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Putting It All Together Part 1

So we're going to move into this we go putting it all together element and so the I've recorded a few of you guys to come up here on dh share the stage with me and somali get up here okay so you see I don't know if you knew that view was there but you can see why you keep looking down that's why I keep looking down that's right? See if my shoes are still there so what I would like to do is just and this well, this was probably the hardest one because you're these air really your answers on lee I mean in some ways it's hard for us to help you on what your vision for your businesses but this is one where you can actually ask some questions so you could say, well, I don't know what do you guys think? Right? So we get weakened chime in that way but this was if you recall, in the early sessions we talked about these were kind of the big questions that you have to wrestle with and this is what's interesting is you we even if like we nail these today and you think we bore you really have got ...

these measure, they'll change right? These have to evolve these air the things these are the kinds of questions that I typically recommend people kind of call up almost quarterly and start saying you know our are these still raw answers still relevant how do we need to change us because if it doesn't change from quarter to quarter you're probably not doing something right things haven't grown so s so if you and I forget everybody's even here, right? Right moment you and I were just having a discussion and I was coaching you on did say where are you now? Can you kind of succinctly say, describe your visit now I'm pre revenue uh as an independent yoga and trx fitness instructor I've written andy book I have lots of content on my block in terms of videos on the articles I've written and I'm in the process of defining the products and services they really don't even have exactly what like if I came to and said I'm ready to buy you don't have anything to tell me quite yet I could offer you online yoga instruction could offer you in person yoga instruction or trx and is that something that's going on? Is that the future to or would that just because you thought I had money that we'll know that those are things that I don't currently have clients? I'm not something that I so that is something we will offer you and that's what? All right okay so that's a pretty rough you know estimation where you are right now so you get to decide how far out where you don't know where my where my going um so so if this helps like let's say it's three years from now and you walked into your business a cz you hope that look, what would you see what would you be doing? What would you be feeling? What would people be doing? What would your customers be doing? Does that help it? S so I have a vision of having on online membership form where people can come and access yoga videos online they can access um nutrition recipes clean eating guys like that they can have access teo either nutritional counseling with with a coach who works in my business or myself uh same with individual personalized fitness nutrition plans we're going coaching. Yeah that's it that's it I didn't mean to diminish that anyway, I just wanna make sure you're done with that. So if you all are out here listening this did you get a clear picture? What more would you want to know about what she just described the picture? Any any questions for how to make that a little clear? I mean, that was actually really clear. I could get an image of exactly what the website would look like and what you know if I was a member and I just started out doing you yesterday so I you know, would be ableto access videos that I had to right before and I like that idea and having a little bit of interaction but if I don't have the time to go personally see somebody or go to a class because I'm incredibly important and busy it'd be really nice tio just have that community online under one brand so it makes sense to me okay anybody else I was thinking more like bigger picture kind of like because that seems like a specific things you could have a membership side or even different courses and stuff but maybe as a whole like what are you doing like what's your role maybe products and services how many members how many members do you have one hundred fifty seven thousand seven thousand okay, that starts to get but really tio no else point exactly there not only think bigger but more specific and so that was awesome that you were attracted the website I didn't see the picture up other than you said I'm gonna offer yoga but why would that be different? I mean I hate to say it but I bet you I can go on youtube find yoga videos right? What what's what's going to be bigger or or more attractive about what you're going to often you don't have to answer that right now because you may not know but that's you know that's what we're really trying to get out picture wise I think a couple other hands were up yes, I'll be your customer for for some number of years and I enjoyed they be in the part of this great community and stuff but I'm traveling a lot and I'm wondering if you have any franchise bye spaces anywhere around the country around the world that I can use my the same membership while being on the east coast let's say sure I mean I don't I don't see opening my own studios in the bigger picture potentially but that's not where I am sort of feeling drawn to right now I would like to lead retreats all over the world in bali and fiji and beautiful tropical location so that's part of where I would like to be going I want to know will there be water bottles branded water bottle that's what they're well ok so so anybody else? Anybody else? Yes there's um there's somebody I know up in the north bay susan houser who I was thinking of his potentially for you but she was in an ad recently and she's you know the color the yo guinea and she's like on top of a table at a farmers market and I was thinking more you know I I may want to take your class is because of your you and your special and there's more to you and there's a little bit of celebrity two it s o that you do stand out from the youtube youtubers on the second part was that as john was talking earlier about how for me I like doing the marketing strategy I don't want to be doing somebody social media so I want to have somebody on my team who can do that in a the same way I look at you is you know, the whole health and well being on dso you mentioned the nutritionist I would hope that there would be some other so that when it comes to it's almost like a holistic approach to my health without going to a doctor right that I can kind of come to you and go okay, I've got it nailed it simplifies my life where you can one stop shopping for anyone stop nutrition and yoga and other maybe workout plans or yeah because when we were talking earlier to work with you somebody has to show up you know they can't do it you know, intentions I think we were all talking about and you know, it's when they show up and when they're invested in a relationship of some sort and in your community than they're more likely to be successful I was going to develop one of those belts I could just put on my tummy when I'm sitting on a couch way stronger just by watching tv question is good I like him a little elbow grease well I do I mean I think I like that idea that that you do again I don't think we have a tendency think big enough so I almost and you have to go live with this but I mean anytime somebody comes to me says well here's what I'm kind of thinking is you know so you said one hundred fifty seven thousand users was that just get thrown out of that and say I'm incredibly buried and like I said so what if we were you don't have to share this number but if you were going teo if you were going to have a revenue number in three years do you know what it would be what you would like it to be okay what would you have to do for that never to be ten times with that change yeah your picture yeah okay so wrestle with that okay all right so why are you going where you're going eyes there's something that's driving you to do this yeah I'm really passionate about helping people feel really good because I know what it's like to feel to have that sort of demonic battle inside my head and with my body and I know what it's like on the other side of that and I know how much space is freed up in my mind when I'm not spending all day thinking about how much I hate myself so it's really if I could give that to as many people as possible that's like what it's about do you want to tell that story publicly? Who, um, that's something that I've like been wrestling with a lot? Is that an important part? Would that ultimately be an important part of people really, truly understanding why you do what you do? Yeah, yeah, I've got time. Yeah, I think it's a story that needs to be told, and, um, I struggle with it, I'm sure I'm turning red. I saw show on a program that they had, and the instructor got the woman to cry, so, you know, that's where I'm headed with what I'm really trying to go there, we could get there now, I think I think as I heard you talking about that, I can see you're, you're going up to the edge of it on this is I'll just tell you right now, this is an important part of it, you know, whether when when you're comfortable with that, I think it's an important part of people really understanding the story. So what values are going to guide you to the picture of that business? Uh, do you know, have you have, you know, I didn't values exercise about two weeks ago where there's a list of values, and you take your top eight or so, and then you pair them up and you say if I could have that I could have this but I can't have this and then that's how you arrive at your top five or whatever so I really value creativity really value freedom and autonomy I really value and freedom of choice I really value health you know sort of a from a holistic sustainable perspective and balance to okay so how can you use those? What are maybe there's some feeling around but they're essentially words how can you use those words to really then infuse that picture of your business and maybe as a tool to make every decision about what ten times your picture looks like mm I think that those values have to come across in my content and how I talk tio you know future partners how I talkto my friends my now work my customers in videos that I make and then and sort of intuitively let those guide me you know, integrity in in bundling up those values and moving forward with those in mind so um let's draw back to like the next sixteen, ninety hundred twenty days? What are your three or four top right whether you're three or four top priorities need to be if you're going to move, go towards that picture of your business create a lot more content uh develop mohr strategic partnerships um and then tell the story that needs to be told okay and so who is going to develop the content and who's going to develop the strategic partners? Okay, this one right here have do you have a plan for that then do do you have a way to break it down into manageable tasks? I have an idea. Yeah. Leveraging my network in social media contacts and other people that I have in the field there networks all right and so in that both in that short window and in that really long term vision uh what should you start measuring today that would help you help you feel like ham moving towards that. Whatever that goal is, whatever the picture, that goal is now in a year or three years from now I mean you mentioned one of the first things to measure is okay mork content. What does that mean and articles a week five articles a week. What does that mean like let's come up with a number for what that means? Strategic partners what does that mean? I need five. I need these particular six let's measure that how we make it so you could do these really you know that if you do those things you'll be making progress right? So let's set a goal for those and measure those but then also let's look at, you know, what's the picture of my business a year whatever then some big ideas that I need because I'm thinking you need to land no, that big strategic partner you need to have courses that you know, people are willing to pay, you know, significant money for right? And so it's not just content, it becomes the framework for your whole business, right? So so let me ask you now that I just answered your question, what do you what do you need to measure for the big picture? And I think the short term is easy, right? Uh, big picture, I'm going to see a lot of the answers that you gave me and right number either number of strategic partnerships or the reach of those particular strategic partners and the number of, I think, products that I can develop, whether it's online videos or books for online courses, I'm going to be building build your business as a yoga or fitness instructor for maximum performance yoga, so partnering with other, larger companies tio developed and bring content to them as well. I'm going to introduce you to somebody that does consulting for several thousand dance and music studios, um, and and he's constantly looking for martial arts partners, yoga partners, and so I think he may say, I'm not interested at all, but I think that would be somebody really good for you to speak, all right, thank cool all right okay I'm just wondering if maybe like in broad strokes because I think I think you're right john I think that story is a such a strong point of connection and I think that molly has an opportunity now that she's sitting on stage with you and doing this I don't know why anybody would walk away from that so I would just encourage maybe even in broad strokes without all the details if I'm wondering if molly would be interesting reconsidering sharing something with audience here since since we're here now yeah I don't know maybe I should ask her uh you could ask okay so in broad strokes this story that seems at least important under you know what drives you passage do you want to share that? Sure thanks for the opportunity right when life hands you lemons either cry or make lemonade um yeah so I struggled with um it's there for about a half a decade um and I lived with a lot of the negativity and my head a lot of voice is a lot of the sort of one of the doubts a lot of the like if I were to say to any of you guys the things that I I have said to myself like I mean you would think I was just the meanest person um so through yoga that's been a big part of my recovery um tto learn how to be more gentle with myself to learn how to love myself for like exactly what I'm bringing to the table right now and um a quote that I really love that I heard in a yoga class is depth overtime so it doesn't all have to happen at once and whatever you're showing up with right now in this moment is is enough and it's okay so well in the thank you that's hard um the incredible thing about that of course is that means everybody in this room can feel like you know, that's what's gonna attract people you know to what you're doing so even though it's personal and it's hard and um you know think of think of the value that is going to deliver but also the connection that that's going to help you awesome thanks so much theo the microphone guys hate it when I do hugs but but I think that we deserve very perfect moment she has me crying over here sending love yeah okay so let's have another let's have another person off here shall we? I think I talked to anna about doing personal you want to make me cry ru I hope not. Well, you know it's my my uh only my manliness you know, trying to mask that's holding back that was awesome. Okay, so how would I spot your ideal customer and before I start that has that idea changed any with twenty four, forty eight hours you know what I'm realizing you know, I'm rebranding my business as you know and I've decided to take what duct tape has said what you've said and narrow my focus and in doing that I guess you know my website my new website is not quite live yet working on that, but I've been working with a lot of people in the building trades and I really enjoy it um but I have to say really my heart is with just small businesses in general and it has to do with those psycho graphics that we're talking about and when we were talking well yesterday you were talking about the, um I guess was the talking logo maybe and something that came up, you know, I've always used you know, that john simple, you know, smart, simple, effective reporter but now that the camera's on you know, I'm a very practical person I mean, I'm even I just the blood guy posted was on buying a car and so darn practical if you read it it's it's kind of stupid, but I'm thinking I get I help people get rid of guilt and a lot of the guilt we're all sitting here we were talking earlier, you know, I have guilt about not doing all the marketing for my own business and for my clients I help them get rid of the guilt by helping them prioritize and actually getting the work done being part of that solution so yeah you have made me think about it a lot more different so so then let's describe that it sounds like you did the talking logos when you made me keep you up there for both sorry but the so described them how how would I spot your ideal customer then how how are you going to be able to articulate that? Okay, so my ideal client is somebody who's been in business for a couple of years where's their successful there probably a service based business and probably be to be business if there's somebody who knows what they're good at they provide a great customer experience they have good reviews people you know if you call if I talked to their clients their clients would be giving glowing reviews but they understand that they're not and this is probably why I'm attracted to the building trades they appreciate a skill and that's what I bring to the table and you know with the building trades you can't just have anybody you know I put in the tile you have to get somebody who does that professionally so somebody who appreciates a skill on dh the value of what I bring to the table there probably frustrated about not being able to get the work done and that they feel a little bit stuck and that they want to move forward and are having trouble doing it. It's a lot more psychographic, stephan yeah, and I think we problem maybe there's some ways to make that a little tidier so that somebody could say, oh, yeah, I know somebody like that, did you when you listen to her, did anybody said, did you immediately kind of think of some people that, you know, have that challenge that you can identify because that one of the ways you really know you have this persona described quite well is that people go on people like that for good or bad, right? They can they can usually identify somebody like that. So I'm are you guys feeling that all that you would know something like that? Because the one thing sometimes when it's really clear to you like they feel guilt and they some of the things you started to say, how do you how do you make that visible? Right? Because people don't go, people don't typically walk around saying I really feel guilty about getting I'm not sending out my news letter on a regular but no yeah, okay, okay, okay, so you're saying people that actually are in visit, one of the ways you've identified it is you have a sense that they might they might feel kind of guilty about the marketing not functioning very well because they're just not getting to all the stuff right? Okay, so that is a way for you I mean, if somebody's not doing that or if they answer say in a questionnaire or something that I'm not doing this I'm not doing that or I do have a blogger but I've only blogged wants everything to you that's really that sense of, um that they probably urine that guilt yes ok, are you going to stick with contractors? Um we're building trains, you know, it came back to the other thing it's a hard it's there's not one term for it, you know, actually, I'm not sure I'm not sure I get in front of audiences with constant contact a couple times a month and I'm not getting just in front of those types of people and so in that way, you know, what am I going to say? No, I don't want to work with you because you don't see it that way, so I not that I'm necessarily reconsidering, but at the same time, as soon as I I said to my constant contact person who's above me you know, this is what I'm looking to dio within a week she had a great speaking lied for me and building because you know there is there is some value in it you know, for really all of us too, if there's a way for you to specialize in an industry or an industry or two and make a living doing, and it means there's enough people that could be powerful because you've probably already seen people who are in that industry say, oh, you work with so and so are you you get my business or you really you're able tto actually start personalizing you're content to the point where they feel like, oh, you're talking to me, right? So there is some value that so that the key, if you're going to narrow kind of into a niche like that is you have to decide is what's the picture my business in three years, right? And can this niche, you know, really support that? Or should I stay broader, as you said, and work with not an industry so much as a somebody who has a behavior or characteristic that you're suited, you're right. In my case, I have constraints because as you know, I have three kids and three schools with no school buses and no afternoon, and so with that I don't need so many clients I don't need one hundred fifty seven thousand I need, you know, a core group of probably six at a time, and in that case, you know, I could stay with it, and I have to say that when you haven't talked about house, but, you know, house is a great social media network for the building trades and going deeper with that makes me more valuable to those folks and so not having to learn, you know, the tools for all these different categories makes it and that's another great point good that I haven't mentioned is almost every industry has its own social network to a cz well, so you might you want I want to make sure that you're kind of seeking some of those out as well, because we always tend to get really fixed on the big fouras, as I've called, but you want to search out for kind of vertical ones, too. Is there any any of chat from the from the internet audience about this idea of persona? You know, as anne's been talking about it, we haven't anything about persona but mace to bring up a question about mission and vision statement and how important they can be when you're going through exercises like this that's keeping those in mind as you're creating a person well, it that's like a handful of words like mission vision values, you know, they kind of get lumped into having different meanings and companies. Make nice brass plaques out of them and things of that nature I think having that I you know I talk about I mean, the question was why are we going where we're going? You know why? Why do we do what we do to me that for a lot of people is this idea of mission vision is really the picture of the business and I think that those I think both of those air extremely important at least have a grasp of a cz organizations get a little larger I've come into people that have ten, twenty employees in an organization and won one of the funnest exercise I do maybe they've created the mission envision and value statements on dh then you just try tio you have a when I call a purpose search you know, you go through the organization say, why? Why are you here? You know why you connected to this business on dh quite often you can get some really incredibly revealing things about how you know how much everybody's really drawn to this business for a specific reason of who they serve and how you know that should inform everything they're doing and then you get some real disconnect you know, where people I'm here for a job because you know that's the culture of the business so to go back to your original answer original question and bring it back to this eye you know, I think it goes back to, you know, we should be. We should be working with people we like. It really is, you know, I call my deal customers, but that, to me, not ideal customers is not always, but typically, you know, in your case, if you're gonna work for six, people pretty closely should probably like a mall. Yeah, right. Or you should at least have kind of mutual respect and shared values you don't have to have over dinner, but but, uh, especially since I think of their businesses all the time, yeah, marketing comes to mind, and if I don't like them, it's not gonna work, so we're all right, thanks, and thank you.

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