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Simple PR: Pitch Your Product

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What Kind of Product Photography Do You Need?

Brigitte Lyons

Simple PR: Pitch Your Product

Brigitte Lyons

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Lesson Info

8. What Kind of Product Photography Do You Need?

Lesson Info

What Kind of Product Photography Do You Need?

Well let's get into them the product photography because this is one of the most important components for selling your product right and you really want to make sure you're putting it in the best best way that you can so what kind of product photography do you need and this is to put in your media kit to put in your dropbox unit to make sure that you have on hand and ready to go when an editor blogger needs from you because most of the time they won't have the staff to take product photos for you there's a lot of me outlets that are unfortunately laying off most of their photography there are you know they're working a lot with freelancers and they just don't have the resources to do the kind of photography product photography that they once did in the style shots that they once did but this is also a huge opportunity for you right because if you have a wonderful beautiful high quality product photography then you were making it so easy for them to use you they're taking your taking a ...

barrier away that they're really struggling against so this is something that's so important so you know it really depends on the preferences on the media outlets you're using what kind of product photography you need so this is another place where you want to go back and read and research the media that you're reaching out to because when you're looking at the product photography so I can't tell you like you know every single website wants this one kind or fear doing flogs it so it's going to be this way you really wantto look but in general there's two different kinds right there styled shots so this is sf girl by bay and this is a really popular lifestyle and home to core blogged based out of san francisco and usually a site like this you're going to see south style shots so this is a whole thing on artwork actually that she did a whole spread and so all of the artwork and asshole in this whole thing where you know are in homes it wasn't just our out of white background so it's really important that you do have sailed shots on hand that is goingto work well especially if you're doing blogger outreach that's the biggest place where you're going to need that and want that so just kind of paying attention to what kind of thing that they're doing where you can show it off being used in the best light and if you're thinking about if you don't have any sale shots like what do I want to go back to those prompts of like how to customers you said you know how how does my customer use this so that when you're pitching it really supports the story that you're telling with your pitch the other kind is, you know, product images on white backgrounds so here you actually see there is one that is more of a stealth style chat in this spread I pulled this this is a parent's magazine actually their website so this is a slight show they have baby products we can't live without and you'll see that there is one celled shot but in general most of them are on plain white backgrounds another thing too is if you pull up a magazine and you see all those product shots where they have roundups like you know we've looked at the picture of meghan almonds pillows and a round up or um if you look at like holiday gift guys and they have slide shows and things like that they put those roundups together because they crop your photo out of that white background and then they can put them together so that's why it's really important to have that to andi I know that a lot of people I have more of the south chats pretty common with people we work with you know they want to show off their product and use it feels like it tells more of a story and so it's where people usually go first but if you're going to be doing especially print outreach you're gonna want these plain white shots so this is one of the few areas where I do recommend that you know either you come to creative live and you take one of their product photography programs like if you're you know you're like I'm pretty good at photography and I feel like I can set up a home kit in d I y this or you're our photographer who also is doing product this is a great place to use that skill set so if you feel like that's something you want to learn and you're really excited to learn invest in getting the training and if you don't invest here in getting the training then this is one of the on ly places where I'm going to spend a little bit of money this is it either you're gonna buy a course on how to do product photography or you're going to hire a professional because if you don't have a crystal clean you know perfectly lit clear product photos they're not going to be able to use them and everything else you put all this work into it's just you know they're not going if they can't use your photos they can't cover your product I can't emphasize that enough on I know it's hard like it's like oh it feels expensive her photographer and the rewards that you're going to get back from getting this coverage in the new customers that are going to come your way we're going to be so so important so it's really one or the other you know invest in the learning or photography photographer I would also recommend trading we do a lot of trade work where I'll do family photography and they'll baby sit for me or I'll do family photography and they'll give me a cooking lesson um those those types of things like always ask about trade if you can with someone qualified to do something like that that is a wonderful wonderful tip I love that idea I love that idea I'm like looking tree e it's hard on my business to trade because there's it's hard to define a scope they always kind of way save money for money so whatever a photoshoot costs then it would be in like whatever your services cost it would be in like you know what I mean yeah that way no one feels like they've got the short end you have I love to know from you know in the room like do you feel like you need to upgrade our product photography after thinking about this and what kind of starts are you do you have and what what do you need uh photography has been on my radar for a long time I don't have I don't have a shot of myself out of a bio pic on my about paige it's horrible I know all of these things like I know I have needed to do this for a long time my shots on a website are ok but there be doing them and I'm not like I don't get super giddy, excited over and and so what ideally like for my website for this for a media kit is my style a shot because my jewelry is delicate and it looks better on a background that doesn't know white background it gives its scale that white background shot and then that model shot and then a packaging shot and I think that to me is like the perfect yeah the packaging can be nice if you if that's something that people love that can be a really nice one to show off to you know of like especially we're talking about gifts like that are you know, hostess gifts or things like that so that might not be is relevant but um those could be great shots to use and and there's also something about if they do ask for samples and you have a beautiful packaging you know that could be a nice little touch too hot in there too great anybody else where we have um well I take my own photos of my art okay, but so far I'm working on canvas and canvas boards right now and I haven't been doing styled shots and I really like that idea of showing how the art would look on a shelf for on a wall or something like that yeah definitely showing it off and the bloggers are definitely going to be I think more interested in that and also, you know, a lot of the magazines will have blocks so if they're putting it in that kind of space to the south shot can really tell that story and it's nothing a magazine will never use the style shot like there are um I think in the very beginning we looked at a picture of just bend ann's jewelry and it was in the front of the book section so that's where it was like the one specific profile and so when you have that piece where it's that one specific profile it's just you and your work instead of a group with other products they're much more likely to want that styled shot because I like you know picture it's worth a thousand words and that tells that story of how people would you set very cool to have a space at home that you would use I'm just I'm racking my brains thinking where would I do that I'm gonna have to set up a space yeah you know in my and my own business too like when we did our head shots you know we did those in our home but it was like moving furniture around and getting different curtains and and that's a place we're bringing in a professional to and they can help you look at different lighting options you know lighting is a place where you could do a really great job with just getting those day light bulbs getting the full spectrum day light bulbs because they match natural light and then putting them in um like chinese lanterns to defuse it so there's like lots of really budget tricks that you can get from somebody who knows what they're doing or like from taking a course that will help you kind of boost that up a little bit but if you're on your own and you're using just a regular lamp and it's just not kind of quite work out as well tough anyone else with a photography where we're looking at I mostly do illustration and product mock ups so okay dealing with in computer images in computer images so that would be you just they're converting them straight into like a j peg or something like yeah if you're sending it out stu yeah so that's nice that's easy and meena sported high quality right? I do have some tote bags though that I could probably some photography on yeah so yeah I'll probably be looking up photographers but I mean that's a great idea like if you have if you're doing a product where you're a designer and so you know you don't necessarily need photography because you have that high quality image so I mean that iss I'm so glad we actually talked about that because really what you want is that beautiful image that's really clear that has you don't have to worry about so much about the lighting it's like the contrast and making sure it's crisp and clear and in focus and you've got that just straight out of your photo shop right there using so that's awesome or or whatever other name you that very cool a certain resolution and dp I like their their standard well I think standards are for web it's seventy two I think it's fray and then prentiss three sixty three three hundred okay, I'm going to high three hundred sorry about that the better the best that you can get yeah yeah yeah web is seventy two yeah and so the things you're putting up on your website can definitely be in seventy two and you can do them you know if you're doing three side by side like I showed that on the page but I don't have to do it that way so you could dio you know, three it like two fifty thumbnails or something like that and you could do a link to download others you know we talk about two um not necessarily sending them your high res photos right off the bat so you could even say like this is all a rez and then you could put in there with your contact information for high risk photography like let me know what photos you want and I'll send him over to you so then you're getting that feedback that's kind of up to you and it's less use on your website on your server. Yeah, absolutely less chance of people stealing them. Yeah. Thank you. That's a great point. Two right there is that little bit of nervousness of like what what do we want to put out there and so that's another way to get the results that you want it's not going to be a real barrier for an editor to say I need a high res photo especially if you're saying I can give it to you because you're not just like saying like I think the seventy two d p I is gonna be just fine and you're pretty, you know, like you're you're showing them that you you know it, you have it you could be responsive it's like those little subtle those little settle things make a big difference the secret, so that can be a great way to protect your work and your property or I pay all right? Well, I am excited to see the product photography and that crystal clear images that are coming out of this again, you know it's either in investing in your protectorate product photography or investing in yourself and having the skills to do it because this is so important. This is really you can't underestimate the importance of having this they're awesome incredible courses in the creative liar library that will support this, so do definitely check that out especially great course called tabletop product photography that comes from don jian, artie and that's actually in our course pages right now, so check that out online

Class Description

Getting your product featured in the press is a great way to generate interest in your work and increase sales. In Simple PR: Pitch Your Product, veteran PR expert Brigitte Lyons will detail the process you can use to get press mentions for your work, again and again.

Brigitte is a PR professional with more than 10 years in the field. In this class, she’ll help you develop a plan for getting your product covered in blogs, podcasts, magazines, on TV, and elsewhere. You’ll uncover the range of PR opportunities for promotion without relying on a professional PR service to help you do it. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Connect with the bloggers and editors who most want to hear from you
  • Write headline-worthy product descriptions
  • Craft a pitch-perfect email submission
  • Research and track the media you want to reach

Brigitte will also offer tips on how to produce a digital media kit, write a short and snappy media bio, and take better photos of your products.

Simple PR: Pitch Your Product will help you develop a foundation for pitching to media you can use again and again.

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This class is SO HELPFUL! How can there not be other reviews? Very clear and specific insights for marketing and media kits. This was done in 2015 - would be great to bring her back and do a 2021 version, although this info seems timeless and still worth watching. Merci, Bridgitte!