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Senior Panel: Teens' Perspective

Come on and we have forest alexis and jos how are you? Great good forest obviously was in the video already have met him but I've never met you guys thank you for being here so alexis and just you might get so welcome are you guys ready to chit chat about some social media you can bring your guitar for no, I thought that would be just a little pretentious sold well maybe play for later. Okay, well let's just jump in with some questions I have some written down we may take from everybody else era is on the line. She may jump them with some answers as well. Ok, so I would love to hear from each of you guys how senior photos are taken in your area in other words, do you have to have a yearbook photo and a senior session or is your senior session one that you can submit to the yearbook? Yeah. So when I did my photos all the required for school was one photo that I would need for the yearbook. So my family just sort of wanted me to have some sort of an inventory that I could showcase to the...

rest of my family and just be like look and so beautiful I'm a graduating senior oh yeah um and so yeah, it was cool though I did a session in golden gardens and seattle washington and it was not as laid back as I would've liked like I got to do a session with you, which is really nice and I think the reason why is because what you did a lot when you were a photo shooting was you were doing like a lot of action shots so you got a lot of, like, natural, you know, captivity of who I was, which is cool as opposed to posing you know, I'm terrible opposing you thanks for the left me? I don't think any was yeah, so sorry. It was sort of sidetracked there, just like that was my experience, okay? Just a lot of posing, but I only needed one photo for high school, but then when you submitted for the year but was from that day was shoot yeah, we had to do a few men of are, like selection, right? But so you didn't have to get teo like photo shot better shoot at school when have, like, the drape and they know nothing of structures. And then how did you find your photographer? I actually was a family friend of our family. We hooked up that way. Ok? Yeah. Um okay. Alexis, can you tell me, um well it's similar to his we don't really need to have a brat, you pictures, you just pick one just pick one out of a shoot that you go and find your own talk you know that, right? You don't have to get the school photographer you pick your own on and then you submit one is their deadline that you just have to meet I think it's the beginning of a school year for mine. Very beginning. Yeah, and have you had yours taken yet? You have. And how did you find your senior photographer? My best friend was actually getting hers done by this lady and I went with her and I really liked how she lea I didn't think it was very like, just like that'll happen. That's. Awesome. Okay, get in. Did you like your experience? Yes. You've already had your second. It was fun. And you've already submitted the one that you want. I haven't. We haven't done the review yet. Okay, but this coming school starts and you guys start school in september? Yeah, whatever. Second. And what about you? Just if I had both the just senior senior photos for just a photographer and then one for my school school and was the one that we used in the yearbook was right just I was actually outside my school, just kind of by a tree, ok, just wear whatever you want, you could just wear something our weber wanted, okay? Obviously just a little bit formal, but kind of casual the same time, and then for the one that my parents kept, it was at bottle landing, okay? And it was like multiple locations kind of have me walk around and take pictures at just different, different, like marks. And did you change outfits to get more than you know, I just wear one outfit, and when it was just multiple poses really right? And what was the reason why you went on dh have that second one done? Did you because the first one simply was for the yearbook and you didn't like it her way? The first one was actually the one that was for just my parents. They just want a picture of it, and I didn't actually know. Fine if I could submit that for my school. So I was just taking a separate one with the photographer that was connected to the school. Okay, so there was one one photographer that took everybody's at the school, right? Okay. And did you enjoy both of them? Or did you like one of the the one that my parents picked out? Because it was a lot more casual? The one first school is very rushed and kind of awkward at the same time, and it was basically just two pictures and he pick whichever one get through a bunch of imagine yeah, yeah, actually, it was kind of dead last cause I didn't know I needed my picture taken so I, like rush out of plastic got my picture and how did your parents or you pick the one that they chose? The photographer they picked one that looked casual at the same time very, very clean just didn't look to pose. That doesn't just obviously something very casual and in all of your cases where your parents the one other than you because you knew about your best friend, but near your cases where your parents the one that said use this photographer. I've booked this photographer. Were you the one? Yeah, my parents knew them. Yeah, there is no interaction with me and my parents. My parents picked photographer and just told me to go take pictures. Do you think it's a difference? Because you got your guys and your girl? Yeah, I think you're very less care, right? Exactly. Okay, good. Good to know. Hey, sarah, we didn't ask you and then you graduate in two thousand thirteen. But what was it like for you? Did you pick your own photographer, and could you submit that to the yearbook? Yeah so we could go to anyone we could use our contract id school photographer if you wanted teo but you can also choose whoever you want and so it was like either way and did you pick yours or did your parents figures I picked up on and what made you pick him or her I used my a friend who also does photography so again it was because kind of because I felt more comfortable with her so on we do a lot of photography stuff together so it just kind of worked out and made sense well I mean it sounds like a common theme friends or or your parents to know somebody which helps make connection and that's that's always a good thing so that sounds like a good tidbit for us to take away okay so when it comes to see your photos hiring your own guitar for not for the school stuff but for your own petard free what what do you think is the most important I think somebody that makes you feel comfortable somebody that has fun what is your thing mean if their personality lines up with mine and that's about it I want someone who's gonna because photographer what they do is you know they basically are trying to captivate who you are instead of an image and I want someone who is going to understand who I am enough to the point that they could do that so did I do a good job of them? Maybe I don't know I haven't seen a photo booth does e I know you had fun whether you want a senator a very comfortable haven't you tell may what you really look for other than the fact that you knew your friend had used her but what stood out tio, I really like the fact that she made it who you are like for me was sailing. Sailing is a big deal for me and so making it nautical theme was a really, really big deal that's awesome! And so I was really glad that she put she put sailing into it for right? Like she made it comfortable. And how did how did she do a questionnaire to find that out? Or how did you just told her? I kind of told her, I think. Yeah. That's awesome on dh. So I imagine you were on a boat. Yes. Yeah. Or adopt with from the boat stock speeches. That's really fun. All some. Okay, that's. Good. And how about you? I would I just kind want someone that's very casual and just kind of it makes you feel like you're not actually taking a year instead of more just just like with somebody who happens to have a camera in front your face exactly, but I like I wish I could have taken something with something that was like for me, like I play soccer golf. So maybe, like, buy a golf course or something. Alright, that would've been good, but we just took it at a park, so it seemed a little impersonal about the same time. Just a little question, right? Right. Do you play golf for your high school team? Okay. Yeah. So, yeah, that was a little personal touch is always a good idea. Sounds touch my mother you need yeah, yeah, like, okay, let's, do this. You can't just show up and hopefully take a picture and just hope for the best kind of if you look good and and from which one you think you would best? Exactly? I had everyone I liked contacted this agency like you guys were like, I'll bring your guitar like that was like instant like you didn't even hesitate teo sound do that. So that was cool? Well, I mean, the one thing I will say I loved about your shoot is because you were more comfortable in your element and so I didn't want a pose you too much because you were natural this way, you know, playing the guitar and stuff, so so I thought it was, you know, that it's who you are so like you brought that and yes, the golfing or the soccer thing would be a cool thing to have because it does tell us who you are too on the sailing thing that's amazing. Yeah, and even your outfit was nautical theme teo yeah, very not hoping and did you have hair makeup? Yes. Okay, so you did that? It was all inclusive experience, right? That's also okay and they are aware we're years taken. Um I was taken at a little farm just like twenty minutes away from a sow. I didn't I just kind of went like I just wanted a pretty place. Yeah, I didn't really incorporate, like, any like activities or anything like that. So I just I knew I wanted the nature and like, the water and stuff like that, so I yeah, awesome. Okay, so we've already kind of touched on this, but you do pay attention to your friends, use at least you did. And you got your parents. Your parents paid attention to who they knew. So that's a friend connection that's important? Do you ever pay attention to your friends on social media and who they're using and see something like, did you maybe see something in that respect and say, oh, you know, that looks kind of cool or anything like that you follow different post their senior yes yes and usually they'll say this is the photography agency that I got my photos taken okay but for the most part if they were doing that I mean I don't want to generalize you guys but it was usually girls like yeah it was for the most part of the female population right on my feet you know like look at me shout out share both photography and just sort of yeah yeah but for you you stated in a little bit more for on I was there at the shoot so and you were there did you get any pictures of you and your best run together no but I got a couple of her like and her yeah we should have brought your photos I would love to show him that would be awesome I love the nautical theme yeah maybe you could get those before tomorrow okay so okay, so it's far as what you want from your senior photo session I'm going to ask you a little bit more than y'all because you guys clearly did it for your parents and I think that's what type of like products did you want digitals did you want prince? Did you want an album like what kinds of things interested you have me and my mom we really haven't talked about that yet you haven't done it yet we're still figuring out like what we want but when you when you thought of senior photos in one thing popping your head more than other ones my pictures they gotta get picked second do you think your mom will want something different than you? I don't think so or can't I don't know wait but it wouldn't be interesting to you to share if you had the digital photos would that be something that you would share with your friends and have you posted a w yeah, okay and then I know you guys had them done because of your parents do you know what they bawl like? Did they buy a print? Did they just buy the one image to put the yearbook? How did that? No yeah, they print their prints like hanging on the wall here and that was pretty much it. Okay? And how about you just from either put on put in a frame or right or hang up so yeah, ok. Yeah. That's generally. What parents? Walt yeah. Jump in on that one. We have several folks online who are wondering about about including lr circus. The wallet size images back back in the day way that was something is that we all had were the little wallet size that we gave to our friends, of course now there's a lot more digital and digital india is that something that still interests teens I think that's the coolest thing ever way I thought it was really neat I mean at least for promising problem is the coolest thing because it was a way for me to just like whip out like here's the girl who went to prom with me oh yeah you know I don't know I think it's weird if it's just a picture you though because I mean unless it's like your family it's it's going to give them out though I think that's the most convenient way tohave a printed photo okay you know what you get yeah well yeah mostly I didn't get it from my photographer but I end up just kind of printing it out ok? I like he had digital and so I had a digital image toe put in my wallet right? Obviously you don't want one really of yourself so you get the more you have in your wallet you have yeah it seems a little weird act of yourself so it's more comfortable have like picture with some friends like especially prom like a homecoming or something or just anything formal okay, so yeah all right we have a question video I'm wondering are the acts of a deal because I did just start offering this this year like alexis will get one with her session on dh I've had a lot of feedback from seniors like I just wanted to make sure I'm like on track there right yeah, I mean, I'm my singers tend to love it I'm going to guess for you two that maybe it's not as important because you guys did it for your parents but there and there's an apb out there is called the well there's probably more than one that sticky albums isn't at that so you would get it on your phone and it would be a like an album on your own you're so it's like a digital way to share photos yes, I don't know if your mom's maybe even had like a brag book when you're a baby like her purse it's a digital version on your phone you don't actually have to have that the brag book you know domain would you share that with your friends if you had it you would I want okay yeah I am all on facebook I mean it's the only social media actually is and I mean it's just all my friends were there right? Just real easy to win but yeah, maybe if it's more convenient than facebook because I mean if it takes me more timeto load facebook go through my photos, pull up the photo right then it would for that then I would just rather sarah have you ever used sticky albums? Tio no, whether you're no I haven't I'm definitely looking into it low because it definitely seems like something that everyone like all the teens love I don't use it yet but I am thinking about it yeah, they love it in mind I offer it as a bonus thing and in the top package so they do tend to love it the mom's really love it because again I describe it as a brag book I mean, I remember when my children were first born I had a it was a little like for best six album and I had it my purse but now I just pull out my phone show you know, look, you know or whatever so I love it and it works great for for senior rip something think can share because you could share you can share it they can contact do you like, for instance, if you were sharing your sticky album with your friend you're like showing them your phone and call your photos they could write then hit contact and send an email and say, hey, I just saw alexis photos and I want a bookie first in your session so that's awesome you can add music to it I think you can even add video now, eh? So yeah. So anyway, I do think it's probably a good idea though um what do you think would be the most like the reason you would talk about your senior session with a friend like because you felt good because your photographer did a great job because your photos you really love light, what is the emotional aspect that would make you want to say, hey, you guys, you gotta check out this photographer she's awesome or whatever the photographer did something that I thought was so unique that not another photographer could replicate that I would totally enjoy that. It was weird when I when I got back my photo shoot like I had my photos, I had to select some photos for I did choose from, like, I think, three photos, which one I wanted to put onto the yearbook. Um and I ended up sending one to my high school, and there was a bunch of sunlight and said the photo, it was like there was like, these bright orange trees in the background, and it was just all the sun coming through, and then it was like meet in the center on dh it was so bright that, like they couldn't use it as a photo on, so I had never actually, like considered that like high school, wouldn't you know, right? Be so picky, but at the same time, like it was this really unique thing that, like, I really loved about my photog, right? So I think if there's enough artistic expression with the way that they work that's something that I'd love to share with others. Yeah. And how about you? What? What would you tell us about your awesome what did you tell your friend? You had a good time. You what? It was very like she comfortable because I liked it and I would want to brag about it. Yeah, right. You like, go to her? It was really fun. I just I would want other people to go to her. Been anything? Okay? Yeah. And what would you share it if they were, like, pretty just lay back and not kind of pressure youto, like, like, pose in some certain way that you don't really want to think. Yeah, it's a little bit. It gets a little bit much, just a little bit overdone. So if you're kind of just casual about your picture, I think it makes you until you tell other people that you were it wasn't really that big of a deal, even though, you know, it's going to be like a picture that you're going to keep rest likely. Yeah, but at the same time, you looked just a casual in the picture. What as a guy were you because I would imagine guys don't typically have their photo taken as much as girls or don't care about having their photo taken as much as girls were you apprehensive about it? At first we worried you wouldn't feel comfortable where you worried you look one way or the other I kind of went into just every kind of didn't really want to be there for it because I didn't really want to take a picture about it. I kind of just showed up because your mom because because my mother told me to so I felt a little obligated to show up and take my picture but I got into it just kind of they either was it made it easier? Yeah, how about you? I didn't want someone who's going to try and make me look super manley was about it I don't want to look ridiculous, right? Like someone I wasn't saying you don't wanna look like a big bodybuilder are any real legs stretched out poses I just like to stay you stay out here. Well, that's good. Ok, do we have any questions out there? Just wanted to check in with sara. What about what about their yeah what? What makes you what made you know you were friends with your photographer, so that probably helps you had that connection? Yeah, but what else would you share about your experience with your friends um one of the reasons like besides like you said that I was friends heard that I wanted to go is because I'm very picky so I wanted to have a lot to choose from I knew that the other photographers in my town didn't give you very many pictures and I wanted to make sure that I was going to like love one because like I said, I'm very like picking about it so I just wanted to see a lot of them and I have a lot to choose from so that was one of the reasons cool I used the shoe proof abasi el and all of my seniors get with their collections as well but I noticed that some of my friends they're having problems with their senior screenshot ng there from their app and like putting a filter on it no why do you think a team would do that like put a filter on you know, afternoon it's a deep rooted issue way because you know, I think I think you know what I like so like a hipster commodity thing like I think if you're gonna put a filter on something or like like the classic like insta filter where it like it looks so trendy and a little black constipated or like the colors are just kind of more, you know, unnatural I don't know I think there's just like this thing that people cling to about that it goes back to just being like an artsy photo supposed toe just a classic photo who you were I don't know what can I say something really quick o ee o I want to say something I do know this here because I also you shoot proof and as faras the screen shouting the watermark I was having the same type of problems so I've been letting seniors choose any two photos that they want that I'll just send to them for free specifically for instagram so then that doesn't have the water work on it but I make them tagged my like I was saying before I make them tagged my thinking the caption because that's more beneficial to me I'll get work followers my name will be spread more than if it just had my water mark across it and no photo credit in the caption and do you think they but by the gesture of you giving them those photos do you think they use less filters or they still put a filter on it if they want to or not they actually haven't been this year last year there were a few and I think there is and they do it because they don't see them like we do they like the khan they always bump up the contrast so much that's like one of the things and like saturated a lot so that was definitely but nobody's really been doing that look uh husband doing that this year so I haven't had that problem okay, I'm kind of wondering actually that like I mean if because I have gotten photos taken of me and every school time like in the caption I always say like this is the photographer and I wonder like like one time I got a photo shoot of a knitted photos I added it I meant myself then I still like tag to the photographer right like for someone who doesn't have photos for living are like for you for someone who didn't take a screenshot of your photo like is that insulting or would you rather than like not you know tag you in the photo are like like it's kind of it's a nifty zone like like what do you what do you want out of that situation I know for me most much most of my clients found we are instagram with the hashtag so they appreciate what I'm doing already but I do also educate them as well to say would you please not do not do that right took all that time to edit it and you're right I don't think so you know I do educate them well please no please don't do that and they do give me credit you know I just kind of explain to them I say that my water mark is on it so that someone else will not steal the photo you know you don't want to have anyone else but you know what? Your photo no one would be able to find out that it was me who took your photo so I just kind of spend it like that s o they more I really don't like sarah was saying this year not too many of the year before it was like black and white contrasts city scipio you don't know what happened that year a bad year with filter county here, right? But I mean, I just educate them so that they'll know, you know, out of currency you know please don't do that but of course you always have one that's just gonna I break the rules, right? I did have I really haven't had it so much with seniors, but I shot a family a while back and she put all of them on facebook with this crazy filter and I was like, who people are gonna think I did that to those photos? What is going to happen? But I mean, what are you going to do there out there? That boy likely I didn't hear a lot of backlash, which was great, but I looked at them I don't think the normal I maybe thinks that's cool or whatever maybe they don't look at it the same way we do we might would be a little mortified if somebody stuck up yeah filtered photo. That wasn't your style on there. But I don't think that would necessarily hinder somebody from hiring you or not. But if you can educate and prevent that, that's probably better, because at least you're styles out there, as opposed to your style filtered, you know.

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Lynn Powell Roberts

I learned a lot from this course. I watched all day when CL replayed Sal Cincotta's senior course and I wanted a second perspective, so I bought Leslie's course. I'm really glad I purchased Leslie's course because it was a great complement to Sal's course. Leslie covered different things like using a style closet that I especially found useful. She also did a beach shoot with a male and female model, which I found very useful and different from Sal's style. Leslie is so excited about "her girls" that she photographs - it's very engaging. I highly recommend this course.