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Pinterest Marketing for Makers & Designers

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Creating Your Pinterest Content Plan

Megan Auman

Pinterest Marketing for Makers & Designers

Megan Auman

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Lesson Info

8. Creating Your Pinterest Content Plan

Lesson Info

Creating Your Pinterest Content Plan

Now we're gonna go ahead and talk about creating your pinterest content plan we won't hotsy you guys because we already did that with bridget write so well you're off the hook now okay, so we're gonna talk about creating your pinterest content plan so we have all of these ideas right? And they're floating around but we want we want some actionable strategy right? So we're going to talk about those kind of daily, weekly and monthly tasks that you may want to dio so daily is that you're going to follow your power pinning strategy that's that get on there, get on the pinterest repent you know, fifteen to twenty minutes twenty two fifty pens across those really keyboards we're going to do that every day or almost every day six days a week I'll let you take one day off but you can pick the day you want right? But six days a week, right? Fifteen twenty minutes that's all and also daily you want to make sure that you're pinning content from your sight so two to four images and this is going t...

o be a combination of product pins or things that come from a sales page and the content and as we just learned from bridget, you've probably got a lot more content then you haven't realized or even thought you had back teo customer yeah like kudos quotes? Yeah that's sort of a board so like daniel obviously is giving information that is very purpose well to everybody you're not goingto put your kudos in a black and white writing how would you would you maybe like faded on a product if you don't have like an image of a person shot you know I would think about this a great question and I would think about like maybe it's not the entire kudos maybe there is like a quote that you can pull out that feels slightly more universal, right? So I remember seeing a great quote iris apfel if you don't know who she is, you should all search for iris apfel because she's this amazing, spunky ninety year old fashion icon she's like bernice what bernie streams of being basically what I dream of being and so you know, she had some great quote about, you know, like I always buy accessories, you know, they're I don't know if there's like the icing on the cake there is something really great like that in your custard customer testimonials it's you know it's nice of us men it's like I love my tiffany and stuff, but if you can find something that feels a little bit more universal and pull that out and then put it just on a quote sport think that's going to make more sense in the long run so but then the same thing like if you've got a knack and as featured in our as seen in you know you can still use those images but it's probably not going to be your most pin content, but it is a way to just sort of to your followers like drip a little bit extra about you so it's not going to be like the biggest part of your content strategy, but it can it can be a little piece of it for sure. Uh, cso those two to four images are going to be a mix of the product images and then you know other content that you have going back mining that old content maybe optimizing some images but shoot for a couple every single day and again a mix of the product pin or the sales page pen and the blood content we want to get both and if you mention before you can actually shift that to a weekly strategy using a scheduling service like viral tag or like tail wind is the other option and you know, so that means that once a week I sit down on my schedule, some content schedule some product pins all go back through my old blood posts and I'll schedule those and actually you can get even smarter about that, so if I'm creating a new block post, what I'll do is I'll create the block post and the day that it goes up, I'll schedule it to go out to different times of the day on two different boards so right away on the first day, I want to get that content out if it's really relevant, I might even do three three different boards so two or three of our boards space throughout the day, but then I'll go ahead, and while I'm scheduling it for that day, I'll schedule it again for six about six weeks out if I still think it's seasonally relevant, sometimes if we're like, it seems like it might not be relevant that I might just keep pushing it a little further out, but usually I put it, you know, six weeks out, but, you know, anywhere between foreign aid and then I might go ahead again and schedule it for maybe six months. But since a lot of my post, especially with my outfit post, feel very seasonal, I mean, actually just put it like eight or nine or ten months out when it makes sense again, right? So then you don't actually have to start backtracking so you can get in the habit of with your new content, scheduling it to pin out a couple times so you can actually sort of do that set it and forget it all right, so that's the strategy that use with new content and so now we've got our daily strategy now for our weekly strategy you can go in and schedule those product images to post and some of the other content and then your goal is that you should create at least one piece of original content every week so I would aim for that one piece of new content and it doesn't have to be anything crazy and in fact you can pick one format and use it consistently so we talked about cathy could take this black and white and gold and once a week you're going to do a product round up one of them's going to be your product three or five of them are going to be somebody else's product right every week you could do that do you want to come up with a new idea right? We want to make our lives easy so you mean like a product round up? It would be it just on your pinterest board, right? No point your post so you would do a block post that would be one graphic three, four, five or six you know whatever looks nice that's all just different black and white and gold products and maybe every week a different theme so it's black, white and gold for the bedroom black white and gold style you're black white and gold bathroom accessories you could do it around the theme if you wanted but you could do that I'm not saying you have to I'm just saying this is something that you could dio every week it would not take you very long but it could have a huge impact now if you want to create a variety of content in your weekly contact that's fine so in your case tiffany it might be you know, for the next couple of months but you're kind of working around this idea of the pacific northwest right? So once a week you're going to create a block post probably gonna pull an image or two that you already took maybe you're going to give a recommendation and it doesn't have to be like here's fifty things I love in portland the blokes might be here's a restaurant that I love in portland right and then you talk about it you post a couple images you're good to go then you get there a date night outfit in there you could absolutely throw date night outfit that starting for you oh oh you guys have gotten way talked about for sarah you have you know, maybe a billion strategy where you go ahead and find women who have great stories of transformation and once a week you're sharing one of those stories and this is a perfect example where you could take that idea that bridget talked about where you might have an image you know say it's an image of the woman but you might also pull out a couple of inspirational quotes, right? So maybe you pick the two or three most profound things that that person said in their interview, and you go ahead and you make each of those a graphic image of the quote, right? And you don't have to again, this is where if we're thinking about that branding and that reinforcing, you're going to do them every week on the same color in the same font and basically the same style, you know, we looked at daniel's truth bombs, she wasn't re inventing the wheel every week. It's probably pretty quick to put those together. I know daniel is pretty prolific, right? She busts out a lot of content to begin with, but she's not spending hours at least making the graphic for that truth bomb right now, you could do something interesting. You know, if you're thinking about ideas of transformation, maybe they're not all in the same color, maybe there's like one color for something about that describes how she feels before in a different color that describe, you know, background for describes how she feels after so you could play with some of those ideas. This is all on pinterest, although these graphics so on your block. It was and then it was pinned interest yes when I'm talking about weekly creating a piece of original content remember all our content has to live somewhere first it has to live in that container or that blawg if you wantto call it what it actually is and then your once you've created that piece of original content and then also in here you could say you know what? So every week I'm gonna create one piece of original content and I'm gonna optimize one piece of old content, right? So that's actually great because now you just double the amount of content that you're putting on to pinterest every week one new piece, one optimized piece if you want you are more than welcome to create more than one piece of content a week, right? I create at least when I'm being good I create a new piece of content for pinterest five days a week, right? It's a lot it's a lot of work if it's gonna burn you out, don't do it right if you can do it it's great because you're going to grow faster I'm not gonna lie, you're going to grow faster when you create that much content but one sarah looks horrified one piece of content a week is all I'm telling you you have to dio right one piece of content a week is all you have to dio interviewing these women or am I finding these interviews elsewhere so I think in your case what you're doing is you're finding an intern or an assistant and you're saying okay, I know a couple women to sawgrass sir, I know a couple women you gonna ask your intern you're an assistant to email them three questions and get their response is back and then they're going to publish them on the block right? They're gonna edit thumb for continuity syntax all that stuff I put it on the block I'm just making up words here but I'm on the block right? And then once you've started to do a couple of these then you can have something on your blog's something in the bottom of each post that says did you go through an incredible transformation or do you know someone who did submit her to share her story? So once you've started to do it it takes a lot of pressure off it's those first couple where it's going to feel really tough right? The first couple are always going to feel harder, but once you start doing it it actually starts to come back to you so then oh yeah, I know someone let me I want it I want to share my story or I want to share my friend's story or I want to share my sister story and it makes it a little bit easier one one knew a week and really if you're feeling super pressed for time one alternate when we do when we do relax one week you knew when we do remix and then monthly you're going to go ahead and if you haven't been doing this schedule or repent older content right so just go back through find things that are a little older scheduled them out on pinterest no you want to go ahead and brainstorm content ideas and plug them into an editorial calendar so here's the other problem with content creation right we're like okay meghan said once a week I have to create content right I have to do it and so then it's like tuesday and you're like I create content this week and then suddenly it's friday I have to create content this week right and then you're like but I actually a show tomorrow so I'm gonna do that instead right every way area with the best intentions right so what you're going to go ahead and do instead is once a month you're going to sit down and you're gonna brainstorm content ideas for the next month and you're going to plug them into an editorial calendar editorial calendars fancy way of saying I'm gonna take a calendar and I'm going to write down my content ideas in it is a simple is that so now on monday of next week here in the open of your calendar you say right? Today I'm going to write that post on the great portland restaurant or my favorite hiking trail or whatever it is and now at least you don't have to say, well, I don't have ideas, I can put it off, you know what isthe right? So that's what we're going tio dio as our monthly and that's really it it doesn't have to be super complicated, I get that us, I'll have businesses to run, I get that we have other things to dio, so you want to keep it as simple as possible. Pitino do your daily pinning schedule those product post one sweet content creation it doesn't have to be more complicated than that beginning some questions online people did actually confirm angel m says that she's sorry, one big oldest if they just love this plan and they are confirming say they have been standing too awesome. So what I want everyone to do now is I want you to actually start brainstorming some content ideas, so I want you to feel like you're ready to go when you can plug goes into the editorial calendar, so I know we've sort of been talking through some ideas with our studio audience and, you know, I would love for you guys online to maybe share a couple of ideas for some of the new content that you're going to be creating and while we're at that so let's hear a couple more content ideas that maybe our in studio audience is thinking about where all our online audience share so what do you thinking you might create well you just pacific northwest out there and I actually was kind of ditching the whole pacific northwest because I spent the summer there and then I was like and now it's winter and I'm back in tokyo so but so saying that I just created a new bass player that clint I had a vision of me on a hiking trail and kind of the cold that is like your bass player and so like doing like a hike with the necklace and launching it like that and doing a trail post because I'm going back for christmas so yeah so you're thinking and you think you're gonna do more kind of on the outdoorsy theme to our back every summer and so and that's definitely like portland is a huge part of me it's where I'm from right? But I definitely see my brand is more of a california brand so but I don't see why I can't incorporate you travel though yeah everything's yeah I was thinking studio eyes doing those photographs with pieces and they mean the pieces after the inspiration for the photographs around the bay area but also you know that could totally be a pacific northwest thing awesome and that could be a very easily yeah, and I think you know, also for you you can absolutely be doing that kind of oakland specific content because you know that a lot of your ideal customer is there in that area and people are searching certainly searching for localized content, so feel free to, you know, share things about your neighborhood share things about the area, you know, those khun b absolutely be fodder for great block post too what do you think I want to do something repeated? He said with the round up, can you think how do you feel about having specific subjects on specific days like tuesday treasures? Maybe? And then that comes on every tuesday and then wednesday, but it should do you think it's good to be consistent like that? Or do you think it just gets too repetitive? I think it can be good to be that consistent if you're the kind of person who works like that, right it having that structure feels good to you, they absolutely do it if you're the kind of person like three weeks and you're like, I don't want to do treasures on tuesday anymore then like, don't start out saying I'm going to do this right? You know, the other thing that I think is really important, especially for those of you who have been neglecting a vlog is when you're starting up your content again don't be like, hey, guys, I know it's been a while or, like, sorry, I haven't written for so long don't point it out, just go ahead and start again and don't be like, hey, I got this new momentum and every tuesday I'm going to post this, you might know that every tuesday you're going to post this, but just do it it's totally that show don't tell, so don't give that sorry I've been gone long none of that stuff just start creating content. And actually bridget mentioned that there's kind of a big movement to actually take dates off of blawg posts that's something that you can really easily do in a lot of themes is you can actually just go in and say, I don't want the date to appear on my block post anymore. I actually do it on designing an mba. If you go to designing an mba, you'll notice there's there there are still the bread crumbs with the date, but there's no date stamp underneath the post on the home page, so it's a little less noticeable that it's been a couple of weeks since I wrote a post right? So feel free to take those dates off and don't feel like you have to. You know what people know hand back but if you want to do that kind of regular thing and and it's okay, you know if you're like ok, I want two d'oh tuesday I wouldn't go like tuesday and wednesday the girl's not gonna go everybody do like tuesday and friday or smooth that yeah that's true because the dates kind of make you feel sometimes intimidated because just because it's older doesn't mean it makes the content of relevant, you know something right at and as we've seen on pinterest the life span of content ten of you really long I actually just had a post that I think I did in two thousand twelve I want to say suddenly got that the image from that got a ton of traction like somebody pin it and then somebody else in it and then hold little pinned it and it started to get really crazy, right it's a it's a couple of your old post it doesn't matter it's still of interest to people so yet taking those date stamps off you actually really help me so so where you thinking you're going to go with this kind of ideal woman have been through transformation? Are you going to do anything else in your content creation? There is a lot right? Yeah, I mean the aging gracefully which is different from that hour I could focus on the japanese there's a lot with jared and actually and there's an interesting tie between the japanese and aging gracefully, right? Because that's a culture that values aging in a way that we don't there's some interesting things there to what else? Well, when, you know, talking about the color, I could do a color thing, I could do red and white, since I have a lot of red wine, I don't know that's, so you have a lot of things that you could dio. Yeah, yeah, great, you and you may decide, you know, especially if you feel like that kind of stories of women's transformation, maybe a lot of work to get going. You might decide that you only post one of those a month, right? And the other three weeks you create some of that other content. So that way you're not trying to have to find and source and create those stories every single week, because that might it looks like that might overwhelm you a little that maybe like a once a month post, and then you do a few some of those other ideas every other week.

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