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Master Mobile Photography Bootcamp

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BONUS: Premiere Live Kickoff

Lisa Carney

Master Mobile Photography Bootcamp

Lisa Carney

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Lesson Info

19. BONUS: Premiere Live Kickoff

Lesson Info

BONUS: Premiere Live Kickoff

Hello everyone and welcome to Creativelive. Welcome back to Creativelive wherever it is that you are tuning in from, I am your host, ken Klosterman and today we are kicking off a brand new class with lisa Carney. That is all about a mobile photography and mastering your mobile photography boot camp. I am going to take a minute to explain what's going to happen this morning. This is our live kick off. Like I said, we're coming to you on Creativelive dot com on the course page itself, we're coming to you on facebook youtube twitter. So wherever it is that you're watching, raise your hand, say hi, let us know where you are tuning in from as we love to give those shout outs as you know, if you are watching on Creativelive dot com, you can click on the chat icon, lisa is already in there saying hi to people in the chat room and that's a great way to uh interact with your fellow community as well as ask questions for lisa. Like I said, this is going to be about a 25 minute live kick off and ...

then that's going to head into the 24 hour live premiere of lisa's brand new course. And let me tell you it is amazing! So once again, let's bring on Miss lisa Carney lisa, welcome back to cradle vibe. Hi everybody, Thanks for having me back. So awesome! Um thank you for coming to us uh from your home from my home again, we are here, it is february so we're just so stoked that we can do these things live still uh, to the magic of the internet. Um, so before we get going, I'm going to give some of those shout outs. We've got Caitlin, we've got a Tony who is in lincolnshire in the U. K. We have Wisconsin, we have florida Alton in Frederick Maryland. Hey, Alton Alton is a regular here. Good to see you back. So lisa, let's dive right in. We've got a live show this morning again. And then if you're just joining us now we're gonna go into that premier of lisa's amazing course. But first of all lisa, let's just talk about why you created this course. What it is that you heard from people about, you know, not understanding the power of mobile photography. Yeah, so high. And I'll tell you, here's the thing. I have been working mobile for Gosh, four years, four or five years, like really hardcore and I, I'm an old time shooter. I mean I shot with an eight by 10 camera, four by five camera and um, I think mobile is expanding and becoming so amazing. And yet there's this kind of notion that it's somehow less than if you will because it's, it's, you know, it's a phone device and this little thing is incredible. There is so much in here. I mean so much in here and this, even in this boot camp just barely scratching the surface. So I just thought it was time to like kind of peel back the paint and go wait a minute what's underneath the hood here. Well that's what I really love about this class like you said is you know we can think about all of us using our phones on a daily basis to to get snapshots and whatever but what you want people to know is really like there's more power to it and you know just a little story we you and I were in CUBA together and you know this was several years ago and on the first day you you know we're all carrying around our D SLRs and you know the second day you're like screw that, I'm using my mobile phone, I'm shooting in light room Raw and when you told all of us that we were all like what you can do that. So what are some of the like most surprising things that when you tell people you can do this like shooting raw from the light room app That that blow people away. Yeah well first of all the the camera there's 55 different cameras in like mobile five and they're all completely different and they are amazing and the breath of functionality that they have is huge and most people that don't know it, I don't know it at all and then on top of it you have all this editing. I mean you have I'm basically walking around with a dark room in my hand and I'll tell you in that cuba trip. That was really interesting because I was really intimidated. Everyone had these really expensive cameras. I borrowed incredibly expensive camera from someone and then I was like just no, no, this is my jam, this is it. And to let that go and not have to think it's the equipment because it ain't the equipment. Like I like to say it's the wizard, not the wand. I love it. It's the wizard, not the wand everybody or tweet that out right now. I should think that a little hashtag Huh? You should or you know, trade market, I don't know. So lisa again, I'm going to give some more shout outs because tons of people are tuning in and from the course page itself, we have Stacy in southern Utah, we have ava in Germany, we have Julia outside of Vegas. We have Mikey oh in Salt Spring Island in Bc, which is absolutely gorgeous. Back to Berkshire's in the U. K. Love it, love it, love it from all over. Uh so lisa you prepared again everybody. This is our live kick off and they were going to go into the class. So we have some special bonuses. We have chances for you to ask lisa some questions if you would like uh you prepare a well video for us for this live kick off. Just kind of again, showing you in action Again, we're in quarantine. So you're in a beautiful spot indoors with a beautiful dog set us up for the video that we're going to roll with my covid 19 on which is my extra £20 I think I've gained in covid. Um, well covid 19 lisa. Right? I and oh, I have it. I have earned it. Um, so I just want to show how quick and easy this is like my shooting is, it's so accessible and it's fast and I process while I'm shooting, I don't wait till yeah, I get home in case I missed the shot. I do it. All right then and there. So I know what I what I got and so the experts. All right, well adam, let's roll that video. So hi and welcome. This is a little snippet of me shooting, showing you how I edit. So the first thing always have your camera bag always. So as I said earlier or I say in the show, here's the camera bag, teeny tiny fits in the fabulous purse. No one ever has to know Iguala and I'm ready to shoot. So I picked this location because well, it's beautiful and above all, my super favorite subject. Miss Millie. Hi, beautiful girl. You ready can we take your picture? Yeah, So let's see. So yes, pretty much how it goes is I always have my phone handy and ready. And the key to shooting Millie that I find is look at this setting. It's really dark and then there's this beautiful light window gorgeousness. And most folks that find are just gonna shoot to auto turn it on and shoot. That's not what you want to do. What you want to do is expose for the highlights. Here's why let me show you. It helps if you take the camera cap off even on an iphone. So let's see, I'm gonna get started a little beautiful girl. How's my baby? How's my baby? Yeah. And right now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna let the camera just go ahead and do its auto exposure. And then I'm gonna take two other exposures. One where I click on the highlight and exposed for the highlight easy peasy. And then again same frame and exposed for the shadows And why I do that is in post, you don't know what detail you want to have in this way. You only have to have three shots. I did not shoot 50 frames, no photo real here. Just three frames, four frames Maybe one other do close ups. How beautiful. Hi beautiful. Oh that's my girl, that's my girl. Uh Thank you baby I believe. And then it's processing. So let me show you what that looks like. So let's take a look at what we've got with Millie. So as you see here I've exposed for the highlights, not for the shadow. And what I like to do with Millie is I like to make her black and white. That's how I like to work with her. So I'm going to immediately go to the color panel and click on black and white and then I like to hit the auto button and what the auto button will do will show me what I have available and well heck fire for me. That looks pretty much all I need to do. I'm going to the light panel here and I'm just gonna check where the shadows are and the highlights and I'm pretty pleased with that. I'm going to now slide over to the effects and maybe give her a little vignette and I'm going to call her done. And the key to this was I exposed to the highlights. So let's take a look at one shot where I didn't expose for the highlights. So in this shot with Millie I did not expose for the highlights. I expose more for the shadows. So I'm going to go to the color, make it black and white. Go click that auto button and then what you see is I don't have as much information available to me. Doesn't mean I can't make something nice. So I'm gonna click on the light pallet and see what I can do. Do it. All right. Those lights that that's all the way skewed down the highlights and the shadows. I might want to darken up now. It's not to say that this isn't an effective image, but for me, I prefer to have a little more information. So I'm not telling you how to do this. I'm just suggesting you take a look and see how much information you need in the shot to get what you need. So again, play with the exposures and you'll have a lot more latitude much for making that little bonus video lisa. Um your dog. Hello? Uh and you know what? She's actually not my dog, but I love that dog. Well, you do have a brand new dog bear. So you can go see lots of dog pictures on lisa's social media. Everybody if you're not following her already and they're amazing. I love that you do a lot of black and white with the animals too. And we can talk later about black and white and mobile as well. And that could be a whole class, right lisa. And you gotta you gotta shoot what you have at your disposal. That's right. I have some dogs at my disposal. All right, everybody, before we get continue on, I want to give a special shout out to Katrina Eiseman who is from the adobe product team and she happens to be tuning in and in the chat room on our if you are on creativelive dot com on the course page itself. So thank you so much for joining us. That is awesome. Catrine instagram by the way her work is. Yes. So um let us know, I know there was a note in there about, she was telling us that not all phones at the moment support all five light room cameras that you were mentioning. Tell us more about that. Okay, so the technology gets rolled out at a different pace depending on the device and so the long exposure and the depth capture in light room mobile. Those cameras are not yet on an android but they're coming. So you just have to keep looking and in the class I talk about that. Perfect, perfect. Um, and then I did want to shout out photo baggins is asking is light mobile only available as a subscription and this is an important point. No, no, not at all. And it's in the class. I do talk about that. So you can have like a mobile for free. Absolute. However, the three editing modules that you do not get with the three free version and then there's some other functionality that you don't get with the free version. And then the premium version is 499 a month. It's a cup of coffee a month. Okay. There you go. I love how easy it is to you know, just when you compare things it's you know totally makes sense. And you go really in depth into the power of utilizing the light room editing and all of that within within the class itself. All right. So everybody loves when we have, you know are photo classes and whatever. We all love to see what's in the bag. So I want to see what I know you talked about this in the class two, but what's in the bag? My bag. I have the smallest camera bag on God's Earth. I really do. And what's inside this bag are a bunch of moment lenses. I use moment lenses all the time and they're teeny tiny, forgive my noise here. The moment lenses come in tiny little, they're almost like the ring bags, aren't they? Little cute little jewelry bags. So I have my Moment lenses. I have my lighting accessories and Katrina told me about this one. This is my favorite new lighting accessory. It plugs right into the base of the phone. You can use it as a flash or you can just turn it on. Yeah, amazing. You imagine. And for macro shooting. So what is it? Tell us again what that is. Yeah, it's an anchor flash. A N K E R flash. And again, um, I have a whole section in this class on equipment on extra little bits and it's nothing. Look at that. You never have to worry about it being charged because it plugs into your phone awesome. And don't forget the handy tripod. Okay. Yes, the handy dandy problem. And again, you got, you go into all of this in the course itself, but I just want to say, I just got a moment lens. Like it came in the mail. It can't mail yesterday and it's the macro. I've been wanting to do macro photography for such for a long time because, and just because you just mentioned that, um, then now I'm gonna have to investigate the anchor light as well. Because I want to say one thing about this, this lens when I first for anybody who gets this, it's a moment lens, it's shop moment dot com. When I first got this, I had no idea what to do with it. And I was really disappointed you actually, you have to get right on the subject. I mean on it and once you do that holy guacamole, it's amazing. And then do you see this diffusion ring that diffuses light And if you pull in another light source. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Because last night when I was like the, like the sun was going down and I'm like, let me start, you know, putting this up to my, you know, plants or whatever. And yeah, it's exciting. It's really exciting. So that's all that's in your bag. That's it. You know, I have um, oh my lanyard. Okay, dear God, secure your device, secure your device. So this is a land that colored, have a college chart I used when I shoot, it's in the class and I stick it in here to to hold it. Um, yeah, girl, not much. Ellen's cleaner, clean your lens. You have to remember to clean your lens. Good point, Good point. So let's continue to talk about the class itself. I want to spend a moment on the workbook that you put together because if you guys haven't taken ELISA Carney class before man, she creates these, uh, you know, a lot of us learn in different ways. And so to accompany the video again, when you do own the course or our creative life subscriber, you have access to this. What is it? 230 something page uh, 171 271 page. Work. So talk to us about um, what is how you want people to utilize when they do, you know on the class and go through the class to utilize the workbook as well as the videos, awesome. So the workbook is, I'm a visual learner. I'm not an analog learner. And one of the things that I have trouble with and there's no one who loves adobe more than me, but there are help section. It's all worked And I'm a visual learner. So uh, what this workbook does, its little reminders because you know, I talk fast. I give an a s ton of information in this class and sometimes it's hard to remember. So the workbook kind of helps you go, oh right, click on that button, Oh right. It's there. So it serves as a reminder of what's under the hood. And can I can I say that one of the things about this process and I think this class, half of it is going to go over your, some people's heads. Absolutely. And that's the beauty of creative life. You come back later and you go, oh right, because as your skill develops and as you get better, you're more receptive to more information. And again, that's what the handouts for to look at it again and go, oh right, I forgot about that feature now. And that's a brilliant point again because you start using something and you know, to think about Photoshop, like there's, which you teach a ton of classes on Photoshop as well. Uh, and you just, you can't learn it all at once. And so, and I just, I really appreciate that about the workbook that you put together because it is like you take it in, in in different ways. Um, we've, we've got some questions coming in in terms of like utilizing this, this class itself. Like if you, because we've been talking about the iphone because you have it, we have to mention android, but if you have a google pixel, can you take this class, you know, just who is this for? Okay, awesome. Let's talk about this. And I'm going to say, I know you all listed it as a beginner class, but I don't think this classes just for beginners. I think it's beginner's mid level and high end because there's so many different levels. So first of all in the equipment section. Heck yeah, you can android, You can use a moment lens, you can use the color checker. You can use the other equipment I mentioned in terms of the iphone capture section. If you have a different device, just look for those kind of uh functionalities. They'll be on your phone will be in a different section but at least you know to look at it. And then in all honesty, the bulk of this class is processing. It's light room, it's the dark room in your hand. It's third party apps which there's some fun stuff in there and all of that is cross platform awesome. Um talk to us about some of your favorite third party apps. Just a little preview of what of what people are going to learn. Awesome. So let me start by saying I am a re toucher by trade, I have a degree in photography but I am definitely a Photoshop touch our queen and I find with this same device I want the same functionality or something similar. Well, light room only does so much because it's a it's a non destructive editing program but it's got no layers. So I like to go into programs that allow me to add effects like lens flares or rain effects, fog effects. And you all know that there's actually some apps that will let you uh put layers on things like Leonardo will let you do actual layers on your phone. Um mostly atmospheric stuff. So definitely lens flare is one of my favorites. And then there's some fun illustration stuff like Prisma which is awesome. Uh tin type where you can do like an old retro looking for by five plate film. I mean it's just awesome. There's so much, it is, it is, it is very exciting. Um I'm just gonna go look at some of the look to see if there are more questions from you all keep those questions coming in. Let's see. People are given just other tips and see Stefan is saying, can you get the workbook by itself? Well if you buy the class, that's when you, you get the workbook and you can either do that as individual or as part of the annual subscription. Someone is asking if you do have the critic live yearly. Yes, you have access to the workbook While you are a subscriber. And just to know everybody in terms of this class right now, we do have it at the live premier discounted price of $34. It will normally be $49. But again, uh today's premier day, so we want you to go ahead and get that discount and then again you can download this 271 page book. Uh and uh it's pdf right, so you can actually put it on your device, your mobile device and be able to have that in in the field as well. And can, I also would like to say just if I have a second, this is not done class, you definitely are going to want to watch this a bunch of times, it is full of information and I talk super fast. Don't be mad at me, you can slow down the playback and you can also stop it and re watch it awesome. Exactly, that is the beauty um but again we are here, we are live, it is premier day and so what's going to happen if you are just joining us is in about 10 minutes a little bit less at 9 30 you will be able to on the class page itself go and watch the class for free for the next 24 hours. So wherever it is that you are tuning in from, it might be three in the morning right now, you can still go take a sleep and then come back and still catch that to get that preview but again, if you want to be able to pause, stop, rewind, that's when you want to purchase the course itself. Uh so people are asking how long it this classes, it's about two hours. Is that 2.5 2.5 2.5. A lot of exactly, exactly, exactly know uh let's see Stacy is asking, is there a reason why you use light from mobile and not Photoshop on the phone? Uh yeah, okay, how do I want to explain this, I think I have come to realize this. It took me years to get into light room, light room for photo processing is amazing and I'm not doing composite as my main thing. I'm processing a photo. That's the main intent here. However you certainly can go into Photoshop on the phone or Photoshop mobile and I do on some occasions. So it's kind of like that age old question. Why are using light room or Photoshop anyway. Exactly. Exactly. And and again if you are um not trying to do head swaps or whatever mobili then you know it to each her or his or their own. You know um tell me about some of the favorite sort of like I know you're going to go into your workflow but like we just have a couple minutes left. Like tell me about your basic thought process, you mentioned earlier that you are editing on the go. And again, that was the amazing thing back to cuba trip. Like we're all on our D SLRs and downloading all our videos into our photos into light room and going through and selecting them and you already had pictures up on instagram right about the importance of card. I'm in the back of that rickety card and we were going over that lake and I'm processing. Well okay, so for me one when I'm in location, I like to be able to see if I got the exposure right And I talk a lot about exposure in this class because I think folks are using these camera like a point shoot, like a plastic little camera and no, you got to be, you know strategic about your exposure and you're processing and the thing about like mobiles, you can do it all right then and there in two seconds. So I know, so before I leave the cow, the field with the cow or the beautiful lake. I know that I got my exposure and then holy guacamole, that depth capture on this thing. Depth capture and light room mobile for iphone only right now. Sorry, creates a mask So I can actually blur out the background, change the light levels in the background emphasize the foreground in 30 seconds sitting on the forest floor with my dog jack. I mean holy crap. It's so amazing. That's why that's good. Yeah, it's just amazing. Well, like I said, this class is um, like you said, you know, again, there's, it's not just beginner. If you are a beginner, you know, you're going to be able to watch it, re watch it all of that. But I think the point being a part of why you wanted to make this class is that you can, there's a dog of, you can create professional level work. I mean if you think about people are actually doing campaigns with professional with mobile devices, people are making feature length movies. I don't know which side it's on, sorry, whatever that shot on iphone And it's printed 2040 completely holds up awesome, awesome. And that was a question that just came in uh, from Stefan Scheffler saying is original file size from the phone image, important for the image being considered professional is the file size is important. Yes. And fidelity is important. But I gotta tell you true story. I'm not gonna name the company, but I'm working on a sportswear thing with a celebrity and the images are absolute crap and they're shot with a DSLR and my iphone takes better, better Fidelity shots in some cases than this camera does. So it depends on what you're using it for and how you use it. You know, you're exposing correctly. Do you have enough information or detail in the image? Um, so it's, it's not the file size, it's the fidelity and the exposure and the information if that makes perfect. Yes. Perfect answer lisa. All right, well, we just have a few minutes left before the class is actually going to launch. This was our build up live event with lisa, which is so awesome. If you guys are watching right now on Creative Lives, youtube twitter, facebook, what you're gonna want to do is look in the class description we've got kate in there. Has posted the link to the class page itself On creative live where you are going to be able to again watch that class. If you want to be able to pause, stop rewind, you can go ahead and purchase class if you are a Creative Live uh subscriber, you already have access to that as well. And if you're watching this live, you want, you want to just refresh the page in a few minutes once that that class started. So lisa, where can people find you follow you? Keep up to date on all the things I want to give a shout out again. Thank you so much to Catrine Iseman from the adobe light room team who has been in our chat room here on the class page and she says that lisa is buckle up, lisa is one of the very best teachers for photographers and I, so where can people find you? Probably um, I'm on instagram. It's a finishing station lisa Carney, um I'm on linkedin, I'm on facebook but that's my personal stuff. So if you don't wanna see pictures of my mom and what I'm eating. Uh no, I'm kidding. I do not post pictures of what I'm eating. Um Yeah, and uh instagram Beyonce, I love be handsome ambiance. At least Carney and I'm at lisa at least pray dot com. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me. Perfect. Alright everybody, Well lisa, thank you so much for creating this class for everyone. Thank you so much for being here this morning with us for our live kick off and for now everybody we'll just wait in a couple of minutes, 9:30 a.m. Pacific 12 30. If you're on Eastern time gonna roll into that class. If you're on socials, head over to creativelive dot com for the class and everybody, we'll see you again next time you can check out everything that is playing on creative live on our on air and upcoming schedules. Thank you so much, lisa Carney. We'll see you soon. Thank you guys. Thanks for joining.

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  • Use professional insider tips and tricks to make your images stand out.
  • Get the most out of the device you have.
  • Learn about and set up camera various 3rd party camera apps.
  • Process and edit your images to fit your vision.
  • Adjust color and tone, even vertical and horizontal lines, add lighting and special effects.


If you're new to the idea of using your mobile device for serious work, join us for an introduction to the potential of mobile cameras. No matter your skill level, you'll discover new perspectives on how to make serious photography with a mobile device. After taking this bootcamp class you will be up to date on the best equipment, tools, and apps for shooting, enhancing and editing your photos.

If you love capturing, processing and sharing images with your mobile device, this class is guaranteed to up your game. In this class, you will discover and learn how to use some of today's most powerful photography apps to correct, enhance and transform your photos. Take the ordinary to extraordinary. Make day turn into night. Adjust color and tone, even vertical and horizontal lines add lighting, texture and special effects to your images using 3rd party apps like Lightroom Mobile.


  • Anyone who wants to explore the potential of mobile cameras.
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Lightroom Mobile (V 6.2.0)
iPhone 12
A variety of 3rd party apps for iPhone, iPad


Lisa Carney is a high-end retoucher who has spent over two decades working with the most dynamic players in the print, motion picture, and television industries. Art Center trained photographer, (Grad ’92). Lisa remains a prolific photographer, most recently showing MoVID Manhattan 2019.



I LOVED this class sooo much! Lisa did an amazing job of supplying a large amount of information balanced with a pace and teaching style so it wasn't overwhelming and so FUN to learn! Lisa helped me unlock so much potential in my device I didn't know was there. Everyone can learn from this class! Lisa is fun and real and you feel like you can connect with her. I am having so much fun with photos and have taken my images up a level with the education Lisa provided. TAKE HER CLASS, you will be so happy you did!!

Amy Vaughn

Lisa, your classes are wonderful and inspiring. Even though I already have a fancy DSLR, I love experimenting with mobile photography and have just been getting into using Lightroom a lot on my mobile devices. There were many cool ideas in this course that I wasn't aware of. I'd highly recommend it to others interested interested in creative mobile photography. Thank you so much for providing the slides as a pdf download - they are thorough, well organized and easy to reference when it isn't convenient to open a video file.

Thomas Hübinger

This course is a step-by-step guide on how to create better, more impressive photos with Adobe Lightroom. In her charming and unique way, the lecturer explains the content in an easy-to-understand way so that people like me who have never used Adobe Lightroom before can achieve very good results. The course is rounded off by a very extensive and detailed workbook. Thanks to the lecturer for this wonderful course!