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Using Gelatos

Those of you who are here to have a white box and it is your water pen, so you guys can open those up and I use these things for everything, even when I water color because I cheat, I just don't even wanna I will. I will knock this over very beautifully so and make a mess. So what's really cool is you just squeeze it and let the air out put it in there, and it sucks the water right in, and then I just squeeze it again, perhaps a more, and now you're full and ready to work with it. So now, it's, just a nice water brush ready for painting really has prepped those, so what we're going to do next is add the color with our jill otto's, so I'm going to do this for right now, she's bringing pallets for you guys for us to use, but I'm gonna use the box for now because this is what I would do at home to be real at home. It would be like, oh, there's, a plastic wrapper from something I'm going to use that it doesn't. It acts weird on the medal and that's the only thing we've got the metal trays,...

but it just seems to clump twenty on there, and I don't know why. Somebody used the shiny side of backs for right now. So with jill otto's, this is a prepped surface now, so the color should go on there. Um, pretty good we shouldn't have a problem. Make sure you're just so is dry. If this was an unprompted office, you want to play more so it's just like anything else, we had to use more dekel posh on a non prepped surface would have to use more jola does on a nun prep surface, but I test and see which color I feel like. I did think of the last class, so I just don't I'm not gonna do it much as I want to. I'm not going to do it. I think I'm gonna go purple. So what I'm gonna do with this it's kind of mix it around in here and is put right on my surface right onto the jess. Oh, so now you've got a couple of options, okay? You can paint with your water pen and then just squeeze it and the water will come out and you can kind of smear it around and get a really nice saturated version of your color like this. If you're a little scared to just color right on there, you can do it on the sign and pick it up. Ad it, go back and force you can do it like you would with, like a water color paint it's kind of up to you how you want to add it, I just go for it and throw it all on there, and then I start to spread it out beyond the boundaries of the jess. Oh, it reacts totally different on that surface, though, but I'm ok with that. I really just want that light hint of color where here you're getting a full saturation because it's absorbed into the jessa and that's what the jessica does. It works with your material that you're using, where this wasn't necessarily primed to attract that, so I just want a light little bit of color. I wanted to be a little bit messy, so I'm just gonna go through here and just kind of spread this around. So, like I said, if you're a little more timid and you want to put your colors in your palate, pick him up and adam feel free. What I like about these is you get such great color just so fun the's mix really well together, too, so if you want to blend colors, they blend beautifully. Someone from online is wondering if a wet paintbrush would work if you can't find a water pen. Oh yeah sure if you just want it is even like a regular even if you want to take something like this and use it or phone brush you can do that too with some water you may get a little bit the bigger the brush gets of course you know the and the more water you use it will start tio spread out a little bit and you might lose a little of the saturation but other ways you should be good I was going to keep spreading this around and if you don't have I if you don't have jell otto's you could do this with water color it's just going to be a much here they're going to spend a lot of time adding the watercolor ein um to get this kind of saturation for just know that it's going to be ah lighter color when you're done no I can't this is coming together I'm gonna add in another color just because I want oh just another shade in so I just literally destroy all the way around and add that in and then kind of blended in but the other color that's there but this is where this is when you really have to keep three idea of and we don't talk color wheel and colors in here but every time you makes one color with another color you just have to remember that they're going to make a third and when you make some, you want to make sure that you don't get mud mud unless you want much. And if you want my that's great, too, I don't want my so okay. Soon after I did all of this, like my color, okay, come out here to realizing it gets so far off on this site. It was really dark. How are you guys feeling? Ok, now we're gonna I'm going, tio, clean this off a little bit, and when I say that the water pen is, even if it's a little bit stained, so this is it organized purple stain to it once, the colors off it's not going to transfer, its not going to transfer over to something else, so you can use it back and forth and mix and match it all you want.

Class Description

Wood comes in an incredible range of textures, colors, and sizes – often for very little money, which makes it a great product for mixed media projects. In Mixed Media on Wood, Stephenie Hamen will introduce you to the fundamentals of working with this highly-versatile material to create beautiful, durable art.

In this beginner-friendly class, Stephenie will show you the materials you need to start assembling projects. You’ll learn what works well together so you get beautiful results right from the start. She’ll show you how to:

  • Create a collage base on wood
  • Use basic doodling principles to develop your ideas
  • Make basic hand-sculpted paper clay pieces

You'll learn how mixed media materials work together and what that means when your primary material is wood. You’ll also learn about integrating paper clay sculpting into your work.

Creating mixed media art doesn’t have to be daunting. In this class, you’ll develop a foundation that will have you creating impressive wood-infused art pieces with