Removing Color with Gelatos


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Removing Color with Gelatos

Okay, so now I've got my color on it's really dark it's really saturated? I'm here and it's going really hard tio doodle on here if I don't take some of the color off and so what's really fun is we grab a baby wipe and we just start to rub it around and it starts to come some of that color starts to lift off with baby wipe it also helps blended a little bit too and it's almost like it stains the jess own unless she pushed really hard to be pushed really hard you'll get down to basically the white, so just kind of I just kind of always work in little swirls till I get the level that I want if you take off too much and just add some back onto I'm just going very carefully spread over here because if you wipe on the part that's deco posh, it'll come right off just wholeheartedly and completely come off, so but with the jess oh, you've got a little bit more play because it's adhered itself to that meeting on a little bit and I did take too much off doing that as an example, so add some bac...

k in this is really just of meth I'm moment of playing and figuring out what you like and what you don't like and adding and taking away till you get it where it is how you want it to be I'm gonna add some more back up here, my dad and you can't can't mess this up you know, people were sometimes intimidated or worried about doing stuff like this, but I can't mess it up and if you think you messed it up, we can fix it. I promise once again, same amount of supplies, same types of supplies and everybody is creating something totally different. I love it already I can see like everybody's picked a different color and different layers of you know, some are really light on the color some are really heavy on the color great, yes, I'm gonna let you do this and now I'm gonna dio the middle so I made this lighter out here and pulled off the color till I've gotten it where I want it, where I'm actually going to write something in here later like on this one you can see this is much wider than this is out here. I'm actually going to erase that now and just give myself that little space where I can write a little something in there later and again, this doesn't have to be perfect because we're going to do till around it and we can use lines to cover up a lot of things, so I'm gonna clean that off get myself a waiter space to work on later and then I'm gonna take the heat gun and I'm going to dry again. I want to get this layer all the water and everything we're gonna get this nice and dry before we move on to the next step before we're done here and you can use baby wipes, you can I've used wet ones that you can get that's like the baby wipes you can get by with when you have kids up to a point to clean them up for things other than diapers like you can carry I mean, you can wipe their face with them, but they get into an age where you can't grab baby wipes need to buy wet ones that's what's like the the more they went for having baby sitters having big boy sitters and so it's like you've to go from baby wipes toe wet ones at the same idea okay, so I'm gonna drive this before we go on to the next step and again, if you take too much offer, you don't like where you put your spot, you can always add back in and we do it you guys use the jewel otto's before it's, one of those things where when I tried him the first time I was like these are awesome, but I think people are always like you used what they just automatically jump to some sort of salted caramel icecream tree I'm like no, we're not painting with that were but it's really cool you can put it on really, really thick and use it without water. You khun dio there's just so many things that you can do with it and the colors are like I said, just so great there's metallics theirs someone's shimmer to them and just lots of fun. The other thing I do is I take like that plastic palate you guys have and all just put dabs of them in each one and then I carry my water pen with me and then I have an entire pallet of them on the go so I can use take him with me that way with the water pen and if you take the water out of the pen, you can get through airport security and then just refill it in the bathroom and you've got this nice palate of them to go without having all the bulk of carrying everything with the o c, which is really, really nice or two kids sporting events or things like that. So we're gonna end up prepping this with the clear jessel when we're done drying this, so I just want to make sure that I get this is dry as I can before I put the clear just a line so we don't get too much more sneering happening my color, these water proof when they're dry or are they still they still when I've done it before like if you just use this and you put it on something if you add water to it's going to run so they're not a waterproofed thing until you put something else over the top of it to seal it and you're gonna have to seal it in so if you want to make some cute little sign or something for your house spray lacquer something over it or it will definitely run when it gets light so I'm just hoping that we're using the just so that just was going to absorb a lot of it so the drier it gets the more of it gets into the jeff so before I put the clear jessel on top that can lift it back out so I tried to get it is dry as possible before we put that later on ok, so now we've got that part dying you need so you can add some back into it if you feel like you got too much just so off or it's two thing you can add a little bit more in dry it add your color back over the top of it so you can fix that too it happened with those minds pretty thin teo and spots but yeah if you want you just take your paintbrush adds a little bit back in dry it quick and then kind of repeat that process. And with layering.

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Wood comes in an incredible range of textures, colors, and sizes – often for very little money, which makes it a great product for mixed media projects. In Mixed Media on Wood, Stephenie Hamen will introduce you to the fundamentals of working with this highly-versatile material to create beautiful, durable art.

In this beginner-friendly class, Stephenie will show you the materials you need to start assembling projects. You’ll learn what works well together so you get beautiful results right from the start. She’ll show you how to:

  • Create a collage base on wood
  • Use basic doodling principles to develop your ideas
  • Make basic hand-sculpted paper clay pieces

You'll learn how mixed media materials work together and what that means when your primary material is wood. You’ll also learn about integrating paper clay sculpting into your work.

Creating mixed media art doesn’t have to be daunting. In this class, you’ll develop a foundation that will have you creating impressive wood-infused art pieces with