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How Sue Bryce Uses Strobes and Kinos

So really I just want to finish my segment with obviously what felix told me now again felix got me a hey, he made me buy this and when I saw the size of it in my small studio do you any concept of how many times I've hit my head on this thing? It is a fifty nine inch deep dish allen crime modifier in its honor to fifty allen crime light strobe I bought pocket wizards and I can't make them work ok, now I am absolutely no shame in saying tio this is mae it's not talking to it it's not working I've done everything I've set the channels I've done everything I feel xbox down everything is that it just put it in like a show it's not working it's not working so I throw them on the floor I get the plug out of the allen crime I stick it in the back of the camera works every time and I'm like yeah I hate them I can't get them toe work but I am not your lighting expert okay? That is not where my strength lies and I cannot get them to talk to my alec for some reason they hate each other and I I c...

an't be switzerland I can't anyway I plug it into the back of my camera and I bounce it off off polly boards and I bounced the light off phone court as you can see in this image I am bouncing it down and back up I never turned the strobe towards my client it's always feathered and usually it a forty five degree angle lice and high and I use it the same way I used sunlight and it gives me a different look than how most people get from strobes it's a look that felix taught me that I love now the image at the top is shot up two point eight you can't shoot at two point eight on the two fifty alan crane strobe even at its lower sitting because it's too bright and when it's too bright you need to shut down your lens and your eyes so now when your eyes so is at one hundred and you can't go any lower, you then have to take your if stop up so I'm shooting it eight or a living and then everything's in focus and I'm in danger of looking like every other flash photographer that I've ever saying yuck and so I hate it so I pick up my indy filter my neutral density filter, which I use for film I rotated eight stops too dark, I open up my limbs to two point eight and I shoot this strobe and it looks exactly like my natural life now the bottom image is no indy filter shot at tim port at fifteen so everything's in focus everything a sharp everything looks commercial, I don't shoot commercial I shoot portrait and I certainly don't want that for my portrait clients so when I use the strobe is when I'm being a little bit more fashion a little bit more maybe commercial looking in my imagery but mostly I'm being quite arty with it I'm tuning my neutral density filter up eight stops to dark and I'm shooting at wide open with the strobe and people are like how you getting this soft look and that's how I'm doing it it's my way of doing it and it's what I like as a finished product now the next one and that's my indy filter the next one is the kino flo now quite obviously this light the kino tigger is a four bank natural daylight balanced four bank bulbs and I've got it going towards the scrim now as you can see in this image the reason I've got it going towards the scrim is because the light spreads out and then my light source is this big and it is one of the sixties these things I have ever had in my studio that is not god light, so it is the closest republic ater I have ever seen to natural light I could shoot in the dark with these lights uh they are around fourteen to sixteen hundred dollars but you would never, ever be hindered again unless you lost power and are never bet, repack or unless all of your bulbs blew simultaneously, you will never have a problem of not being able to shoot in your natural habitat. It is an investment, and when you think about a sixteen hundred dollars for bank t grow with a four hundred dollar later light europe two thousand dollars a two thousand dollar investment will sit up your studio for a very long time. I mean, they have a warranty of five years and it really is the most beautiful thing I have ever worked with. Look at the image on the right very much replicates my natural light. It is quite extraordinary and it really pleases me that I finally have something. Now I stumbled across the keynote because, um basically, uh, felix said to me that I should get a natural constant light for when I shoot videos for education and then he was showing me how to use it. And I noticed that anybody that got neither light when the scrim was over the front just looked like window light and of course it's natural daylight balance, light source that's what it is but when it's on the scrim and the light source is large and it's soft it's so beautiful I could shoot at night time so the images that you're seeing here are one of my favorite shoots from this last year, and this was my very first portrait shoot for a client on strobe I had never in my career in twenty five years, shot in, sold a photo, shoot an artificial light. I am very proud shoot, she is a beautiful woman she loved her image is I love shooting it. I felt strong, I felt like I knew what I had learned. It was a great and new skill for me, so I was a little bit fish out of water, but we had the bisher and she had twenty five remarkable images, and I absolutely love them. Um, but I could have replicated all of that unnatural life, so I was like, there is no right or wrong, you know, there is no superior, the only time you would be superior to mei is in a room with no light, and I don't shoot in a room with our light, so I didn't need to linnet. So do I feel like I need to defend myself? No, but yes, and it's ok, criticize the way it works for may and natural light to mei is still the single most beautiful light sauce that I've ever seen, and I don't if I want to change that, I'm going to come up her and join you. So it's, always amazing to have you here on creative life and people, has always really loved the punches that you gave about about not having to go to school or like the education of the hard knocks and everything that you have taught us here about what is right or not right to so thank you, as always. So where can people find more out about you? Supervise dot com? I'm easy to find to bryce on facebook. Surprise on instagram and surprise on twitter. Surprise dot com, it's thought, you know, said, yeah, everyone, check out soos new subscription site there on supervised dotcom. Thank you again.

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Sue mastered natural light early in her career and it created her wildly-popular signature look. Learn how you can harness the power of natural light during your indoor shoots in Natural Light with Sue Bryce.

Knowing how to work with natural light is essential for every photographer and in this class Sue will demonstrate her favorite techniques for working with it. You’ll learn about diffusing, bouncing, bending, and more! She’ll help you master backlight and show you how to create dramatic looks out of sunlight while working inside the studio.  


AnnaGeo Jump

Such an amazing way to use natural light and get great results. Sue you have an artistic and practical way to see everything around you, and this course opens our minds to endless possibilities around us that can help us to achieve the most beautiful results with natural light and simple materials. Thank you as always!

Noel Guevara

Fantastic course! I got this for $29 and it's the most bang-for-the-buck purchase I've made here in creative live. Sue is undoubtedly an expert, and I love her no-fuss, direct method of teaching. Her lighting hacks are also great tips. At first I was apprehensive because of reviews of her course with Felix Kunze, where she was described as overpowering and defensive, but after seeing this I now understand her background, and learned that she actually has great respect for Felix. Buy it. You'll learn a lot about natural light in one go.

Kelly Cas

definitely good for a beginner who doesn't yet have the time or money to invest in expensive equipment. i love her sharp personality and she is clearly passionate about what she does, infusing the whole atmosphere with fun