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Sunbooth with V-flats and Scrim

This is something that I developed because I needed to shoot outside I was doing a periscope and it was a very hot day and we call it the sun both we affectionately meon the photographers that are uh my students a fiction it call it the sound booth and I'm gonna show you how I build it so I take this and I'm gonna make a shell so I'm gonna turn this all the way around my whole life is about the flat to integrate that okay and you can walk that way john and around I can't keep going that's it stuff now I'm going to do exactly the same so again my whole world is just to be facts love them and same thing again all the way around john and then yep and keep going all the way in and look at that now I have what I call the black tunnel one of the most beautiful places to shoot check this out danielle now remember at the moment if dan danielle's india the light is coming through here and going around the corner not ideal so let's open up the shell okay and then let's close it down so what I'm ...

essentially doing a cz I'm rotating her into the light because I want her to have the most beautiful light now she's gonna have a lot of contrast around her face and he's a very difficult shoes to photograph in ah, yeah. Sorry. Okay, I'm gonna take a reading. Take a step towards me. Danielle that's it. Good girl. Now, john, come in. Check this out. Let me take a no reflector because remember, got a lot of negative, phil, so they want to see. Okay, we're a bit under thing on. Okay, nowhere one stop under. So I met six. Forty aiso I met a shutter speed of two hundred at two point eight there's my shot. Oh, still sixty though, isn't it? Ok, so jon let's put a little bit of smith. Enter beer, that's it. I'll show you without here it is gorgeous. I could shoot everything in the black tunnel. Um, I did a series of justine and garrow who's sitting down the back and I called them vogue portrait because I want you to go to google and google vogue portrait. Okay, it's for a portrait photographer it's. One of those moments when you put in vogue portrait and then you go out there this's. How beautiful! Because it's not fashion it's actual portrait's, but even though a lot of them as celebrities and models folk port it's is one of the best things to google for inspiration, but everything's in that black tunnel nice gatsby light skin tones real grandee but very, very beautiful and it just makes me absolutely happy all right, now I shoot with this in my studio all the time and it's this it's the black shell I love it now I needed to go into a shoot up on the rooftop balcony in l a I get up there and it is just one hundred degrees ah, that city five celsius um for my home friends I've crossed over yes, I am imperial but when in rome you do is the right day even though the romans were probably metric they would have changed they were very progressive. America won't change. All right, so what I did was I walked up if you go back to the kino really sorry you can see what I did I walked up and I threw on the screen top of the screen the fabric happen iva and I created a son birth on the rooftop off my house and that's how I did it just with this up and over the top and okay, I got lots of hilarious question and on facebook like what happens if it's a windy day um you gonna have tio secure them somehow it's gonna have to be a sandbag tain't pigs stand assistance holding them just do what you got today, okay, work it out all right now because we're outside we didn't need a scrim um this was what I did, I actually took the scrim but that the one I showed you on the screen is if you don't have a scream and I put the scrim on top of the leaflets so it becomes a lid I'm not going to do it now because I'm short not need to get up a letter, but I literally stood on a chair and I put the scrim on top so where they use the fabric or were they use a big scream? It now created a hot box of light that was coming down that of course ella has a beautiful big spread of light it's not their hash son and no, I did not shoot it at twelve o'clock when the sun was directly up because it wouldn't make sense, but the good thing about the screamers wherever you place it it picks up the light source and redirects it so when you can't afford when yes, put it on your list but remember suze golden role if it doesn't make the ship go faster, don't buy it because right now that makes my ship go justus fast it might not b is easy it might not be a simple but it works and it will save you four hundred dollars so if you do not have an option or something else is more important, like a prime lens or rent or food because I remember what it was like building my studio, and I am the biggest heck you will even meet when it came to picking up furniture from the side of the road and painting it white, which is wonderful will think martha stewart from making shabby chic, the coolest thing that ever happened because you could just make everything white, chevy sheet and that's what I did, everything came from the side of the road, okay? And I just made due and I took beautiful shot and people do not care. They don't care. They don't know the difference between chiffon fabric and a later light scrim only photographers day. Any human being is gonna watch you throwing this stuff around and go wow, what you do is amazing like, thanks you have to tell them you're a heck! Just do it. All right, we've got a silhouette. We've got out some booth now. How would I use this on booth outside? Remember, we don't always have studios. I've got photographers studying under me that haven't science studio sheet that a folio building and leaning you khun folio billed for six months you can folio billed for six years, but if you can afford to buy the flats and start creating beautiful fashion style portraiture outside in a park in your backyard wherever on your balcony on your rooftop if you could do that and stop producing beautiful images you're building a folio towards creating brand in a business that is going to change your world and I tell you right now I could do this anywhere I would do this in a pack in fact I would go the extreme opposite of most people and instead of being embarrassed about being in a pack I would make an exhibition of it because I know people would line up to see what I was doing. I would show them the back of my camera and I would be standing there prepared with business cards because I know that people are gonna be like what's going on look at this photo shoot and debt to may is what I've always wanted to do in my business drum up the excitement of a photo shoot now from here uh we took danny out on the challenge on the bus we took danny out outside and uh kinnah no sally and jaron held the screen the scrim over the top of her head like this. Now jared jokingly said you're ins from resource magazine he wants as a junior went to a shoot where he held a scrim up for five hours and I was like, people are cruel because, you know you could buy a light stand and just connected to a light stand but then I thought well you do what you got to do if you're in a chute and you need a scrim and your assistance there they're gonna hold it I look at it like this it's a chance for a workout okay so you swap people out make sure that they get a wrist but really what we do if you look at the screen here she's outside in hot hash daylight and all I did was put the scrim over the top of her here and that's how it's significantly changes now again if you're in a sun both outside that's what it would have looked like but with a black background so I would literally be creating exactly what I just shot here just for you in an outside arena and it just would've been perfect it would have been beautiful work I mean the obvious difference is she's a camera up she's a camera up here it can't creative life so she doesn't have it here and make up done we just were like oh we need a model can somebody take danny out camera because you know the boys a cute but she's wakita okay so can I show you just so that nobody is like we didn't show us if we open this up john just so that you can pull it back it's imagine that john and I are the assistance and we're outside and hash light and asked it forward basically I just got a scream like this I gave it to jared and sally who with my assistance hold that john yeah, we held it like this lifted it up is gonna fall okay, sorry yeah just kick it and it'll be fine way how'd it out like this? We went like this and I photographed danielle directly underneath it go big john to which you I can't move yet letter we went like their hands up and just hold your core and pulse through plate pallotti's okay just like that and that's how I did it I mean it's perfect. So I've seen I've seen big fashion shoots on sports illustrated filmed on beaches where they have light stands with the scrim you know, blocking the girls that are in the sand on a heart beach hot like beach and that's how I did it sais that well, just hold the scrim over a head. I'll take the photograph that's what I did that's the result and I think it's absolutely beautiful don't you agree so so much easier when I go backwards if you see that had light and then you see the scrim light and I didn't change the so the exposure came down just because she was more muted which brought the backup backdrop highlights down although the highlights is still very hot in the image because there's still a lot of light hitting the background we could have found shadow background. And it would have been darker and six year. Or we could just put a b, fled up and put a son both above it.

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Sue mastered natural light early in her career and it created her wildly-popular signature look. Learn how you can harness the power of natural light during your indoor shoots in Natural Light with Sue Bryce.

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