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Panorama Controls

All right, next up is thie sweep panorama mode now this one is kind of cool for anyone who wants to gather a very wide shot very quickly and simply and one of the things that we're doing new in this fast start class compared to all the others is we now have gone out to the field and we shot some real video to show you how different features work so let's go ahead and show you a video clip of using this he mowed I'll into the panorama option there are two different styles right now if I checked the menu we are on standard panorama size and let's go ahead and line up our panorama and what we're going to do is press down on the shutter release the camera will take a serious of photos as we sweep to the right hand side as this arrow indicates right now so I'm gonna press the button and if I go too quickly uh it doesn't like that I can't do it so let's go back and try this again and you got to be nice and smooth about your movements and if you start, you know, tipping the camera doing crazy...

things like that it's not gonna work out so this time I will actually try to do it and here we go nice, smooth, even it's telling us which direction to move the camera and we move over here and it gets to the end uh, long one there. Ok, so it's gonna process that image? Let's, take a quick look at that image and you can see we've got this nice wide image here. All right, now we're going to do an extra wide panorama, but we're gonna have a fun little element that I think it's a great little tip for you. So we got kale in out here and she is on the left side of the frame and I'm going to start shooting pictures. And as soon as I have her out of the frame, which is right now, she's going to run around behind me over and get in the frame on the other side, hold still. There we go and let's see what happens to to get it didn't get her twins will play it back, and we have caitlin twins in there on the left and on the right. So you got to be real quick getting around. You're gonna get the super wide panorama. Uh, that should be a lot of fun to dio, so have fun with that one. All right, so here are the photos that I shot in that video example, and you can see caitlin or model here. There's not really too of him we wish there wass but there's only one and just ah pretty quick to run around to get on to the other side and so there are two different sizes here so let me go some through some of the technical aspects of this there are different ways that you can pan you could do a horizontal pan or you could do a vertical pan obviously a vertical pan is going to give you a little bit more reach top to bottom and so it depends on whether you want it how wide and how tall you wanted in doing this and you can change the direction by just turning the front dial on the camera so we actually end up having four different options and we will end up with four different sizes of panorama is the standard down which really isn't that wide the wide down standard right and then wide right and we end up with different size files my feeling is that the wide right looks cool but it's very hard to use an extremely skinny one and so wide down is one of my favorite and standard right is one of my favorite but there is a serious problem with this mode and if you are looking at taking a very high quality photo this does have some problems and so let me show you what this largest one looks like full screen here and we're gonna pan over and going to stop in here because I want to show you this was a very windy day in seattle, and you'll notice that the camera is shooting multiple individual photos and it is stitching them together and you can see where these lines are. There was varying amounts of sharpness and movement in the water and it's not seamless. It doesn't look very good with subjects that are moving, and so you have to be very careful with subjects that are moving because it just doesn't look real good. If you are looking to take a quick panorama, this is a simple and easy way of doing it. If you are looking at taking a professional quality image, I would recommend using the traditional technique of shooting individual photographs and then using some sort of software program to piece it all together, but for a quick little just nice to have a nice little remembrance of this place. It's a nice snapshot mode to use, so that is the sweep panorama mode, and once again you can simply change directions by turning the front dial. If you want to change the size between the standard and the wide, you have to do that in the menu of the camera itself.

Class Description

Learn how to get the most out of your Sony® A7 Mark II series camera. Whether you've chosen the Sony® A7R Mark II, the Sony® A7S Mark II, or the Sony® A7 Mark II, this class will give you an in-depth instruction on your camera’s critical functions. 

John will guide you through the features, menus, and buttons on your camera, giving you the confidence you need to take pictures like a pro. You’ll learn about: 

  • The features, menus and buttons on all 3 Sony models 
  • How to use the cameras in different shooting situations 
  • Maximizing the use of the cameras 
This in-depth class will help everyone from amateurs to professionals, get the most out of the incredible Sony® A7 Mark II series cameras. 


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INCREDIBLE Class! I couldn't find anything on the internet that truly explained this camera, explained what it can and can't do and what accessories would work with it. I have had my Sony A7II for awhile now, but was so overwhelmed by it, I rarely even took it out of its case. It was just easier to use my Canon 5D III. After this class, I am so excited to finally practice with and use my Sony. John is an incredible teacher. He is thorough, professional, fun and knowledgeable! Buying this class was the best investment!!! I feel like I just got the gift of a new camera because I can finally use my Sony!!! Thanks John and Thanks Creative Live!!!


John is an excellent teacher! In fact his Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2014 was the first ever class I watched on CreativeLive, and since then I'm in love with his teaching style as well as with CreativeLive! I bought my Sony A7II in March 2015 and when I found out that John is giving a class on it I was very excited! As I expected I learnt many secrets about my camera which I had been using for 9 months already. For example about the option of focusing on the eyes, setting the buttons, making panoramas etc. The camera is still smarter than me I must admit. I am enjoying my Sony even more now since after the class I feel much more confident. Thank you John and CreativeLive for such an opportunity! I would recommend to everyone who has a Sony a7II camera and the other cameras in this line to watch this class. It's a concentrate of useful information, very detailed and to the point. I spent two days just watching the class and practicing new knowledge with my camera straight away. I had to postpone all the other life chores. And I would be ready to watch the class again after some time as it's a professional camera which needs a lot of practice!


Was so grateful to find this class introducing the operation of my first mirrorless camera. The Sony a7 series is quite different from my Canon DSLRs and I am confident that John gave me a good head start. Without this comprehensive intro it would have been VERY frustrating and I would not be making full use of the camera's many abilities! Thanks for a great course at a fair price.