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Course Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques

Scott Robert Lim

Course Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques

Scott Robert Lim

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1. Course Introduction


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Course Introduction


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Lesson Info

Course Introduction

I was on an airplane that's weak, flying back from my wedding in hawaii, which was pretty nice. And I saw this shoe and this show I don't know if you guys seen it, but it was called top gear. Anybody familiar with that show? And they had this episode. Uh and it was about well, if you don't know about the show it's about three experts, er hu debate and they have, like, three different cars and the debate, which car is the best? And they go out and do these road tests. Well, they did. This one episode called budget super convertibles like the word budget in here because just wait till you see the cars and they drove it for like, a week, and they took it through spain and they did millions of tests on it. They are debating back and forth who had the best car and all this kind of stuff. And here are the three cars that day. Um, shown one wass the ferrari. Okay for fifty eight spider it's only two hundred fifty four thousand that meets our budget, right. The second one was the mcclaren twel...

ve. See spider just slightly lower at two. Forty eight k u s dollars that is, and then the third one was the rt audio r eight spider for only one hundred fifty it's one hundred thousand dollars less you know, I think maybe if we sold everything we owned we might be able to get into that on dso they took these cars for test and who which car do you think one the most test I think they had a maybe twenty test or something like that anybody know would take a guess out you are right. It was amazing like they had like uh probably percent of the test audience one which was quite amazing since it was one hundred dollars less which brings up this which car costs the least which was the audio now which car was the fastest ferrari any other yes. No ok, I guess you know what show that much which caused the fast this was the mclaren okay, which car would you buy anybody how are you out there? Which car would you buy audi you're okay, right. All right. Well, which car did the experts choose? Forgot to add s in there but what do you think? The ferrari, the audi all right, guess what the experts chose the ferrari wait what's going on here? Didn't the audio just kick butt on all the tests? Hey, it wasn't even the fastest car that's really interesting so why did the experts choose the ferrari? Clearly it wasn't the lowest priced it wasn't the fastest and it wasn't the best value why did they choose the fright? So when I like watching that program and then they went around to the experts and they asked they said friar fried frankel that's interesting what's your take on that name in history name in the history product what's that product recognition product recognition status okay, well, let me ask you about your business this touched shows us something right? Does it tell us something? Does your business have to be the lowest priced to be successful like the audio? Not really. The r eight was lowest, but all the experts wanted the ferrari right? Does it have to produce the best images to be successful? Well, look att the fraud wasn't even the fastest the clare wass does it have to be the best value? Well, clearly the r eight was the best value, but they all chose the ferrari. The ferrari proved you can be the highest priced with the least value and the most desired. Let me read that again the provide proof you khun b the highest priced with the least value and the most desired okay, that's it classes over some of you just need to learn this concept right here and you can stop watching well no watch this creative live and then you can stop watching the other ones but really that's all you have to know isn't that amazing? That leads the highest price at least value in the most desired that's because what the ferrari had a bulletproof reputation so how do you kind of create this bulletproof reputation? We talked a little bit about it before create a world class product or seven now all three of those cars they were definitely at a world class level you mean you couldn't have no volkswagen rolling up or whatever it had to be in that category. Okay, so you do have to perform at a certain level that's for sure and you gotta have a b at a world class level, you've got to demonstrate integrity, right and that's part of the history of that particular car that ferrari year after year they produced really fine sports cars and so it had integrity to it. Our business has to have that certain year after year it has to produce quality improvements, be relevant, ok, you have to be the industry icon that's kind of like with the ferrari was the industry icon and how do you do that? And if fate right, you have to be first you have to add something new to your industry, you can't just coffee all the time, you have to learn and then you have to innovate on top of that longevity, you got to just stay in the game, you know what some of your best years doesn't have to mean that you make a lot of money it means that you just survived and got through it that year so you can go on to the next year and the next year and the next year and you could just still staying in business sometimes is a heck of a lot of success and so I know a lot of a struggle sometimes being artist but it is a huge success as an arctic suggest to stay alive and be in business the next year ok intangibles you write that for I have the intangibles there's just something about it the personality the style there's something there that they wanted and we have to learn how to cultivate that also those intangible things so what is this workshop about? Well it's better integration of crazy stupid like how many peoples here son so crazy stupid light all right you know what? I talked about a lot of things in crazy stupid light and I thought I did a great job with it but I realized almost two years later and after, you know, teaching thousands of students that I didn't quite I taught you this thing these things but I didn't do a great job of showing you how to incorporate it into the real world and how it actually works and so that's what we're really going to be coming we're going toe cover these show you pretty much the same techniques but how to integrate it and how to really make it work for you I am going to give you step by step formulas to handle lot any lighting situation okay step by step formulas howto handle any lighting situation and that's what I'm excited about as I was preparing uh you know this lecture siri's unlike wow this is great I have a formula I have a template anybody can use these methods and have success okay and new lighting ideas some things that I've learned um after crazy stupid light that I want to share with you but what really is this workshop about is me taking your but you know why I know you guys liked it actually you liked her but kate you know because why I teach thousands of students and they like me writing them a bit tell him come on man you can't do this let's go right in fact you know what I was just thinking about it you need a daddy okay you need that dad the coach who expects more out of you okay you know that crazy dad who's kind of at the games in the stands yelling all the time right guess what that's me hey come on oh yeah lim drink shot yes lam fifty five get down there, move move your people of your feet defense defense right uh that guy who kind of even after practice and when you get home giving you that extra kind of information because he's really seen your game and says hey you know what you need to work a little bit more on your dribbling or hey um I notice when you're showing your foul shots keep your elbow in a little bit more you know that guy who um just expects more out of you right pushing you writing you encouraging you you need that you also need that dad who feels which you feel right maybe you're having a bad day right and you're like oh man you don't feel like eating that broccoli there that's there but you have to eat it right and you need somebody to come along science that hey you know what it's not that bad you can get through this I know you don't like it and I know you're a little bit scared come here honey hold my had let's go and do this together hey or maybe you need that dad who comes along and says hey son yes what son you screwed up right and you know what but hey guess what that's okay that's okay we can do this together um passes the past um I know you made some mistakes but today is a new day we can get going learn these things learn from our mistakes and move forward and it's ok you need a daddy right? Anybody like cleaning who detests cleaning fish, right? Hey buddy media daddy to show you things you never knew about or things you would never try if it weren't for dad right just like how we hate good to test cleaning fish some of you out there like don't like that yes what some of you like feel that way about lighting uh using my flash that's scary I don't quite sure what to do and so you need someone to come along and say hey, you know it's not that bad do this do that do this and it's going to feed your family it's going toe provide for you you need a daddy someone to show you a brand new world of exciting opportunities right? You need somebody to help you get to that next level to show you some things that you can experience that you never thought that you could so you need all these things um but basically this is why what it's about you need someone who cares bad that's what this workshop is about and that's what the difference is don't we just love that educator who cares right? Well, let's say we're at school and you know the schools, the teachers fantastic about relaying information and telling you everything that you need to know about geometry or whatever, right? And he hands out the tests and there's some teachers that didn't don't even care whether or not you're going to fail or pass what are the good teachers? The good teachers there's little you're tryingto you know the bell rings you trying to leave the class hurriedly and the teacher says that stop hey scott, can you come over here? You walk over there writes I noticed gas c minus on your last test what's going on you know something telling that's the teacher that you love somebody cares about you and guess what it matters to me it matters to me if you get the shot or you don't get the shot especially if you don't get the shot because now I can help you I can work with you I wanted to develop a relationship with you and so basically hello my name is scott robert limb and for these next three days I want to be your daddy ok? And in order for me to be your daddy we have to develop a relationship okay on what's a relationship about relationship isabel two way communication is just not me up here telling you these things but I want you to try to assimilate these things and work through it in your brain asked me questions try it and with that information going back and forth even out there in the chat room that want to hear from you these are your three days for me to be your dad okay and listen, I care about you but I don't love you, ok, so don't be texting me at three a m in the morning like because you can't figure something else, but I want to be here for you for these three days, and I want that dialogue between us, okay, I want us to work back and forth so I can really see where you're at and help you go from there and really into great that's what this is about integration off the information into the real world, okay, so, you know, that's, exactly what it so when I was did creative, stupid, like, I mean, that was a huge success, and I thought in my my, oh, man, I just hit it out of the park there like, I don't need to teach this anymore. I did such a fantastic job, right? I was wrong because after teaching thousands of students later and having them come to my workshop, I realized that there were certain holes in my teaching, I could do a better job. And so that's, what I'm here is to actually build on top of that crazy, stupid, like and do a better job. And there were some things that I realized in this process that I missed some things that I didn't teach well, and some things the students coming in, um, actually had a little bit of difficulty with and I want to go through a little those things so what? These are the things that I feel that the students need to know that they didn't know in the other crazy stupid light okay, so first of all fears have been conquered that is the great thing every single week I'm getting emails saying hey scott, thanks for telling me how to do this and they show me pictures of what they did it's like awesome so right mastering flash photography is like having a sunset in your pocket just pull it out when you need it and that's really what it wass that power to be able to bring light in anywhere and create a great lighting situation what's the students need to know photographers need to walk before they run what do you think I mean by that? Anyone any ideas? Well, what you got master your camera controls okay like their center f stop I s own life because literally I am doing some of these workshops and you know I'm helping somebody and I'm saying ok, you change your f stop and people have to think like um how do you want change my f stuff on the camera I had a little bit take it from there to here let me do this for you change your eye so uh war the isil button right so you can't kind of skip over those things you've got to really know your camera insight out first before you can really maximize this workshop right you have to know how to shoot in manual and what that means of achieving the exposure in manual and do it instantly okay and efficiently you've gotto understand exposure equivalence right? So let's say you're setting up a shot and you love that exposure that you got but the shutter speeds over two hundred well listen the flash not going to work you gotta bring your shutter speed under two hundred you got change it change that immediately like that you can't be thinking like how do we do that what equivalence? You really have to know that okay um no how do you use the right shutter speed right and not get a blurry image you need to know that in certain situations when you use the longer lands it's just for example you lose the longer land yet to keep your sort of speed up because it might be a little bit blurry or if if maybe the there's a lot of ambient light if you've got to raise it there and so far so you need to know or maybe there's an action that's kind of happening and so you really need to know about managing your shutter speed and why and how to two's choose that correct shutter speed okay if you can't master camera exposure basics and really know that you can't manage off camera flash, and it is so evident when these people come to my class, right. They get all excited about crazy, stupid, like they come to class and they see how easy it is, and then they don't even know their basics, and they feel lost right off the bat. Okay, so you really have to know that that's. One thing you should do, so creating your own light, actually is the last frontier. It is the hardest, and especially doing it on location, that is really, really, really tough, ok, that's, probably. Technically, that's. Probably. One of the hardest things to do is what we're going to be doing in these next three days. Okay, so that's, why you need to know all that other stuff, like the back of your hand before you can conquer this stuff.

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Ratings and Reviews

Dan Frumkin

I read several reviews on this site which gave me hesitation to buy this course. Nonetheless, I pressed on. Now I have a suggestion for those considering parting with their cash. Before you buy, go to any of Scott’s galleries online. If you can shoot at Scott’s level move on. If you cannot see the artistry in Scott’s work, move on. If you cannot conceive of the technical proficiency Scott has with flash, move on. But if you are mortal photographer that desires to improve your work, compare your personal portfolio to Scott’s. He wins awards for good reasons. Invest the time and money. You will be amply rewarded. Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques is worth every penny. So is Crazy, Stupid, Light. I purchased both and now use Scott’s advice and techniques daily. Plus, he provides a good dose of inspiration and humor. Scott is an awesome professional, fantastic photographer and a wonderful teacher.


I already own Lim's class, "Crazy, Stupid Light" as well as two of his Strobie 230 flashes with transmitter (in addition to my Canon speedlight). I appreciate being able to get into lighting with flashes and equipment that costs much less than Profoto lights etc. that I couldn't afford yet. Lim has a very organized and energetic teaching style. He is a great speaker in that he is excited about what he is doing and seems to love to help others learn how to be successful with their lighting. He is very animated and funny and has the right blend of being confident yet self-effacing and admits his mess-ups during class. I find him very engaging and interesting. If you have less than $500 or $600 to spend on lights, but want to start adding lighting to your photo shoots, he is a great place to start.

a Creativelive Student

This class was fantastic! I've always opted for the easy way out when it came to lighting my subjects, usually resorting to using just natural light and a reflector even though I always have my lighting kit with me. I learned in this class how creating my own light can be the easiest way to get the results I want. It's much easier than trying to make the natural light do what I want it to do. Scott's passion for photography and teaching are evident, and his commitment to the success of his students is amazing. I definitely recommend this course for photographers at any level. I came away with many ideas on how to build upon the lighting tips presented here to make it my own. Thanks Scott Robert Lim!

Student Work