Adding Decoupage & Gesso to Base


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Adding Decoupage & Gesso to Base

What we're going to do is take your papers and just kind of tear him up again, and we're gonna put those on to our base the thing to know when you're working with a base like this that's would this is not finished or has doesn't have any sort of prepping coat on it at all, so it's going to suck up whatever meat it goes onto it first is just going to suck it right in to the surface of the wooden, so you have to move in small, working very small sections and work pretty quickly, so that doesn't all just you can't just put this down, all right? We'll get absorbed in before you get to it, so what we're gonna do is working really small sections on our would base, and I'm going to tear up a few pieces of my paper here, too, so I could mix those in and this is because this is just wrapping paper so you can do this with anything, really. But I like the mix of the wrapping paper with the vintage papers it's just kind of a fun contrast in this project. Now I'm gonna deck a posh all the way out t...

o where the wood meets the bark and you can kind of see that color variations, so I'm going to go ahead and deco pot all the way to that edge. When I do this so what you need to dio is take your deco pies and what this is going to do is it's going to get here the paper down and then give us a great base toe work off of afterwards so we put this down when we get that section nice and saturated but you can tell if you've done this before it just soaks right into the wood so you don't have kind of a nice layer left you kind of have to go back over it again we're just gonna put our paper down and glue it down just like that and what you want to do is that seals it in so by putting the glue on the bottom in on the top you get a nice sealed in peace I'm just gonna work around and just mix in the vintage papers with the wrapping paper as I go tear that cause that'll bug me and it's just a matter of adding them on however you like you can use uh let's just hold ad paper basically or we can use old music shapes if you like the music paper dictionary's book pages anything like that what work? Just fine or if you don't have any of that stuff and you just want to use like kraft paper like scrapbooking paper card making paper that's fine too and those air usually lots of fun because I was there always very pretty lots of colors and stuff I'm just a vintage girl so I like to use vintage papers what's nice about these bastard pieces is there I always love using these because I always know that they're going to be perfectly flat and always been really great condition when I get home plus it's for me it's I would say it's a local company I live in wisconsin and they're well hollow's a wisconsin company so I liketo support my locals so we'll just cover this whole entire would base with the deck a posh and the paper how are you guys doing very quiet so I know everybody is hard at work again great focus concentrating a it is a little bit trickier than when you do it on other materials because you do have to move faster because it's the wood just soaks it right in if you wanted to you could prep the surface with a coat to begin with I just go for it I wing it. The other thing is if you like my less of the terror and look and you want more of a linear like you can use scissors especially if you want the edges tio kind of lineup better I more organic than that so and as you're doing that stephanie is there are there particular? I guess pieces of fabric paper that you like to you specifically for brass would no, not really I don't have anything particular that I use I just from my own personal preference, I always go with vintage stuff just because that's who I am and what I like to use but really it's just it's not so much about the woods just a great surface to use, but you can use the same things that you would what would use would use, um with canvas or anything else like that just know that if you do like a tissue paper, you're going to some that would green coming through, which could be a really cook cool look too so it's just a matter of, um mixing and matching and trying things, but really I wouldn't use anything different on this in terms of the types of papers than I would on any other dekel posh product project and where does gonna put one layer of paper on this? We're not going to go and add extra layer, so this is just gonna be one deck apologized base layer of paper onto our wood this one I'm more because of the curve I tender take more time when I'm doing this than I do with others if you saw me earlier and I was flying a moving slower than I did the last and we're using a glossy deck apologize, but you can use a matte finished echo posh you can use there's lots of different types but I one I really like this deck apology in particular from I love to create um but you can use other finishes and things too if you like a more math finish feel free to do that there's something have glitters mixed in so if you want it to be through birth barkley go for it but I like I like the little bit of glass that you get from this kind of gives it a nice finished look too mean and I also like this because it drives so fast how's it going out there good we're doing good yes ma'am e I want to leave the not exposed what's your take on that you can leave the not exposed I won't hurt the rest of the no because you know what? Here's what I will tell you if you like the night make the not part of your project work around the night and I say this all the time the people you're taking it home I'm not so if you like the night leave the night because I want you guys to be happy with it when you're done and if that's going to make you love it even more, okay, I'm almost done with this so I'm going to finish this up and then what we're going to do is dry it with our heat gun quickly keep finding all these great little bits in here and I found were talking are first class we're talking about the paper were ripping up, and yesterday one of the pages that have an advert, blackheads and I just found part of that ad and I like all there is the blackhead ad from nineteen twenty two it's, not for clear pore strips. All right, that's, a cute couple will put them on there. All right? I'm going to finish this and dry it quick, and so we're going to use we've got our heat guns here and they look like little hair dryers, but they're much hotter. We're going to use those to dry this layer if you have a hair dryer and you don't have a heat gun at home, feel free, it just may take you a little bit longer because the heat's not as high I would put it on its highest setting in terms of that heat, but it should work even if you don't have a heat gone at home. Okay can tell this is the one I use all the time because it's covered in paint, so you want to dry it, and I just kind of keep going like this it's still a little tacky, so why not try to get some of the tackiness? Going but what I like about this deck apologizes if that is sticky is some and usually I end up covered in more of it than my piece is when I used other brands and things and I just really like how this one turns out it's very strategic placement happening over there as I'm watching this I'm seeing like a lot of that motion where should I put it? Okay, okay, I'm just going to steal this one over here quick and then we'll bring it back um so the next step in this is we're now we put all these pretty papers then we're gonna partially cover it up um but what we're gonna dio is we have our phone brush and we're going to take the white jeff so this is, um why just so from ranger and what this does is it perhaps the surface? So when you're getting ready tio prep unpracticed surface you can use this to do that, so if we'd wanted to and we're going to paint on this would I probably would have put a layer of jess oh, down onto the wood ahead of time so then it takes the paint better and it had the paint has something to adhere to its a good base layer for that you could also use clear just for that if you wanted like the wood grain to show through you could use a white are clear just so so that you could still see the wood grain but we're going to use whites were actually use this as our surface for doodling leader so I want to kind of cover up some of this so that the doodling stands out so I'm gonna take the jess oh and I'm just going to put on a really thin thin layer now in our first class and entering a mixed media we talked about using this to create texture I don't want a whole lot of texture out of this right now I really just wanted as a prep surface more than anything else so I'm putting it on fairly thin so that it dries pretty quickly I don't want to cover the whole thing so I'm just going to cover part of the middle here and this doesn't have to be precise at all so don't feel like you've got to follow the oval shape of the the wood piece exactly or anything it's just giving yourself a little bit of space to work in and a lot of the with that a lot of the links of clickable in there so that you can get right to the so the product itself which is kind of cool I love technology okay so we're just going to that little thin layer you can still see some of the paper coming through but that's ok I'm all right with that. So we're and toss that I will give this back to these guys over here sharing use you go, man. Yep, and now I'm going to break the rule that I said earlier, and I'm gonna try it because it's not stick. Well, the thing is, it's not a clear it's really sin, so when we were we've been I think if you heat dry it, it will bubble up. It won't really bubble too much because it's a very thin layer, someone a cheat and started on it's drying process a little bit, but I do move this alive, so I'm not kind of holding in one spot because then it will bubble, so you just want to keep it in motion to get it to dry. The other option you have is there's black jessa and you could almost the opposite with this, it won't take the color that we're going to add to it with the jill otto's, but if you wanted to, you could do like a black just so what the white pen and you get like a really cool negative of what we're going to do with with white jessel in the black pen I'm sure somebody will ask for this if you don't have just so you could probably do some of this was like a white acrylic paint for this class, and maybe play around with your acrylic paint. Just see. But I think you should be ok if you don't have jeff, so you'll definitely need to clear this up for later. But if you don't have white, you might be able to cheat a little bit with some weight.

Class Description

Wood comes in an incredible range of textures, colors, and sizes – often for very little money, which makes it a great product for mixed media projects. In Mixed Media on Wood, Stephenie Hamen will introduce you to the fundamentals of working with this highly-versatile material to create beautiful, durable art.

In this beginner-friendly class, Stephenie will show you the materials you need to start assembling projects. You’ll learn what works well together so you get beautiful results right from the start. She’ll show you how to:

  • Create a collage base on wood
  • Use basic doodling principles to develop your ideas
  • Make basic hand-sculpted paper clay pieces

You'll learn how mixed media materials work together and what that means when your primary material is wood. You’ll also learn about integrating paper clay sculpting into your work.

Creating mixed media art doesn’t have to be daunting. In this class, you’ll develop a foundation that will have you creating impressive wood-infused art pieces with