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Workshop Recap

Lesson 28 from: Unique Posing for Weddings

Doug Gordon

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Lesson Info

28. Workshop Recap

Lesson Info

Workshop Recap

let's talk about what we really learned what was the message of what we really wanted to accomplish for three days if you walk out of here learning one thing you did good but there's so much more you guys right here in front of me have the opportunity of a lifetime this is a proven track record it's worked and it's worked in different states anybody who's done it has made it work but you gotta put the effort in you're going to go home and you're here and I know that this is a lot of content I know your head's ready to explode it has to be because my head's ready to explode worried about that I put out everything I wanted teo did I get all the information out I want should I have went more here there in between but in the end I know that I put out twenty plus hours of content that could change your life the question is what you do when you leave what you going to do are you going to go home and watch this over and over and over again much like a movie you're going to find them or you wa...

tch it you learn different things I promise you you'll watch it a hundred times and you'll still learn something I watched those monty tapes brick I said thousands of times so let's short recap what we learned what is the most important thing in photography that we need to look for what is it like light it's very simple you have to find the direction of light that message will never change whether it's with great instructors like jerry kevin tam er bambi may we're all looking for one animal school it's the light you watch them and you learn it's about finding the light once you find the light what do you need to deal with it identify what it isthe now was I thrilled to stay inside the studio every day I would have liked to have gone on location but the fact is this is what we had and we make the best of it it's about turning lemons into lemonade once we find out what the light is where the light's coming from what type of light is it it's very simple you're either gonna have three years of three types of light it's either going to be daylight it's going to be flora sent four types it's going to be flash or it's going to be daylight I'm sorry tungsten that's one of the reasons I love my torch because it allowed me to work it did you see what we did on the roof what we created from a dark situation with a single small little light it's all about finding the light identifying and making it and white balancing now you may say the debate keeps the raging should we shoot ross should we shoot j peg you like the way say wrong my wife always makes fun of me because it sounds like a rod okay that's the new york accent kicking in but the fact is very simple it's up to you you decide what works best for you in my case I don't think I need to shoot a profile because my j pegs are accurate my color is accurate and if you look our results from a show showed it they work spectacularly because we knew what we wanted to accomplish so once we learned how to shoot we could relax we could take it easy there's no need to stress over this this job is fun it's exciting and when you fall in love with what you're doing you stop and falling off with what you're doing right now this minute this second it's going to be so much better it's going to be so much more unique and most of all it's going to be energizing to you you can on ly be truly great it's something that you love and the fact is simple that if you go into this with a relaxed atmosphere everything else will fall into place it's not about stress it's not about creating more problems for yourself it's about realizing what you want to accomplish so what you need to know is whether you're shooting whether you're working a business you need to number one have a plan I said it several times flow system is not a way of shooting it's a way of life you have to live within your flow you have to live within the moment I don't worry about what's gonna happen tomorrow because tomorrow may never come I worry about what I'm going to do today because by doing that I'm able to accomplish my goals I worry about what my goal is for today I don't want to be good today I want to be great tomorrow and I want to be better the next day it's about being better each day it's about having that plan it's about having that system it's about moving forward in a way that you never ever possibly imagined when you find the light you just not finding light in photography you're finding the light in your life that's what you're looking for you're looking for a way to make it easier again photography is a way of life it's the greatest job in the world I've done some great things but nothing is his great is when a man tells me that those clients those people said I never felt so good about myself do you know what that means do you know what that feels when you could make a bride cry as much fun and his laughter as I create its about creating a total entity I don't want to be doug the photographer I want toby doug he's the nicest person I ever met I want people to remember me as an experience I want them to get a t shirt that says I survived doug okay I want them to have fun we should sell that on the creative life site it would work that you want one fact is simple you have to move beyond you have toe work from here to get what you really want so I asked you in the beginning what inspires you what is it how could you know what you want if you don't know what you're looking for is it inspiration is it love is it money is it self worth is a family is it the love of the game and photography's game like nothing else if you want to change people's lives he become a photographer we need to change our own lives the message is simple today what I've learned over the last couple of years is that we are in a dying business and we've done this to ourselves because we decided we wanted to give away our files because we wanted to make it easier we no longer wanted to be what a photographer was and printer images and make them better and create art for people's home that long lives beyond us we wanted to just give it away and make it easier but now we need to take it back toe all the people out there who are picking up a camera and saying I'm a photographer you need to do something different I gave you the tools I gave you two hundred fifty poses over the last two and a half days two hundred fifty poses if you do half of them you will be successful I gave you the idea is to go out and get business go to a church go to family school go to a school and create a family photo night why does that matter because you know why there's that family that you're going to photograph that two months after that their grand parents may not be there you did something special and you were lucky enough to make a little bit of money about it that's what I'm talking about you have to create from within you have to take yourself to a different level a different area a different idea a different concept you have to change the way you think so that your world will change with a changed or you think your world changes forever you know this already changing life is automatic isn't it progress is not progress is not you need to know that when you leave here what's gonna happen so now I challenge you issue a challenge to every one of you and every one of you at home I challenge you tow walk outside here and go and do something different beam or want more feel more strive for the stars which for something that you never thought imaginable don't think about what could be think about what if all these years I remember saying to my wife one time right before I got the u n ward I said I don't know what else is left to you I don't know what else is left to accomplish and she looked at me she always she goes you always say that you always say that but then you come up with something else because if something else happens you say oh this is going to be as good as it ever gets I'm no longer saying this is good as good as it gets I'm now saying what else is left I want more I taste it I feel it a yearn for it you have to go and do that you came here you spent three days with me what are you going to deal with it what are you going to do tell me I want you to think about it and I don't want you to think about it today I don't want you to be inspired to walk out of here I want you to be inspired for weeks and months to come so now I'm here to help you I'm here to help you whether it's a facebook whether it's a tweet whether it's a call to the studio whatever it is go and do it to make whatever you need if you have this video when you feel like you ran out of inspiration reach back and watch it and grab it and remember what excited you to begin with it's so easy to fall into a trap isn't it because you so many other things take precedence in life but you came here because you wanted more go get it go get it I can on ly lead you to the water you have to make a decision on whether or not you're going to drink it's been my honor to be here with you for three days but I know being with you and meeting all of you great people and getting all the great messages from the people home I realized I'm not even close to accomplishing my goals I'm nowhere near to it I want my own universe I want to be more I want to be popular I look at the bigger picture I strive for the impossible dream I strive to be the best photographer in the world I strive in hope that every person likes may cannot ever happen probably not it's an impossible dream nobody's it's not always gonna be about everybody liking me but what is gonna happen is I'm going to keep working towards that goal so maybe it is an impossible goal maybe it's an impossible dream but my passion my courage and everything else is going to lead me to that in place I want you to have that I want you to feel it I want you to see it and I want you to do it make it a way of life so I thank you for everything you've done for the last three days with may I thank you for the opportunity to mentor you for at least three days and I hope that it goes well beyond that do you have any questions you'd like answered before I go you're you're scared of me now ladies you were scared huh how you guys feeling spires grateful how are you guys going out there you are you feeling I'm I'm feeling excited it's an exciting time it's an exciting time for industry it's an exciting time for creative life it really is because you're bringing education into people's homes the days changed when we used to run out and go to trade shows and do all that sort of stuff because they're expensive on a problem with trey chose to in a certain extent is what we wind up spending money and doing things we really shouldn't be doing but the fact is it has to be about you this online classroom is the greatest thing you could ever imagine I'm so honored to be here I'm also so upset that it took me so long to realize how great it is because the idea of the concepts and everything behind it and there's going to be instructors that you love there's going to be instructors you dislike there's going to be some that you're indifferent about but it doesn't matter it's about finding one thing from each of them to make it work I hope I gave you more than one thing and if I gave you one thing for ninety nine dollars that can change your life that's great but I'd like to give you a lot more than that I just love doing this job and I love educating people if you ask me what I was meant to dio I always thought it was baseball but recently I realized I was meant to touch people and I'm not talking about monty okay I meant in general just touch people with my images touch people with my words and always know that I could be better I want to be better tomorrow than I was a kid I always

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I loved every minute of it! I watched and re-watched the Live show 3 times and now have the video version to burn into my mind. I don't get sick of watching it, I learn something new with each viewing. I have notes upon notes, inspirational quotes and I was truly inspired. I saw you live at your workshop and I wish we would of covered the business section a bit more in depthly because after watching you here on creativeLive I was floored! I can't wait to attend another one of your workshops because you are a wealth of knowledge, energetic and you inspire me to be better! I'm so glad I wasn't afraid to try even though I was terrified at first. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such an amazing mentor!

a Creativelive Student

Doug is AMAZING! The way he teaches makes it fun and easy to understand. The way he poses his couples are so fast and easy to learn, I have taken my photography from mediocre, to world-class. I would love to meet him and thank him personally one day. Thank you Creativelive for introducing me to Doug, and thank you, Doug, for introducing me to CreativeLive! The best community for learning!!!

Adrian Farr

Doug has so much enthusiasm, it is beyond measurable. He is truly a fantastic motivator. He helps you understand the best ways to work with the light you have and shows you some very simple yet effective posing techniques. I highly recommend watching and buying this course if you want some great advice on improving your photography.

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