Paper Clay: Molding the Arrow


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Paper Clay: Molding the Arrow

I'm gonna move this out of the way for a minute and I'm gonna clean my hands so we can do our paper claim molding I love these loser nonstick craft sheets and it's great it's almost like when you bake ifyou're baker using a still pad it's like that for crafting just I love it I use it as a pallet and all sorts of things is going to scrape right off of it and it just cleans right up it's so nice so we're going to do a paper clay and what I love about paper play it's a couple things one it's air dry and anything that air drives makes me really happy that's just a step that I don't have to deal with the other thing is if you're in a hurry you can put it in the oven and a really low heat and it'll go faster so you know works both ways and it's very lightweight it's very which I really appreciate it I do it on a lot of three dimensional things and so it adds weight you know anything that's going to be heavy adds weight to something you're gonna hang up and I like to try toe stay his lightwe...

ight as they can on dh this is really lightweight so when it's dry it's very area so I love that about it I'm going to open this up and we're just going to use this to make um are narrow now, through the magic of television, they're going to hold there's now and then magically they're all going to dry later because I made a whole much home and brought them with me, so you guys will have magically it won't air drive that fast for riel, but, um, so everybody at home is watching it goes well, that's really faster dry claim it's really not? We're cheating it's. Okay, um and this is what you need your bamboo skewer for. So I'm really just going take a little ball of this and I always keep this in like, a ziploc baggy because it will dry out very quickly because it is aired dry, so you get air in there and it drives, uh, it's funny how that works, but I will sometimes will start to dry out a little bit because I'll keep it around for a while. Um but if you just spray with a little water to it comes right back if it's not completely dry, so I'm just gonna get a little ball going of my clay. I'm just going to kind of smash it down when my craft pad here and then just start shaping it into a triangle to create my arrow, and we're going to use this in another class. But you can I mean, you can mold so much with this, and you could make it us then as you want or a stick is he wants if you want to go super paper thin with yours, you can and it drives really well, um, for this, we're going to be a little bit thicker, but it's just a great product to work with if you're a polymer clay artist, you know, way more patients than ideal, and I applaud you because polymer clay is just amazing to me, but I like something that's just a little bit more pliable and workable for me. I'm just going to kind of probably wanted a quarter to a half inch. I think when you're dying now that I've played with, it reshaped it a couple times here and again, we're not about precision or preciseness. This doesn't have to be a perfect arrow by any stretch, okay? And then I'm just gonna take the end of my skewer, put it in there, and then we're just going to sit it to the side and let it dry. So these can just kind of get picked up and moved out of the way for now, and it will dry your if you do a lot with this. Clay I love this clay but it dries out your hands something terrible so once you're dining up I won't take a baby away from you'll find in like fifteen minutes all of a sudden you like my hair my hands so dry and it's just from rubbing the clay on there sucks all the moisture right out of your hands so I gonna wanna wipe him off a little bit on and I'm gonna fold this up so it doesn't dry out just like that for now I just love stuff where I'm just like rolling it in my hands and making it just fun so okay, maybe what we'll do with ones you guys are doing is we can put on that back table to dry just so that they're not in your way while you're working with other stuff. So will this carry him back there and I'll put mine back there too? Why not? We'll get them all out of the way but what's nice is when they drive they won't stick to these mats the pill right off okay seems like it's you're not it's cute it's almost like a bird I know it was kind of like a bird it's kind of like a bird shaped not in the lloyd I wouldn't have wanted to cover that up either very authentically very there we go that's cool I like it because you can buy the best one. That doesn't have the bark and stuff on it. But I just was like the bark, because it just as another little rustic level to the to my piece.

Class Description

Wood comes in an incredible range of textures, colors, and sizes – often for very little money, which makes it a great product for mixed media projects. In Mixed Media on Wood, Stephenie Hamen will introduce you to the fundamentals of working with this highly-versatile material to create beautiful, durable art.

In this beginner-friendly class, Stephenie will show you the materials you need to start assembling projects. You’ll learn what works well together so you get beautiful results right from the start. She’ll show you how to:

  • Create a collage base on wood
  • Use basic doodling principles to develop your ideas
  • Make basic hand-sculpted paper clay pieces

You'll learn how mixed media materials work together and what that means when your primary material is wood. You’ll also learn about integrating paper clay sculpting into your work.

Creating mixed media art doesn’t have to be daunting. In this class, you’ll develop a foundation that will have you creating impressive wood-infused art pieces with