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Adobe Photoshop 101

Ben Willmore

Adobe Photoshop 101

Ben Willmore

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  Class Trailer
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1 Adobe Bridge Basics Duration:27:08
5 Image Processing Q&A Duration:08:13
6 Contrast and Color Duration:18:15
9 Lens Profile Corrections Duration:20:36
10 HDR Pro Part 1 Duration:23:05
11 HDR Pro Part 2 Duration:20:49
12 Panoramas Part 1 Duration:28:37
13 Panoramas Part 2 Duration:22:02
14 Intro to Photoshop Duration:13:23
15 Interface Overview Duration:11:37
  Class Trailer
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1 Flat vs Layers Duration:34:49
3 Stack of Prints Panorama Duration:15:42
5 Layer Mask Composite Duration:23:51
8 Adjustment Layers Part 1 Duration:18:51
9 Adjustment Layer Part 2 Duration:23:20
10 Creating a Postcard Layout Duration:26:52
11 Hand Drawn Photo Layouts Duration:17:39
15 Saving for the Web Duration:11:02
  Class Trailer
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1 Correcting for Noise Duration:17:48
3 B&W Toning Duration:25:24
4 Post Crop Vignetting Duration:11:05
5 Selective Clarity Duration:14:49
6 Dust Spot Removal Duration:29:57
7 Content Aware Fill Part 1 Duration:22:46
8 Content Aware Fill Part 2 Duration:21:59
10 Retouching: Removing People Duration:11:40
12 Other Retouching Techniques Duration:22:00
13 GIF Animations Duration:14:51
14 Creative Masking Duration:15:24
15 Displacement Mapping Duration:16:44
17 Finishing Techniques Duration:10:56

Class Description

Adobe® Photoshop® lets you bring out the best in your photographs – learn how to navigate the powerful software in Adobe Photoshop 101 with Ben Willmore.

Ben will show you how to use the most important features of Adobe Photoshop by working through common, real-world projects and explaining the process. You’ll get to know the Adobe Photoshop interface and learn about the features you’ll use the most. 

Ben will teach you how to:

  • Enhance hair, eyes, and lips in portraits
  • Merge multiple images into a panorama
  • Fix bright reflections on glasses and closed eyes in a group shot
  • Correct photos that are under or overexposed
  • Create a collage of multiple images

You’ll learn how layers, selections, masks, and filters help you make a great image and find out why resolution, file formats, and color profiles matter. Ben will break down commonly-heard technical jargon so you know what others are saying and you’ll learn keyboard commands that will make your work easier.

By the end this class you’ll be confident and comfortable working in Adobe Photoshop and know how to troubleshoot when problems arise. 

This course is part of the Photoshop Tutorials series

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014


a Creativelive Student

Ben, thanks again for this course. I have taken and purchased quite a few of your courses to date. I keep thinking I will only watch to make sure I am on the right track and you always bring more to the table than the last course. Your teaching methods are the best, sorry to all the other instructors from Creative Live, but you are very easy to understand and you speak in layman's terms so we all can understand. I am following your instructions and working along with your files and it is the best! It is hard to keep up with you even when I watch you on one computer and work with the same files on another computer, to do what you are doing...impossible but I gain so much by trying. You provide so much info on each topic, it is amazing. Thanks to Karen for the PDFs, she does a fantastic job and also, for her templates/layout documents. Thanks again and to anyone who thinks this is too much money for all the videos, the exercise files and the instruction PDF, I am sorry to say but you are mistaken.

John Taylor

Like all of the Creative Live courses, excellent training. Ben does a great job of explaining the entry part of Photoshop. A lot of things cleared up in my head and i like his easy pace into this complex program. Thanks Ben.


I had several "lightbulb" moments with this class, after many years of photography and when you think you know it all, you don't :) Ben Willmore is an excellent tutor, with his many years of experience teaching PS, he obviously knows the types of things a lot of us struggle to understand. I learnt a lot about Bridge, and have since implemented these things into my everyday workflow, so much easier to sort out what I want to keep etc.. Thanks so much Ben and Creative Live. Thanks also to Ben's wife for her amazing work creating the Guide etc. Even though being in Australia, I pay more for the courses (the conversion rate, the aussie dollar is low at the moment) it's very worth it to me. I have paid more for courses here, and learnt next to nothing. Thanks again.