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Picture Perfect Lighting

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5 Behaviors of Light: Color

Roberto Valenzuela

Picture Perfect Lighting

Roberto Valenzuela

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11. 5 Behaviors of Light: Color


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1 Intro and Who This Class is For 07:01 2 3 Groups for All Lighting Scenarios 09:00 3 My Progress in Lighting 10:09 4 Analyzing Circumstantial Lighting 51:46 5 Circumstantial Lighting Q & A 04:16 6 Using a Reflector the Right Way 15:45 7 5 Behaviors of Light: Overview and Angle 15:22
8 5 Behaviors of Light: Inverse Square Law of Light 13:05 9 5 Behaviors of Light: Relative Size 21:43 10 5 Behaviors of Light: Relative Size Continued 38:13 11 5 Behaviors of Light: Color 12:26 12 5 Behaviors of Light: Reflective Surfaces 05:39 13 5 Behaviors of Light: Q & A 04:53 14 Location SWOT Analysis and 10 Things to Look For 23:47 15 Location SWOT Analysis: Examples and Exercises 45:13 16 Overview Q & A 11:30


17 Speedlites: The Basics and TTL 33:40 18 Speedlites: Manual Flash 36:00 19 Speedlites: Zoom Flash 08:35 20 Speedlites: Zoom and Rotating Flash Head and Reflectors 12:50 21 Speedlites: First Curtain vs. Second Curtain Sync 08:07 22 Speedlites: High Speed Sync 12:01 23 Speedlites: Optical vs. Radio Systems 06:38 24 Speedlites: Groups and Channels 11:35 25 Location Lighting Upgrade Examples 32:38 26 Indoor Lighting: Building on Ambient Light 14:44 27 Outdoor Lighting : Speedlights in Direct Sunlight 15:41 28 Outdoor Lighting: Using Speedlites in Shade 22:29 29 Outdoor Lighting: Romantic Look and Patterns with Speedlites 09:48 30 Indoor Lighting: Creating a Window with Strobes and a Curtain 15:47 31 Indoor Lighting: Moody Light with Speedlites and Gels 19:05 32 Indoor Lighting: Reflective Surfaces 17:47 33 Indoor Lighting: Shooting Against a Window 10:21 34 Indoor Lighting: Adding a Reference Point and Ambience 07:15 35 Indoor Lighting: Shooting into a Mirror and Creating Separation 04:59


36 Why You Need to Learn to Get it Right In Camera 07:32 37 Location Photo Review and Analysis 35:07 38 Intro to Reception Lighting SWOT Analysis 15:49 39 Reception Lighting Setup 32:01 40 Image Critique: Lighting Problems and Solutions 46:32 41 Don't Limit Yourself As A Photographer 04:02

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5 Behaviors of Light: Color

There is what we discussed the color of light is because rarely we think about it because we let our cameras duel the job the color history graham off your exposure changes the quality of your photograph if your color is way off way off and you try to correct the color, it actually starts to affect the quality of your photograph now that's fine nobody cares except when you're trying to edit your photos it's going to take you ten times longer to edit that out um, which is why you shouldn't be editing I don't know you guys edit your own stuff you do yeah, I think to me personally like send us stuff out to shoot our area it gets it gets processed and I can spend my time doing this taking care of it, you know? I mean so let's try this rehab you're quick when light that comes from the sun or from any speed light or from any source hits any surface it absorbs some of those I don't want to talk science, but it absorbs some off its some of its elements or frequencies or whatever you wanna call...

it and it spit out the color that it sees so your eye sees the color cast off whatever the light hit, so if I put a light against that red background and I hit it really hard that's going to bounce duh red light into your subject that's big because if you're choosing a location t to shoot and you have a person is very pale shoes shoes a surface that's kind of darker in color like wood or something tanner if you have someone that's uh very dark then choose that white door back there when the light hits her a bounces light that's going to make her look more appealing um rachel you're kind of very white kind off I would photograph rachel in a I would choose a color when I'm shooting outdoors that keeps you more of a compliment to your skin whereas if you're shooting mark which has a darker skin tone I might not choose a dark wood to bounce light off off I might choose like a wider wall toe make him look even you know, just kind of even it out a little bit um let's see can you stand right in front of these paper here on the colonists bring the flash out go ahead and point the flash up to the ceiling on the light is going to miss the read war and he's going to keep her clean light they were going to turn her around we're going to hit the paper want to see what the effects are okay so let's start I was shooting the ceiling there's a fire fire kate still weak let me change the flash power this might be too strong who knows him? You see? Okay, hold on. Okay, go ahead and take a look at that last image clean face, right no effect in her whatsoever. Okay, let's go ahead and turn you around. Can you hit it from that side? Not don't hit her hit the paper right there and come this way a little more closer closer closer now turned towards me a little bit case they're right there hold it for a second I don't think I look how much of that pinkman gets picked up now how does that affect you? It affects you greatly because when you shooting the stone is illuminating stuff that the stronger the light source is illuminating that war the more of that class is gonna be casting your subjects that's why we care about this you know um uh let's try let's try that again but illuminate the paper more so we don't get her head you see the back of her head illuminated on actually is there seventy two hundred instead of this one? Let me try that real quick. Do you guys ever think about the color that the sun is illuminating and then how it's bouncing that color back this is actually interesting because this's a problem with parks you go to the park you hitting a green wall looking much that affected the exposure so if you go toe apart like everyone does and you don't think about it and you think then you tell people sit down in the park sit down in the grass I mean cheese you're making people totally green right so give me a second thank you okay let me try that one more time let's get the flies going unless not illuminate ahead if I'd let zoom the flash head too two two hundred millimeters two hundred zooming the flash head my favorite flash feature ever it changes everything for me I'll explain that in the next segment okay ready so don't illuminator fit her head hair that fire okay it's better now you see the effects even stronger especially quite crazy now you put green grass and you see why this is important you know not cool try one more time calling I'm gonna clean up the exposure a little bit one more time ok whatever it's fine okay you just like that it's like hulk okay we put this somewhere now how do you fix that? This how you fix it if you have to work with something very colorful put the white blanket here or just leave it open on let's try it one more time I'm gonna borrow you for a second actually let me do something quickly les let's forget that let's use this because that's too reflective let's use this white let's bring this one over here now we're going to try it again we're going to put this right in front on dh it should be a lot actually that's going to defuse the red is going to bring it back it will be a little less red but we'll still be ready to strike we try that one more time too much far too much power and flash music okay, so a lot better take a look at this if we can possibly compare the last night the one with the really crazy red and this one that would be good. Okay that's what happens when we don't think about the color or when we do think about the color how do you apply this when a photo shoot? Well, very simple can I get three of you guys or maybe if you're wearing pants if you're wearing like non pants but I'm not gonna work can you guess it all sit on the floor there on the floor it's okay, you don't have an official wearing like uh nice dress so whatever they just said on the floor get all together beautiful families oh my gosh, you guys are so cute. I love your children isn't very nice. Okay, first of all the lights coming from this side so if you look at the inverse square law of life this is a terrible idea second, the window so far away that the inverse square law of light here is not going to give me is not going to affect me so much it's going to be sort of even okay however there's red if you if you if you because you are only about two and a half feet from the red if I was to take a picture here you're gonna have a pretty serious where cast if your family photographer and this is the grass and this is the park probably not gonna work for you okay, best thing to do is to is to put a simple diffuser this way or you put uh this is going to be a lot better you don't have to put in the future that covers everybody just this will work on dh if you can you might wantto bring it up a little bit you're not trying to defuse the light you're trying to remove the green grass. Okay, also you could just put a reflector see here you can also just a reflektor this way and that's going to bounce the same color temperature I started that's what? It's hitting it. Okay, um look at chris ant in the middle there looks good, you remove this and you'll see some some some of that red on the cheek and you start to see some of the color captain, you get closer to the red wall yeah, that's fine. It starts to get red or on her face. So you're shooting families or any of that sort go back to normal, and justin simply removed the color cast by putting a reflected here or a diffuser. Unless, of course, you want the collar cast. You know, sometimes you want it, ok, any questions on the color situation? Good. Let's, cope. You know, guys, I gotta say, um, all these photos that were taking off joshua, for example, where we took the window light, and then we started adding a little bit and it was too much. And then we said, you know what? I want out of shadow here on all of that that's what lighting for photography is all about, you know, you want to shoot a woman look maker look beautiful, even even liked her. If you just ten percent of the reflector, you can put popping her eyes, you don't have to make him look dead. There's just a lot of great things. You we've been talking about that we'd help out. So just to summarize, um, this is another one I haven't discussed. If you put a red jail on your flash is the same thing as putting nothing when your flash practically the same thing and having it bounce against the red wall. So if you do put a red gel in your flash, is going to fire that lights going to come out clean. But then it's going to hit a red jail on its way out and it's going to create it's going to only release those those frequencies that give you red light to your eye. So it's your pictures. And I looked something like this, which is really fantastic looking, you know, could work for you for, like, halloween. You know, it's. Great.

Class Description

Don’t rely on Photoshop tricks to make your portraits pop – learn how to use light to capture the moment in a camera. In Picture Perfect Lighting, Roberto Valenzuela will teach you how to make the magic happen with on-camera, off-camera, and natural light.

Roberto is a photographer and educator committed to helping other photographers overcome roadblocks and produce their best work. In this class, he’ll teach you how to achieve perfect lighting in your portraits without always relying on bulky and expensive modifiers. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to handle Speedlites
  • The best way to use natural light
  • Studio lighting techniques

Roberto will demystify lighting and help you become a more confident practitioner of your craft. You’ll learn to embrace lighting as a source of creativity and expression, rather than a source of fear.

In Picture Perfect Lighting, Roberto will help you reduce the time you spend retouching in Photoshop so you can focus on what is really fun about photography: taking pictures. You’ll develop a better understanding of the principles behind photography lighting and learn about the gear that will make your work more beautiful – without weighing you down.

If your unedited images could use a little boost, don’t miss your chance to learn how create Picture Perfect Lighting with Roberto Valenzuela.



Im sitting in my office listening to Roberto with my earplugs on and I know I have already left 2 reviews but he's so funny…. my family comes into the office asking me "whats so funny" Roberto makes me laugh out loud with his jokes but at the same time, he is SO great at teaching. Im watching for second time to make sure all his good info is ingrained. HIGHLY recommend you take his workshop on Picture Perfect Lighting if you truly want to take your photography to the next level! WOW thats 3 reviews now…can you tell I am impressed

Maureen T.

I'm taking a portrait photography course at NYIP online. one of the mentors there recommended the posing book by Roberto. I ended up ordering at the library the posing and the perfect practice book. I fell in love with both books...ended up buying them and signing up here for the year membership just so I can take all of his photos courses. I spent most of my weekend doing perfect lighting course here I am in love with the way that he teaches! He makes something so difficult and challenging for me make sense. I also like that he challenges us photographers to be true professionals. I am thrilled to have discovered Roberto and already noticed my photography is better in the short time that I've been studying him.


Roberto has the personaliyy and gift to relate to others.He is honest and shared some of rhe disaters that occurred, even with high paying and important clients when he failed to follow his proven and tested approaches. He has shared from his extensive knowledge developed by hard work and effort to master his craft. His dedication in attacking his weaknesses and making them a strength is inspiring. I have purchased many CL classes and all have worth the investment so I hesitated to purchase this course because I didn't think there was much new information. However the clear teaching and extensive knowledge shared by Roberto in his unique style caused me to purchase it gladly and believe it is an exceptional value. Roberto has shared his extensive tools, but you will never be the master of the craft without putting in the hard work and testing that roberto testified to. Thanks again CL for bringing the best to us and Thank you Roberto for taking the time and preparation to achive excellance in in this class.