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Simple PR: Pitch Your Product

Lesson 2 of 10

How to Get Media Coverage for Your Products

Brigitte Lyons

Simple PR: Pitch Your Product

Brigitte Lyons

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Lesson Info

2. How to Get Media Coverage for Your Products

Lesson Info

How to Get Media Coverage for Your Products

Let's get right into it so this first segment is all about preparing your product pitch so we are really diving into the meat right here off the start so in this segment we're going to talk about how you can get media coverage for your products I'm gonna give you three simple techniques for building your media list we're also going to go over how you create headline we're the product descriptions this is one of my favorite lessons actually in this whole program because it's a really fun you know when we're doing a public relations we really are doing a creative craft pr is a creative discipline and so play with that there's some opportunities in here to actually have fun and play so we're going to be playing a little bit of mad libs today and also I'll show you how to kratch craft your pitch perfect email submission so how to get media for coverage for your product again we're like diving right into the meat of it right? How do you do this? So what are we doing here? So the first thing...

I want you to know and keep in mind is that editors and bloggers are constantly on the lookout for new product to feature they're always looking for new product to feature, which means they want to hear from you. In fact, their jobs depend on discovering you and discovering your product so when you're submitting it to them knowing that they're busy right you might not always hear back from them of every pitch you send out but you were never bugging them are intruding on their on their day you're actually helping them do their jobs better they want to hear from you now it helps you though to know what are they looking for specifically because editors and bloggers they both have a job to dio they have very specific serve specifications or areas to fill when they're looking for product so we're going to start by just looking at what some of those are to get to get your thoughts rolling a little bit 00:01:59.92 --> 00:02:02. so the first way that media outlets really cover product 00:02:02.77 --> 00:02:05. through our gift guides and give guides are one of 00:02:05.9 --> 00:02:08. the best and easiest opportunities you have to get 00:02:08.69 --> 00:02:11. your product into a publication one of things I hear 00:02:11.64 --> 00:02:14. all the time and I would love to see if you think 00:02:14.45 --> 00:02:16. this so when I say you can like nod your head or raise 00:02:16.59 --> 00:02:17. your hand let me know if this is something you've 00:02:17.92 --> 00:02:20. had a thought up well I don't want to pitch a gift 00:02:20.05 --> 00:02:22. guide because everybody else out there is doing it 00:02:23.26 --> 00:02:25. does anyone have that feeling like I don't want to 00:02:25.03 --> 00:02:27. pitch this because everyone's doing it and it's a 00:02:27.27 --> 00:02:30. waste of my time well the recent everyone's doing 00:02:30.23 --> 00:02:31. it is because it works 00:02:33.18 --> 00:02:36. there doing it because you know they really need things 00:02:36.73 --> 00:02:39. to fill this kind of content and the other cool thing 00:02:39.78 --> 00:02:42. about gift guys is you know they're coming around 00:02:42.48 --> 00:02:44. you know that in may there going to be talking about 00:02:44.69 --> 00:02:47. gifts for mom you know that in november there going 00:02:47.6 --> 00:02:50. to be talking about holiday you know they might also 00:02:50.53 --> 00:02:52. be talking maybe there's like halloween gifts if you're 00:02:52.89 --> 00:02:55. talking about a parents and kind of publication like 00:02:55.03 --> 00:02:57. if you look at a certain kind of media outlet you 00:02:57.97 --> 00:03:00. could know and predict exactly what gift guides there 00:03:00.7 --> 00:03:02. going to be running through the year and actually 00:03:02.28 --> 00:03:04. plan your outreach around that so that's why this 00:03:04.36 --> 00:03:05. is a really powerful way to go 00:03:07.12 --> 00:03:10. another thing that is very similar are these seasonal 00:03:10.37 --> 00:03:13. trend reports so any kind of seasonal trend round 00:03:13.46 --> 00:03:15. up so here we have of course my friend meghan almond 00:03:16.15 --> 00:03:20. um and she had a new line of home items in pillows 00:03:20.66 --> 00:03:23. right? And so she was actually able to get her pillows 00:03:23.82 --> 00:03:27. in elle decor because they follow this seasonal trend 00:03:27.12 --> 00:03:29. report of being brush strokes it was a big trend that 00:03:29.47 --> 00:03:31. was happening but this isn't the only kind of way 00:03:31.85 --> 00:03:33. to look at the seasonal trends and we'll talk about 00:03:33.78 --> 00:03:35. some other ideas for that later 00:03:36.52 --> 00:03:38. another big way that people are looking for a product 00:03:38.9 --> 00:03:41. or products centric roundups so you actually see the 00:03:41.55 --> 00:03:43. clip here how to do your gonna go is actually something 00:03:43.77 --> 00:03:45. we had a client in real simple but I want you to look 00:03:45.8 --> 00:03:48. at is which of the swimsuits cause that's robert around 00:03:48.39 --> 00:03:52. up so you know any kind of roundup that's roundup 00:03:52.4 --> 00:03:55. of jewelry around up of swimsuits around up of stationery 00:03:55.52 --> 00:03:57. you know you can pitch your product to be included 00:03:57.94 --> 00:04:00. in those so those air great opportunities for you 00:04:00.0 --> 00:04:04. too no and then recurring columns and features so 00:04:04.66 --> 00:04:06. one of the things that we're going to look at is how 00:04:06.63 --> 00:04:09. do you actually deconstruct a media outlet whether 00:04:09.67 --> 00:04:12. it's online or in print and figure out what are those 00:04:12.64 --> 00:04:15. regular columns and features that they have to fill 00:04:15.6 --> 00:04:18. whether it's every week every day or every month 00:04:20.24 --> 00:04:22. because when you know what their regular features 00:04:22.45 --> 00:04:25. are you know where they're hungry you know where an 00:04:25.72 --> 00:04:29. editor is like oh god we need to find you know whatever 00:04:29.79 --> 00:04:31. it isthe right? We're gonna look at some examples 00:04:31.45 --> 00:04:34. of this like we need to find what is our splurge or 00:04:34.7 --> 00:04:38. steal this month I don't know or maybe they're deconstructing 00:04:38.81 --> 00:04:41. some sort of look that was on the runway every month 00:04:41.07 --> 00:04:44. you know with a high end and our budget item so it's 00:04:44.43 --> 00:04:46. really important that you're able to figure out what 00:04:46.64 --> 00:04:49. those are because is there some of your biggest opportunities 00:04:50.54 --> 00:04:53. and then another way is maker designer profiles so 00:04:53.78 --> 00:04:55. this is actually somebody who went through my mentoring 00:04:55.66 --> 00:04:58. program she has this wonderful shop in canada para 00:04:58.87 --> 00:05:02. winkle flowers name's jessica and she was able to 00:05:02.24 --> 00:05:07. pitch l canada on this maker designer profile they 00:05:07.23 --> 00:05:09. do and what's cool is this is actually also a regular 00:05:09.96 --> 00:05:14. column feature so it's flour monday so every single 00:05:14.32 --> 00:05:17. monday they do this flower monday feature so she was 00:05:17.05 --> 00:05:19. like they're looking for this every single monday 00:05:19.59 --> 00:05:22. they need to do a new arrangement on their block we'll 00:05:22.66 --> 00:05:25. im a flower shop I'm going to send it to them so finding 00:05:25.7 --> 00:05:28. those places again where you where you can find where 00:05:28.06 --> 00:05:31. they're hungriest for content or the easiest ways 00:05:31.23 --> 00:05:34. for you to break in and of course within public relations 00:05:34.17 --> 00:05:36. there's a thousand different kinds of things you khun 00:05:36.2 --> 00:05:39. dio but what we want to really focus on are the things 00:05:39.04 --> 00:05:42. that are the easiest of the most effective that take 00:05:42.2 --> 00:05:44. the least amount of time and get you the biggest amount 00:05:44.73 --> 00:05:45. of reward 00:05:46.84 --> 00:05:49. so how does all this sound so far how are these kind 00:05:49.98 --> 00:05:51. of opportunities feeling 00:05:53.93 --> 00:05:56. some cool have you looked I'm curious have you looked 00:05:56.34 --> 00:05:58. at that like trying to figure out what the different 00:05:58.15 --> 00:06:01. kinds of columns are and how we fit in yeah how do 00:06:01.41 --> 00:06:01. you find him 00:06:03.47 --> 00:06:05. fast my next question we absolutely have a lesson 00:06:05.7 --> 00:06:07. on that so we're going to beginning to that really 00:06:07.46 --> 00:06:11. soon because that is that is a big trick right like 00:06:11.03 --> 00:06:13. how do you figure that out how do you do deconstruct 00:06:13.3 --> 00:06:15. that? What other kinds of things is this bringing 00:06:15.43 --> 00:06:16. up? Well, how do you send something is going to catch 00:06:16.93 --> 00:06:19. the right because I feel like in the past my has being 00:06:19.45 --> 00:06:22. hesitant around like sending things out for gift guides 00:06:22.26 --> 00:06:25. it's like odo I sent a sample so I sent an email is 00:06:25.26 --> 00:06:27. this going to go in the circular filing cabinet like 00:06:27.86 --> 00:06:30. you know oh I love those questions you're totally 00:06:30.65 --> 00:06:33. covering all of those questions this is where great 00:06:33.32 --> 00:06:36. and actually that brings us really into the next point 00:06:36.2 --> 00:06:39. which is what bloggers and editors are looking for 00:06:39.76 --> 00:06:42. yeah yeah so when you looking at any kind of website 00:06:42.88 --> 00:06:44. so we're going to be looking at techniques for doing 00:06:44.73 --> 00:06:47. your research but before you even start your research 00:06:47.57 --> 00:06:50. just to kind of figure out what are you looking at 00:06:50.27 --> 00:06:52. like what are they looking for what you need to keep 00:06:52.42 --> 00:06:55. in mind so there's there's four different things and 00:06:55.59 --> 00:06:58. the number one is this idea of like the product that 00:06:58.76 --> 00:07:01. will appeal to their readers bloggers and editors 00:07:01.56 --> 00:07:05. are in much the same business that you are there providing 00:07:05.57 --> 00:07:08. ideas they're priding providing inspiration they're 00:07:08.14 --> 00:07:10. providing a product which is that magazine or that 00:07:10.51 --> 00:07:15. log to their customers and your ideal blogger magazine 00:07:15.77 --> 00:07:20. or media a lot of any kind is serving your customer 00:07:21.16 --> 00:07:23. so ultimately if you keep that in mind if you're looking 00:07:23.95 --> 00:07:26. at media outlets who seem to be serving the same kind 00:07:26.94 --> 00:07:28. of customer that you are 00:07:29.79 --> 00:07:32. then you're going to have this amazing opportunity 00:07:32.17 --> 00:07:35. with them tio collaborate and co create content and 00:07:35.51 --> 00:07:37. if you look at it from that you're gonna have such 00:07:37.93 --> 00:07:40. a better opportunity to go out with them because it 00:07:40.36 --> 00:07:43. becomes this hey like I see that you know, your customers 00:07:43.97 --> 00:07:47. are also looking for really hip gifts for new moms 00:07:47.69 --> 00:07:49. with my product actually does that too right? And 00:07:49.97 --> 00:07:52. so when you can go in and find that perfect match 00:07:52.29 --> 00:07:55. that customer focused match you're gonna have a lot 00:07:55.31 --> 00:07:58. more opportunity to work with them the other things 00:07:58.08 --> 00:08:01. though that they're looking at to our aesthetic so 00:08:01.11 --> 00:08:03. you know you definitely want to look at blogged our magazine any kind of publications aesthetic so does your product look like it fits and this could be you know, a little distant heartening sometimes because sometimes you might really think you want to be in a publication and when you look very honestly about what they're what they're including you might just say you know what? Like they do things that are really like sleek and modern and my stuffs a little more boho and it's just not gonna work and and that's one of the things here is like knowing that they have a job to do which is served their reader and fill their aesthetic mission will help you say like okay, I'm going to talk someone aside and I'm gonna move right on and then I'll help you save some time tio a lot of them also or might be looking at certain price ranges so you have some sort of publications who are always looking at things that are on a budget you know and I see this a lot and like the home in the dick or you know are you going for an elder qiu or are you going for like hd tv magazine? You know what kind of demographic who are they reaching out tio what kind of price points are there in the publication or the block you're looking at you want to make sure you're able to match that and then also distribution model so before we go anywhere I want to talk a little bit about distribution model so what this means is that there are some magazines out there that will if you've pitched to them and they like your product they will actually call you and say what stores cover your product who distributes it what's your wholesaling model because they want to make sure that if their readers see it in their magazine they're able to buy it so things like martha stewart is really notorious for this um I actually don't know o magazine does it but I know they should because there's something called oprah effect it is the opposite of what you're all thinking oprah sometimes puts people out of business because yeah, because if you get referenced in o magazine or you know on one for programs and you don't have the distribution capacity or the production capacity to keep up with that demand that is actually put people out of business so you want to make sure that you're actually going after or something that's going to support your goals is a business and that isn't just about vanity like everybody wants to be and martha stewart everybody wants to be an o maxine and if that fits your goals and where you're building up your business absolutely do it and I'm not saying those places don't ever cover independent artists or designers but I think you should take a hard look at you know what is it that you're trying to achieve with this and where are the right places to do that before you just go pitching things that look like a great fit now on to your other question what they aren't looking for so they're not looking for free samples or products in fact a lot of media outlets have very strict guidelines about what they can accept in terms of product so symbol might be twenty five dollars if you send them something in the mail that costs more than twenty five dollars it goes in the trash there not even allowed to accept it so never send unsolicited samples are products because you have worked far too hard I'm putting that together and or like gift baskets you know sometimes people will put together gift baskets and treats on a lot of that stuff goes home with interns it's just isn't going to get you what you need, um, the other thing, too, is we talked about this a little bit, but, like, if your product is just the most amazing, beautiful product in the world and the editor loves it she's, like, oh my god, I want this. I want to take this home with me. This this jewelry is so beautiful, this necklace. I could wear it every day, but it doesn't fit her editorial mission. She can't do anything with it. So it's, just really important that you're looking when you're looking at a publication, to make sure you're in aesthetic fit, because it's, not about the value of your product, if they like your products, it's about, does it serve their reader? Does it fit their editorial mission? So just keeping that in mind as you're going through the different opportunities, we'll save you a lot of heartache and save you a lot of time. So you're most effective route then to media coverage 00:12:02.263 --> 00:12:05. is really simple you want to find a handful of media 00:12:05.64 --> 00:12:07. outlets that serve your customer 00:12:09.18 --> 00:12:12. you want to create opportunities to send them a quick 00:12:12.73 --> 00:12:14. idea a couple times a year 00:12:15.58 --> 00:12:17. so who are making a pitch so came in to pitch them 00:12:17.88 --> 00:12:21. once or twice a year anyone he was social media to 00:12:21.23 --> 00:12:23. stay in touch with them on the off season 00:12:24.38 --> 00:12:26. so this is the system that we're going to be putting 00:12:26.07 --> 00:12:28. together for you and giving you all the tools to build 00:12:28.55 --> 00:12:32. to dio how to find those right fit media outlets how 00:12:32.04 --> 00:12:35. to find the opportunities to send them pitches and 00:12:35.19 --> 00:12:38. what goes into those submissions so in our fourth 00:12:38.7 --> 00:12:41. lesson we're actually going to be writing submissions 00:12:41.58 --> 00:12:44. and then also you know how can you stand touch of 00:12:44.44 --> 00:12:47. them? What are the tools to be networking with journalists? 00:12:49.08 --> 00:12:51. How dare the tools to be networking sure house so 00:12:51.96 --> 00:12:54. let's look at this tooth because it's very customer 00:12:54.19 --> 00:12:58. centric so why do customers love your product? This 00:12:58.86 --> 00:13:00. is where we want to start today when we're starting 00:13:00.45 --> 00:13:03. to dig into your opportunities what is it that customers 00:13:03.77 --> 00:13:06. love about your products? Because that's what editors 00:13:06.28 --> 00:13:08. are going to be looking for? What are the things that 00:13:08.04 --> 00:13:10. people rave about? What a rh the reasons that people 00:13:10.75 --> 00:13:12. are buying from you 00:13:13.18 --> 00:13:16. being really clear and specific about that is what's 00:13:16.77 --> 00:13:18. going to get you into your media so this could be 00:13:18.78 --> 00:13:21. anything from its design the design that goes into 00:13:21.54 --> 00:13:25. it the material so I mentioned meghan almond before 00:13:25.53 --> 00:13:27. and like for her, you know, one of the reasons I love 00:13:27.18 --> 00:13:30. her product is that it's really bold and also light 00:13:30.21 --> 00:13:33. weights right? So like that is something that is it 00:13:33.16 --> 00:13:35. functional but you could absolutely spin that into 00:13:35.71 --> 00:13:38. a story that you can pack it and it's good for travel. 00:13:38.78 --> 00:13:41. So what do people love about your product can be things 00:13:41.3 --> 00:13:44. that are kind of practical right? Because media are 00:13:44.5 --> 00:13:48. usually looking to provide stylish yet practical solutions 00:13:48.88 --> 00:13:52. price so I don't care if your product is expensive 00:13:52.72 --> 00:13:55. inexpensive where its position relative the market 00:13:55.57 --> 00:13:57. but when you're pitching it, you definitely want to 00:13:57.48 --> 00:14:00. play that up you want to play up where it isn't in 00:14:00.49 --> 00:14:02. the market? Is it a splurge or is it a steel? We see 00:14:02.89 --> 00:14:06. those columns all the time, so just knowing where 00:14:06.52 --> 00:14:09. you're fits in the market and why somebody might invest in it or why they might want to save by buying it can be a really powerful way to approach how do people use or relate to it? So if they use your product, do they use it for entertaining? Do they send it to other people as it gets? Do they use it for special occasions? Is that every day is that you know the dish towel in their kitchen? So how are people using our relating to your product could be another really great way to think about how to put together your strangles and then of course your personal story so you'll see a lot of product profiles out there that actually talk about the maker along with a product and so you want to make sure that you know you have a really concise personal story so I'd love to hear a couple things from here from our studio audience and you know if you're when you're watching this at home folks at home definitely take a minute now and just start shotting down something some brainstorming some things that people really love about your product what is it that was lighting them up when you get feedback when people leave reviews when they put it on like imagine what is it that they're saying to their friends you know if somebody comes up to you you and in your house and you have you know this lovely water glass very utilitarian and they come over to her house and they go oh gosh where'd you get that glass where'd you get that I really like it what do they like about it? What is it that's catching their eye? What would they say about it? Because those are the kinds of things when you're positioning it to a blogger and editor that you haven't actually want to call out to them, so we're going to get to that when we arrived. The pitches and lesson for but I want to start excavating some of those details so I'd love to hear from some people in the audience what people say what your product is and what people say they love about it or what you might play up here well I work for the counter custom built burgers and we are you know a big burger restaurant people love the quality of product we bring out and they love 00:16:04.991 --> 00:16:08. the custom custom ization of it um every burger you 00:16:08.67 --> 00:16:12. get is completely for the individual so they love 00:16:12.2 --> 00:16:14. that to be creative so it's exactly the opposite of 00:16:14.98 --> 00:16:18. your fast food burger yes right which is awesome because 00:16:18.23 --> 00:16:21. we're going to be talking about some of the techniques 00:16:21.42 --> 00:16:25. you can use to use your language create those headline 00:16:25.03 --> 00:16:27. worthy product descriptions and comparing contrast 00:16:27.76 --> 00:16:30. is a big one so it's kind of like you know not yours 00:16:30.67 --> 00:16:32. fast food burger or not your standard burger your 00:16:32.97 --> 00:16:35. gourmet experience or something like that so that's 00:16:35.35 --> 00:16:37. fantastic that's exactly the kind of thing that people 00:16:37.79 --> 00:16:41. want to hear charity great anybody else 00:16:44.25 --> 00:16:46. that is thin and lightweight and they don't even notice 00:16:46.36 --> 00:16:50. that they're wearing it wonderful so so why do they 00:16:50.21 --> 00:16:52. like that like what is it they want to dio that you're 00:16:52.75 --> 00:16:56. helping themselves so my tagline is jewelry that helps 00:16:56.22 --> 00:16:58. you feel perfectly polished without weighing you down 00:16:58.36 --> 00:17:00. and so you wear it all the time you can wear all day 00:17:00.95 --> 00:17:04. all night bridget says but she is wearing my house 00:17:04.06 --> 00:17:06. uh and and you don't know you're wearing it but you 00:17:06.7 --> 00:17:10. feel beautiful still you have that so I love that 00:17:10.87 --> 00:17:13. like who hasn't been sitting you know at the desk 00:17:13.82 --> 00:17:17. or something and they're like oh my neck hurts your 00:17:17.29 --> 00:17:21. necklace it's killing me right and so that's the absolutely 00:17:21.44 --> 00:17:23. kind of thing we're that's function but its form and 00:17:23.96 --> 00:17:26. function together and so that would actually make 00:17:26.43 --> 00:17:28. a really great pitch to send it out 00:17:30.66 --> 00:17:33. her jewelry like it goes with every single outfit 00:17:33.2 --> 00:17:36. like you could always wear it so it's like the only 00:17:36.18 --> 00:17:39. thing you'll only think yet everyday everyday piece 00:17:39.33 --> 00:17:41. and as we're going through this you know when you 00:17:41.9 --> 00:17:45. leave you know thiss lesson today and you're kind 00:17:45.41 --> 00:17:47. of out in the world and you've done your homework 00:17:47.54 --> 00:17:49. at the end of this lesson if you walk out and you 00:17:49.84 --> 00:17:52. go to the grocery store you know look at the magazine 00:17:52.54 --> 00:17:54. coverage covers and you'll see things like that 00:17:56.92 --> 00:17:59. I would like to hear from all of the students actually 00:17:59.01 --> 00:18:01. what their products are andi what they're hoping to 00:18:01.6 --> 00:18:03. get from this course today so maybe we can start on 00:18:03.05 --> 00:18:05. the end there what sort of business are you in and 00:18:05.0 --> 00:18:08. what what is your goal with pr on dh why don't have 00:18:08.4 --> 00:18:11. product I do interior architecture and home remodeling 00:18:12.2 --> 00:18:16. pray what is your goal your gold pr um 00:18:17.3 --> 00:18:21. specifically you know I do like a very special thing 00:18:21.4 --> 00:18:25. where it's designed build so it's working with like 00:18:25.21 --> 00:18:27. designers and architects and contractors like throughout 00:18:27.87 --> 00:18:30. the life of a model of a project so I want to get 00:18:30.56 --> 00:18:34. like really dig into that because it's such kind of 00:18:34.51 --> 00:18:37. a rarity and I really impassioned about that kind 00:18:37.22 --> 00:18:39. of nation my business is to put your expertise on 00:18:39.87 --> 00:18:42. that area yeah which is great because we're doing 00:18:42.14 --> 00:18:46. a course on pr for your personal brand too yeah great 00:18:46.96 --> 00:18:49. I do illustration and pattern design and I would just 00:18:49.74 --> 00:18:53. like tio get my stuff on more products I don't have 00:18:53.07 --> 00:18:56. a product per se but I would like tio yeah get more 00:18:56.29 --> 00:19:00. licenses going you know, we I have somebody who did 00:19:00.55 --> 00:19:04. one of my mentoring courses which is this exact kind 00:19:04.23 --> 00:19:07. of same training you know and she does the same thing 00:19:07.01 --> 00:19:10. you do illustration and she used our pr techniques 00:19:10.34 --> 00:19:12. to pitch herself for licensing and actually got some 00:19:12.71 --> 00:19:15. licensing agreements her names and around most so 00:19:15.36 --> 00:19:17. you could absolutely teo I know that's a little tricky 00:19:18.0 --> 00:19:20. you know, thinking about but pr is about reaching 00:19:20.26 --> 00:19:23. out to people who are influencers and so um anybody 00:19:23.48 --> 00:19:25. who's you know, reaching out to an influencer and 00:19:25.75 --> 00:19:28. trying to break in you can use the same kind of ways 00:19:28.19 --> 00:19:30. of looking at it way of different way of looking at 00:19:30.31 --> 00:19:33. things and finding the angles which works all across 00:19:33.25 --> 00:19:33. the board. 00:19:35.45 --> 00:19:38. My name is jen vasquez and I'm a photographer, and 00:19:38.85 --> 00:19:41. I specialize in bright, happy, fun, portrait's for 00:19:41.76 --> 00:19:45. families and seniors and children. And I want to find 00:19:45.47 --> 00:19:45. out, 00:19:47.0 --> 00:19:49. you know, how to get my information out there. And 00:19:49.26 --> 00:19:52. I write blog's about printing images about howthe. 00:19:52.16 --> 00:19:55. In this digital age, people are losing that printed 00:19:55.23 --> 00:20:01. image, and websites will go down. And, you know, digital 00:20:01.08 --> 00:20:03. devices that store your images will break or error 00:20:03.85 --> 00:20:06. and fail. And so making sure that everyone has printed 00:20:06.52 --> 00:20:07. images of their family. 00:20:09.36 --> 00:20:12. Um, I'm angie name with the counter custom built burgers, 00:20:12.05 --> 00:20:14. and, um, I'm particularly interested because they're 00:20:14.26 --> 00:20:17. opening a spinoff concept here in the city, which 00:20:17.14 --> 00:20:20. is a different area that we've been in before. So 00:20:20.65 --> 00:20:23. I want to do some new techniques with big city media. 00:20:24.42 --> 00:20:27. Hossam, I love being local media, and I hope you're 00:20:27.46 --> 00:20:29. open to talking about tv. 00:20:32.22 --> 00:20:35. I'm melissa did woody and I'm an artist and creativity 00:20:35.02 --> 00:20:38. instigator and I'm I when I came I thought I was most 00:20:38.41 --> 00:20:43. interested in the expertise course, but but I'm also 00:20:43.73 --> 00:20:46. really and I have so much art on my hard drive and 00:20:46.65 --> 00:20:49. I paint every day and I have so much art that I want 00:20:49.3 --> 00:20:51. to I want to find opportunities to get it out there 00:20:51.69 --> 00:20:54. not just the originals but when you said licensing 00:20:54.48 --> 00:20:57. you know big bell went off for may so that's a big 00:20:57.28 --> 00:20:57. one 00:20:58.78 --> 00:21:01. um I'm tiffany staley and I teach creative that the 00:21:01.49 --> 00:21:05. law doesn't have to equal scary and so kind of establishing 00:21:05.63 --> 00:21:08. myself is the expert and the things that I bring to 00:21:08.3 --> 00:21:08. the table 00:21:10.39 --> 00:21:14. I'm tiffany whips tiffany and children and I'm looking 00:21:14.35 --> 00:21:17. now after that last segment and looking for small 00:21:17.25 --> 00:21:18. boutique publications 00:21:20.19 --> 00:21:22. in producing everything myself in my studio currently 00:21:22.94 --> 00:21:25. so I realized I don't want that oprah effect so local 00:21:25.38 --> 00:21:27. yeah, local media lagers things like that 00:21:28.86 --> 00:21:32. I'm tash wang and my company is coast dramatic and 00:21:32.14 --> 00:21:35. we do instagram images onto sort of premium absorbent 00:21:35.76 --> 00:21:38. ceramic coasters and my goal is really to figure out 00:21:38.95 --> 00:21:41. how to pitch coast dramatic as a za product that people 00:21:41.61 --> 00:21:44. are looking for it's there really fun because you 00:21:44.97 --> 00:21:47. get to put your much to jen's point you get to put 00:21:47.7 --> 00:21:50. your your photos of your trips in your children and 00:21:50.61 --> 00:21:52. things that are important to you on these objects 00:21:52.03 --> 00:21:56. that use every day great and my name is bridget and 00:21:56.54 --> 00:22:00. I'm well I'm a personal chef and I'm building a personal 00:22:00.13 --> 00:22:05. chef school so I want to figure out how to put myself 00:22:05.48 --> 00:22:09. out there and maybe partner with cooking schools are I don't know I just need to get exposure yeah yeah absolutely that's one of the things public relations can be so good for is leveraging your media outreach to get other kinds of goals so when you talk about licensing too you know if you have your illustrations or your designs in featured in the media outlet that when you pitch yourself to somebody else you can put that in your bio right? So I've been featured here and that really shows somebody that like I've been chosen right by somebody who was a taste maker who was really influential and that really helps raise up your prestige level to the person that you're reaching out to so you could be doing a cold pitch this somebody who doesn't know you and it's almost like getting an endorsement from somebody that they already like so and trust and admire so that could be really powerful effect and that's a reason a lot of people do public relations is trying to raise that level and get to the next level of their business because you wanna have I have a client who calls it you know your badges of success which I love I've stolen it from her that you can get your badges of success for whatever it is with its your product your expertise for your business for your tasty burgers ray and you have those badges that show that you know this has been chosen by somebody who is a tastemaker and really influential I do want to get I know we've been talking a bit but a couple more ideas of what you might play up with your product because this is so important we're gonna be using it touched do you have something for your coasters yeah yeah so I brought a coaster just hiding in your chair here and so like this is a moment that I so I used to live in new york and this is like me having a glass of wine with a friend on her rooftop and it was in may and it was really sunny and so every time I look at this I get to have you get to relive that experience and so I'd really like to find a way to communicate that through the written word because like it's costa matic is such a physical product it's really hard to communicate that online so that's that's where my struggle is right now it's like you could design them yourself the material is really like there it was orbit they're incredibly functional but they also have this very like a large emotional component yeah and they tell a story which is really great and I do think I mean one nice thing you have is that even if it's it's very tactile but you can't get beautiful photography right and we're gonna be talking about that in the lessons when we're time of media kit and product photography of what kind of product photography you need so when we get there you know might want to be thinking about what kind of story can you bring out we'll we'll bring that back to it I'm going to take a look at that again the camera we hold it up for adrian there so we actually take a look at that let's really cool thank you great idea yeah that's wonderful and when you're thinking about pitching and the angles and like what you might say they're it's just kind of mining that and trying to find so we're gonna go over some techniques of like how can you say that really short and pithy you know how can you make it really short and snappy which it doesn't always come naturally I know that doesn't come naturally to me I'm gonna just out myself right here in my my agency you know I run the agency and I do a lot of the strategic work now and I do a lot of the teaching but I actually have a partner who does all of our account account work and so she is the one who's just amazing it coming up with headlines and really cute language and she writes things and like that it's so cute like I can't believe you came up with that it looks like it belongs on a cover and so I'm just going to say right here like that doesn't even come supernaturally to me which is why I should come up with these exercises because I have needed to come up with these exercises in these ways to mine the story angles and I've been in this business for thirteen years you know so it's like any other craft you have to practice it it doesn't you know just because you don't naturally have it just because you can't naturally right like what your product is going to be in a way that's gonna immediately appealed on editor this is a great way to just start writing down something's getting some ideas down on paper but then you can let it sink in and then come back tio and clean up later so that's actually where we're going to end for this first lesson I want you to know one, two three things that customers love about your product what is it that your customers absolutely rave about? Is it you know like we've talked about is that the material is actually the price point that's ok, I know that as makers and designers we feel a little weird really talking too much about the price. It might feel like an obstacle rather than a selling point but when you're looking at media outlets, really, it can be a big selling point for you when you're talking about the price, or maybe it's, how they use it, or the emotional connection that they have for it. So, writing down one, two, three things that people really rave about your product. So you can kind of cement that as you go through the rest of the lessons.

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Getting your product featured in the press is a great way to generate interest in your work and increase sales. In Simple PR: Pitch Your Product, veteran PR expert Brigitte Lyons will detail the process you can use to get press mentions for your work, again and again.

Brigitte is a PR professional with more than 10 years in the field. In this class, she’ll help you develop a plan for getting your product covered in blogs, podcasts, magazines, on TV, and elsewhere. You’ll uncover the range of PR opportunities for promotion without relying on a professional PR service to help you do it. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Connect with the bloggers and editors who most want to hear from you
  • Write headline-worthy product descriptions
  • Craft a pitch-perfect email submission
  • Research and track the media you want to reach

Brigitte will also offer tips on how to produce a digital media kit, write a short and snappy media bio, and take better photos of your products.

Simple PR: Pitch Your Product will help you develop a foundation for pitching to media you can use again and again.

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NAtalie CArlson

This class is SO HELPFUL! How can there not be other reviews? Very clear and specific insights for marketing and media kits. This was done in 2015 - would be great to bring her back and do a 2021 version, although this info seems timeless and still worth watching. Merci, Bridgitte!