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Final Exam: Long Exposure and Gel Color

Lesson 31 from: Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques

Scott Robert Lim

Final Exam: Long Exposure and Gel Color

Lesson 31 from: Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques

Scott Robert Lim

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31. Final Exam: Long Exposure and Gel Color


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Lesson Info

Final Exam: Long Exposure and Gel Color

We are going to do the long exposure shot with the samsung phones is that yes so who's going to do that one jody um I do have an iphone if we don't have oh do even bring our phones we did all right good all right so how many I've got my you got it you sure has a flashlight on it does okay okay detroit people are killing me right now all right uh so we're going to do a long exposure shot who's your model you are I am all right I'm going I'm going to need help from you guys though uh you want me say on or what yeah we're gonna get you sit down um chair and we're gonna bring the house lights down a bit because we're gonna make a start I have one of those other chairs so I can looking and yeah yeah I'm gonna cross his arm yes um you know what my iphones over there in that painting I think about this okay thank you okay way the house lights oh I'm not going to say how we're doing this okay what's that uh don't worry about it we're taking care of it and we're gonna get a couple of ways you c...

an get a couple of people toe hold some flashes not probably going to make the black box again so probably go up like f sixteen again have sixteen yeah dark so that that's going toe we're gonna stand about three feet away because I want his much room back here is possible I don't want the camera right now one of the flash to I'd like to have it up close but it's going to be in your face it's gonna be in the frame so I'm gonna go about three feet so we're gonna go back a quarter power all right three feet quarter power that way that will create a faster like fall off to yeah doesn't contaminate anything back okay and uh did you won't to two flashes you know I just thought of we could use the video light on my flashes to do yeah circle stuff too that's ok, we don't have enough you can use that but we've got to we've got enough um iphone people are smart phone people ok good let me help you out with that all righty this is supposed to be a quarter power yeah all right thank I get someone to hold the light just about here and we have the people behind with and so we're going to drag the shutter to so that we can see movement in those lights so I'm gonna have my shutter speed at about uh a little over two seconds I'm going to turn the camera off did you no okay, so what you're setting so I'm gonna have sixteen I've got I'm gonna have sixteen but I so one hundred and I've got two and a half seconds going to track that's good uh there's still quite a bit of ambient light coming in it looks like but we'll just go hopefully we can go for it all right, ok. And here we go mommy oppose so I want you have your nose towards that light there just a little bit face back towards me just a bit there you go. Drop that shoulder down just a little business there you go that are yeah that's yeah you're a geek you know, man you're a great photographer ok, here we go and yeah, I could use new that light just a little bit yeah there we go. All right. One two and three there we go. Way got flash but way live live it didn't go off way to do that again and crop in a little bit okay, so yeah, I think I'm going to get in a little closer so like ok, you want to come out now, director you miles way go! I was going to make sure that ever got the light and that's why was I so all right near those guys get that daddy hears. All right, one teo and three wait all right waken turn the lights on a little bit if you want to great to stay up here jodi okay all right rusty of any uh questions for jodi uh see if there's anything coming in the chart room I think we're good there again what was kind of what did you learn from this what was it that you wanted to experience here wanted to do here been with scott are kind of followed scott around stalked him a little about six months now uh I've been to a couple of his workshops on I've listened to the hit both of his creative live classes always pick up something new every time I come toe one of scott's workshops or listen to one of scott's lectures always pick up something new and once again picked up something new with this today and you know this is gonna work out really well weddings and stuff so yeah you learn something new every time fantastic love it all right ok the next shot we're going to do is the video light on the model and a jelled color back here who is going to do that all right carry all right so what do you need way need a video okay, we have that here wait you'd like to class three five year you want to see him on a chair care would be good yeah ok we'll get that we're getting re flashes flow all right okay who is your model I need a model of you guys model's gonna be a model maria maria is a model okay, what kind of leads you want? Maybe the fifty fifty that's so good. Is that for your trip? Do not turn camera off perfect and you're going to do a gel one tell okay, you need a second one. Okay. Um where's the flashes that happy I got one here already. So you're going you are going to do are you doing? Are you doing to colors? Go bigger. Go. Yeah, you are an overachiever. Ok, so my vision is going to be instead of just doing one gel to fill a background, we're going to use tio opposing colors. So maria's favorite colors purple. So I picked that out, and then to create some contrast, I picked a green color, so hopefully that'll kind of show some contrast we have ah, gray background here. So let's should help make the colors nice and saturated that's right? We may lose a stop, but anyways, we'll just go for it anyway with something else you could do is use like a textured background, which would add some cool effects also. All right, so what power do you want these suckers that that started at once over sixty four. All right, yeah, I worked those all right, so what do you want these ok, so we're going tio lay these well we can't just place them on the floor and so we want them to kind of come up so they're gonna be behind her head saying she's going to be sitting we wanted to kind of a mup until like this area okay perfect what one side like this what have you in there and see if this one sinking up to you that needs to be raised up for more yeah that's good excellent him a kind of two different heights oh what do you think that's a little bit e think this is going a little bit taller so that was kind of low lower down here this one should come up about about my head so it's really a little bit probably passed just a bit shark just for the pig replies all right wow all right let's see what this is going to look like what's it make sure it's turned on be blinking lights on and I see that this one's off okay, that one is not that sixty four this one's at full power during that sixty four that was that's sixty four cameras over here if we could have the house lights down that would be great test okay, good. Get the house lights down and this right here is why I started to or something I think we did it for for you know your son was yeah like I'm gonna go back to live you so so you can see it in real time what's it look like ok, so if you and I have a seat very um you know what s so you have it at eight hundred hundred okay? Like it's pretty good just the shutter you go right. Ok, so we want to create so nice shadows on maria space so she could look putting her nose towards the light I kind of liked maybe you could put your arm out of across your chest a little bit like that yeah, that will be good. Thank you. You know, the one that's like you could just look up just a little bit more there, you know, looking help you look so angelic. All right, let's, try this out. One, two, three it seems a little bright that the life he was let's say it should be coming up background right? She was fully lead. Oh, she was okay. Yeah. Oh, but I like that fact back there. Okay, so we just gotta increase the contrast in the back, right. So what was your shudder at twenty fifth? Uh, let's see here. So why don't you make it more dark? Way that seems like another flash went off this'll ass on because you're here on the table on the table, I knew it. I knew that that's but something doesn't seem right that means there's another flash that's on okay all right test button again I want to make sure nothing is going well okay all right now should be awesome okay all right I'm gonna get down a little bit of a better angle so that we're not looking to push her back if you want to so she's got my background I think I'm going out on a fifty and eighty five yeah right and another thing with the darker background you don't get less contamination of light on the subject so anyways and so we're trying to keep the video right here about three feet or so from her as well so we're going to look back up towards the light try something else I kind of liked it with your kind of touching your hair a little the other oh yeah yeah all right one two, three oh wait go better yeah that's up summer chin up a little bit more and then let's try to make it a bit darker so so increase the shutter speed yeah that's and I can always push the light when you increase the shutter speed here getting rid of the ambient light but that may be flash feeling over there so we have toe raises the f stop a bit too but anyways we'll see I can get let me get the light a little bit closer to her okay try to create more contrast between background all right, let's look up towards the light she pushed your chin and there you go one, two, three all right, but I like that color there that dated back the blending of those two colors on that seamless looks pretty good that's about the same so if you want to eliminate that flash see how that background right? Okay that's a question if you want to get rid of that background like to see the light on the ground there what are your options? Raise the flashes up blind race flashes higher what place? You know that's not creating that light let us create what's creating that light on the ground this's not dark right next to share video like spilling billy a lightness spilling right. So what are two options that we could do? We could move it her back, right? And then we could uh well, yeah, we were we can do the show speaks and more but then we got to get the light a little closer and change the isil up. But then I think if you want to start a late eliminate ambient light we have to start raising your f stop, ok, ok, so I just did it to five six with up enough for rebuilding our that and then let's see um I put my shares backed what we're kind of out before I got more room to go I think what we were using too is that was using a higher do you like about it we're like not quite the one below the high following reason like too now can you go even higher on that suffers out looking pretty good right now okay it's trying try that alright this fiction no other flashes going off thinking ok hurry knows towards floyd maybe a little smile there you're one two three but anyway that's better now right yeah so that I'm going to go on trust eliminates starting the little nicks in the winds all right uh good now you can also use the longer lives to use a longer lens and you can kind of more position or and get that background and not the ground to sew on they move her back and then kind of shoot up there that's another way to do that just get more background right this sounds pretty black you know what do you think if we could get her to stand way we can get this it's at a rim light oh yeah ok let's try this let's strike bringing it back away from the background so now since she's standing we can get that background and they're a little bit better what do you want me to set this at? I think one sixty fourth ok and I'm kind of the other ego no satellite one two three I think I cropped into close but okay did I I didn't I forgot the flag so we'll see okay right so actually this is a little bit too bright maybe huh? Step back a little bit or you could step back a little bit and I got a flag get off here was that all right? I'm just like a personal I put one hand pop your head out a little little war she's she's in that yeah all right nose to the light one two, three oh oh I think that one turn out good good fired a little bit low because I saw where I flashed yeah could have been a little bit I know lori okay, yeah, there you go. All right good. Very good uh anything else? I think that's it alright rested you have anything you want to best look how do you how do you feel about it would do to that execute what you expected? Oh, yes, I think definitely it was something I've always wanted to try but I've been afraid tio experiment on my own. Okay, so did, uh did it bite you when you experiment? No, it didn't didn't hurt I didn't cry good sound on that but that's a good thing a good point to make is that like a lot of these things they won't work out the first try, or you'll find something that went wrong. But I love that you guys worked through it kind of analyze, ok, wait, where is that light coming from? That's, not what I intended, and then you do better than you do better than eventually, you get it so right, but I love. I love that you were willing to experiment in front of everyone, so thank you for being with us, all right?

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Dan Frumkin

I read several reviews on this site which gave me hesitation to buy this course. Nonetheless, I pressed on. Now I have a suggestion for those considering parting with their cash. Before you buy, go to any of Scott’s galleries online. If you can shoot at Scott’s level move on. If you cannot see the artistry in Scott’s work, move on. If you cannot conceive of the technical proficiency Scott has with flash, move on. But if you are mortal photographer that desires to improve your work, compare your personal portfolio to Scott’s. He wins awards for good reasons. Invest the time and money. You will be amply rewarded. Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques is worth every penny. So is Crazy, Stupid, Light. I purchased both and now use Scott’s advice and techniques daily. Plus, he provides a good dose of inspiration and humor. Scott is an awesome professional, fantastic photographer and a wonderful teacher.


I already own Lim's class, "Crazy, Stupid Light" as well as two of his Strobie 230 flashes with transmitter (in addition to my Canon speedlight). I appreciate being able to get into lighting with flashes and equipment that costs much less than Profoto lights etc. that I couldn't afford yet. Lim has a very organized and energetic teaching style. He is a great speaker in that he is excited about what he is doing and seems to love to help others learn how to be successful with their lighting. He is very animated and funny and has the right blend of being confident yet self-effacing and admits his mess-ups during class. I find him very engaging and interesting. If you have less than $500 or $600 to spend on lights, but want to start adding lighting to your photo shoots, he is a great place to start.

a Creativelive Student

This class was fantastic! I've always opted for the easy way out when it came to lighting my subjects, usually resorting to using just natural light and a reflector even though I always have my lighting kit with me. I learned in this class how creating my own light can be the easiest way to get the results I want. It's much easier than trying to make the natural light do what I want it to do. Scott's passion for photography and teaching are evident, and his commitment to the success of his students is amazing. I definitely recommend this course for photographers at any level. I came away with many ideas on how to build upon the lighting tips presented here to make it my own. Thanks Scott Robert Lim!

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