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Publish Online with Adobe InDesign CC

Tony Harmer

Publish Online with Adobe InDesign CC

Tony Harmer

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Class Description

The InDesign Publish Online service allows you to create rich documents that can be viewed in any standards-compliant browser (including those on devices) and all it takes is a little simple enhancing of your existing layout skills, and 100% no coding—promise! In Publish Online with Adobe® InDesign® CC® Tony Harmer will give you all components and workflows needed in order to create beautiful online documents.

You'll Learn:

  • Document & workspace setup
  • Animation basics
  • Events and triggers
  • Combining interaction and animation
  • Sending to Publish Online
  • Exporting for iBooks

Don't be fearful of needing to know any code or anything other than your existing InDesign layout skills. In Publish Online with Adobe InDesign CC Tony will show you how to Increase your reach and publish to a wider audience.


Adobe InDesign CC 2018


Lenore Spitznagel

Great Class! Clear, concise and timely. Tony is engaging and knowledgeable about the subject. I feel confidant about using the material presented immediately.