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Client Portrait Shoot Overview

Lesson 11 from: Powerful Portraits using Mirrorless Cameras

Miguel Quiles

Client Portrait Shoot Overview

Lesson 11 from: Powerful Portraits using Mirrorless Cameras

Miguel Quiles

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11. Client Portrait Shoot Overview


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Client Portrait Shoot Overview

We're at my favorite part of this, of this course thus far, which is basically where I get to shoot some stuff. And get to show you guys how I shoot my portraits and kinda talk to you through the process, actually put the posing that I showed you guys, and kinda put that in action so you can see how we get really, really good portraits. So to give you guys a little bit of an idea of kinda where we're going with this, all of the shots we're gonna do for this is gonna be one light. I wanna keep it very, very simple because oftentimes you'll see people using multiple lights and I feel like sometimes it's a little bit of a barrier to entry 'cause you may say, "Well, I don't have all those lights" and "Why are there like four, five lights in a shot?" So I wanna make things really simple and I wanna show you guys that you can get a variety of different looks using just a single light. So we're gonna keep it very simple. One single light using our collapsible backdrops, and I'll be switching ...

these around so I kinda talk to you guys about the fact that they're very versatile, they're easy to open up and switch out and I'm actually gonna put my money where my mouth is and I'm gonna do that. So we're gonna shoot with a bunch of different backgrounds. Same wardrobe. We might do like one wardrobe change midway. But this is kind of like the girl next door look. So this is, throughout this course I basically wanted to photograph different types of people. So I wanted to photograph, um, you know, just kind of a person that you might have access to. Like somebody that's just a good looking person that is not a trained model, you know, and get them in front of the camera and photograph them and that's kinda what this segments gonna be. I have more of the beauty look, like the person that's actually a polished model, and we have fancy makeup being done and hair being done. And I'll show you guys how to use the mirrorless cameras to do that. And then in the segment after that we're gonna talk about how to photograph just a regular everyday Joe with a beard and make him look really awesome. Somebody that maybe on the surface you might look at and say, "Eh, I don't know if that I really wanna "photograph 'em 'cause I can't get anything "great." I'm gonna show you how to get really great images out of just regular people. It's a lot of fun. So for this particular segment I'm gonna be shooting tethered and tethered shooting, I kind of eluded to this and I wanna kind of expound upon this a little tiny bit. To say that every single photo shoot that I do, and when I first started way back when, I always shot tethered. And part of the reason was because of the fact that I was actually able to evaluate the photographs. And if something was wrong, I could make that determination, whether it was something that I needed to fix on the camera or if it was something I could fix in post. Now I'm not that guy that's gonna tell you oh don't worry about it, you can fix everything in post. You know, take that terribly lit photo, or that terribly exposed photo and just fix it in post. I'm not gonna tell you to do that. But I will say that there are certain things that I know that I could either take a few minutes to try to fix it on the spot, or I could just say, you know what, don't worry about it, it takes me seconds, like the white balance thing. Perfect example. We had some shots earlier that we took between these different cameras, and the white balance was coming out looking like this, where it had kinda that warm tone. This is something where I could take the time, which it would take seconds, really, to go in the camera and just change the white balance from how it is in the camera to daylight and we'll get something that looks more comparable. Or I could say, you know what, I'm shooting these raw, I'll do this in post. But I made that decision because I'm shooting tethered and I could actually see really quickly if I make that change what's gonna happen.

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a Creativelive Student

I want to commend you for hosting Miguel Quiles. He is beyond competent and knowledgeable. Light is Light, but It is encouraging to see incredible minority photographers on your platform and to see diversity in the presenters. It is inspirational for minorities to see themselves on the center stage. I sincerely thank you for that. I am buying this course although I am not a mirrorless shooter because of my support of Miguel and the quality of his instruction of which benefits all photographers. He is a great addition to the Creative Live Family of Presenters that I have supported as well. Kudos Creative Live!

Danae Khan Jones

Wow! As a Newb and someone looking to get into portrait/studio photography, this course was perfect and comprehensive. SO MUCH GOOD CONTENT. Miguel is so approachable about questions, positive, and thorough in his explanations. This course broke down the gear and technical side very well. I recommend going to a class live. It was a great experience with food and beautiful facilities. The facility has a positive vibe and really encouraged me to be creative. Thank you for the experience and knowledge!


WOW!!! I LOVED THIS CLASS!!! I learned so much. He made lighting soooo simple, I finally understood. I liked the way he explained the why of his camera settings and how to overcome ambient light. he explained and made everything simple!!! I liked the way he talked about connecting with your clients. I am so happy I purchased this class. I finally understood lighting What a great teacher!! Thank you!!

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