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Intro to Doodling

We put our layer of clear just a line, and now it should be really, really dry, but I want everybody to steal one more final check on that and make sure if not, go ahead and use your heat guns and do any last minute touch ups there on your piece, and then for those of you who are here, you'll have a pen in your little kit you can open your pen were using the late penn from mar v this is probably one of my all time favorite doodling pens. I just love it, and for those of you who are here, you'll have this print out. Um, so this is just a smaller version of a class that I've done on my own site, but just some doodle scrap scratch pages and things will run through that quick. You guys all have one of these, so if you're dry, you could put that to the side. I just want you guys to see this for this one. We're not using all of these shapes, but you see it's a different ones that you can do, and I mean, these are just the things that I use, what I am doing the most so but there's lots of sha...

pes that you can dio I was going to skip over to there's a circle page like this one you know, if you guys have that one there and we're going to kind of do that in the middle of this piece if you want to if you want to do a different shape, you can do a different shape it's really up to you, but I just wanted to show you guys quickly kind of how I did this one in particular um and then you can play around with these if you want, but all it really is is a little rainbow, so I just make my little it's all the way around and you'll notice if you're a teacher, I do not hold my pen the right way and then I just go back in and I add other little rain those right and and for me and they don't have to be super precise but it's just a fun little doodle that you can do and I know people are often really scared about writing on their pieces air using their handwriting that I find it to be a great way to add your personality to apiece and make it a little bit more your own. So add the other layers I just kind of go in between the other ones that I've done and do the same kind of thing here just add them in at in my low brain bos and this is one I get I can talk through everything I mean when we're painting and all of those kinds of things but this is when I tend to get more quiet this for me is very like we talked about that very zen thing for me so you could do that if you wanted to you could just d'oh the little shapes around the edge and adam in up like this and you don't have to put the extra little rain goes and you could put little death in there if you wanted um you khun dio little triangles you have lots of options here and you can do different sizes different wits and again just go back in if you want to or you can leave them empty this part for me it's just really about experimenting and this is where I keep in art journal and that's where I do most of my doodle work is in my art journal and it's where I try out new shapes and new combinations and patterns and things like that you knew that you could do a little leaves off of it if you wanted to all sorts of things you can do so just you can use these sheets really is like your space to just kind of play and figure out kind of what you want to dio for your your wood piece that way you can kind of figure that out before you start and go I wish I'd done something else here all set to go thank you and I with the sheets that air in here it kind of shows some of the different shapes that I use so when I d'oh my my bases it's usually just a big open whether it's a circular and oval or something and then I add these around the edge so I'll show these quick so yet since you guys have these and for those of you at home when I do my leaf, I just kind of so it's hard to explain this one, but what I typically dio is the easiest is to start from a line with this if you're just getting started and I make my little oval make another one in the middle and I just draw a line when you do it enough you can just over and over and over again and yours may turn out totally different, but if it inspires you to make something or to draw something, go for it and for me doodling is not about recreating the mona lisa are sketching a famous person's face exactly appropriately it's really just about doodling I'm just making something fun and pretty that I like so there's that shape we talked about the triangle and we talked about that rainbow are kind of thing and so you can kind of play around the one that I used a lot when I'm really doing my my doodle work is this wave and that's, really what? It kind of looks like it's. A little wave. So typically, I make a little hook, and then I come back from the hook, and I just added little lines. It's, all very simple. What kind of fine? And just adds a little bit of flair to your piece, and you can just mix these together. You can use them by themselves. Do whatever you want to d'oh, but just kind of figure out what you think you like. And what is your style and kind of how you wanted to put it on here?

Class Description

Wood comes in an incredible range of textures, colors, and sizes – often for very little money, which makes it a great product for mixed media projects. In Mixed Media on Wood, Stephenie Hamen will introduce you to the fundamentals of working with this highly-versatile material to create beautiful, durable art.

In this beginner-friendly class, Stephenie will show you the materials you need to start assembling projects. You’ll learn what works well together so you get beautiful results right from the start. She’ll show you how to:

  • Create a collage base on wood
  • Use basic doodling principles to develop your ideas
  • Make basic hand-sculpted paper clay pieces

You'll learn how mixed media materials work together and what that means when your primary material is wood. You’ll also learn about integrating paper clay sculpting into your work.

Creating mixed media art doesn’t have to be daunting. In this class, you’ll develop a foundation that will have you creating impressive wood-infused art pieces with