Segment 28: Awaken Your Inner Zentrepeneur


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Segment 28: Awaken Your Inner Zentrepeneur

Maybe this is the best for last you know uh I'm going to reveal some things in this module that um I don't often share in a lot of my corporate environments because there's a readiness factor and not everyone's ready for some of this just yet so going to reveal some of the things behind what I do at a deeper level uh true's entropy neuron what that's really all about and uh and even run a little an interesting little demo up here uh teo to show the power of heart if you have the very power of heart another albert einstein quote here you know I like to start out with a little uh quote from geniuses or great masters of great teachers over the years but I sense that the intuitive mine and I think jane you're going to love this one the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift so think about that for a minute we get so programmed in our left brain rational society in laws and proc...

edures and do's and don'ts that the artist and all of us the zen part of his enterpreneurs really does entrepreneur because a lot of those entrepreneurs and the right brain if you will very intuitive it gets lost that gets lost in all the all the noise all the the rigor morale so another uh, wonderfully insightful comment from from albert einstein so in this in a session that close things out, we're going to explore the insights and the practice of this entrepreneur and just what is that? What is this entrepreneur and learn ways how to get out of our own way, way don't even realize sometimes that we're in our own way and we let these fears in these doubts he's in securities and dis police that external locus of control some of the things we discussed her they're getting away get just get in our way ignorance gets in our way so let's at least open up our minds and then opening up our minds opening up our hearts tio um so many amazing learnings weaken take in at a much faster pace allowing us to reach more of our potential and then I'm going to explore some simple questions and release techniques that lead does entrepreneurs to these great discoveries. So um what are these simple questions? And then what are these release techniques he's letting go techniques all right and there is something called the ring of peace it's a four step model that I developed it's what I write about in beyond out four steps to inner peace on the ring of peace how do we apply that? How do we in one of those steps of course is to let go early the four steps air let be let go let's see and let flow and its narrative similar to do may I ask how does that work? How do we let be let go let's see and let flow and so we'll we'll work through that and that's part of getting out of our own way. So an overview here and you've heard me reference both of these books just a little bit but uh there's entrepreneur and beyond doubt is this is what uh well a lot of this segment is coming from but what is a centre? Penrose spent a little time talking about that what is energy? You've heard me reference energy a number of times what what what is that? And then how do we awaken this very powerful energy? But it's always there it's like a radio frequency you might stop for a minute, you know and say, well, um I don't hear any music right now that mean it's not here because if we had a receiver in the room called the radio and we turned it on there's music playing right now we just don't hear it it doesn't mean it isn't here we can even change the dial and we cannot work now in here a talk show change the dialogue we hear a sports game, we change the dial again and hear different different type of music it's just because we can't hear it doesn't mean it isn't here. So when we start to understand the world in terms of energy and frequencies vibrations and that it's always going on and einstein understood this is his well as anyone I know we start to realize that we're living in a field of energy. This is what he references the field it's all around us, we live in a field of energy and when we hear people say something like, you know, so and so seems to just light up the room when they come in that's just a reference, but it's it's an intuitive understanding that they actually do that there are people that have a tendency to raise the vibrational energy in the room simply by being there simply by being present. We've all been in the company of people like that it's like something's different when they're around something feels different there. How what isthe the party is not the same when they're not here, that kind of thing it's it's a vibrational energy. Now scientists have found ways these days t measure all of this it's fascinating. I mean, I love to see the work of people like dr bruce slipped in and dr david hawkins you know, these air these air, very credible verywell renounced scientists and in some cases a medical practitioners who have found ways teo uncover and reveal mysteries we've we've wondered about all along in fact what's happening is science and spirituality are coming together in ways we've never seen before because it used to be they were, you know, science and religion were always at odds and the very divisive and there's things beyond rio religion called spirituality what where it's really coming together so that's part of his enterpreneurs I'll speak to both zeno blakemore in this segment to the zen than to the entrepreneur because we've spent the last eleven segments speaking about the entrepreneur fuel in the changes asian to the pioneer now that stuff so now we'll get to that zen part of those enterpreneurs and have a little fun with it, you know? And then again, what are some of the biggest challenges we face? I got into this in the last segment just a bit um these obstacles we call fear insecurity doubt ego what is ego? What is that all about? And I'll talk more about just exactly what that's all about and then how do we let goto let flow two of the four steps on the ring of peace? How do we know I know I should let go this habit I know what I shouldn't think this way I know I shouldn't be afraid in these circumstances but I am it's a programme it's a habit I can't help it I get up on stage, I get butterflies like I can't help it I get into traffic I get impatient, I get anxious I can't help it you can yes you can you just don't know how and that's the secret we often know the what we want to change we even know the why we want to change it we don't know how and that's really the intriguing part we need to know how and for a long time we didn't know howto let go of some of these vibration some of these frequencies that we've carried around and now we're learning ways to do that talk a little bit about some of those. So what does his enterpreneurs anyway? What is that all about? I like to refer to it as our our eternal spirit, their spear capital s spirit calling for expression so we're spiritually beings having a temporary human experience, we're not human beings will have a temporary spiritually experience every every sunday or something like that that's another paradigm shift because a lot of us have been programmed to think that we are human beings temporarily experiencing spirit when it's just the reverse is true we're eternal spiritually beings there's more and more science around this a cz well the work of dr brian wiese and people like that it's fascinating that we are carmack beans or internal spiritually beings who are having just a temporary human experience once you make that shift you're no longer afraid of a lot of the things you're currently afraid of you realize you can't get it wrong and you can't ever really um fail all right so it's a whole different perspective as that's entrepreneurs aligned with our it was source energy now you can refer to source energy is god you could refer to it as the life giving force but when we are aligned with that which gives us life um it's a it's a critical step in giving in to flow so this is uh this is simply aligning with my will over my will so that I will be done not my will so are my will and I will our line we're in good shape it's our willingness to listen trust an act on our intuition and are six cents and our imagination and some of these things that we often talk ourselves out of it a very rational kind of world sir it's our innate desire for positive outcomes the zen is about positive outcomes it's about health and wellbeing and balance joy it's r ah ability to turn good ideas zen thinking if you will into positive outcomes which is requires action sze enterpreneurs act and good ideas the entrepreneur takes the good ideas the good thinking and does something with him so this is enterpreneurs all of us again, it's that spirit it's that good idea that wants to come out and be manifested. So, uh, why don't we let it? What do we what do we get in the way for all right ability, teo transcend fear. It is a very powerful obstacle, and I'll come back into that and more and it's that ability to put presence, poise, grace into practice to flow. So, you know, athletes call this sometimes the zone you get into the zone you can't miss, artists get into getting two flow and it's a state of timelessness, it's a state of peak productivity, it's a state of fearlessness when urine flow hours seemed to race by time is a nonissue. You're not afraid you're not distracted. You're so focused, you're so present, I get into flow when I write, a lot of my writing is channeled, I don't know, I honestly don't know where it comes from, but it's just it's, it's, it's coming through may not from me, I know that much. You know, when I wrote beyond doubt in two thousand nine, I was actually over in a hotel in france, and never I hadn't written a book in nine years. I was halfway through a book when my father died near two thousand, and then I stopped and I got distracted and I just didn't feel it anymore and I never went back and finished that book, so for nine years I hadn't written a book now I'm in a hotel room over in the own france and I was doing a kaizen event over there that week and then I was staying the weekend and I was going upto england to run another event so I had a weekend in the in france just tow rest or go looking cathedrals or wander around things like that so I wake up on a saturday morning and there is a incredible presence in the room saying you need to start writing again I'm like no, I don't yes you do know I don't I was yeah button it yeah, but I'm busy but I'm really I don't have time right now yeah, but but but but that's a title that's the title of a chapter in the book entrepreneur yet but I'm getting in the way, but for whatever reason this presence was not going to accept my might resistance. I finally said, I I don't have time that was an excuse and I don't want to start something we can't finish in all of that and uh I've got all this work lined up I was super busy for like the next four months in a row out of a lot of contra max anyway, uh, I lost or won however you wanna look at it because it was it was so profound and so powerful I just said all right, I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm sorry. I don't know what to write about. So I sat down and, uh, I just started writing what? What came to me and attacks it ended up being a book beyond doubt. Four steps in peace. It won the best inspirational book of the year in two thousand ten in canada. So was an award winning book. Incidentally, I got started. I wrote all saturday and sunday I came, I went, did my thing in england. When I got back to the states, all of my work for the next four months was wiped out. My contracts were canceled, her or ah, post postponed. We're in the heart of the recession and it's, easy to get rid of consultants and trainers and people like that. When, when you run out of money. So cut, cut, cut, cut, cut! I went from a super busy schedule. Teo nothing to do except what finish the book go. I don't know where this is coming from, but all right, I'll finish the blasted book, all right, so I did it just the book, but that's that, uh, that's that letting go process uh incidentally this book was a premonition for me it was actually a warning it's a very tough times that were in my near future that I wasn't aware of and it was it was in some ways life statement for me because it got me through some of the toughest times in my life and thus it was really it was a book for me that I didn't know that then allowed me to help a lot of the people along the way so, uh in fact, I, uh couple of years ago I was working the big company up in canada and after about fifteen month assignment with thiss company I was finding my replacement because I come in I teach and I find somebody to then replace me and if I can't find him internally, you know, I helped them recruit somebody and so the recruiting process for for this lead us to ah guy from toyota toyota sent say, a master from toyota because we couldn't have anybody internally that was quite ready to do what I was teaching them. So I was part of the final interview I'm sitting in uh this office with the executive vice president of this multi billion dollar company big company and in walks the candidate we introduce ourselves and I introduced myself is john murphy and he says john murphy beyond doubt john murphy and I, uh, nice line, you know, he had no idea that that I was going to be there a part of it but I said yeah, yeah? How do you know that? Because I love that book. I should really tell me about that because you know what? We use it at toyota. Okay, tell me about that. I had no idea that executive vice president sitting there going too. You guys know each other? How did this happen? We never met each other before. Incidentally, this thiss man named jacob abraham, the man from toyota that way did under pirate him. He wrote the foreword for his entrepreneur. I asked him if he would write the foreword presenter pinar, which he did, but he uh he found his way into beyond out and then he used that turn points a lot of changes that toyota. So these mystical things in life, the synchronicity, these these these coincidences that seemed to happen, I like to say there are no coincidences. There are things going on that we just don't get. We just don't understand that we're all ignorant basically in a lot of ways and the more we open up our minds and our hearts, the more the life reveals thes awesome miracles and mysteries that so many of us get freaked out about perplexed with so a little bit about myself a little bit more and and we we talked about just just the other day you know when you look at some of these headings murphy's law we've uh we've all heard that law before a lot of people joke about it but if anything can go wrong you know it will friday the thirteenth is scary it's super suspicious it's bad luck okay goes right along with black cats which I happen to have and, uh it's true I do my little sage there david stage and she's just adorable and she's just black with green eyes but uh the terrible twos you know so you know, here I am I'm my name's murphy born on friday the thirteenth I've almost killed myself twice by the age of three. One time I was bouncing on my bed with my brother and sister and I went right through the second floor window land in the front yard at age too you know that's a broken neck waiting to happen and everything else and the other in the second time was this I get raced off to the hospital of course and I managed to survive and then the second the other one was I had a cold I was two and I had learned through observation that when you have a cold you don't feel well you take aspirin so I might just be the reason there's childproof caps now I don't know uh but no there was never any litigation anything like that but there was uh there was rushing me back to the hospital because my mother discovered a whole bottle of aspirin and and it took got me off to the hospital and they pumped my stomach and again I survived but now you start to put thes dots together a little bit you say you know what is this kid doomed for failure you start to second guess yourself you start to get doubtful and uh and I most certainly was so um you know, I grew up in a faith that had me repeating a mantra every week that I'm not worthy couple I'm not worthy with these other factors and I'm a loser I'm I'm just I'm doomed and then the more I believe that the more it seemed to present itself is truth you mean we manifest what we believe so I think I run into all these crossroads in nineteen seventy seven at age seventeen um we had just won the state championship in michigan and football well we're really excited about that looking for the big colleges to come and look at us and that summer and one of my entrepreneurial ventures I had a lawn care business about forty customers several people working for me equipment I'm sixteen seventeen years old the business for a couple of years a great little business um I run my foot through a lot more yeah that was you on now and I'm off to the hospital and seven days later in the hospital and two major surgeries over ten hours of surgery reconstructing my foot nous and that uh the surgeon said your football days are over my friend I'm so sorry you know we did the best we could you know you'd be lucky to walk again without limping so just trying to break it to you straight you know after lots of tears and things like that here I am I'm not worthy friday the thirteenth thing go wrong it will here we go again you know this repeating of these things karmic energies if you will um the good news is my brother mother brought me a book that my grandfather had sent it was about courage and one of the stories in the book on courage was about a guy name rocky bleier rocky bleier graduated from notre dame is a great football player but too small toe really make it big everybody thought too slow ah but he did manage to get drafted in the last round for the pittsburgh steelers but before he ever played for the steelers you got drafted into vietnam he's over in the war fighting and he gets seriously hurt shrapnel all up and down in his foot in his leg gunfire in his hamstring and rocky is uh I told you never playing football again go home and, you know, sell cars or insurance some but not playing football and I'm reading this book now going oh man, you know, I thought I had it bad this guy's got shrapnel and also stop anyway make a long story short, rocky rehabbed, put mind over matter, rehabbed for three years and was back on the pittsburgh steelers team faster than he ever was before became the starting tailback for the pittsburgh steelers and won four super bowls. At last count, the only twenty nine athletes have won four super bowls and I know it's more than that today. Ah, but it's interesting because I'm sitting there reading this and then I'm thinking to myself, well, he can do what I can do it, that kind of thing mind over matter and uh, two years later, I was playing at notre dame, same school rocky did, by the way, is that a coincidence? Is that synchronicity? I don't no here's the fun part of that story fifteen years later? Um, I'm on stage with rocky bleier speaking at a big event was executor and some other folks and I get to spend the day with this guy who doesn't know me really, and uh so I told him the story ofthe stage said iraqi, I gotta tell you something he goes you know you you probably helped a lot of people around the world that you don't even know it but I want to give you one data point and I told him the story and he said uh wow he said would you introduce me? I said power means I said that can't tell the story you see I expected that come on man right so sure enough I idea and it was a wonderful thing by the way he gave me a wonderful endorsement for the book I just come out with that at that time could reinvent yourself no surprise with that title and that these synchronicity is go on and on and on and it's just the more we get out of our own way and we just be present not distracted by the future in the past when the mind is elsewhere else we missed thes synchronicity is we missed these awakening moments so that was seventy seven in nineteen eighty eight that's the year I got fired from my job and at the time my wife was pregnant with our second child not a good time to be out of work and in debt and all these other things and uh certainly not the best time to start a new business from scratch without much capital so a lot of creativity before capital that business turns twenty nine in two days turns twenty six in two days so there you know, there is another one of those mind over matter things the point of all of these these in two thousand I lost my father and that was a really tough time for me um two thousand nine nine I lost my wife that was a really tough time for me so um each of these uh, challenges each of these adversities each of these moments of truth in our lives give us a chance to look at things as half full or half empty, so to speak and what I've learned from all of this is that there's a silver lining in all of this and anything that doesn't kill us makes us stronger you've heard me say that before so that's the central poseur and all of us I wanted to give you some some specifics and even some personal things that's those enterpreneurs all of us it is alive and thriving and fearless and devoted teo health and well being it's just that we I don't know it sometimes we get in the way the book is entrepreneur challenges us to ask some very simple yet very profound questions you've heard me reference these now for for several sessions chapter one is all about what if what if I, uh start this business up? What if I what if I create a new business? What if I leave the business I'm in and do something different what if I write a book? I started radio show, but if I start a social media company, what you do, just that and list what ifs, we we live in our giant playground, you know, there's nothing like a knitter, nall spirit and eternal soul coming to the earth just play and manifest something interesting and that's essentially, why we're here, we're here, tio to create. So what if I do? Whatever and the questions, why and why not? You've heard me reference those who I do it, why not do it that's that yin and yang balance that's that here are all the reasons why here's the value add and then here all the yeah, but sort of the resistance factors the failure modes the force that's the force field analysis we've we've talked about is enterpreneurs air during that all the time because we got it. We're looking at balance, all right? So we're looking at, um, if this is really gonna work, we've got to find the right balance, the cost benefit type balance, if you will. Who whole chapter on who? Token? Help me now, it's a huge mistake and I've said this before to think that we do it all by ourselves just cause we're solo preneurs the, uh that's that's simply arrogant we have to recognize that were part of a larger system were part of a larger culture in the only way we're really going to thrive and be successful is to surround ourselves with people that want us to thrive, be successful there, helping us all right? You know we'd get good people helping us build our brand, helping us publicize our work. We've got people looking out for us and we've got their back. You know, we we find ways to partner virtually or or or legally whatever the relationship happens to be. So who can help me? Who's been there before who's done this and you've heard me referenced people, you know, going to seminars to listen to people who were out in front of me doing something similar and learning from them, reading their books, listening to their audio's buying programs like this just to just to listen in and review it. Okay, so who can help me with the how? Which is the next chapter? How do I do this? How do I learn how to let go? How do I learn how to write a business plan? How doe I actually execute that business, but how do I run kaizen events to make things better and better and better? How do I write a book? I bought a book on uh how to write a book so who can help me with how uh dorothy applebaum wrote a book called how to get happily published and I don't know maybe it was a fifteen twenty dollars book at the time I'm not sure what the return on that investment was but it's astronomical because from that book it led me to currently eighteen publish books and that who is somebody I've never even met it was a who wrote a book and so I virtually gained from that so there's another thank you I can offer all right so how I mean this is the planning things that we went through the steps the sequencing the gant charts you know, the left brain kind of thing we've got to have the left brain stuff figured out including the win and there was a question I was asked you know, when do you start this stuff and I could say why I kind of like cats philosophy yesterday when do I start using this stuff right now? All right? This isn't something you put off by the way you know you put this off on a shelf for you put it away in a file chances of that coming back out again get pretty slim especially if you're super busy so you execute right now I'm a big fan of the just in time training model okay if I'm going to train you how to do a causal circle I'll show you how to do one and then we're going to do a real one I'm gonna show you how to do a reality tree and then we're going to do well a real one so in this course we just played around with the tools and uh in the real world we would play around with them and then we we'd actually go go live immediately so that's the wind then there's that whole chapter on the abbotts we're going to continue to run into yeah but this isn't a good time yeah but we don't really have the resources yeah but everybody's busy yeah but we already tried it before yeah but we're already doing lene and it doesn't seem to work it's just countless excuses ok to be resistant what are the yeah buts and how do we overcome those? Yeah but then there's a chapter called so what? So what chapter is about not going through life looking through the rear view mirror not going through life patting yourself on the back for the trophy you got in high school or the award you won five years ago ten years ago which a lot of people do their they're going through life looking in the rear view mirror as if their their summit of their life the peak of their life was when they were twenty or thirty or whatever um and that was an awakening for me. I remember going back to a a reception years ago and a lot of the people that I was talking to we're talking about the great times in life as if they were all over they were all behind, you know, back in the day and it was sad because I'm sitting there thinking what there is so much in front of me that's exciting and motivating I still feel like I'm on a a great climb a great you know, a great ride not not I'm not sitting around, you know, reflecting on stuff that happened a long time ago I appreciate it but the idea that so what is let it g o so what if you wrote a book? So what if you you know, you developed a seminar cover and so what if you started a business? So what a lot of us just let pride get in our way and pride is ah comeback to that but pride can be a very dangerous obstacle, okay? And then finally the last chapter's all about now what? So now what? And his entrepreneur approaches now what with we'll see because if we spent too much time planning out into the future, we're not not one not the president so there's a there's a spot in eighty two this enterpreneurs where uh you know, it's, not that we're not planning ahead, but it's that, um, we're not living life in the future either, okay? We're looking out for where we're going, but we're in the now, you know, if I'm a shooting free throws or I'm trying to hit a golf ball on my mind's, wandering off into the future, whatever I could just I could I could easily miss. So again, that focus that intensity on the now is a very powerful factor, just a practical application stall of this zen thinking, if you will number one is be curious, this entrepreneur and all of us is very curious, I wonder what's out there, I wonder what would happen if the what if so, we can learn to be more and more curious, but to be curious, you've got a suspend judgment, you've got to suspend resistance. You be contemplated bi curious. So, for example, I was given a workshop in, uh, salt lake city two weeks ago and had somebody in there who claimed to be a skilled black belt, so to speak. And, um, at the beginning of the work stops, I'd like to ask, what does this lean six sigma, what is operational excellence mean to you in one word? Or to one or two words I want a very lean answer what does it mean this what comes to mind when you hear it and people go around and they you know they share all kinds of things got to this guy and he's a waste of time yeah waste of time and I thought, well that's interesting so I was curious and I said to my mom I bet you're not the only one who thinks that and I looked at the rest of the audience merely of a number when they thought I can't believe he said that but instead of trying to be confrontational or whatever with him I said I was curious so what's your experience it with it then well he was one of these black belts who was trained in a lot of statistical analysis and things like that and there wasn't really a lot of support behind it at the company and the company you know, it just it was a flavor of the month the company didn't get it the culture never really changed and he was part of that so he just perceived it as ah a waste of time and it was honest it was honest okay, so I'll be curious you pay attention and pay attention to who you pay attention to and pay attention to what you pay attention too because there's a lot of people that want to give you advice that I have no idea what they're talking about. Be careful with that. Examine your tendencies because hidden within one tendency or habit are thousands of subconscious thoughts if you want to know what's going on in your subconscious mind examine your habits, examine your tendencies you have a tendency to get anxious in certain situations they have a tendency to get nervous tendency to get angry. What do your tendencies? Because buried within those tendencies air subconscious thoughts programs that you're running on and that's how you uncover him you contemplate and you look at your tendencies again we've talked over and over again but assumptions to challenge your own assumptions, find him, find him and challenge him. Learn from your mistakes. I certainly have a lot of experience at that. Connect the dots. The dots are these moments in our lives that might seem to be disconnected. Um, but an example of that for me when, you know, I wrote the first book was called pulling together made lots of mistakes, but my older brother actually he read it and he said, you know what? You ought to write an allegory I go out yeah, it sounds like a good idea what's an allegory I had no idea what he's like well, it's like I'm not a novel like a business novel, so you really ought to write a on allegory why do you say that? Because could you tell some really good stories and pulling together? You should write the whole book like a story that sounds like a challenge with that. So then I wrote a book called agent of change and it is a story in fact, I dedicated it to john pearce erotic man I spoke of earlier because he was an agent of change in my life but this was a this was a fictitious general manager who went to a seminar so speak all pulling together, which is where the book pulling together came from. It came back to a culture of resistance and difficulty and and he wanted to now figure out a way to lead people through this change and he was running it all kinds of resistance. This was through his eyes. How do you apply what? What we learned in pulling together how do you apply this stuff? And one of the big obstacles in that book was a guy that he was old friends with and he was the plant manager of this tip co the typical company plant and the end of the day uh he had to make a call. You go back to core values in a line of change will be exchanged in exchange so this guy gets, uh his name's wayne wayne gets booted and the whole culture takes takes notice it's not wayne's out, so I've got a university friend of mine who's reading this book agent of change, incidentally, agent of change got endorsed by some very big names, and people picked up on it, even though I made all these mistakes she's reading this book, she says while john, you know what? This is perfect for an allegory for a sequel. I got it. Oh yeah, you got to write the sequel to you've got to write the story now from wayne's perspective, he's mad is he can't believe he just got fired what's the way you know, what's he going to do he's fifty two years old, he's out of work and he's afraid and yada yada. So I wrote a book called reinvent yourself and it's, an allegory from wayne's perspective, and then there's a sequel to that and then there's a prequel. So the other one so these air connecting the dots and got to know what they're not even my ideas, they're just people saying you had to do this, you do that, I'm listening, I'm curious and paying attention and then I'm executing that's that's, his entrepreneur. I'm taking the ideas and doing something with them where a lot of people just sit there and dream about him so you got to take some risk got to go for that's connecting the dots it's taken the risks it sze letting go let flow letting go of inhibition and excuses and yeah butts and all that stuff and focusing on allowing not resisting so you know, focusing on allowing leads us into something called the law of attraction one of the most powerful lessons I've ever learned a lot of attraction essentially says that the essence of that which is like itself is drawn, meaning that from an energetic frequency perspective like draws like misery loves company if we live in a state of misery misery we're asking for more and more misery it will find us energetically it will find us so like draws like wow! So if I go through life stressed, what am I drawing into my life? More stress, more to be stressed about I go through life doubtful what am I driving into my life or doubt more things to be doubtful of the law of attraction is just it's not playing games the law of attraction is that we are drawing into our lives whatever we're feeling from the heart no comeback to that but that's that's what's going on so pay attention to how you feel every day because if you feel stressed if you feel anxious if you feel scared if you feel mad you feel whatever you're asking for more that's the law of attraction very powerful okay and we're communicating with his universal energy through our heart shock ra to our heart center and it was something called heart coherence we're going to play with that just a few minutes, so indeed this is the mystery behind we reap what we sow so if you're going to do an ai po diagram you that most certainly have to include on the input side how do I feel? How do I feel? Because that input is absolutely critical to our personal outputs and fear by the way, you know, people say, you know what? I was the ceo of a big company with millions of dollars and I had all these, you know, with all this wealth and extravagance, I wouldn't be afraid let me tell you something I'm the most fearful people I've ever met are very senior levels and corporations it's got nothing to do with position and title, nothing it'll pascal uh shared this quote with us that the heart has reasons that reason cannot know that similar to something you know, einstein said, where the heart is more connected with the right side of the brain, if you will, the intuitive that gut feel not so much the rational reasoning inside you will so the heart has reasons that reason cannot know this is the mystery behind how did you ever end up playing football again when you were told you could and you know, it was all messed up. Same thing with rocky the heart didn't know any better heart was in it. Scientists have now found that the heart to head ratio is ten to one. When it comes to power, the heart is ten times more powerful than head when it comes to ah, energetic impact. So this is where you know this is where we see, uh, miracles, if you will. Sometimes. So this is the ring of peace I mentioned before from the book beyond doubt that these are the four steps you know the way start with let it be. Um let b is focus on b be what be aware, be curious, be present, be patient, be empathetic, be understanding be being maybe now get get away from the future. Get away from the past. Meditate be present. Get in touch with, uh, with your heart, your heart center. And we have ah, software to test to test that, so to speak, to see just how how centered we are. Okay? And then we from the let be and you start to, you know, get get ground to get present, you start to learn, um, things that you need to let go off okay, so what do I need to let go of my maybe I need to let go some of the distractions in my life some of the non value added activity okay, some of the emotional baggage I carry around or whatever the fears the doubts, the grief okay the guilt let that go and here's what happens when we let go of this emotional baggage and we let go of this wait we've been carrying around not really we feel lighter and that's where the term enlightenment comes from we feel a lot lighter like free or a lot more joyful but we see things so differently the very people who used to really annoy us and really bother us and aggravate us don't anymore way actually see them now with more compassion were understanding and we recognize there actually great teachers because they've taught us patients they taught us empathy that taught us understanding that's the yin yang balance we might never have figured out before so these challenges we have in life are great lessons and disguise their great teachings, but if we're so caught up on everything else that's going on, we completely missed the mystery of it so we let's see which way c with a whole different set of eyes a whole different set of under uh understanding this is a paradigm shift so this is the whole idea of a shifting paradigm and then we see things differently in the mind's eye we flow another way to play with this tool is to say work backwards imagine a time in your life when you were in great flow you were writing you were singing you were dancing you were painting you know you were doing whatever you do you get into flow around everybody's been in a state of flow and that state of timelessness that peak productivity so you're in your zone you're in your thing what? Well how did you get there? Does the question to ask and if you look backwards through this model how did I get there? Well, I envisioned it. I mean I could I could see it would manifest what we see in the mind's eye we become what we see well how'd you see it well I had to get some blinders off I had to let go of certain things I had to let go. All right, well what? You have to let go of things I discovered in my current state that they were weighing me down. So this is not exactly an application of domestic but it's a very useful tool to just be very contemplated contemplated means looking at things without judgment just contemplating one of the most powerful formulas I know ever come up come across is this tee times equals f so the tea is thinking that he is the emotion and the office feeling if we're communicating through the universe so to speak energetically from the heart, the heart shock with the feeling and we want to walk into an advantage kaizen event or whatever give a presentation to whatever we do and we want to be grounded we want to be poised and we want to be a confident come pen and composed um feel free and and joyful and not all freaked out if we want to feel that way, we got to take example, take a look at a couple of important uh factor's because the way we feel is going to draw energy and it's the law of attraction all right, so thinking which is really that if you understand the seven shockers in the whole energy system and the human being the top, the top three with crown shock ra and the third eye, the shock ra and the throat chakra are all related to thinking all right, the emotional shock was in the bottom three the root shock ra and the bottom three, if you will and then the heart shock was right there in the center and this this is where the shock was me and this is where the community command center is, so to speak, so when we're drawing in very joyful energy were also emitting it and that's that light in the room impact we have so the er and this is the field that einstein spoke of so it's the heart shocker that communicates with field so how do we how do we affect the heart the heart feeling and the secret is is that what we think and the emotion that drives it so think about it this way there's only two true actually there's only one true emotion if you go back into into biblical times then you really look at what the one true emotion is love okay which is which is a form of fearlessness it's just universal love and then the absence of love could be called fear which would be then the second emotion but those were really the only too true emotions so if I'm thinking about something like geez I could lose my job that's a thought some people have or I could really screw this up all right I'm thinking something like that and it's driven by fear what's the feeling going to be anxiety stress freaking out this is what's going on what if that same thought is driven by love and fearlessness? I could lose my job and this is now love what might feeling that sound like land on my feet could be a blessing in disguise I'll figure out things will be okay that's a whole different paradigm right there and it's the same thinking but it's driven by two different emotions so what's going on in our head what do we thought thoughts are we carrying around day after day many of which your subconscious and what emotion is driving it and that's going to take us into what we feel and it's through that feeling then that we are drawing in a response so when we want to really inspire people and we want to really get people to take some risk or including ourselves remember this formula all right think positive there's your zen and feel it from the from a uh uh demoted if you will from a perspective of ah love on origin of love and not fear um and you're gonna feel great and other people are gonna die I don't get it how come you don't know how come you don't seem to get stressed out you don't seem to get all worried about stuff because I have a different thought system and I have a different way of expressing it that kind of thing so here are those two emotions uh if you will there's the love emotion and then the fear emotion if you will often referred to as the ego and this is what's called the map a map of consciousness david hawkins has done some wonderful work on this and others esther hicks people like that but on a on energy frequency level the lowest energies we have calibrated our shame and guilt so we live in life with a lot of shame a lot of guilt where we have people trying to make us feel guilty or make us feel ashamed and then some of us have experienced that, um if we're down in this energy level well with the law of attraction, what are we calling for more of the same right apathy you know, hopelessness, despair, depression um not a good energy to be in to start to see this with people we've got you know, we've got people on our team who are they who live in grief there? They're just they're sad there they've got grievances with all kinds of people are you know they're there, I'll get even their revengeful you know, an eye for an eye kind of thing it's that's it it's all in the grief, grief, energy level and all of this could be calibrated using applied kinesiology so you've got actually david hawkins develop develop the log rhythm uh table where you can actually test ah person's consciousness level all right, on a scale of zero to a thousand to find out you and you can also you can actually calibrate the consciousness field the level of things like songs, books, movies uh certainly not just people countries cos organizations can actually calibrate the energy love over that he's an applied community kinesiology which is which is deeply profound, so then we go up from grief to fear you go up to from fear into attachment you know lack and lust and greed alright jealousy things like that get up into anger a lot of times anger comes from greed and jealousy and things like that uh you get up into pride high school is better than your school my country's better in your country my religions right years is wrong it into this pride about awards have fought and fought for years on pride's a lot people think pride's a good thing on an energetic level well it's better than these but it's still considered a negative energy it is until we get to courage I'd like to call it the bridge of courage until we get to courage which is more or less neutral and we get into this whole neutrality zone um that's where we really let things go and we get into acceptance all right, which is a contemplated thing, its acceptance it's not right or wrong it's like the great mystic roomie wrote there is a field beyond right and wrong I'll meet you there all right there's a field beyond right and wrong I'll meet you there this is up here and you get into love unconditional love you know what you can do whatever you want, say whatever you want I'm never going to stop loving you that's within my control you can't take that away. That's, unconditional. You get into joy. This is a wonderful energy to be in, because, well, number one, it feeds on itself more joyful. You are, the more joy you call into your life. That's the law of attraction, it's, effortless. You don't have to try. You can't try to be joyful. It's either real and authentic or it isn't. You get up in the piece, which is just, uh, gratitude. You live. You just live every day with gratitude. All right? And then you get up into enlightenment and there's whole levels of alight mint because it goes up to very you get you get up to a level where you actually you you can no longer it's time to go from the body from the human body. It's. Time to go. All right, um, and there are great masters on this planet today. Calibrated. It is very, very, very high levels. Alright, it's uh uh, on this scale. It's. Quite powerful.

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