Indoor Lighting: Shooting into a Mirror and Creating Separation


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Indoor Lighting: Shooting into a Mirror and Creating Separation

Less of the mirror and then we'll do that we'll do a question um so I need both of you guys and we'll put you in the bar area again you can sit sit together, put your hands on each other let's put this orange jail let's put it behind them again. What group is that it's on be okay I'm gonna remove my high speed sync from this thing remove it on dh that's group b you said would be exhumed two hundred millimeters can you switch to group a please? Okay, okay. What I'm doing here is I'm just gonna take a shot of the mirror like like abu juristic how do you say that word bo you worry stick like somebody was walking by I saw the reflection of them and took a picture. The key to this picture is I have a black kind of like a maroon color war and so everything is kind of dark in this area, right? So I need to create separation between them so the reflection shows up just like water. If you have water here I knew illuminate the couple the reflection of the water the reflection in the water become...

s more appearance so that's the whole that's the whole key here I need to make separation there so that you can see the reflection in the mirror better otherwise they will blend in with the background of the bar any questions on that okay um queen move this crazy light out of the way little been way did you see that? I don't know can we see here it's a little stronger the flash less uh oh so made assume it all the way out sorry by the way if you're watching online we're putting this on cto again to match the kind of orange feel of the bar we're just doing something similar we're just doing another reflection of the mirror okay zoom down yes it is okay well power oh yeah hold on okay guys go ahead and put your foreheads together closure put your forest together we'll get real close to each other good okay um let's see amanda go ahead and go back to normal put your left arm on the armrest and put your left and look out this window here look out this window so I can see your face good now calvin go ahead and look at her eyes and keep yourself close to her so the light wrapped around you as well so go ahead and yeah that's it perfect stare like that the last perfect hold it for a second uh calling can you move the flashbacks till it's behind her body completely behind right more more more right there. Okay so now we hide the flash on the camera right? We don't want a big flash to show up okay on many think a quick shot one, two, three gorgeous, no that's, really beautiful. If you guys can see that that's really nice, I don't know if you guys want take a look, but it's, it's, it's, a nice shot, so let me, uh, I feel like the no that's perfect, I wouldn't change it. That's. Good. Okay, cool, thank you. We'll see how nice the separation looks, okay, who they

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Don’t rely on Photoshop tricks to make your portraits pop – learn how to use light to capture the moment in a camera. In Picture Perfect Lighting, Roberto Valenzuela will teach you how to make the magic happen with on-camera, off-camera, and natural light.

Roberto is a photographer and educator committed to helping other photographers overcome roadblocks and produce their best work. In this class, he’ll teach you how to achieve perfect lighting in your portraits without always relying on bulky and expensive modifiers. 

You’ll learn:
  • How to handle Speedlites
  • The best way to use natural light
  • Studio lighting techniques
Roberto will demystify lighting and help you become a more confident practitioner of your craft. You’ll learn to embrace lighting as a source of creativity and expression, rather than a source of fear.

In Picture Perfect Lighting, Roberto will help you reduce the time you spend retouching in Photoshop so you can focus on what is really fun about photography: taking pictures. You’ll develop a better understanding of the principles behind photography lighting and learn about the gear that will make your work more beautiful – without weighing you down.

If your unedited images could use a little boost, don’t miss your chance to learn how create Picture Perfect Lighting with Roberto Valenzuela.


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I can say enough about this class, the best class ever I've seen about lighting. Roberto Valenzuela, as a professional photographer and artist is the best also as a teacher. If you are beginner, enthusiastic, o professional photographer and want to craft and master lighting for ever and ever, please buy this class. Thanks Creative Live for the opportunity of been part of this. Roberto you are the best. "Eres el Mejor Amigo, Gracias"