that just starts up jumping on it and see if you can exploring it because there's no there's very few people in that space yet so there's vine stars already you know yeah and then people taking the vine videos and then posted it to youtube so you could watch the best of me yeah and all their stories and stuff like that but I would encourage people if something pops up you know be creative and jump in there you could be one of the founding members or some something that you might be on the ground floor that's the word for it good question I know you said that the board was obviously getting sound direct out of a border is obviously the ideal especially for home users of youtube I don't have access to that kind of equipment is there any alternative? Well yeah you can synchronize the video and the audio very easily by the technique we talked about you have you have to you have to have ah motion this is why the clapper was like a clap thing if you ever wondering about that they actually you're going to do some scrubbing and then you finally find that moment where the thing comes together and the sound matches it and then you'll take your sound feed that's just appear southie that has no video and you'll find that spike and then there's emptiness on both ends and you'll match it up and now he had a perfect match on the whole thing okay and then you'll be able to do this and so now you can use your regular recording equipment to do a separate parallel recording now if you don't have that at home and you're still trying to make a music video comes a bit harder this is where it is worth it to invest in just one good mike and at least some kind of digital audio work station some dog it makes it happen what I would suggest for that by the way if you really want to go cheap and this is right now is I still like reaper dot fm it's a nice simple simple program you can use its cross platform and it's like under one hundred books I think it's like eighty dollars right now I want to go free them is that odessa degree you can go identity it's just not a very good yeah it's not a very good what's that oh yeah I'm moving if you already have a sample or whatever you know whatever you have for that and just get one decent microphone spend money on one if you if you have to maybe get a nominee so you can capture the room but this isn't the place to talk about equipment because it will date this very quickly. I'm keeping it very general because I know reapers will establish will be around for a while. It's a nice and expensive one course you can still use garageband you could still do all kinds of things like that. All right, we have a clarifying question on content idea youtube pw duff wants to know do you need to be a youtube partner to make money from content? I'd how are the two connected or independent? They are independent, so you are when you sign up for that, you're not saying, hey, I have a youtube channel or I don't want to do anything I need to have your saying I am a copyright owner and I own this audio and I own this video and you could start collecting and come off of it without ever having posted anything at all. Wade mentioned the book earlier and there's been a couple of questions coming in with people just wanting to know what the differences are between the book and this course, and I thought that would be a great opportunity for you guys to kind of talk about the book talk about this course and I know we discussed it a little bit at lunch we're talking about how valuable it is to have the different mediums to absorb this so um yeah, the book the second edition book really covers like everything from like, if you're just starting off as a band and uh the material that we covered I mean there's more material in the book than just in this course this course we designed as a deep focus into making money so in the book it's a lot about like getting exposure, winning fans on and building a web presence building a web presence is a big chunk of the of the book having a web strategy and kind of touched on some of this social networking and how to use that um uh legally there's a huge chapter on just the legal stuff and all that stuff that we said all the stuff that they don't want to get into with the copyright is we do get into it they covered a big stuff about networking actually, it starts you from the beginning. We seem to have nothing when you start out with the book this course starts you from about intermediate up to more advanced type of levels of things and there's a lot of focus here I'm just giving you one after the other method of actually making money from your music and all of your creative products all of your creative products that's right? And then the last thing is that you know, it's a book so you know, some people learn better from different mediums the media and you know, we wanted like we definitely want to do a video because we find that a lot of musicians that we've teaching we teaching in front of students live and then this is a natural extension of that where you get the visual, you get the audio, you get the ask questions and interactive and you get then you also it's backed up by some reading material and all that kind of stuff a book is more of ah reference that you could do a deep dive on our book is definitely packed to the hilt with information on it's a great reference manual as well that you always have uh next year and you can always refer back in fact that's what most of the readers that way get it's like this has been a great reference and I'm always going to keep it body yeah, well there's pictures that they've done on instagram where it's all like mangold and all this other stuff because its use this actually makes highlighted bringing which is a which is great so think about it it's like if you take any course you sit in the course and you have the instructor who's the expert who teaches and then there's always of course, book that you take home with you, and you have to do your studying at home as well. And I think that's. The way I think about it goes, definitely provided us the what, so far, there's more to come.

Class Description

In today’s tech-driven world, it’s easier than ever to record, distribute, and market your own music, but what about actually making money? During this course, longtime industry professionals and best-selling authors Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan take you step-by-step through their proven techniques for establishing steady revenue streams in the music business.

Drawing on their combined experience of over 32 years in the industry, Jason and Randy will teach you how to rise above the rest, landing your music on all the popular radio stations, selling your albums in stores, making the most of digital distribution, and licensing your music for commercials and movie and TV soundtracks. You will learn how to maximize the money you make from your music and minimize the money you spend promoting it.

Jason and Randy also outline how to set up the right support team through networking, giving back to your fans, and identifying the right collaboration opportunities. By the end you’ll have an extensive playbook for making money from your music and scaling your business.

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Absolutely fantastic course from start to finish. I thought i knew most of the tools, methods and ideas of the modern musician - but i was wrong. This course filled me with food-for-thought and instantly inspired me to do more and try harder. Well worth it. Thanks guys!

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