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Bringing an Album Into InDesign

Once we send it in design, we're going to send it to that same location hit export it's going to end design it has exported all of the information the indesign needs and designs going to now build pages from this information so there is the inn design right there it's an ex ml idea mel document and it is going toe open in design so if I double click this is going to open in design and once it opens in design it's going to take all of the page specifications that you just gave and it's going to rebuild the whole document and refer to those same j pegs that you were just using so it's still completely designed as though you had gone through and painstakingly worked in in design because we're in design is a much more complicated program and it doesn't do any auto like super design like this. So if I wanted to design albums and in design and I use in design all the time for a magazine you know things for advertisements for my you know the print, the things that I print and give to clients ...

all of that stunning in design and so if I want there we are so here is the album and as I scroll through you can see it's completely the same is in design, which does I know I can click on here and at this point I can do all sorts of tricky stuff to this so I can go through and say I want to play with the corners and so I'm on lee going to do this corner uh so see how I did that so these little corners here, if you're if you're see that rounded corner there and it's still square on the edges you can do that by going into your into your image and there's a little tiny yellow thing right here and if you click on that little tag it activates the corners and then you can go to any of the corners and if you grab them and you move them like that see hot makes corners but you can also instead of doing that if you hold down the shift key and pull it like this then it just does the one corner that you're working on so now you see how you got this corner and then you've got that corner so that I think that's a really pretty designed that's something that you can't do inside of things like smart album because they're very basic programs they do what they need to dio and the on ly what they need to do which is great but occasionally want to do a little bit more and so that's why we would come into in design in design is also where you might want to go into like say your library's of things that you have so friends since I've got, you know, some low goes inside of here, or I've got some textures inside of here that I want to bring in or or let's say, I'm making an interactive pdf from in design, so then I want to put my facebook in here, so I'm just going to go like this, and I'm going to drop my facebook logo right here. Uh, let's, just put it right there where you go so I can put my little facebook right there, and so then I could have that a button in an interactive pdf for this book. I could also come into this book, and I could say, I want to place some kind of media file, so maybe it's the person's vows and you recorded the person's vows. Well, then you could click on the media and you could enter. You could enter in some video, or you could enter in some audio through the media and place it in here and have, like, a little play button. And so then you've got a principal document that you can print for the album, but then you also could then send this out as an interactive pdf, or even make it into a ah, a mobile app. And send it to your client and they would be able to through the pub so that you can do any publication from your end design and you could literally make this amazing, you know, interactive album that they could have alongside of their real album. And so you made the principal one now just tweak a couple little pages here and there put some audio and at this music in it, and then they could turn to music and things like that all inside of an interactive type of experience because you have the ability to go to in design. Now, I wouldn't use in design just a tweak here and there a little bit, because that's, you're costing yourself too much time and effort, but if you want to create something very special and extra, then that's where I would go that go to make the extra special thing, whatever that is. But if you want to do around the corners, if you wanted to put, you know, some more textures in there, you can add some textures you know, to to your albums and smart albums by putting backgrounds and stuff like that in there. But if you wanted to like, use illustrated files and stuff like that, you could do that all here and then print this out is the j peg and send it because the sizes are perfect they've sent out sizes so you would have the size you need, and then you just upload those spreads, ok, so that is how extensive you can get but it's amazing to me, the ability to go from light room, too smart albums, how smart homes do the heavy lifting and get all the basic stuff done because that's the stuff that's, really, you know, hair pulling, and then after that you can tweak it and then design if you want to tweak it and then design. But the fact that you can go back and forth inside of smart albums and light room is quite fantastic. So that is the process of designing an album, and in the end, your album will look like either like your standard type of album with the regular printed pages or you will have an album all designed within within smart albums. Or you can also have these physically cut albums as well, that are quite impressive to either one can all be done in sight of the same system. It knows all the rules take care of it. So I'm always looking for innovative ways to make sure that we can do things quickly and efficiently, and I think that's smart albums is the most efficient way to create an album so that's, where I go so are you submitting things directly from smart albums to kiss, for instance, or do you once you get that file and the folder than used manually, send it online? Once you get the file from once you finish your job inside smart albums, it produces the file. You deliver it to the client, so are to the producer, so you literally send it off to him and each each one has its own system and so you can send it through there. There are other, um, programs that will directly send it to them. And so, like, for instance, fundy is another program very much like smart albums, and it will apparently sent directly to them. So there's some limitations in the way that they design. But there are also some positives. And so you kind of have to look at all of these album designer programs and decide which is best for you. But for me, I love the way smart albums works. And I love the fact that I can go to in design and all the heavy lifting is done. And so it's to me, it's a really great solution for you. Basic design and very complicated design.

Class Description

Photographs are one of the ways we tell stories – assembled together they paint a picture of a time and a place. In Storytelling and Album Design, Jared Platt will teach you how to tell better stories using innovative, easy-to-apply design and compilation techniques.

In this class, you’ll learn how to create compelling photo books using Smart Albums and InDesign in conjunction with Lightroom. You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply the art of storytelling to an album
  • Design a workflow to make the process fast
  • Ensure the album looks great printed
Jared will cover the best methods for designing a wedding album, senior album, and documentary book. The techniques he’ll share will help reduce the time you spend on albums from hours to just minutes.

Don’t let albums overwhelm you or your time – learn fast, effective techniques in Storytelling and Album Design with Jared Platt.


Tanya Lillie

I'm pretty proficient with LR Develop module, but I have not delved into the other modules. This class was introducing those modules and teaching how they can add value to your photography. Jared is a proficient and effective instructor.