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Lesson 1 from: Mastering Lightroom Classic & Photoshop Fundamentals

Andrew Kearns

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1. Intro

Welcome to the workshop!

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Howdy. Rolling. What is up, my dudes? Let's get into it. So I've always preached that it is so important to have a good image before you have a good edit 'cause no matter how good your edit is, is not gonna change a bad image, like, still gonna be a bad image. And so in that, I didn't put a ton of priority on understanding and really systemizing my editing process because when I was shooting on the Cannon systems, my very first or one of my first cameras was a Cannon 5D, Mark II, and straight out the camera, if you overexposed it just slightly, those images just straight out looked so good. It looked like 35 millimeter film tones. It had this airy, dreamy, milky look to it that looked so good straight outta camera, and so as I kept shooting Cannon, that kind of rolled over into my other Cannon camera. So, same with my 6D, my 5D Mark III, my 5D Mark IV, I just always tended to overexpose, but I recently switched camera systems. Wait there. This... This is the Sony A7III and I switched t...

o it and the overexposing thing didn't work. This is also not a sponsored product placement. I definitely have my own style of editing and I understand colors and contrast and how it all works together to get the look I want out of my images, and I could definitely accomplish that with Cannon, but when I switched to this, I had to relearn how to do that and I mean, this is not rocket science or any new news to anyone, but when you underexpose an image, you have way more editing you can do with it. There's a lot more data you can manipulate in the image. It's not rocket science, Andrew. It took me freaking five years of freelance to get to realize this. Like I mentioned, I always focused on getting the good images first which I think is a very worthwhile mentality but I never prioritized the editing portion. Like I said, I know what I'm doing with it. I know what generally I'm going for and I could usually achieve that, but I never prioritized and understood how much it can actually take a good and great image to the next level. I've had to take a step back and prioritize understanding my editing process this season and really take the time to systemize it, to break it down and really ask, "What am I trying to do in my editing with each image?" And that's really what it comes down to, asking, "What am I trying to convey from this image? What am I trying to get the viewer to focus on here," and then finding those solutions to do exactly that, answering the questions you're asking yourself through the sliders on your screen. So, what I've learned from this and what I want you guys to get from this workshop is understanding. You know how to take good and great images, that's what my first workshop with Stroll Works focused on. Now, how do we take those to literally the next, next, next level? By understanding how to edit for that image. So now, the focus isn't on a good edit, instead, you're allowing that edit to compliment an already great image. So, boom! That's that. So, all is to say, when I am shooting on the Sony A7III and probably any camera I use from now going forward, I'm gonna be underexposing my image. And that's really important to know 'cause a lot of the editing stuff following this section, I'm gonna be editing underexposed images, not overexposed ones, and I think you'll have a lot harder time if you're overexposing your images. So with that, let's go to the next section, my key to composing images. This, I mean, obviously I can't go out and shoot and show you how I'm composing, so I'm gonna take a few of my favorite ones that I've shot recently and over the years and just share what was going on in my noggin. So, yeah.

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Ratings and Reviews

Ratul Dutta

This class is really like a good investment. It's gonna help you step by step and you can come back to it multiple times when you need to. Been watching Andrew Kearns on YouTube since 2018. Massive fan of his editing style. I wanted this class as soon as I saw the discount rate. Being a student from a different country, I probably wouldn't have been able to afford it at it's original price. This workshop goes in real depth towards the "approach" of editing a photo. I learnt a tonne of cool stuff. So many new things. Subtle yet so powerful.

Mack Woodruff

Incredibly Eye Opening This workshop truly opened up a whole new world of editing techniques that I didn't fully realize existed. I'd recommend this workshop for anyone who has a basic understanding of LR and PS already and are hoping to take it to new levels. I will keep coming back to it for a long time!

Veronica Ettedgui

Very very nice!!

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