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Storytelling and Album Design

Lesson 6 of 14

Building a Layout in the Book Module of Lightroom CC


Storytelling and Album Design

Lesson 6 of 14

Building a Layout in the Book Module of Lightroom CC


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Building a Layout in the Book Module of Lightroom CC

We're going to go into auto lay on auto layout is really important first thing we do set up our auto lay out so I'm going to go down to the edit edit auto layout presets open that up and that's going to give me this dialog box this is where I get to choose the general layout of my book so if I do that I can choose left side and right side so left side could always be blank that's a nice way to make an art book because the left side doesn't mean anything on it it's just the right side so or if you auto designed it this way the left side would be the area that you might later put some text the right side is always the photograph or vice versa you could go either way but usually the thing on the right page is the most important thing on the left supports it and so at least at least in cultures that read from left to right I don't know if that's true you know maybe in an asian culture or a jewish culture like in israel I'm not sure you know which side of the page is more important or in ch...

ina I'm not sure but in the u s in france in you know countries that read left to right the right side of the page is the most important cause you open up to it so I just don't know about other cultures. Um, so anyway, I might choose to do a blank side, but what let's do a fixed layout on this side and let's do one photo per page, but let's always make the one on the left small so that we have, like, a little itty bitty thing over here, and so I'm going to go in and say, all right, we want to choose a smaller print on the left side, so these air all I can choose anything that has one photo in it and just kind of scroll through and find on the left side, you know, where do I want the smallest? And so maybe it's this one right here, so it's going to be off to the left hand side? Or maybe I wanted to be centered and so therefore it needs to be well, I guess the smallest would be this square, so that's going to either put it like this or like this, but smaller in the center so that's the one we're going to use, we do not need to add any text to these, so I'm not in at any text on dh that's going to be the layout for the left hand side and then on the right hand side, I could do random from my favorites. And I'll show you how to make favorites in a minute, but one, two, three or four, so I'm giving it permission toe add x number of images so I could say, well, I'll give you permission to add one or two but not three or four pictures or I could give it permission to go all through one, two, three or four. Once I've done that, then I would need to choose some of these options down here. I'm again going to turn off the text on the photo because we're building a book I don't want any text if I want textile added later, andi, I'm telling it to fit in both cases, not phil. If I if it's phil, then eh, vertical picture would turn square on this left hand side, it would just turn square and and then I would have to reframe it inside that square, which could be nice if you're doing like a bunch of if you wanted your book to look like a bunch of instagram photos. So it's just like square where you want to look like you had shot him all in on a hostile blot or something like that may come all square and make him fit, and then each one you could just re frame a soon as you got into the design, but we're going to fit and then we're going to go up to the top and we're going to save this as a new pre set and we're going to call it left small print right uh up to four random so now I know that it's a random layout on the right with up to four and then on the left it's one small print create so now I have that inside of my presets and I'm gonna hit done now let me go back out here and show you we haven't done anything yet we've just got another presets so I've got a bunch of presets here I could have one photo per page I can have one left random right I can have one left and one through four are fit so clearly I've done that one before because that's the same is this one pretty much there's a proof book for up on every page? So I've got all of these full bleed option one where everything's going to be full bleed so we're going to do this one that we've just created but before we do that in order for us to be able to tell it, you can choose one through four pictures per page as a random choice on the right page I actually have to have a favorite with one picture two, three and four pictures otherwise they'll say well, you don't have any random three ones so I can't make that choice because got to come from my favorites so let me show you where the favorites are so right over here is the page layout source so these air all of your you're templates if you click on this right here you get the template area one photo to photos three photos for photos multiples you know you've got all sorts here so what we're going to do is we're going to go through and choose favorite images from our one photos on the way you do that is you just click on this little circle see that circle there just like the the quick all are the going to the collection the target collection or the quick collection if you click on that that will be a favorite that's a favorite um this one's a favorite this one's a favorite I like this one um like this one like square one there um I like this one like that one I love this one and I love that one that's it okay so that's my ones so now I'm going to go to my twos and I'm going to say I do like that one like that one like that one like this one like this one in this one um like this one and that one I like this one this one okay that's good for them let's go to threes so on threes like this one in this one so the reverse of each like this one I like this one in this one and I like this one in the sun so I'm telling I'm giving it permission to do certain ones and not other ones so given permission to do this one and I'll get permission to do that one give it permission to that one that woman down okay, so now has permission on the threes so now let's go to the fours I do not give it permission to do those given permission to do that that that this one that one in that one not those okay, so see how I don't give permission to do a lot of photo over photo type stuff um then we'll look at multiple photos do I give it permission to do like extra beyond that? Um I could put like, that one in my favorites and then I'm going to go up and dio two page spreads that one's a favorite that was a good one that one's good like that one. Okay, so I just kind of want to just go through and choose all of your favorites. So you got clean ones the clean. Now see these now you're starting to sort by other criteria which also includes the one, two three and four photos s oh, and then there's a creative one that's got a whole bunch of like old, you know negative edges on him for those of us who have never shot a film image, we think it's cool to shoot film or something. So, um, have you noticed the fat of people going back to film? You have a good friend who went back to film and she loves it, and, uh, I think that most of the people who go back to film never were at film because I remember film film was not all that fun like, I remember waiting breathlessly for two days for the film to come back like it was going to make it, you know, like I would go to the place that was developing the film and I would wait breathlessly, breathlessly, I would stay in the area for three hours while they developed it so that I could get it away from them as soon as possible because it was a wedding so hated film, ok, I love the look of film hated the process, okay, so I now the other things that you've got options on our guides sells text all that kind of stuff, and we're going to use those over the course of designing this book, so you're going to see this happening, but right now what we can do is because we've chosen that preset I can highlight all of these images, so we're just going to design this album, highlight the images from start to finish all of these images we want all of these to go into our book and we're gonna have auto layout and it is designing our book there we go so now it has designed what it thinks might be a good book didn't do a great job so it designed you know random because it's not thinking about you know what this story is not thinking about any of that but what it does is it lays it out for you and now you can then go in and tweak and say ok well it didn't necessarily do the job that I wanted to do here but what can I do to tweak it and make it better so I can start dragging stuff around I could say well that's not the correct lay out so I can click on here and say I want all the four layouts and now I could say all right well let's do it you know a shot like this and now let's highlight all of those let's say I want all of those and right click him and zoomed phil and now I've got you know something to work with so now I can grab on to this one and say this photograph obviously needs to be let me get closer to it now so this photo obviously needs to be in a horizontal spot so I can grab this and put it right here and it's swaps and then I could say, well, that that works and then this one is kind of like that kind of it's kind of cute this one just needs to be dragged in with center and now I've got that's a good shot that's a good spot it may not be the opening page that maybe you know something else but it's a nice little moment so you can see how you khun you can start playing with the images at that point this is a good cover because it is trey jin on dh that's him before he went into his first session of chemo so I can just put that like that and now I've got my cover and this is a really good background for the end because this is the end of the year where he's back on top and he's playing soccer you know, he's kicking a ball around even though he's got like, you know, the borrowed arm and the leg and his legs you know, I mean it's like he's kind of been moved around a bit and he's still playing soccer so so in the back well, watch what happens when I go in here to the back cover and I wantto manipulate this a little bit because a lot of people look at this and think, well that you know the templates air really limiting inside of here but they're really on they're not because they're giving you enough templates and enough tweaking tools that you khun you can design pretty much anything you want s o if I want this image to go all the way to the top so that I could put something at the bottom, I'm going to go over to the cell area and inside the cell is a patting even grab one of the padding in because they're all linked right now it will see how those pads all change at the same time, so if I grab them, see that it makes it smaller or bigger, but if I unlinked them, then if I grabbed the bottom padding and move it up, then it changes the position of photograph so I could go like that take it to the top so that now I've got white space below. Now I've got white space below I can go in and say I want to add some either photo text and you put photo text is going to add it right below the photo or if you go into this little box right here, you can grab that box and you could say, I want this to be further down from the photo or I want it to be up into the photo and so it's gonna it's gonna link itself there, so now I could say, you know, uh, spring spring two thousand fifteen so once I have some text then I can come down even further to the text area and I've got all the controls that I have available to me inside of indesign so I can come back out here and say I want this text to be white and I want it to be larger than that and I want it to be you know, some other font let's make it into avenir next and I'm going to bring this down just a little bit so I want this to be down right there and I can also highlight that text and I can go over here and say I want the tracking to be a little bit whiter there and I can make the opacity so that it's not it's one hundred percent so all of the controls that you would have in any text edit type situation you have here so now you have a lot of abilities but see that's just the photo text now if I want to add more text below it I can also add what's called page text so I'm going to come here and click on it's right below the photo text I can click on page text once I click on page text now the text is here and I can move it up and down the page so I'm gonna cook this up to the top and I'm going to say trey gin let's just say trading let's just call the book trade him and then I'm going to take that uh size up I'm going to move it over to the right hand side of the book so here's all let me zoom into this texting area again so you can see that there's all your where you can say I want it to be justified right? Left center center right left or center top and bottom or you know right and left justified so we can move this around until we like it's positioning so really just because the template is putting you in a specific spot to begin with, that doesn't mean that you can't move those things around it's just matter of moving from the template to the place that you want to be and so at that point you have a lot more flexibility over the design of your final cover and that's all of those controls are also available inside of every page so as you work on this page I can say I like this but I want to take the patting down so that that's a much smaller picture and then on this one I only want to photos and I want those it's a right and left photo so I want not see stupid those there we go and then so now I've got that I want to take this one and I want to zoom it in they're like that move it around this one I want to zoom in so that I just got that little guy that he drew so there's that page so now when I look at that page that's what it looks like so now you've got this you know, feeling of you know, the kids hanging out so his friends come to visit, you know, he's drinking so a little you know, milkshakes and sodas and having a fun time and drawing and so like, this is the page that makes you feel like, hey, this is, you know, those kids having a good time the hospital's not so bad, you know, we're telling that story we're introducing him into the hospital and it's not so bad right at the beginning it's kind of fun, actually and so and that's great because phoenix children's hospital is amazing, it makes the kids you know, it gives them that feeling of hey, you're a kind of a party, you know, so that when they first come in it's not scary it's fun but what's coming is pretty scary and so they helped to make that place not a scary place. The things that happens sometimes are, you know, not good, but so they really do a great job, so at this point I want to move this image over to this side because I want to have I want to have a page on the right hand side that's completely you know what's going on don't do this once we're ok I'll just drag this over there I don't know what you should be able to grab these and you can move them around anywhere you want something that doesn't want to move it it's like no, I think you're wrong so I'm gonna open this up seeing and by the way I keep hitting this button here this is for a spread view this is for your grid view so it's easier to, you know, manage pages here but and drag things between pages but when you're in the in this view then you khun really design this so I want this to be a full bleed picture like that and I think that I could make it even bigger pretty shuriken do entire bleed on it yeah, I can so that's perfect there's just so you're gonna open up this and by the way, if you want to see this whole thing exactly the way it would be shown, turn off all the guides and then you see it exactly the way it's going to look and then you can even do a lights out situation so you're like that's what my page is going to look like, you can even see the gutter the shadows from the gutter in there so it really gives you a good sense of what that picture is going to look like when it's when it's printed so I like that um turned the guides back on so we can see what our designs looking like, but I like that you go from this this page here which introduces the family this page introduces the first intro to the to the hospital, but there's something else that we need to do in order to introduce us to the hospital and that's a photo that I took later so I did all this work, and then I realized I need a picture of the hospital and so I have to introduce you to the hospital, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna right click right at this page on out a blank page and then I'm gonna add another blank pages that I've got entire blank spread and then I'm going to grab this guy and move him back where he belongs so that I've got a blank spread here. So what's going to happen is then you're going to be introduced to the family and then you're going to be introduced to the hospital and then you're going to be introduced to what happens in there, so I'm going to go back down and I'm going to find that hospital picture, which is right here I'm a grab it and I'm going to drag it up to here so now it left an empty space there because I moved it to a blank area if I had replaced the picture it would have taken that picture and swapped it over here so and I can also grab pictures from down here and drag them up into a spread as well so you can grab from anywhere and drag them around so I've got all that dragging capability but notice now that I'm introducing to the hospital then I'm showing what's going on in the hospital they're having a good time and then I'm going to introduce you to some of his friends kind so some of his friends are uh remember we talked about charlie so here's some of his friends so here's his uh oh and right now we've got to see how this is a three spread thing so what we're going to do is we're gonna change this into a we're going to add another page so we're gonna add a blank page because it chose remember I gave it the permission to do a three page spread and it doesn't that didn't really work all that well and so I probably shouldn't have been in retrospect given it that permission but if I had two spreads here, I can then say I'm going to introduce you to uh trey gin and to charlie all at the same time and trade ins friends so I'm gonna create let's do three photo page and let's just we're going to introduce you to his friends so his friends are this group this little uh group here actually I think it needs to be a three photo spread and it needs to be need to be horizontal images there we go so I'm gonna have three horizontal spreads here so now we've got to see that so I've got his friends and then I've got this which is charlie and then we need to find one more photo here but they're all going to kind of follow each other on the other thing that I can do is if this paige is looking to see how this pay this photograph is kind of bleeding out into the because it's white so let's zoom in you can see how this one white right here and so there's not enough because it's right against the window so when does totally blowing out and so I need to do something in order to fix that and so what I can do is I can take both of these spreads and I can go down to the bottom and I can apply either a graphic background or I can apply a background color but I want to make sure that I apply it not globally so uncheck that is that I want to change every page I just want to change this page, so I'm going to go down and apply a background color and then I can click here and just hit, you know, like light gray or I can choose black or I can choose, you know, a darker gray or I could click on the color here, and if I hold the mouse down and drag out, then I can choose a color from, you know, from his from his jammies there choose, you know, something like that, and I don't necessarily want to do that, so I'm going to choose just kind of a mid gray, and then we've got that gray picture page and then you, khun you work up that and now suddenly this also jumps out from the page. One thing that doesn't have which I wish I had is a key line border. There is not a key line border on photographs are on on the book module, you could make key line of things you make a key line border on any image on a print module thing that you can't do it on its weird I don't understand that, but that's just the way it is, and so we need to choose another image for this, so I'm going to scan through and look for other friends, and I think that what we'll do is we'll actually use one of his his oh here this will be good. So here are his daily friends in the hospital on dh we want to remove this text so I just need to delete it once I delete taxed even though there's areas for the text, that doesn't mean they're going to be there again. You khun ceo exactly what it's going to look like if you just turn off the guides and now you'll see exactly what that page is going to look like. So there's so this is these air his in adamant friends he's got some stuffed animals has got charlie and then he's got toys and that's what he does pretty much all day long and his mom's just with him all day long, so it was quite an experience for the whole family, so now oh, I went to the grid module instead of the book module. Now let's go back to our grid so you can see how are story is taking shape. This thing needs to be deleted, so I'm just going to right click it and I'm going tio removed the page so that that shows up over there and then we're going to keep moving forward with all of our design now what what I find that I do the most is I I end up deleting various pages, so I remove a page here by the way, if you like a page and you click on that page so let's say you liked this page that was going on if you right click this page and you add another page not at not at a blank page but if you add a page it will copy that page so now this page is going toe also have the same so when you add this page so click on it and if you right click and you add a page it adds a page with that same designed to it okay if you right click a page without clicking on it and you at a blank page it just adds one it's just a page that you could drop drop of image in and it will be a full bleed image and if you right, click a page with c if I click on it and then I right click it and I add the page it copies the design of the page but if I just right click without clicking on it and I add the page then it doesn't necessarily you know give you the same image the same thing that gives you whatever you were last clicking on so that his last clicking on this and then I come over here and right click and add a page then it see how it's it's the last thing I was clicking on that it gave me so if you if you know I want this design right here but I want it here, then click on this one and then just go on right click right here and add a page and it will give you that design see how it's giving you that design and then you can just go in and say ok, now since I have this design I'm going to grab you know this picture and put it here and I'm gonna grab this picture and put it here, grab this picture and put it there and I'm gonna grab this picture and put it there although we have to delete this picture because we already used it up here, we copied it up into their on this one there and then if you highlight all these pictures, highlight all these pictures so click shift, click shift, click shift, click and then I right click him and say zoom to fill and then now fills them all so that we can see that's what that looks like but we don't want that kind of a mess on the left hand side we would want that on the right hand side and so we will instead we will go back out, grab this page and drag it over here so that it's on this side and then we can take I like this one on its own but this one, I think, needs to be part of the introduction to charlie, so I'm gonna grab it, and I'm gonna shift. Click to this one. So I got both pages on drag him up here in between this page and this page that now we're introducing charlie, and then we show them kind of walking away with, you know, dad and charlie in him. And so, in that case, I'm going to choose something that's, a full bleed. I'm going to choose a full bleed on the right side, so now it goes all the way there, and I click on it, and I can, right click zoomed, phil, and so now this page is going to look like that.

Class Description

Photographs are one of the ways we tell stories – assembled together they paint a picture of a time and a place. In Storytelling and Album Design, Jared Platt will teach you how to tell better stories using innovative, easy-to-apply design and compilation techniques.

In this class, you’ll learn how to create compelling photo books using Smart Albums and InDesign in conjunction with Lightroom. 

 You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply the art of storytelling to an album
  • Design a workflow to make the process fast
  • Ensure the album looks great printed
Jared will cover the best methods for designing a wedding album, senior album, and documentary book. The techniques he’ll share will help reduce the time you spend on albums from hours to just minutes.

Don’t let albums overwhelm you or your time – learn fast, effective techniques in Storytelling and Album Design with Jared Platt.


Tanya Lillie

I'm pretty proficient with LR Develop module, but I have not delved into the other modules. This class was introducing those modules and teaching how they can add value to your photography. Jared is a proficient and effective instructor.

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