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Portraits at Night

Matt Hill

Portraits at Night

Matt Hill

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1 Class Introduction Duration:01:36
3 Gear and Preparation Duration:16:50
4 Basic Settings Duration:08:15
5 Locations Duration:06:15
6 Subjects Duration:04:22
7 Safety Duration:02:25
8 Beating Adversity Duration:01:28
9 Self Portraiture Duration:06:47
10 Buddy System Duration:02:36
11 Choosing a Light Source Duration:20:05
12 Adding Life to Long Exposure Duration:22:15
13 Pushing Your Creativity Duration:18:22
14 Post Processing Duration:19:14
15 Paper Outfits at Night Duration:10:58
16 What You Get With This Class Duration:01:12

Class Description

Learn to capture amazing environmental portraits at night and incorporate a starry landscape or beautiful urban environment with your subjects. Get started in night portraiture by knowing what gear to choose, what to look for in locations and how to use your friends as subjects. Incorporate lights into your night photos and bring life to a long exposure. In this class you’ll learn: How to take self portraits at night without losing any of your background or subject How to choose a light source and add life to long exposures What to get right in camera and how to develop your images further in lightroom How to safely use pyrotechnics to take your portraits to another level  



I learned some techniques in Matt's class, which were helpful, but believe this was for the advanced photographer and i was a little confused at times. i would've liked to know the "how to" with the lights, showing how to program them with more detail. I am just learning how to set my camera for different lighting situations. But a very interesting course and glad i went through it.

Kirk Edwards

Great class! Liked it so much that I booked a trip to Colorado to work with Matt and Lance on one of their National Parks at Night classes. Highly recommend.

Margaret Lovell

While I believe this course is more beneficial for a photographer with better night photography and lighting skills, I learned quite a bit. This class made me think of some interesting ideas, especially using regular light sources such as flashlights or a pixelstick.