Live Shoot: Parents With Newborn Posing In Clients Home Part 2


Newborns: Props and Posing


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Live Shoot: Parents With Newborn Posing In Clients Home Part 2

You know what I'm going to say what I want todo yeah exactly so mom dad you can pull away a little bit because here's my one two three what was my one two three the bonus was the baby alone and then dad kissing baby does looking at baby dad's cheek to cheek I got it now I'm like oh, but I love it so much I want to add mom in so many times with the family I will pose a parent first alone and then add the other parent rather than try to force the family photo it never seems to work that well when I do it but if I pick and sometimes it's the dad and sometimes it's the mom and you know the shot were mom and baby are like perfect you're like we need that or if it's sex same sex couple now we need the partner it's the same thing is like just okay so freely you know let's go back to the first pose for he's in the middle we're into a quick transition mom's hands is underneath the baby and so we're going to go back to go back to where the babies in the middle dad lean forward a little bit mom's...

hands are underneath the baby it's just gonna be baby in hands so yes, you and me and him in a little bit and then took that wrapped it so you had said you'd never use an assistant why? Because I don't know who to use I don't know who to use ok that's a good I could drag my husband along he actually photograph were a photography team but I handle the newborn stuff so because I'm a mom myself and good he's not a baby person okay so you know what I say I wanted just hands mom's turn this usually people say because I can't afford it and I say you can't afford not to don't you feel like you're you would be ten times better if you had help honestly I'm watching you with having help and I'm like that was make that would make it a whole lot easier if I could just stand there with a camera and someone else could help guide them but yes baby's head and and tiffany has been with me how many years I don't know either nine three three kids if you work for me you have to get pregnant through the deal three times lean in look down good and chin's this is very important that the arms away from the body chin's air out in with the back shoulders out this is the hardest thing you're gonna be doing all day you can nap all afternoon I'll talk more about assistance in a minute because my greatest compliment that I get is my staff yeah we're losing baby, they're dying stretch it out and then let's just power through it pretended to work out but it's like the best workout ever okay good two minutes and you're out okay, ready so here's the shot you guys it's just baby I'm doing just baby on hands now you guys you're leaning together looking at each other I mean oh baby you know I mean there you go looking at baby we're so ridiculously happy love it calvin we're nitpicking we're nitpicking because we can good good stad should be a little higher than mom good I love that mom up talk through the tour so you guys just suck it up, suck it up and smile all right chins are out chins are out good lean in has a little bit together and look up at each other okay back back up back up back up just looking each other we're so happy lift baby up a little bit more now can we try and kiss behind baby you know I'm into the kissing thing good pucker up and kiss beautiful beautiful hold on I'm gonna try and go shallow on that go ahead again turn baby don't forget a baby in your hands hold on don't drop the baby hold on hold on I'm gonna zoom in on just baby oh he's like they're not going to drop you yeah because my fatwas, we just I was just changing my settings. Can you do it one more? And you're out. I was just changing my setting so that they could kiss and blur in the background. And I would just bring me back. I was going so fast, I didn't get my setting. Yeah, all right. One more time. Stretch it out. There we go. We can do this. So they're kissing back there, but I'm focusing just on baby. Actually. Let me pull the eighty five. Sorry. Okay, here we go. Ready? Okay. Smiling again. Oh, my god. Camden. Sorry. Camera waiting for camera. Okay, one more. Oh, still kissing. Sorry. Just take your saying for a second. Just kissing you two fall. Love it and just pull back and look at each other. Let's say they're for fixing fixing. Come on. You're doing so good, right? Leaning a little bit more good. Look down a baby one more time. We gotta catch him. Got it. Good. We'll give you a little break. Like who? That was. Good. We'll get you some water. Stretch it out.

Class Description

Newborn photography is a rich experience for both photographers and new parents. In Newborns: Props and Posing, Ana Brandt will share some of her creative insights for capturing that magic with the propping and posing techniques she uses in her own successful newborn and family photography studio.

In this class Ana Brandt will share ideas for incorporating unique props into your sessions. She’ll also share tips for making your own and ensuring you are using your props safely and beautifully. You’ll also learn about posing with newborns, including different ways to help parents get comfortable in front of the camera while holding and posing with their newest bundle of joy.


Leigh Rogers

I really liked this course. As someone new to newborn photography, I learned so much valuable information such as using Aquaphor - which has saved me a ton of time editing, session flow, as well as not getting overwhelmed with having a thousand props. I didn't really find using natural light to work so well during my first newborn session after these videos. It offered some beautiful lighting and was much more soothing for the baby than having flashing lights, but once that appointment is booked, relying on natural light to be there the day of can be so nerve racking. Also, I didn't like how high I had to have my ISO using natural light through windows. However, I will say that if there are big windows and lots of light coming in, I will use it, but I would recommend planning for that not working out for you. Thank you so much, Ana, for a great class. I grew so much because of your guidance!

Katherine Angeles

Loved it! Very detailed and great posing tips, good prop sources and the best only with natural light.