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Simple Email Marketing for Makers

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Hot Seat: Let's Write an Email!

Megan Auman

Simple Email Marketing for Makers

Megan Auman

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20. Hot Seat: Let's Write an Email!

Lesson Info

Hot Seat: Let's Write an Email!

I'm Kaelen Van Cura, and I make jewelry like this, under the name Darling Marcelle. Perfect, thank you ma'am. Alright, so, let's come up with an email idea for you so that you're like ready to go on your next one. So first of all, what email type do you want to use? And I'm gonna help you out, 'cause we're gonna put them there or there, depending on if you can see that. Okay, um... Let's see... Do you have something new coming up or are we doing something with an existing product? Existing product. Okay. I just created this line, Okay. And so this is new-ish. Okay, did you promote that enough to your list? Probably not. (laughs) Okay, so let's promote something from that line, Okay. So what do we think? Do we want to think about, it's not really a best seller yet, 'cause it's new. Mm-mm, no. So maybe we want to either pull a seasonal angle to it, or maybe talk about use, or just showing people kind of styling, or what do you want to do? Yeah, I mean I co...

uld do like a styling one. Okay, so maybe we want to do, this is not our subject line, we're just gonna write this down. So how to style, how to style, what's the necklace called? Oh, I don't remember. (laughter) So maybe not a concrete enough name. Yes, I know. I just named everything and there were so many names. Okay, "How to style the big necklace." (laughter) We're just gonna call it that. Okay. Alright, how to style the big necklace. Is there a principle of stickiness that you want to apply? Is there something, is there an unexpected-ness to it? What do you think, anything we could do in there? And it's okay if you can't, it's just something to think about. Yeah, um... I would say... Yeah, maybe unexpected. Okay, so what do you think, what could we do with that that's unexpected? Let's see... We could, it's hard to think to think off the top of my head. I don't know, we could pair it with like a pattern. Okay, that's cool. So the other thing that I have to say, and maybe this is not for this email, 'cause I like this idea of pair it with pattern, but I will say that watching you wear that, the color shifts on that. Like it never always looks black. Oh. It's the coolest thing I have ever seen, I was like "Is it gray? Is it gold? Is it..." So that might be something to play with too is it's black, but it's special black. Yeah, it's so shiny, so-- Right, so that may be something else to think about in the future. Alright so, we wanna do this-- Yes. Do you have an image that you can use for it? Or do we need to think about shooting one? Yeah, maybe I would have to shoot a flat-lay. Okay. Yeah, a flat-lay is a really good solution when you don't have a model at hand. Right, you're like "I wanna show this on pattern, I don't have a model to shoot, let's do a cute flat-lay." Yeah. Okay, so you're gonna shoot a flat-lay, what do you think your subject line should be? In something like this? Okay well I did remember my collection's name, finally. Ah, alright. Okay, my collection's name is "The Graffiti Collection." Oh, okay. Because, all of the shapes are based on kind of like, kind of tagging shapes that you would find in graffiti. So what do you think we can do with that? So, I don't know, like... graffiti you could wear, or something like that. Which I feel like maybe, and if that was like the first email I think that could be good, but I think since we're going with this like pattern-- Oh yeah, that's true. Like maybe thinking about, is it something, so either we wanna be really curious, Yeah. Or we wanna be really explicit. So it's like, "How to wear a pattern" not "How to wear patterns," but "Pattern on pattern," something like that. Yeah, yeah. Or, it's something, can you guys think of something that incites curiosity? It's hard to do on the fly. I know. (laughs) Like incites curiosity. Now in my head I just got to like, I don't know why I was thinking like, "What's the opposite of pattern, plain." So what if it's something like, "Don't be a plain Jane," and then like-- Yeah. The secondary line could be, 'cause usually a lot of times in the themes there's a place to add a secondary line, should be like, "How to wear a pattern necklace on pattern," Or something. Yeah. So you could do something like that. Mm-hmm. And maybe you hate that, but let's just pretend for us. Yeah. (audience chuckling) I do usually try to come up with a couple subject lines-- Yes, right. Sometimes-- So we get the first is not the best. Right, exactly, sometimes it's bad. So then what's our call to action gonna be? Buy the necklace? Yes. (laughs) Okay, so perfect. And does it come in other colors? It does, it comes in silver and in bamboo. Okay, so I think a nice PS here would be like, "comes in..." you know, "comes in... silver... and bamboo." I feel like you guys can't see this at all. Okay, so, then really now we basically just have to write our two sentences of body copy, so what are we gonna say about it? Um, let's say... I don't know, here's an idea of what you could wear with this necklace, or how to pair this necklace. So if you were telling a friend how to wear that necklace on a piece of pattern, what would you say? I would say, "This necklace looks surprisingly cute against a patterned shirt." There we go! (laughter) There it is, right? So, literally maybe your subject line is "Surprisingly cute" Or like, "This necklace is..." Right? Yeah. This necklace is surprisingly cute! And then you can say that. Like literally "This necklace," whatever the name is, So in the subject line I would say "This necklace," in the email I would use the actual name-- Yes. And link to that in the shop in the name, in the body of the text. Yes. The whatever necklace. "The whatever necklace is surprisingly cute when worn on top of pattern," or however you said that. Yeah. And then, like "Available now in my online shop." Boom. Alright. That wasn't so bad. (laughs) Yeah, you just made an email! Perfect! Way less than the three hours it usually takes. Yeah, look, right, in like two minutes, we just did an email, you're gonna shoot a quick flat-lay, you can probably even do it with your phone. Yes. And put it in there and go. Don't be afraid to like, if your phone's got a good camera, just use your phone. Yeah, yeah. It doesn't always have to be that fancy, just do it. Yeah, especially people are looking on their phone-- Right-- It's not like-- The quality, right-- They're projecting it or something. Exactly, exactly. Alright perfect. Alright, great. Thank you Kaelen. Alright.

Class Description

Email can be one of the most powerful tools to market your business, connect with your customers and—most importantly—make sales!
You have your email list, but what do you do now?
Simple Email Marketing for Makers will give you the confidence to write, design and build an effective email that will drive people to your online store to purchase products.

Megan will take you step-by-step through her process of creating compelling and product-focused emails that will get more click-throughs and steer interested customers to your website.

In this class you will learn to do the following:

  • Get your email marketing set up the right way, using the right software
  • Turn social media followers into email subscribers
  • Develop the ideal email frequency for your specific business
  • Use email to cultivate customer loyalty

If you feel stressed about how to reach your customers via email, or it’s taking you too long to write and create an email, then Simple Email Marketing for Makers will solve all your email marketing woes.

Don’t Fear the Send!



What a great class. It's easy to watch thanks to the bite-size classes (in some of your other courses, segments are too long) and Megan's almost every sentence is packed with easily actionable, immediately implementable tips. She knows what she's talking about and delivers it with super likeable confidence. And I learnt SO MUCH invaluable stuff. Super recommend this class to all creative makers that desire to connect with their audience and sell sell sell


This class is amazing! Megan is fantastic! She really relates information in such a way to give you a real understanding of the subject and breaks down each step. I took pages of notes to implement right away. She really motivates and gets you excited about growing and building your business! Thanks so much Megan!

a Creativelive Student

I've been emailing my list weekly consistently for more than a year, and I still took away a ton of great information! I learned so much that will help me plan more quickly, get the emails written faster, and - best of all - make them more effective at converting into sales. Thanks so much, Megan!