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Platforms Essentials: Public Speaking

All right, so the third topic of the the big three here for this last segment is speaking for leeds and that's, my good friend mitch joel, canadian fellow speaker that I that we end up at a lot of events together. So I thought his, uh, his picture would be a good one to start this one with. So I intentionally gave this title instead of speaking for a fee or speaking to become famous as speaking for leads because that's, really, for a lot of businesses, that means some of you may take this topic to heart and become well paid, well known international speakers, but for a while, most business owners thie idea of getting to a podium salespeople, I mean, who ever really talked to the idea of getting to in front of the podium so that you can actually build some no like and trust and maybe actually sell something eyes really the high value payoff for that? So this really this breaks down teo, you know, here's here's kind of the really one page simple thing. I think in terms of getting referre...

d and what I mean by that is you might actually go home this week and decide I'm going to run a you know, a workshop, but one of the best ways is to have somebody who already has your audience invite you to come speak in front of their audience to bring you in basically, as an expert to talk about your topic on dh, they're doing it because it's a great value add for them now any time somebody asked you to speak, there are lots of people that want free speakers. And again, as I said, there could be really good reasons for you to get up in front of an audience because you might generate some leads but think in terms I mean what's, your delivery has value right? And so you always want to if somebody wants you to come in and present this incredible workshop you want, I always say cut a deal what I mean by that is you want to say was sure I would love to do that here's, you know, I usually charge twenty five hundred dollars for this workshop, but here's what? You know what I want to do to help your cause? That is, I will do this, but I want to be able to I want to be able to at least out, you know, I'll educate it will be very valuable, but the end I want to at least be able to tell people about what we do, you know, or how they might be able to find out more or what I want to sign up you know list of everybody so that I can offer them you know, some sort of free resource so you always want you don't there are lots of people that want free speakers but you have to realize what you're giving them is valuable so you want to negotiate something of value you know in order to do it and again you will find most people will be fine with that obviously educate give away all you know don't don't hold anything back you know demonstrate how you know how much you know about that topic find a way to collect the addresses and have some sort of simple call to action I have for years you know, even if a if a group didn't want to give me the enrollment I mean I will have a lot of people at an event they will say gosh, can we get these slides or can we you know, can you can you should you have any other resource is on you know that topic you talked about and I will always say, yeah, you give me your email address and I'll send you the sides or subscribe to my newsletter and you know today and you will get you know, x y z free e book as well so a cz long's you're producing content and you have a great topic make sure that you're collecting those so that you can follow up with people they're a couple types of programs of the one is you know what I would call, you know free solo and what I mean by that is that you know somebody brings you in and you are you I'm sorry that you actually decide I'm going to host a workshop so it's free on dure there you're kind of the solo host of it you're the solo presenter the guest audience is one where you would actually go out too somebody else who has an audience, somebody else who is already doing workshops and you had offered to just do a free workshop for them all of that I'm doing a workshop next week for a guy who is a he's a farmer's insurance agent and he's hosted he hosts a once a month brown bag lunch for lawyers and so he brings in and it's all on marketing and it's a way that he's giving back and he's doing it to create leads for his business and so it's kind of one of these that you know it's not exactly the win win that you talk about, but it's you know, I was invited to speak at that and he's really building his own reputation by bringing in credible speaking and what's so great about that too is that you basically introduced you're basically referred and introduced as the expert, you know you don't have to convince anybody that I mean, you obviously still have to be good, but you you borrow some credibility from that instantly on dh that really goes a long way kind of in the trust building so that idea of really being you know, a guest to come in and speak is really a great, great way to go the win win workshop that she talked about one of the most powerful things are potent things that that I've ever done and again, this is probably more of a bee to bee play but is too they're a lot of people that wanna host just as an said wanna host guest speakers as a value add for their network or for their business or for their customers, but if you can actually get two of those businesses that have that same idea and say, hey let's, do it together, it's all of a sudden, like in my particular instance, I would go to a bank and an accounting firm maybe, and I'd say, hey, I want to do this great topic you know, your customers need this content, but I've actually I've actually got the bank across the street interested as well, so I'm talking to the accounting firm and also now they're thinking, wait a minute, not only are we doing a nice, valuable thing for our customers, we actually are going to get to maybe meet some new cup new prospects, right? Because they get to meet the bank's customers, the customers at the accounting firm cross pollinate, and so all of a sudden they have a dual reason for wanting to do a workshop like that. Now I've been using business examples, but just look in any community paper that you have in your community. There are so many groups that meet and get speakers one of my daughters just had a baby and she joined a mom's group in a local community and they have speakers, right? I mean, so there's, you know, don't just limit this, too you're thinking of the chamber of commerce or, you know, some some sort of business networking, I think just about every single imaginable demographic that you you can think of has groups that often will have speakers, and even if initially that the groups are a little off topic, I used to tell people I would go, you know, when I first started, I would go the knitting club on speak because first off it was practice before me when I was first getting started, but also there was never failed that there'd be somebody in there that actually belong to a group that really was ah good target market for me, and they would invite me to come speak at their group, so don't when you're first getting started, you really just want to get your name out there. You want to start refining your topic because there are a lot of people that that really can mean every single one of you, I would say if we spent fifteen, twenty minutes, we could come up with a topic that would be very interesting, that would be very, you know, trend worthy or something that people right now would like like to talk about whether it and it doesn't have to always be completely directly related to exactly what you do herself. So how do you get hired? And you see that in parentheses are not princesses, but quotes, air quotes there now for get hired because you're not necessarily getting hired, create a great topic, a ten lots of other events, I'll tell you, another thing I used to do is I would go to the event that I want to speak at. I'd sit in the audience and I would meet some of the people there, and ultimately I would meet maybe the person that was the program director or that was goingto get the next, you know, a couple people, and I would it would was a networking opportunity look at those community calendars for four groups, and I will tell your start, you'll start finding there are groups that meet I live in kansas city and I'll bet you there are fifty events every morning noon and night you know that that I could actually potentially reach out to its it's pretty interesting so work some of the target group so if you're if you're going to be to be what air the bee to bee groups if you're selling to entrepreneur women you know what air the entrepreneurial woman groups if you're going to get serious about this you might consider creating a kind of a topics page or a video of you presenting s o that you could have it on your site andi and obviously when you speak to groups another thing that you can do especially a lot of groups were really grateful to have you come in and give all this incredible content is make sure that you're getting testimonials from every one of those groups that a zay said some people are so appreciative of the fact that you would come and share your knowledge would be more than happy to write a glowing review that you can use for securing additional ones how do you create better presentations? I'm just going to give you my process I start on paper as I'm tryingto outline something if I I used to start just by I'd fire a power point night starts in well here's my title slide you know here's my next thing and here's my next thing I found I couldn't organize my big idea, I couldn't keep the journey that I'm trying to take people down in in, you know, in a format, and again, maybe I just don't know how to use power point very well, but I I found that if I would start on paper and say here's, where I want people to start here, the five or six key points that I really want to make sure that we get across here, it really allowed me to start kind of mapping out, you know, the overall journey don't be afraid to tell your story where you came from, you know, why you're doing what you're doing, why you're passionate about what you're passionate about, use examples, and I'm gone, I'm breaking this rule be of this last rule on here, because in this format I'm doing in this workshop for matt, I'm doing so much teaching that you really need more content on your slides than you would in, say, a thirty minute presentation where you're just really trying to give somebody an inspirational idea, but for the most part, slides, or better when they have less information on them than mohr information. If you want to become a more effective speaker, one of the great things you can do is is from ted td the videos that are on the ted dot com site are just a it's a treasure trove of teaching you know how to become a better speaker and really every industry it's some of the most impactful speeches ever given in a format that is highly digestible, and any time I have at presentation coming up where, you know, maybe I want to create some new ideas or I want to get I wantto add an element that maybe I'm not comfortable with or haven't done before. I'll go check out some ted videos because you consort just about anything you want. There are groups that actually you can practice with the most known is toastmasters you, khun, join a group that will allow you to be berated by your friends for practice sake, where you'll get eye actually honest feedback, and I separated, but, I mean, really, the point of the group is that everybody comes and they get better at their speaking because they get honest feedback from from people whose who are there for the right reasons to give on his feedback. Um, I found that one of the scariest things that ever happened in my speaking was the first time I saw myself on video speaking on dh it is completely different than what you think it is, it's completely different from a mirror s o definitely make sure that you practice that and have somebody video, you know, whether you are doing a real live thing or you're just doing it in your living room two books great books by nancy duarte who I think maybe was another creative live I tell you you guys get all the best people uh slide ology and resonate are too great books that I recommend one is really on kind of whole crafting the story and one is just on how to make better slides on dh then another blogged I read all the time I think he's just really great czar presentation zen garden reynolds is is the person name but just really has some really great thoughts on presenting and on on graphic design and in general and just really pretty cool guy terms of some tools that you might want to look into from your technical tool box. These slides are on power point it ah, you know the version for mac is called keynote kind of a new tool I've seen some people using more it freaks me out a little bit is president is just because I don't think my mind thinks that way but it's a really pretty visually stunning presentation tool that really is more about kind of putting your entire presentation on a big giant board if you will and then itjust zooms in and out of areas that would actually be your slide so it's pretty pretty cool you saw me using although we went to a different one because there was a little bit of, ah, technical delay we couldn't solve that there's an ipad app called pen ultimate I think I spelt it wrong, actually it's penultimate did spell it wrong, but what it does is so that white boarding that I was doing a little bit of that's, an app that's on my ipad, and I think that, you know, as the technology gets better, you know that to me is is kind of a cool way to do a whiteboard side share is really just a social network that you can upload your slides, you can embed them in other places, then, so if you do these presentations quite often, I will upload my slides, teo slide share, and then I can embed them on like then I can embed them in a blogger post and so somebody, you know, they don't have the narrative, but somebody could actually go through click through through my slides so it's a great way to share them there's, another tool that I have used occasionally called easy texting, and they actually have a joined by text function, and so I'll be speaking at a group where it's ah, really large group, and I know that there's a lot of people I want to capture their e mail addresses, because again, you know there might be two thousand people in the audience on, so I'll tell the asked them if they want my slides and of course you know there's people that want him and so I just all they have to do is text a code teo duct tape or they took the text duct taped to a five digit koji francine people advertising that kind of thing all the time and then the system automatically sends amount of link to download my slides. Obviously I've said it all up ahead of time, but it really kind of automates that process and then of course immediately sends another length, it says would you like to subscribe to our newsletter and they just have to press they have to actually give me their email address at that point, but it's just a great way to kind of automate it allows me to deliver my slides to him, but I'm also capturing leads from and I only use that really in larger presentations. So um all right? So we've sped through a bunch of new content on kind of the building of the platform and now I'd like to have one of our students come up and just talk a little bit about what he does because I think he's he's kind of pretty far along in this idea of speaking briefly remind people what you do I am I'm going to do the simple version I am a wedding deejay master ceremonies that's not you're talking logo that's not my talk. No, no, no, no talking local deals out another time we've been working off line on talking local try it's it's much better. Okay, that would be the general someday. So then explain what you have found his works for you in this whole idea of speaking, or just even explain what you do. So from a speaking aspect, what I do is twofold one I work with my vendors and so I present on marketing and sales and so forth, which I've learned a lot of great things here that I'll share with them my problems, and then s o that actually helps build vendors that air referring me to their clients, and then on the flip side with my own clients, and with just general prospects, I do a groom's workshop, which is called groom tastic and that's all about being the best a guy that you can be at your wedding for your bride so forth and so on. And then I also do a timeline workshop, which is for brides in groups, but the groom grooms workshop is just for grooms no women allowed, we don't we don't mess around in their lots of secrets that we spilling his beer there's beer there there's beer on days that I've actually done it with sports games going on, we'll actually do sports updates throughout the process because it's about a four hour well, that's great. So the other thing about that is not only is that useful information that is probably getting you leads. Yeah, that's a clear differentiator, isn't it? Is theirs nationwide there's a handful of us that worked with each other to share those ideas and actually build the workshops a little better, but locally there's maybe two or three guys that try to do it and then there's only ever one if you're lucky, that successfully pulls it off. So so how do you get people there what's the format? I mean, do you you just ran a rent a room or it's kind of ah barter situation in some cases, the nice thing about being in the wedding industry is everybody was showcase their services so I can go to a hotel. So where'd you say you were staying fairmont? Yes, so I could go to the fairmont and I could say, I want to bring you twenty five, thirty five grooms and do a workshop and first they look at me and they think I'm crazy because they go guys aren't buying their stuff, what do you care about? But then I just spend a little bit and I realized, hey, you know, they have their engaged they have brides to be they're gonna want to come in for a pedicure you you have a spot here, why don't we throw in a little spot back and forth so now everybody's benefitting from it? I get the guys in the room and we just break down topic by topic it is it's part presentation, part workshop but it's it's more of getting everybody involved too, so the guys get involved with it and share the ideas, which is interesting because when they first show up there feeder up there kicked by like I'm getting married, why am I here? And they I think they're just supposed to show up and say yes, I do and drink a beer and kick back with their friends the day of the wedding and we show him there's other ways to do and so do you host these completely yourself or do you have you ever had anybody say I heard you do this really cool deal will come out and show us ideally it's something that I bring in a photographer again? This is mostly guys that come in because and I try to find married professionals so I'm married I got married five years ago I've been doing this nineteen years, but five years ago I learned that in my fourteen years of experience there were a lot of things I didn't know to be a groom a lot of things I didn't know and I screwed up a few things and the idea was how can I take my own experience how can I take other people's experiences and benefit grooms out of this and make them the shining star that they should be for their wedding beth but again back to that question did you ever do you ever have people call you up and say hey come out and talk to our group oh sorry yes I misunderstood your question not not for the groom's workshop but for the other two that I do I I am I'm actually keynoting another one later this year for the industry and then for the timeline workshop I work a lot with coordinators and planners are ready to offset that to the entertainment side and so so it sounds to me like that's that's a revenue stream for you actually it's slowly but surely building in the one yes but let's go back to the kind of the original idea of generating leads it doesn't turn into actual so let's say like your timeline thing does that turn into you actually getting hired to in some into your privacy and I say it depends on where they are in the sales final yeah fortunately entertainment is not the first thing most people jump on yeah s o they figured out their date they goto a venue, they get a wedding planner in many cases so then I fall under that, so if I can team up with those first couple of people in the sales fund, so do you charge anything for this workshop timeline? We d'oh d'oh small feet twenty five thirty five dollars it's usually to cover incidental things and so have you developed it sounds to me like and again I think the wedding industry is so tailor made for this because it's like its own ecosystem do you have a whole group of strategic partners then that you have started to recruit that khun b a part of playing that game with you? Not really, you know that that's probably does that sound like that would would be a way to enhance it even I think you're making a bigger yeah, I think so, yeah, because I would think that there would be some people that would want to jump on that I'm not sure that I've ever truly thought about doing that. So I think that's kind of the I opener here today. Okay? Yeah and we're going tio have another segment where I kind of outline here's how to develop a strategic partner network that is very much like that so do you guys have any questions about this whole idea of speaking podcasting, blogging who's doing who else is doing speaking who else is going to go and do speaking thank you okay. What are you going to talk about? Thank you so much. I'm gonna talk about how to raise your kids as athletes right? And so are you gonna go use your is this something you've already been thinking about or you absolutely yeah like there's a really great book ah, way to kind of get cem press around some ideas I have so you're proud you have produced that key but sorry you're working on you know, just notes yeah, okay, yeah, I need to produce it and then and you're going to go out then and start kind of soliciting groups that might want a speaker of that type yes to come in all right and so so you have a pretty good idea that you have something valuable that they'd want to hear you know it together yeah. So what's the ask then what's the call to action have you thought about that part? Because again for this to really work a cz effectively it's possible you know you don't want to be seen is there comes that god is going to try, you know, shove some stuff down our throat, right? I mean, it has to be hey, this is really useful informed of information and by the way they're actually happens to be something I could do about it right right so have you have you thought about that so when you say what's the ask you mean are you referring to the yoga for athletes business also if you actually publicly do it if you go on do a speaking what what do you want what do you want to get from that? Do you want to get clients from that u s o that's the ass so how what what do you get so because what happens is a lot of times we create this great killer content we figure that everybody there is just gonna appreciate it so much they're going to look us up call us and you know when it's time to buy but we have to really have this called action that says at some point in that presentation you know here's how to actually get what I do you know does that make sense right? So have you thought about that component? Not as in depth as I could sit here and tell it to you s o I mean and it could be a simple as if any of these ideas make sense to you sign up right here for the book I mean, it could be that back that's a cold action you just want to make sure people don't leave going well that was really great he was really great guy but now what? Well, I think maybe the rub would be at the end of speech, maybe even give the e book away for free a cz like free content to get people and to join the list, get on to the matter performance yoga dot com website and then up sell them to get them into the funnel we really kind of are last couple items here is this idea of the asking it that was really good segway into this one of the formulas that I have found that works extremely well even if you're doing these really educational ones, you want to make sure that you don't want to sell, but you want to meet your objectives, right? Is your objective to be seen as a nice person who gives away free content or is it to kind of advance your authority and maybe generates leads, right? I mean that's where ultimately what we're talking about? So the formula that I have used for this and I probably shouldn't have the piles of money on their necessarily is a graphic but is to actually come into a room and tell people up front that, hey, we actually have a business it does when I'm going to talk to you about today, I'm not going to sell you anything, but, you know, actually set the table for that because the reason I kind of like that approaches when people go to free presentations, we've all been, like, tricked into that free presentation that was a sales pitch, right? And so if you actually tell people up front, I'm not going to sell you anything today, but, you know, I want you to know that I am going to tell you about, you know, at the end of this, I am going to tell you about my business and what we do, you know? So that because it kind of like let's, everybody go, oh, ok, now I can relax now for a bit kihei enough to stay on guard on dh so doing that upfront on dh, then at some point, what I like to do in the middle of it is is if you're giving the example that works, you know, with your business to say is to actually have a slide that kind of in the middle that says, and this is the kind of, you know, let's say you're talking about some aspect of your business or some aspect of an injury that you prevent or, you know, some again, I'm just throwing out ideas that you would actually say somewhere in there, and this is actually a course that we you know that we run people through an event tremendous success and we, you know, we sell this for a hundred ninety nine dollars or whatever I mean it's just a very brief kind of mentioned that's that makes sense because you're talking about the content on dh, then you move on you immediately and deliver the rest of the content on dh then at the end actually come back to say, look, you know, I want to tell you about what we do and you guys have been great, so we are at you know, we are offering, you know, whatever you want to do, it might just be give away the e book, but you might also consider saying, you know, if this information made sense to you, I'll give you an opportunity today to get that for one hundred fifty dollars or whatever, so you already told him already established the value somewhere midway through the thing for being two hundred dollars, I'm just making up numbers, and now they seem to say, by the way, if you want, you know, if there's something that makes sense to you today, you know I'll honor this price or something, so they so you're really moving people along in a way that that again you'll have to play with this and practices, but a lot of cases, people want to act and you and if you don't actually give them an opportunity to do something you'll you'll miss that opportunity so when you're deciding what to create your presentation on it doesn't necessarily have to be what your business is for example with your architect there whole cell was they get contractors paid faster so are they going out and speaking on how they get their contractors paid faster and in our case you know our since we have so many different potential people that would be doing surprises um I talking about how to make a surprise or what I'd be going out and saying, you know what I would be specializing in which my hope would be to create a large network of creative people on how to scale creatively so what would I be talking about? Well, so if you're trying if you're trying to get more people to hire you all right I think you have a topic that would be pretty rich I mean, talk about these you know, the moments when people the moments people should be captured on how to capture so you might actually expand on that proposal idea to go out and just talking in bigger terms about the moments of our lives that we should be capturing right? So I mean that would be a big topic that people might of all ages all demographics might find really interesting um and then then you, you have a real logical reason to them bringing around, for example, here's, a wedding surprise that we were able to capture. This is a moment people should should be capturing. So you wanted to be related to your business. But, you know, nobody wants. People don't want to hire you to come in and talk about your business. They want to hire you to come in and talk about typically a kind of a big idea that might be appealing to their audience, especially if you're getting invited in right, so that to me, that that, to me, would be your kind of foundational talk. That you should develop is the moments of your life. You should be captured, something like that.

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