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Image Critique Continued

Lesson 26 from: Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques

Scott Robert Lim

Image Critique Continued

Lesson 26 from: Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques

Scott Robert Lim

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26. Image Critique Continued

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Image Critique Continued

Yeah I like this you know I saw it and it hit me emotionally I kept looking at it I go I like it but something is just not right with the composition of it right? And one thing I think this rail light that they used right here is crooked too. So uh it's uv surprise with judges like hey women ever but it's like starts to bother me after a while we were how you say the picture should look like you can look at it forever and ever and ever and ever when something is a little bit when the picture in your house is a little bit crooked it is compelling for you to go over there and straighten out those that has been what bugging the heck out of me that's the same type of thing if you're just a little bit off way look at it and go I wish I could just tell that like so even though it's subtle it's just one of those picture tell things and we want to go in and fix it and so this little ray here doesn't seem quite horizontal which is kind of throwing things off but I think what's I would rather do...

this is you know how I said straight line and straight line kind of bothers me here a bit it kind of looks to up and down it surely I mean but I love them beauty of her and the lighting in the tone of it is great I think maybe if I would have shot it higher and corrupt it like you know portrait style and put her in the corner maybe that might have worked better for I'm not quite sure but you know there's something really cool there but for them it to me this kind of doesn't work this wasted space here because all the motion is this way but then you know you have appear but then if I crop it then somehow that's taking away from I don't know I don't know I do like it but just something about the composition I think it could be a little bit better I really like this this hits me it makes me oh yeah what but squint again right it's like oh it's too bright there so if they just brought down that to me that would be a lot better just that simple bringing that down and showing detail in there I don't know maybe their monitors not you know whatever maybe it is and there's a something but just see that now now that face you can see it boom right there here's another image squint I like it I like the feel of it I like that hard, soft look to it from the lighting to avoid point of view because like he's doing the hard soft thing um and so but if you squint at it, what do you see? Yeah. So if they could just bring that down like that, don't you think that looks a little bit better in the detail in her face, pops it's like damn right settle things, man. Subtle things make a big difference, so you but if you have to understand composition and understand what we go on for here, if you know what are we going for here, then you can post process it in the right way? This one I like this I just kind of like what they're wearing and, um, you know, the lighting is kind of cool. It kind of matches it. Maybe I would have her pose a bit better here because these these feet down here seem a little bit funky to me. Ah, but I just kind of like at least standing back. I don't know. This is just kind of seems like a hipster thing to may. So, uh, kind of cool it's like, ok, I like her look with the red lipstick in the black and the lighting, it goes with it, but maybe maybe the posing right there, uh, would be different, but something that I like oh, yeah, I did way see a lot of it but I like this one it's good got good composition there I like see the profile of his face but her face is lost a little bit so maybe if she turned her nose more towards the camera I could see the beauty of her profile more so the her cheek is kind of covering up for profile a bit so I think she could look a little bit more pretty there the profile but I like the idea has impact to it right but again it's like ok, we see this over and over and over and over it's like everybody is using the same silhouette method you got to be two steps above your competition. Why? Because it's going to take you say you want to be the person who discovers doing the silhouette backlight thing and it takes the time to figure that out so you've got to start practicing stuff that's not being done right now because you want to be the leader you want to create the next trend that's how you become world famous is by innovating right? And so I'm not saying that this is a bad picture or anything like that but I'm just talking about you know it's good but we see it over and over and over and we want to see some more creativity now we know this it's proven itself we know that it does look good okay what's next who's going to show me something that's next that I can get excited about okay oh it's good I like it but what is it it's the same thing it's it's the backlight with the couple silhouette right and maybe because of the silhouette thing people do have thinking about this maybe because people do the silhouette thing is because maybe then they don't have to concentrate too much on posing or something like that because it has impact to it because it has that lighting but if you simply put two people together and then flash the back and do the outline it has enough impact where well maybe I don't have to pose now because it just has that look to it and maybe that's why people are drawn to it but it's like it's good I like it it does have impact but what's next I want to see the next thing okay you look at this image and you go oh man there's some potential here what but it's just not like what is it right as looking at this a while ago you know what this is kind of two pictures it's kind of the picture with her here and then the picture of the bed now what's happening the elements of this bed and this frame is so strong and so symmetrical and this is a symmetrical type image right we agree so symmetrical makes you look at the middle so my eyes going I want to look at this bed but then the subjects over here and there's a conflict to me it's like ok, pick one man pick what you want to do and go with it right? So if you're going to go over here make this more pretty if you're going to make this over here make that better right? So I'm thinking, well, maybe it's just like standing on the bed or something or doing something high fashion or sitting here and looking glamorous then that would work for me because this frame here is so strong that is making me look over here and I'm losing impact with it uh this I like the lighting with it is just and I kind of she's got the mood in the face but the body deposed doesn't match the face in regards to, uh the deposing of it right? And I like lighting of it um you know, but it's just opposing doesn't sell it for me but it's got potential this is very, very striking, but the more more look at it it just seems like composite to me um and so I keep looking at it and I keep going in and I mean, uh, you know, it just seems like it's too perfect or something I don't know if it's not maybe but then see this right here that don't look too natural to me because I don't see any dent in the pillow right there right? So I go and then this for some reason this hip area here doesn't look quite I don't know but it's very striking when you look at it but then it's like uh maybe this arm kind of bothers me a little bit but it's like I think that's a composite I don't know I'm just that's that's my general feeling ok so fine feeling that then make it make it obvious if it wasn't a composite make it obvious that it wasn't a composite because if you put that doubt in my mind now I'm thinking that because so many people do it right so just make it make it obvious that's a composite or make it may be obvious that our don't or make it or you know uh make it look real real real right so but prove it to me because there's questions in my mind right now okay I'm here I like the feel of this but then it's kind of like the same thing it's like ok we trying to focus here because maybe they're selling the bird the head this is a shot for a commercial shot selling this head we call that headdress or something yeah because that's in focus and that's not the face is so your eye goes to whatever's brightest and whatever you know in focus and somewhat so this is competing against each other right so it's nice but then when I look at it I go well I want to see this right here right and so no well that's in focus and so I thought what are they what are they trying to show here if they were trying to show this then I would like them to focus on this a little bit more but if they're showing the face then I would like to see that done a little bit better so it's like uh is good I'm conflicted what were you doing here? I like it like the moon it seems like they're doing that reception lighting thing like the look in her face and so forth maybe there's a tad of hot spot here right and maybe submitted to competition and get a seventeen you could get seventy nine because of that hot spot right there right but it's about perfecting it making it better uh so but I like it has feel to it right it's just it's a good image to me and I like the lighting with it okay I like this image right um this is something new like right even though he is using the rim lighting in the back but maybe that's just the light out there right it's like using the reflection of this that's kind of creative but squint what do you look at what grabs you that arm right there bam right um and then it looks like he's using on camera flash here so if the lighting on them would be a little bit less obvious maybe that might work but if you take a gret grady int and kind of make it darker maybe that we'll make that lighting a bit more subtle to it and then maybe take change it to black and white because it's showing extreme emotion you know maybe that might have a better feel to it and bring down that arm a bit um and I if it's strong emotion again and good kind of interesting composition then you might want to just turn it to black and white so you can focus on that and not get distracted by anything else um this teo it's kind of cool you know it's ah but it's like well focusing on the guy or the trumpet player or whatever uh so I think it could be cropped in in a little bit more and then that could have been brought down a bit so it's kind of got it even more even exposure because that seems a little bit bright right there um but I don't know it it seems like ok it's good, but there's something I need something mohr from it and I'm not quite sure what it is but I just yeah, but it's really close there being some sort of maybe uh maybe it should be posed processed in some vintage way or something like that to give it that vintage feel to it that's probably what I would do with it if this was my image okay here again you know what I know this got a lot of, um potential to it because you know the baby's cute and they got the pink there and I like that but again the eyes you're doing a symmetrical shot but what's bothering me is that the eyes are not on a horizontal plane and the lighting is too obvious to me it's like on camera flash back boom but something then it's kind of a little bit messy here with the slobber of course with kids right? And I would just like to see their skin perfect you know? Because babies they're so pure and perfect they haven't had a lot of mcdonald's like we have so their skin is just nicer, you know? And so I want to see this like perfect, right? So I think if they did better lighting maybe they had some side lights here and they made it more fine art feeling and made that skin more perfect it would have potential and see that from there there it just has more impact to me because it's a symmetrical image I think that this has some potential but it has to be worked a little bit more created into more of a fine art feel to it and I think you got something with some better lighting because it looks like it's just like on camera flash or something like that okay, good solid you know, I've seen it right it's great it's probably going to get you jobs on your on your website and I love the sky back there and you know, they're and I like the you know, they're selling the mood here and I kind of feel the mood in this cup with this couple here which is great um but it's like for me it's time to move on e sorry, but it's like been there done that time to move on right in regards to submitting for competition I'm like ok let's move on but it's good uh this too it's kind of like sometimes when I just see one light on a I think it's you know, very when you look at it it's like wow yeah, they hit you you want to see it? But then as I look, then you give it the time test, then you look at a little bit more and then it just like I don't know it kind of feels compositing right? And because it's just one light on the image is very easy to do a composite and I just kind of feel like this is kind of one of those composite field images to it uh and um but it's good it's impactful um I like the hard light the hard soft feel that they're trying to do and I even kind of like his heart field but the background is way too distracting for me, right? We've got the building coming through the head there and you've got mr cell phone guy over here in this and I that's all getting in the way of the subject so I think if you read did this again but you had a cleaner background with a stronger feel to it um even if you probably maybe made it black and white maybe I'm not sure about that but we can um see if that makes the difference I don't know uh maybe possibly stronger uh I don't know okay, but the background is too distracting for me anyway, so, um but good try with the lighting like delighting could try with that. Okay, um here again I like thiss I like her um and but squint your eyes we see you see that area back right here, right? And then I see drama in the background right it's a very dramatic tunnel with the dark and the light but then I don't see any kind of drama lighting with her and so it's a mismatch again on dh so it's, kind of like, well, if you were going to do this type of shot, maybe a different background would be good because we're trying to do drama back here and then, but we're just just doing that straight lighting on her. The field doesn't match to me that much. So first of all, if you would, you know, bring get, see how would bring down that lighting on her, uh, leg area and then maybe re crop even that would have some impact with bin even if you kind of corrupt it again, perhaps, but then created better, more side lighting. I need to see some side lighting on her cheek to match the drama in the background. I think it would sell itself a little bit more. Yes. Would you would you change her arm any in that order? Could you have some suggestions on having tio here? She is trying to is your image? No, I was just trying todo ideo abandoned at that time that this kind of bothers me about that I know that they're trying to show the ink to like yeah that's what she's pretty she's kind of kick back and relax and the arm is like right again it's kind of like right whenever you have a straight arm but if it was like just a little bit it would sell a little bit more but I think more so than that what bothers me is just the lighting this match with it it's the drum high drama in the back but no drama lighting on her and I think that could have worked out a little bit better. Ok? Yes about like, you know, whats two bright you know, because it's your eyes is, you know, being drawn to the brightest point it's a subject that you're looking at that would you lighten up a little bit? I would definitely go in and I would select one of these tones right here, and then I would paint that all that tone it's to bring it down definitely. Uh oh. Ok. Okay, um this shot what? When you do a full length and you have the couple look in the camera, you just naturally want to do that, all right? Like I want to see him. So again, if we okay on this case, I would say definitely lose that back flash back there, it doesn't need it because I know these lights we just installed these type of lights in our complex and they looked really cool in the ground creating these patterns right still are, you know, when you drive into our little town else complex and all the lights have it has this pattern on the ground which is really cool and familiar with these lights and that's all you needed really and so when you take the back light back there you lose it all right here right and then you make it different colors and there's competing with each other I say you lose that backlash create a story this light over their head here is kind of distracting so if you pull this couple maybe over in this area and just kind of make them in love or whatever and sheila story there and then just use that cool lighting that it is internet maybe even just cpr black and white I think it would be much more powerful there and be very, very impactful pictures that's close but little bit work and again it's like backlight thing you know see it again and again um this here um I kind of like the composition of it um but again it seems tilted to me so I just want to, like straighten it out and this is to its competing against this too much if we're going to do this and going to bring the sky and I want to see this sky all blue right? I really want you to sell that like give me some rich deep blue sky and then I'm kind of like, well, I'm not sure I'm thinking could this possibly be a composite? Because she's not standing? She has her leg on something and then her hand is there and I was looking at it and I see this board coming out this way, but then I don't see it continued, and then I think that it makes me think more when I have doubt it makes me think more than I super analyze it more than go will I see the sun back there? But then if herb, our first shoulder, was more towards that son, wouldn't there be more light there? But then I see a shadow there, some, like I've started have all these questions in my mind whether or not is this a composite and then I don't see the feet and then all the time. A lot of times when I don't see the feet ago composite so there's a question in my print, it could be it could be a regular shot, but then there's something about it that doesn't look natural, that maybe it is, but they didn't sell it to me enough to make me believe that it actually wass rials shot on, but there's this this competing element right here that's just throwing off things right um so anyways, I would want that straightened out and cropped in a bit. I see that see the straightening out that's the picture till thing that's hanging up in your wall in your living room you go, I need to tell that back, right? Get it like that, but but, you know, the closet doesn't bother me if it is there isn't, but I think this is too distracting here for sure, and then this is I need to see this deeper and richer. I don't care, maybe if you have to go in and I don't know fake it or whatever, but I'll want to see that. Okay, um, I like this I like the couple, they look hot, but you see the highlight and the darkness back here in the background like that, right? You see highlights and darkness here and it's a little bit to center for me. Um and then, but I don't see that lighting wise. I don't see that on them. So again, it's a case of this lighting looks too obvious to me, it's just like, damn right, we're lighting! You should try to make it look as natural as possible, kind of to the scene sometimes, and so if you see some highlight in detail highlight and contrast back here, I want to say season contrast on them so I pulled the lighting off to the side more so I could see a little bit of short side shadow on her cheek and maybe if it wasn't so centered because that this part here is drawing my eye away their assaults like well maybe they re copped it I think that's even more stronger just do that simple things like that don't be afraid of square square is cool um that's all these to shoot things way back in the day um here this you know you look at it in it like can't you but then you start thinking well how could there be wind right there you know and then her hair doesn't have any wind and then she's not even looking seas by the window she's not looking out the window and um so I would probably this has potential because you know I love this dress and she looks good and I love the setting where this photographer pick maybe if we just had her here back out this wall here and you know and just had are simply posed or something puller dress up and look out towards the window or something I think it would be a little bit better here and try to throw the dress up and run type of thing um and then this is very distracting here this beam right up above her head see that straight line it's creating a it's almost like she looks like a continuation of the being and if that could be separated some but it has potential to do something especially in this area to get in some good here ok, I like the lighting on this it looks pretty cool. Um I just think maybe perhaps the composition could be a little bit better and then, um if it had more of a fine art feel to it I don't know. So that's what I did with it like I don't know give you something artsy with it maybe do a vintage textured background with it, right? I'm thinking of like something man that this could go on a postcard aware now but that's just my slant towards it or if the composition was better you could turn it into black and white and would be really compelling but the lighting is great but the composition needs some more work with it I think to really sell it. I like this. I like this kind of hi kiki sharp contrast kind of feel to it it's different andi catches my eye and it makes me feel like oh yeah, I want to go out and try to do one of those shots that's cool um but this little finger down here bothers me here uh on there just to be nitpicky on it but it's just one of those things oh shoot it's cool I wish this you know I just wish that wasn't there and then if you crop it though I'm not sure how that will look maybe that will look better but it was I I like it ok a full length picture and she's looking at the so you want to do that you know you want to see her right so but I do like what he's I do like the balance of life here you know uh but and you know you got the railroad tracks to kind of bring it to center here but I need to kind of sell the story a bit mohr so again made and the lighting's pretty obvious I don't see so you see how that you see the lightness in the darkness in the background see that highlight back there contrast but then I need to see a little bit more contrast on her to make it feel natural so again maybe if she was telling a story where she's holding a qatar back here like this looking this way or something and then the light was coming this way I think that would be a more of a better shot um here same thing full length there what? Well, why don't we just do that you know and then crop it or whatever better because that's what you want to do if they're using flash which they are I'm thinking well, if they're using flash, huh come, this is not big blue sky here or something how come I don't see anything there, right? So it's like, ah, and then they're looking at the camera this kind of needs to be we we worked a bit, maybe if you kind of got use your flash like that got some deeply sky came in closer, cropped here and shot like that and then made them look at each other and didn't make that light so obvious then, you know, we could have something going here see this? Okay, you see that now you see this where they cropped it and you can see the face, right? So it's like, ok, that's better? Well, they're looking at the camera, but then I could see the face so grandma is not going to say, oh, where I can't see you guys of what we're looking at, right? So I like this that for that particular reason, but to me this and I like the tone of it. See, how do you get the blue there? And this so if you're going to use a glass, I like that like you got blue there and then you got everything it looks nice, but this structure here it almost looks like two pictures to me there's the structure area here and then there's this nice area over there so maybe it would have just been better to bring him out there and use the ocean and just do a nice shot like that because or recompose this area is probably a bridge sometimes I look like shooting down the bridge to create some symmetrical lines to frame my subject so maybe if the the photographer was over here right shooting that way down if there's some sort of perspective is if that is a bridge to set them up um but it does the elements in the back seemed to be a bit distracting to me but I like the density of the color and then because they're looking at the camera and it's closer than I can buy that okay this one here too it has a potential to it but the posing is like the lighting of it where I could see blue sky and seas like a flash but what this the subject is doing in this arm looks awkward holding the basket this way you know? But so I kind of see something like maybe she's holding it like thiss going like this are looking over whatever it have more of a fast and feel maybe they're trying to do go for a lifestyle shot but if you're going for a lifestyle shot I wouldn't even use flash but do it more natural and go in but if you're going to use flash is gonna have and do this is going to have to have more of a commercial field to it fashion feel to it and so the posing doesn't really match that okay, this is a detail shot I think it's nice but again it's kind of like well want to just get close with it wait yeah you're trying to show the bowl sometimes we get into this habit where we want to show everything but you know as they say less is mawr I don't need to see the bull I just need to see that rock right there that's better ok here's, another case of what background background? Right? And so my like I'm looking at the back and look at them make it obvious if you're going to s oh give me a foreground background like either pushed them way up closer to the camera or having walking away as a silhouette holding hands into the sunset or something I don't know, but it's got background background and I'm like it's I gotta have foreground background because my eyes confused here I like I don't know if this has anything to much to do with lighting, but I kind of like this feel to it um this is this is where I think maybe the photographer could take a different angle or make them stand up because but this element here is competing with them it's too much on the same horizon so either they've got to be a pyre here or lower I don't know but this is competing against each other but I like their expression I wish there was more detail back here so if they're going to go vintage and at a texture and whatever you better give me some more detail around here uh to kind of sell it and it looks like there's a little bit extra space around here to probably with crop it wouldn't be a little bit better um here I think I like the density of the color he got the exposure right or she or they got to keep saying he I'm sorry um well says stand so maybe stands a guy okay, but anyways, um this would sell off better if the light was softer. Okay, so this is that case where you're in a hard light situation, so for me I would do that hard, soft field where this just looks like hard, hard and, um, the lighting doesn't the quality of the lighting doesn't look good enough for me that maybe looks like he's using some sort of soft box or something, but I don't know how far away that soft boxes I just kind of need slower men maybe if we get some shadow on them right to match the background the lighting on that to match that then I think that would work a little bit better I like this I like the composition of this right um and they're trying to tell a story here but I think again you see this shadow and brightness here I don't know if this is a composite now that I look at you know I don't know but you see how this this shadow is right here I want to see shadow life kind of like that on them so it fits the mood right because you want the feeling of you just happened to walk around the beach and you see these these couple making oh wow and you see the couple making out right? So it's kind of like this kind of organic thing where you're a fly on the wall and so but because the lighting from above here uh is a little bit harsh I would like you to mimic the lighting that's down here on them and then the opposing I don't like when people are actually kissing because it distorts their their faces here um and to me well since the personal preference but when I look at this picture it says they're focusing on the man because the man looks more beautiful than the bride here so but which is cool but I just think that beauty sales and when you're trying to sell wedding photography it's the bride who picks out the photographer a lot of time so it's like, ok, let's, feature her more. And I would love to be here. And I would like to really do a scene here. Maybe they're up against this wall or something like that doing something, uh on, um, I don't know. Make more of a story out of it instead of just here, stand over there and kiss and then damn was just blasted with light. I like the matching of the exposure and the density of the sky here. Uh, but I don't know, you know, more and more I look at it seems to be less realistic, and it was seems to be a composite to me, but especially when you see the grain difference, see that grain is different than this grand here. So I don't know there's questions in my mind right now in the more more I keep looking at it. But it does have impact. Was that andrew the sky? Yeah. All right. Okay. I like it. I like the back light with the smoke here is an interesting a person. Uh, perhaps it could be crapped in a little bit, but I like, is a nice street photo, um, here to elect the composition of this but again I just looking at it and go wow looks like she was in a studio for some reason, you know? And then I start peeking in mohr and I start getting in close and I go uh hmm I start to have my doubts because the grain is different the green of of peers different that looks right looks different from this here and then I'm going is it pieced together? Is this a composite? Elect the composition though questions in my mind? Um but anyways, I like how it's composed and everything, um and it's a compelling picture, but there's, just something about it that doesn't look is not selling it completely to me. Okay, all right. Uh let's see, the tone is good here. The posing could be a little bit better. The light is a little bit obvious here, right on the shoulder, but I like the color tone and everything, so I think the position of the lighting could be better in the composition could be better because it's kind of like dead in the center. This is very interesting that this may be laughed since that's, just like I saw the picture, I just had to show it because it just made me laugh like, but anyways, this doll or whatever it is, uh, you know, natural lighting have my only one laughing at this picture anyways and got my attention that's first sure but natural light and everything but anyway I just had to show it okay here man, this has great potential but there's too many distracting elements in the background I don't think she's pretty nice to seize good look gorgeous but I think she could even look more gorgeous that the the legs coming right out of her head bothers me and I know that this person knows that there's a distracting background because the way they cull arise that they wanted to reduce this food's table back here right and all this because they colorized this to try to keep you more attention but why don't you pull around on the other way of the the pool table and just use the whole pool table to center her and to use that background I think it would have been a lot stronger there but the lighting is it's kind of cool but kind of contrived a little bit doesn't look completely natural I can just see myself with her and a strip light and let's get it on kind of feeling you know like yeah come on it's the last day like it right? I just kind of like this uh lighting is good and it just says it it's compelling to me and it's a great portrait um I like it this here this is a case where the flash is too strong and you're not letting enough ambient light back here so you lower your shutter or something? I would probably just use the veal light here so I could get more detail in the back. Okay, this is cool. This is natural lighting. Maybe this is a tad too hot on here. Uh but I like the way she looks in the composition of it and elected toning of the color it's great here to me is the same thing where it's almost I think it could be working this this lite is too obvious right down here by these logs so I see contrast back here I want to see contrast lighting back here it almost looks like almost looks like on camera flash but see this this needs to be covered up it's too bright and I need to see some sidelight I probably like to see her leaning on there and going like this and like right down here so let's get some sidelight like they're okay here again. Soft, hard look, I love that s o I love that kind of feel like it sees like amusing some huge light right there and so that's why you're getting it composition could be worked a bit more but I like that lighting scenario of the heart and the soft look that's cool here again background background and subjects looking at the camera makes you want to go like that right? So uh you know, same old thing but I love the choice of background there's just a lot of potential here I know why that's person is trying to do it is they like this reflection thing here but I mean I'm not a huge person I don't go crazy over elect reflections a lot but anyways I make it obvious to me I need some foreground background here is just background background I like it um I think it's great this I don't know if it really needs this umbrella orifice umbrella was black it tends to be competing because it's the same color here and it looks like you know what I got that same umbrella that I bought in venice paid eighteen thanks for but anyways um it's cool uh but, um just with this umbrella thing and it's brighter than this I think it could have been a little bit better there. I really like this I mean, I'm not sure she's getting shot with an arrow here and then she's I don't know why I left her at the ceremony. I'm not sure what it is but it's very interesting like the expression of maybe it's cropped a little bit more it would be good natural light not a big deal here here this is some butterfly lighting I kind of like the lighting aspect of this feel it's pretty cool it almost feels like to me somebody was setting up the shot and then just somebody take a side angle of it because usually when you said a butterfly bang but awful but butterfly lighting and a subject you're going to shoot it straight on so it looks like the lighting was set up to be butterfly but someone just took a second angle of that shot and shot it but I kind of like maybe this is a ted hot here but I kind of like the lighting of that I and I can't you know there's something about this high key thing that I kind of like about it because it's a little bit different and it hits me with the fresh style um but I think the posing with the arm coming right out of the side of her face uh could be so I'm not quite sure the posing of it could have been translated letter a little bit better but what I'm trying to say is I like the idea just keep working it here again background background right? We've got a nice background image and you put the subjects in the background even though they're not looking each other but maybe he should have just if you're going to go a silhouette maybe you should have just cropped it tighter or something I'm not sure but there's too many elements for me to try to find in my mind, and what and so it's competing with me, and you didn't sell it well enough here, but I like the tone of it and that's it. We did it. I did ninety averages.

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Ratings and Reviews

Dan Frumkin

I read several reviews on this site which gave me hesitation to buy this course. Nonetheless, I pressed on. Now I have a suggestion for those considering parting with their cash. Before you buy, go to any of Scott’s galleries online. If you can shoot at Scott’s level move on. If you cannot see the artistry in Scott’s work, move on. If you cannot conceive of the technical proficiency Scott has with flash, move on. But if you are mortal photographer that desires to improve your work, compare your personal portfolio to Scott’s. He wins awards for good reasons. Invest the time and money. You will be amply rewarded. Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques is worth every penny. So is Crazy, Stupid, Light. I purchased both and now use Scott’s advice and techniques daily. Plus, he provides a good dose of inspiration and humor. Scott is an awesome professional, fantastic photographer and a wonderful teacher.


I already own Lim's class, "Crazy, Stupid Light" as well as two of his Strobie 230 flashes with transmitter (in addition to my Canon speedlight). I appreciate being able to get into lighting with flashes and equipment that costs much less than Profoto lights etc. that I couldn't afford yet. Lim has a very organized and energetic teaching style. He is a great speaker in that he is excited about what he is doing and seems to love to help others learn how to be successful with their lighting. He is very animated and funny and has the right blend of being confident yet self-effacing and admits his mess-ups during class. I find him very engaging and interesting. If you have less than $500 or $600 to spend on lights, but want to start adding lighting to your photo shoots, he is a great place to start.

a Creativelive Student

This class was fantastic! I've always opted for the easy way out when it came to lighting my subjects, usually resorting to using just natural light and a reflector even though I always have my lighting kit with me. I learned in this class how creating my own light can be the easiest way to get the results I want. It's much easier than trying to make the natural light do what I want it to do. Scott's passion for photography and teaching are evident, and his commitment to the success of his students is amazing. I definitely recommend this course for photographers at any level. I came away with many ideas on how to build upon the lighting tips presented here to make it my own. Thanks Scott Robert Lim!

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